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2017-02-24 @ 21:45 UTC
jambowned (
Well that's a few hours!
2017-02-24 @ 13:31 UTC
lindmik (
18 hours Outburst 500 on AH.FM tonight!
2017-02-23 @ 04:32 UTC
jambowned (
JOOF Editions Vol. 3 is out March 6th and the TL looks great!

Also 5 hours this time!
2017-02-21 @ 23:57 UTC
walterfregolotti (
Case closed. Praise for storing this since 2011:
2017-02-21 @ 22:58 UTC
jambowned (
Thanks to walterfregolotti I've managed to get almost all of the ASOT Warm-up Sets back.

One that neither of us have is the ASOT 500 warm-up from Den Bosch.

It doesn't seem to be anywhere online, so if someone has a copy it would be great if you could upload it somewhere!
2017-02-21 @ 01:25 UTC
frifox (
that was me, was working on a wiki to hold the documentation but didn't finish yet.

I'll bring it back up until wiki is actually up.
2017-02-21 @ 01:22 UTC
walterfregolotti (
Has the forum been nuked? (and the cuesheet standard with it)
2017-02-18 @ 11:46 UTC
matyey (
10000 thanks Vi11ian, for Patterns cues! You made my days! Thanks man!
2017-02-18 @ 11:36 UTC
Brent_ (
My Nu Leng's Essential Mix is a banger :)
2017-02-17 @ 13:13 UTC
Timing of the uploads just happened to be same as when I finish work and check web-site too.
2017-02-17 @ 12:36 UTC
I check this website at least once a day for new cues, but I'm not frantically hitting the F5 button ;)
2017-02-17 @ 08:50 UTC
I think it's me always your first downloads, I am really waiting all the time for your bbc cues. :) Thank you a lot for them.

And thanks to everyone for the help with cue actually
2017-02-17 @ 06:29 UTC
lindmik (
I remember someone mentioning it at some point. But only select categories I think.
2017-02-17 @ 05:15 UTC
frifox (
I can probably look through the logs and find out.

Or, whoever is doing it can just speak up :)
2017-02-16 @ 19:01 UTC
Do we have a bot around here that auto-downloads all new cuesheets?

I usually upload in small batches and then assign DL links for each upload, and by the time I'm done with that (usually no more than one minute), each have at least 1 download.

Or is someone just anxious about getting fresh cues for BBC shows and keeps hitting "refresh" button? :D
2017-02-15 @ 09:09 UTC
jambowned (
I've never used rutracker, but I'll take a look.
2017-02-15 @ 07:43 UTC
St. Jetto (
Aren't they all stored nicely via rutracker?
2017-02-15 @ 07:09 UTC
jambowned (
Cunenation nation... I need your help.

Back when my music HDD died I lost of a bunch of ASOT, but I only just realised that that included the wonderful Warm Up sets from ASOT 500, 550 and a few from later shows.

If anyone has them, could you possibly upload them somewhere?

2017-02-14 @ 21:54 UTC
jambowned (
Trance Tuesday!
2017-02-12 @ 07:06 UTC
frifox (
just watched John Wick movie and goddamn, pretty dope soundtracks

^^ pretty badass in the theater, whole room was shaking :D
2017-02-11 @ 17:42 UTC
lindmik (
Don't cue hungry!
2017-02-11 @ 13:54 UTC
jevonsxi (
*will cue for food*
2017-02-11 @ 00:31 UTC
jambowned (
No, send them to my paypal!

Then I can upgrade my PC!!!
2017-02-10 @ 19:34 UTC
lindmik (
Alright, send some donations to fri! :
2017-02-10 @ 19:17 UTC
frifox (
If you want to help, we much prefer people actually helping with content - aka making cues.

Fortunately, $$ is not an issue for me, but if you insist - send $$ to my PP and I will put it toward the hosting expenses. Currently that's about $30/mo for the hosting + db.
2017-02-10 @ 19:06 UTC
lindmik (
If we wanted money, there would be ads and shit here. Do you see ads and shit here? :D
2017-02-10 @ 18:57 UTC
I use TALiON, because it is 'scene'. I think they just use bots today to rip and upload stuff, judging by the amount of music they provide.
There are many other smaller-scale sources which I can use as a base for cuesheets, not to mention that some artists provide mixes without radio jingle and voiceovers, which is the best option as a base for cuesheet in my opinion.

So rewarding TALiON is not the correct approach.

If you use our site as your source for music, then you should be thanking us. Because we put much more effort and time to listen, split by tracks and correctly ID everything we hear at the given show. Hell, you don't need to go anywhere else - we even provide direct DL links for the mp3 files.

Contact an author of cuesheets which you use the most, or the administration, the help keeping this site running. :)
2017-02-10 @ 15:09 UTC
No idea, how many people are posting cues here? Actually I mainly listen to the BBC mixes, so TALiON would be the one to thank mostly, but that's also a group of people right?
2017-02-10 @ 14:37 UTC
jevonsxi (
Lol, how are we going to split it all? ;)
2017-02-10 @ 14:26 UTC
Question, is there any way to thank you guys in a financial way? I am willing to give something back for all the countless cues I've downloaded here :)
2017-02-10 @ 14:26 UTC
Interesting tracklist on Will Atkinson's VII Radio, thanks for cueing!
2017-02-07 @ 21:54 UTC
jambowned (
Wow, huge work!
2017-02-07 @ 19:27 UTC
raanst (
Thank You so much!!!
2017-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
frifox (
2017-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
Complete Open Up pack ;-)
2017-01-31 @ 13:34 UTC
jambowned (
New Dakota album from Markus only has 9 tracks...

2017-01-30 @ 18:19 UTC
Downloads were low, also I had no idea it airs every week for the whole year when I picked it up.. I hoped they will take a break for few month, especially after they announced new album, new liveshow and a tour.
So I dropped it, for now.

It really is just a podcast - a showcase of new or forgotten tracks which they like. 99% of the time there are no mixing involved whatsoever, and they post complete TLs alongside the links with downloads - so there should be no problem to figure out a track ID, if you really need one.
2017-01-29 @ 23:54 UTC
jambowned (
2.5 hours of new Momentum out of no where!
2017-01-29 @ 21:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Really enjoyed that Simian mix and looking forward to hear Pan-Pot's mix! Any new Noisia's soon by the way? :)
2017-01-29 @ 18:27 UTC
Okay, techno-heads!..

Pan-Pot's mix is sounding pretty sexy, also Simian's mix from few weeks earlier was a must, if you somehow skipped that!

Have a nice day! :D
2017-01-27 @ 11:09 UTC
lindmik (
There were a shit-ton of horrible remakes of pop songs last year, and now I see "Sander van Doorn & LVNDSCAPE Need To Feel Loved" in tracklists and start to feel sick, but listening to it I'm actually quite happy, as it's true to the original, but unnecessary nonetheless.
2017-01-27 @ 11:05 UTC
lindmik (
With 750 the live shows were 750.1, 750.2, etc. and the episodes were 750 (Part 1), 750 (Part 2), so let's go with that again?
2017-01-27 @ 11:04 UTC
lindmik (
What the hell is XXL-Part 1? :D
2017-01-27 @ 10:49 UTC
jpinoniemi (
It looks like on the ASOT website he uses "Part X". The cue creators have always used XXX.X in the filenames here.

I'd say keep the XXX.X format, but I'm not the boss.
2017-01-27 @ 07:38 UTC
lindmik (
Anyone know how the ASOT 800 episodes should be named?

How many "800" radio episodes, how many "800" events? Which are the .1 .2 .3, the radio or event ones?
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