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2015-01-26 @ 18:11 UTC
FF35 - I press on my bookmark, nothing seems to happen, then after 1s whole page is loaded (read - weird behavior)
2015-01-26 @ 17:02 UTC
Something's screwy... The front page doesn't load the first time I visit it. Then I re-load it and it shows.
2015-01-26 @ 07:03 UTC
lindmik ( Googlebot can't access your site

Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 125 errors while attempting to connect to your site. Your site's overall connection failure rate is 10.1%.
2015-01-26 @ 02:59 UTC
m1nt (
inb4 you say mainstream, but this is a damn good mix
2015-01-26 @ 00:42 UTC
St. Jetto (
@Villian, I mean
2015-01-26 @ 00:41 UTC
St. Jetto (
A Villian, big thanks on EOYC Yearmix cues, mate
Rock on! :D
2015-01-25 @ 20:59 UTC
frifox (
afaik we have unlimited bandwidth
2015-01-25 @ 19:04 UTC
lindmik (
Page loading seems to sporadically reset, have we reached our monthly data transfer cap?
2015-01-25 @ 19:02 UTC
lindmik (
Oh great, someone is uploading Tiesto cues instead of Tiësto cues.

"Umlaut, möthërfücker, can you type it?"
2015-01-25 @ 18:57 UTC
lindmik (
Oh, not just filename and ID3, but the SoundCloud title also. :p
2015-01-25 @ 18:53 UTC
lindmik (
I think he often does that. Why remove it? Props to John for being pragmatic!
2015-01-25 @ 14:22 UTC
jambowned (
Ahaha, Askew uploaded Razorator's rip of his MoS set and left the tag on.
2015-01-25 @ 12:33 UTC
jambowned (

I want to turn Mental Asylum Radio to weekly show soon.

=D =D =D
2015-01-25 @ 12:21 UTC
Yeah.. sorry, I'm lazy :(
Will try to finish it today..
2015-01-25 @ 11:44 UTC
Brent_ (
Eagerly awaiting the new Friction :)
2015-01-25 @ 07:11 UTC
jambowned (
We're mere weeks away from ASOT 700, and you all know what that means...

2015-01-24 @ 18:33 UTC
lindmik (
Not sure, that is borderline sick already.
2015-01-24 @ 18:13 UTC
^^^ better late than never :-D
2015-01-23 @ 18:45 UTC
lindmik (
Yup, it's almost back to the old usable layout. :D

If they just removed the annoying "Show More" thing for the description...
2015-01-23 @ 18:32 UTC
The Doc
Soundcloud changed their layout again. lol
2015-01-23 @ 18:22 UTC
lindmik (
^^^ Boys and girls, your feedback on my yearmix would be highly appreciated.

I don't know if my mixes are too hidden nowadays when I don't put a big note on the top of the page, but the download count is way down from previous years.

Same goes for other guys like J4mie and aPh!s. Maybe we should promote residents more prominently? I could at least make their mixes sticky also.
2015-01-23 @ 11:47 UTC
YoDA (
Washing mashine feels the beat :D
2015-01-23 @ 07:32 UTC
party machine :)
2015-01-22 @ 22:25 UTC
jambowned (
2015-01-22 @ 12:28 UTC
jevonsxi (
You mean sighTrance. :P
2015-01-22 @ 09:17 UTC
Awww, yiss! I look forward to it. :D
2015-01-21 @ 20:36 UTC
jambowned (
PsyDay is back on AH.FM for 2015!
2015-01-21 @ 04:58 UTC
jambowned (
Love Outside The Box, great show!
2015-01-20 @ 18:04 UTC
The Doc
Actually, I don't think it's actually today's. IDEK. Tuning in anyway.
2015-01-20 @ 17:40 UTC
The Doc
Today's Kearnage is on Soundcloud already.
2015-01-20 @ 12:06 UTC
Also, BBC Residency. They had/have some good hosts there, like - Moxie, Hannah Wants, Skream, Tessela, George FitzGerald and Jon Hopkins to be heard soon!
2015-01-20 @ 12:01 UTC
Monki or B.Traits shows on Radio 1/1X.
At least half of the shows on Rinse FM (99% of the broadcasts are available on their website and Soundcloud page).
Unfortunately, we have no cuesheets for these shows here!

