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2018-08-14 @ 09:29 UTC
I'm back
Thanks for being so patient
2018-08-09 @ 22:39 UTC
Jerry (
Ok Thx for info
2018-08-09 @ 22:23 UTC
jambo (
@Jerry: Well 769ybab said he will be away until mid August, so unless someone else does them in the mean time you'll need to wait.
2018-08-09 @ 21:13 UTC
Jerry (
Hi, When will be ASOT 875 and 876 ?
2018-08-09 @ 17:06 UTC
Guys, I am working on cues for last 2 GDJB sets. Sorry for delay.
2018-07-30 @ 10:38 UTC
jevonsxi (
There might be at some point, I'm pretty snowed under in work. Plus I'm working on my new podcast idea. I'll post it in here if people are interested?
2018-07-28 @ 20:52 UTC
Brent_ (
Any new am/fm cues some time soon? :)
2018-07-27 @ 23:06 UTC
jambo (
Coldharbour Day 2018 poster/timetable
2018-07-27 @ 16:34 UTC
Hello People on Cuenation
It is almost August, time to go on vacation.
I'm telling everyone I'll take a break and
I will not be present on two ASOT episode 875 & 876
When I return, i'll make up for both episodes.
Be Good & take care
and I will see you soon on ASOT 877 (16.08.2018.)
With best regards
baby967 vs. 769ybab
2018-07-23 @ 00:53 UTC
jambo (
@Scerby: I wonder if it's still on AH.FM.

They seem to have gone a bit quiet
2018-07-21 @ 09:31 UTC
Brent_ (
@tobi: yes thats the one, tnx!
2018-07-20 @ 05:38 UTC
jambo: yes, 30th July (Monday)w
2018-07-20 @ 03:15 UTC
jambo (
Totally forgot about the Sunrise set!

Any news on Coldharbour Day 2018?
2018-07-19 @ 22:42 UTC
I will add cues for GDJB - WT Prague and Sunrise Set till the friday night.
2018-07-19 @ 11:53 UTC
tobi (
check or for scene releases
Is this the one you were looking for?
2018-07-19 @ 09:33 UTC
Brent_ (
Is there a place to check if TALiON (or scene releases in general) have been released? Can't find the 10-07 broadcast from Rene La Vice anywhere through my regular download sites. Just want to make sure there's no TALiON release before I start cue'ing another webrip.
2018-07-11 @ 04:07 UTC
Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well! Could we possibly get an update link to "all cues". I'd like to archive all the cues :)
2018-07-05 @ 08:30 UTC
Today, I will add cue for last 2 GDJB and Kearney's liveset from Lumino ;)
2018-06-27 @ 04:53 UTC
jambo (
Loving the new Digital Blonde tracks on GTG, especially Camaro.

Can't wait for the new album!
2018-06-26 @ 13:37 UTC
Guys, how to rename uploaded file?
2018-06-25 @ 10:53 UTC
Brent_ (
Looks like Chris Liebing started adding tracklists to the am/fm shows :)
2018-05-29 @ 23:26 UTC
jambo (
Isn't this about the time the AH.FM 12YAMC should be on?
2018-05-28 @ 13:40 UTC
General Data Protection Regulation - EU law on the protection and privacy of personal information.
2018-05-25 @ 16:31 UTC
oxygen15 (
Mostly European thing - amirite?
2018-05-25 @ 13:32 UTC
frifox (
wtf is GDPR. got an email from google regarding it earlier today...
2018-05-25 @ 07:33 UTC
lindmik (
In the name of GDPR I think we will have to delete all users from CueNation, just to be safe. Easier than trying to interpret what it actually means. :p

Maybe it's enough that I comment here that one of the admins of this page uses cookies to get a sugar rush once in a while. (PS. It's me!)
2018-05-16 @ 14:53 UTC
frifox (
get uBlock Origin and then add this:

I found this to be more effective than AdBlock / AdBlockPlus in killing off those anti-adblock traps.
2018-05-16 @ 13:13 UTC
lindmik (
Someone could probably write a parser for the tracklist pages to circumvent that. ;)
2018-05-16 @ 12:54 UTC
jambo (
Fucking 1001TL won't let you download TLs without turning off AdBlock, and then I get redirected to some spam virus site.

Great work everyone.
2018-05-12 @ 22:54 UTC
I'm working on cues for the last 2 GDJB sets. Sorry for the delay.
2018-05-07 @ 14:42 UTC
frifox (
yeah, dv decided to drop it. I'll work on it this week and see if I can take over the backend to keep it running
2018-05-07 @ 01:21 UTC
The Doc
Is the browser extension not working anymore?
2018-05-05 @ 06:07 UTC
stev0b (
@hamed: dl link updated
2018-05-03 @ 02:12 UTC
hamed (
Dear @Steve0b cau u upload Ovinmoon -lets talk about relaxation 2 again? the link in mediafire is not working anymore
2018-04-22 @ 18:19 UTC
tobi (
Have you tried pharmacy radio, artelized visions?
2018-04-20 @ 08:08 UTC
jambo (
Any good psytrance shows or compilations/mixes atm?

Listening to JOOF's Euphoria albums again and I need more.
2018-04-16 @ 16:22 UTC
Ahhh mate! Just realised I'm out of the top 10 myself... :/
2018-04-09 @ 09:30 UTC
Yeah, I see. I check it every year, just joking) So, that's not a big deal. But I think we can work a little on ASOT 1000? aaaand -
2018-04-09 @ 09:21 UTC
lindmik (
@Tresor: Hi mate, long time no see! BTW, you are soon going to fall out from the top 20 cuesheet makers. ;)
2018-04-09 @ 09:12 UTC
Hey, guys, wazzup! Really good to see cuenation alive over the years. Wish you gl. Please, don't ask me -
Are you planning on coming back? hah :)
2018-04-02 @ 09:39 UTC
jambo (
Is this new?
2018-03-22 @ 05:54 UTC
frifox (
Yes I have them. I may just upload them. Kept putting that off because I wanted to download the mp3's and to validate the cues, but I guess something is better than nothing
2018-03-22 @ 02:15 UTC
jambo (
@frifox: I remember ages ago you mentioned getting a zip file of cues from tosk for Transitions.

I've been getting into Transitions recently, including going through the older episodes, so it'd be handy if they could be uploaded. Could also email the zip and I can deal with it.
2018-03-18 @ 21:08 UTC
Available now - the last Deep Space House show before the break announced by Matt Van Ax & Mark Space.
2018-03-16 @ 09:31 UTC
jpinoniemi (
There's still come of the continuous mixes out there on Spotify. I just searched JOOF Editions and there's a couple playlists with them in there.
2018-03-15 @ 08:15 UTC
Jambo: yeah that's probably true, because now it's completely gone.
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