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2017-12-12 @ 14:59 UTC
frifox (

ps: Underground Therapy cued, definitely a set worth checking out if you're into progressive!
2017-12-12 @ 11:43 UTC
jambowned (
Basil O'Glue is guesting on GTG

2017-12-12 @ 09:21 UTC
jambowned (
That TL looks awesome, looks like another good show to cue >_>
2017-12-11 @ 22:21 UTC
frifox (
some good stuff here:
2017-12-11 @ 16:20 UTC
lindmik (
Holy shit! Cicada's remix of "World In My Eyes" in the new Ready Player One trailer!
2017-12-11 @ 06:33 UTC
lindmik (
Was just thinking about EOYC yesterday. :)
2017-12-10 @ 22:44 UTC
jambo (
AH.FM EOYC 2017 set times are up!
2017-12-08 @ 21:14 UTC
Brent_ (
New Residency line-up looks pretty good. Especially excited about TQD.
2017-12-08 @ 12:38 UTC
Brent_ (
2017-12-06 @ 08:42 UTC
RafaelS (
Hello. Does anyone knows where I can download a new episodes of "Drum & Bass Show"?
2017-12-01 @ 21:02 UTC
Brent_ (
Residency will continue in january with a new selection of dj's (Metrik announced it in his show)
2017-12-01 @ 03:01 UTC
frito (
please update all new cue
2017-12-01 @ 03:01 UTC
frito (
please update all new cue
2017-11-30 @ 03:20 UTC
frifox (
cue is up. that episode is special, gems one after another, 3 hours straight!
2017-11-27 @ 02:07 UTC
jambo (
New Momentum snuck past me, 3 hours!
2017-11-24 @ 11:35 UTC
oxygen15 I hope you enjoyed your vacation :) thanks for all your work
2017-11-24 @ 08:15 UTC
Anyone can help with track list to Artelized Visions 47 (november 2017? Such massive two hours!!
2017-11-20 @ 14:50 UTC
jambowned (
Does anyone have a complete Perry O'Neil - Electronic Elements mp3 set?

I just need the episodes in the 20-37 number range.
2017-11-17 @ 22:02 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers for all the Slam cues. Love that show :)
2017-11-17 @ 10:52 UTC
jambo (
What's some good melodic techno shows?
2017-11-15 @ 21:41 UTC
@Rodion - New DL link for Remy set now available.
2017-11-15 @ 00:27 UTC
jambo (
I've actually been impressed with some of Markus's recent Dakota work, but the new single doesn't really sound anything like a Dakota track. It's a fucking big room anthem as well...
2017-11-14 @ 06:17 UTC
jambo (
Mark Sherry was fantastic, but I've been so tired lately (kids hey) so I only lasted about 3-4 hours.

I love all the proggy stuff DJs are playing for OTC sets these days so it was still a lot of fun.
2017-11-13 @ 18:41 UTC
WOW! So deep and hypnotic techno. Never heard so interesting clash of styles in Slam Radio 265 with Blazej Malinowski. Thanks for advice, jevonsxi!
2017-11-12 @ 20:35 UTC
jevonsxi (
Blazej Malinowski's Slam Radio mix is one of the mixes of the year. Absolutely stunning journey!
2017-11-12 @ 19:58 UTC
Rodion (
Remy - Live @ Armada Night, Amsterdam Dance Event 2008 at Paradiso in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2008-10-22)

2017-11-10 @ 14:28 UTC
oxygen15 (
There will be even less content from me for the next two weeks as I'm going on vacation.
See y'all around the end of November! :)
2017-11-09 @ 13:40 UTC
jambowned (
@lindmik: I literally did a few weeks ago. It's still fantastic, but I'm not in to megamixes at the moment.

I've been listening to some older Digweed sets and it's great to hear some 10 minute classics.
2017-11-09 @ 12:13 UTC
lindmik (
@jambo: Relisten to the Transcendence mix? ;)
2017-11-09 @ 10:22 UTC
Brent_ (
Done the cue for the first Rene La Vice show. If anyone would like to take a look if it's done right that would be awesome. Not sure what to do with the "accidental third hour"
2017-11-09 @ 10:04 UTC
jambowned (
I listened to some Underworld today and now I feel like listening to some 90s trance and prog house stuff, probably more early.

What are some good mixes, hopefully with cues on here.
2017-11-09 @ 09:02 UTC
jevonsxi (
Some Slam Radios dropping shortly, watch this space
2017-11-08 @ 18:31 UTC
frifox (
anyone can help me ID this DnB track:

shazam is useless this time... :(
2017-11-08 @ 15:24 UTC
Brent_ (
2017-11-08 @ 15:23 UTC
Brent_ (
Well at least the "uncuable" show has been canceled :p
2017-11-08 @ 12:44 UTC
Brent_ (
I noticed TALiON released a 3hr version of the D&B Show with some other show as the third hour haha. I can might give the cue'ing for Rene La Vice a go somewhere this week.
2017-11-08 @ 05:45 UTC
jambo (
Mark Sherry Open to Close in 2 days!!!
2017-11-07 @ 15:44 UTC
oxygen15 (
He probably have much tighter DJ schedule that Friction.

Still, doesn't change the fact that I have less free time now..

However, with Pete Tong going back to 2hr shows, and me dropping R1 Residency next year (I have a feeling BBC will cancel it too in 2018 :D ) I may find some time for it. The time will tell!
2017-11-07 @ 12:29 UTC
Brent_ (
First D&B Show from Rene LaVice yesterday. Looks like they dropped the DNB60 so it's an hour shorter now. And no guestmix?
2017-11-07 @ 07:04 UTC
jambowned (
Those Deus Ex soundtracks sure are good
2017-11-07 @ 00:55 UTC
frifox (
if anyone wants to add:

2017-11-06 @ 18:26 UTC
frifox (
currently at 19k scrobbles but haven't done any in few years now, mostly because:

ID - ID is my fav track, and ID is my fav artist.

and since I love to listen to new shows hunting for the goodies, my "library" on lastfm ends up being mostly tracks I actually hate. lol
2017-11-06 @ 09:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Yes! It's also the reason why I love the cuefiles; I can scrobble the radioshows :p
2017-11-06 @ 06:30 UTC
jambo (
Anyone still using

I use it mainly because I like stats and charts
2017-10-31 @ 19:00 UTC
Thanks stev0b for Applescal!! :)
2017-10-29 @ 12:00 UTC
oxygen15 (
LOL, that makes no sense whatsoever :D
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