I don't do them, because they have many ID or white labeled tracks with incorrect titles, they also tend to provide faulty or no TLs at all (underground FTW! :D ).
2015-01-20 @ 10:53 UTC
iranidx (
@parser..Patterns is much of a progressive show not what I'm expecting..thanks anyway! Listen to Leftwing & Kody, Josh Butler, that's what i mean
2015-01-20 @ 10:48 UTC
Patterns doesn't really fit that description to me. I'm going to advocate Outside The Box with Eelke Kleijn.
2015-01-20 @ 09:09 UTC
parser (
please, try "Patterns" with Gai Barone :)
2015-01-20 @ 06:20 UTC
idx (
Can anyone please recommend me some good deep/tech/underground house radio shows in here?
2015-01-19 @ 13:35 UTC
jambowned (
After discovering that Saturate Audio double CD I had a listen to a few of the latest eps of O'Glue's Momentum radio show.

Holy shit that stuff's good!
2015-01-19 @ 01:48 UTC
St. Jetto (
Happy birthday, Fri, all the best :)
2015-01-18 @ 03:28 UTC
hamed (
that's time to dividing cue according to members
2015-01-17 @ 21:36 UTC
lindmik (
I think I'm starting to get my mix done. Last quality control check underways.
2015-01-17 @ 05:24 UTC
jambowned (
I've fixed the RAM year mix if anyone was interested in it.

Not frame perfect.
2015-01-17 @ 05:10 UTC
jambowned (
Not this year.

Mortgage plus baby on the way = listening online =P
2015-01-17 @ 03:51 UTC
@jambowned - you going to Syd/Melb?
2015-01-16 @ 22:38 UTC
jambowned (
I will do ASOT 700 warm up mixes.
2015-01-16 @ 18:06 UTC
Mediographyby (
Happy birthday, frifox! :)
2015-01-16 @ 17:43 UTC
Mediographyby (
Forums? I thought that's where I'm at right now. :P

Speaking of forums, I swear there were a few more. What happened to them?
2015-01-16 @ 13:36 UTC
@Mediographyby: While it would be nice to have CUEs for digital releases in particular and probably not illegal to provide them, they can lead to trouble from labels.
2015-01-16 @ 11:41 UTC
lindmik (
Shall I start moving the categories further down the front page? :p
2015-01-16 @ 11:31 UTC
Btw, I had an idea of abandoning ASOT at ep. 699 (to not deal with all the pre- and after-parties and the whole celebration). I'll see how it goes...
2015-01-16 @ 11:14 UTC
@oxygen15: leave ASOT, cue Le Saux's Top20. Nah, just kiddin' :)
2015-01-16 @ 10:57 UTC
Damn, I'm the only active ASOT/GDJB cuemaker left? :D
2015-01-16 @ 10:32 UTC
lindmik (
Well, technically it shouldn't be, but technically it's not illegal to poke a sleeping bear either.

Besides, when would you need to make a cue for a commercial release? It should be part of the release itself.

Why are we even having this discussion here? Go to the forums if you want to ask silly questions.
2015-01-16 @ 07:43 UTC
Mediographyby (
I understand if it's the website's decision not to allow commercial mixes. But it's not illegal, am I correct?
2015-01-16 @ 06:51 UTC
lindmik (
This site is not for commercial stuff, mostly on principle.
2015-01-16 @ 06:44 UTC
YoDA (
Damn, wrong title of Patterns 005 cue file. Please, delete it. I've upload fixed one
2015-01-16 @ 05:48 UTC
parser (
because then you have to deal with rightholders and that is a piece of crap
2015-01-16 @ 05:22 UTC
Mediographyby (
So why are commercial ones not allowed again?
2015-01-15 @ 18:30 UTC
lindmik (
If it's not a commercial compilation, then it's fine.
2015-01-15 @ 15:34 UTC
YoDA (
If I've mixed commercial unmixed complilation, can I upload cue for this one there?
2015-01-15 @ 10:18 UTC
Proper epicness from S.P.Y on EM's turntables.
Must-have for anyone who finds a lot of drums and bass appealing :D
2015-01-15 @ 02:36 UTC
jambowned (
Anyone who is a fan of the Markus Schulz City compilations and the proggier stuff that Schulz sometimes plays should check out "Saturate Audio Immersed"

Mixed by Basil O'Glue & Styller its 2.5 hours of superb music.

Also cheap ($14 on Google Play)
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