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2015-05-02 @ 17:38 UTC
YoDA (
You're welcome!
2015-05-02 @ 16:48 UTC
@ Yoda:
Thank you.
Youīve got a mail.
2015-05-02 @ 15:45 UTC
@stev0b: thanks :-)
2015-05-02 @ 06:43 UTC
yeah, it struggles with remixes, but if it gets the original track right, then finding the correct remix name is a matter of few audio samples :)
2015-05-01 @ 15:06 UTC
lindmik (
Hah, I Shazamed "Are Am iiO" and it says that it's Avicii remix of Rapture. Well, it got the vocals correct...

Just testing the new "Ok, Google - Shazam this song" voice command.
2015-05-01 @ 11:39 UTC
YoDA (
Torrent -
2015-05-01 @ 09:38 UTC
lindmik (
Looks like it's saying that you have to register. Good luck with that! :D
2015-05-01 @ 08:28 UTC
@ YoDa:
Ok, I canīt read Cyrrilic... So I did not manage to get the torrents for 2006 and 2007...

Could you create a torrent for 2008 and send me the torrent file?
2015-05-01 @ 08:18 UTC
@ YoDa:
Thank you so very much. I will try to download them first. In case of any problems, I would ask you to send them to me. Thanx again.

@ jambowned:
Sort of dark/mellow are Matt Dareys latest Nocturnal shows. But its more settled in the deephouse area rather than trance. I Would recommend episodes 471, 499 and 501.
2015-04-30 @ 17:28 UTC
jevonsxi (
Best bet is either Gai Barone - Patterns or Hernan Cattaneo - Resident
2015-04-30 @ 13:33 UTC
jambowned (
Anyone have recommendations for more stuff in the vein of John 00 Fleming's Deep and Turbo mixes.

Really loving the deep dark stuff lately.
2015-04-30 @ 12:19 UTC
YoDA (
Or I can send you all mixes from 2008, just tell me where
2015-04-30 @ 11:10 UTC
lindmik (
Unfortunately I never saved radio shows previously, so I don't have them anymore...

I barely have time to listen to anything new. :D
2015-04-30 @ 11:03 UTC
Hi guys,

call me oldschool but does anybody knows where to download Sander van Doornīs OLD Identity radio shows? I am particulary interested to the year 2008. Please no hinds which lead to his new shows, they are crap...

Thanx a lot!
2015-04-28 @ 14:57 UTC
jevonsxi (
Number of IDs solved for AM/FM with Chris Liebing. Good thing his sets remain somewhat repetitive.
2015-04-27 @ 12:15 UTC
YoDA (
New Momentum episode is out now!
2015-04-26 @ 09:29 UTC
Brent_ (
Ah nice one, cutting the last two tracks in notepad works. They are now merged into track 99 as one long track. That would do. Cheers for the help :)
2015-04-26 @ 08:06 UTC
jambowned (
Only Foobar2000 0.8.3 allows cues with more than 99 tracks.
2015-04-25 @ 16:31 UTC
Ok, the latest version of foobar seems to not be working with this cuesheet either...
You can use mp3DirectCut as a player in this case then :)
2015-04-25 @ 16:22 UTC
Alternatively, just delete two last tracks from the cuesheet - they are well known and not so special anyway
2015-04-25 @ 16:21 UTC
It works, some apps/players just don't understand if track count is over 99.
Try foobar (I think it allows to play such files)
2015-04-25 @ 14:51 UTC
Brent_ (
The cue file for Drum & Bass Show (2015-04-14) doesn't seem to work. Can anyone take a look at it? :)
2015-04-22 @ 10:28 UTC
lindmik (
What's your takes on Perfecto Black:

I'm not super excited...
2015-04-19 @ 16:03 UTC
lindmik (
Added the last two with the help of Shazam. Honestly, I should have known them. It's the second time I forget about Winkee... :D
2015-04-19 @ 13:58 UTC
only 2 IDs left :-)
2015-04-19 @ 12:17 UTC
lindmik (
Because he is one of the old-timers that has forgotten to completely sell out?

Like jambo said, good selection and longer sets.
2015-04-19 @ 10:47 UTC
jambowned (
I like longer sets and generally his track selection is pretty good.

Plus Turtle Paradise.
2015-04-19 @ 09:32 UTC
P.S. Please, remind me why do we love Menno so much around here?
2015-04-19 @ 09:31 UTC

Only 5 IDs left :P
2015-04-19 @ 07:19 UTC
lindmik (
Menno Solo UK is more than 50% done - 34/74 IDs left!
2015-04-18 @ 19:00 UTC
lindmik (
Maybe announce on the requests page that you're working on a huge cue. :p

Though, probably nobody checks there very often anyway...
2015-04-18 @ 18:58 UTC
really, sorry :-(
2015-04-18 @ 18:47 UTC
lindmik (
Vi11ian, you just created a dupe cue for NastyBeats' cue.
2015-04-18 @ 18:24 UTC
dear #trancefamily please help with tl for Menno Solo UK :-)
2015-04-18 @ 18:06 UTC
lindmik (
Is it just me, or has Indecent Noise's radio show become "just another show"? I just realized that I downloaded it yesterday. I used to be excited about it and want to listen to it as soon as possible. Oh, Radio Bosh, where art thou?

For me KEARNAGE is more interesting because it's only every second week. I'd prefer the 2 hours once a month format. Seriously...
2015-04-18 @ 12:24 UTC
lindmik (
New Evolve up, about damn time! :D
2015-04-17 @ 16:50 UTC
@jambowned: LCD ;-)
2015-04-17 @ 13:07 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers for Chris Liebing and Drumcode (in advance) :)
2015-04-16 @ 18:47 UTC
I finally got Nocturnal 501 done. Took a while, sorry for that. The main reason was because I really donīt like the second half of this set. What a crap!
2015-04-16 @ 10:14 UTC
jevonsxi (
Drumcode cues should be up at some stage today.
2015-04-16 @ 04:00 UTC
jambowned (
TL looks good.

I also added a category for the new show.
2015-04-15 @ 18:29 UTC
@jamb: pay attention to Universal Nation 002 ;-)
2015-04-15 @ 01:03 UTC
jambowned (
Tuesday night line-up on Trance is now

Airwave LCD Sessions
CL Rush Hour

Plus JOOF was the guestmix on Rush Hour this week.

That's a fucking solid 6 hours every month.
2015-04-14 @ 20:48 UTC
frifox (
aww yeah, GTG guestmix by E-Clip. listening to the set now, cue will come after
2015-04-14 @ 18:31 UTC
lindmik (
Removed "Episode" from the am/fm cue titles.
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