Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 450 (2010-04-02) (Day 3 - Live @ Roseland Ballroom in New York, USA) [TT]

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Length: 476:50
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[00:00]01.A State of Trance - Intro (Breakfast)(01:32)
[01:31]02.ID - ID(06:54)
[08:25]03.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking(01:52)
[10:18]04.Breakfast - Slow Motion(08:06)
[18:23]05.ID - ID(08:00)
[26:24]06.Bart Claessen - Hartseer(05:35)
[31:59]07.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking & Interview with Lange(03:28)
[35:27]08.ID - ID(04:46)
[40:13]09.ID - ID(04:53)
[45:06]10.DJ Eco - Lost Angeles (Breakfast Remix)(07:04)
[52:10]11.BT - The Unbreakable (Breakfast Remix)(07:58)
[60:09]12.A State of Trance - Intro (Lange)(00:46)
[60:55]13.Matias Faint - Neitherworld (Heatbeat Remix)(06:19)
[67:14]14.Kaeno & Denzo - Cabin Pressure (David Forbes Remix)(04:27)
[71:40]15.Lange - Under Pressure(05:47)
[77:27]16.Organ Donors - Dr Kaotica(04:42)
[82:09]17.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking & Interview with Giuseppe Ottaviani(02:44)
[84:54]18.ID - ID(02:59)
[87:53]19.Lange feat. Emma Hewitt - Live Forever(05:34)
[93:27]20.Charlie G & Vandall - Machined (Beltek Remix) (Lange Edit)(05:10)
[98:37]21.Lange vs. Gareth Emery - This Is New York(05:25)
[104:02]22.Lange feat. Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky(05:35)
[109:37]23.Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Lange 2009 Mix)(05:06)
[114:43]24.ID - ID(05:51)
[120:34]25.A State of Trance - Intro (Giuseppe Ottaviani)(00:38)
[121:12]26.Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid - We Are One (Giuseppe Ottaviani Intro Edit)(01:32)
[122:44]27.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Faith - Angel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix 1)(06:25)
[129:08]28.Chris Metcalfe - Outback (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(06:19)
[135:27]29.Giuseppe Ottaviani & MvL - Until Monday (MvL Mix)(04:33)
[140:00]30.Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid - We Are One (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(00:44)
[140:45]31.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking & Interview with Breakfast(05:00)
[145:45]32.Giuseppe Ottaviani vs. John O'Callaghan - Our Dimension(02:05)
[147:50]33.System F - Out Of The Blue 2010 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(06:47)
[154:37]34.DJ Feel & Aurosonic - Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(05:34)
[160:11]35.Nu NRG - Butterfly (Giuseppe Ottaviani 2010 Mix)(02:26)
[162:37]36.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking & Interview with John O'Callaghan(04:27)
[167:04]37.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Faith - Angel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix 2)(05:52)
[172:56]38.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Stephen Pickup - No More Alone(07:15)
[180:11]39.A State of Trance 450 - Intro (Armin van Buuren)(00:31)
[180:42]40.Reverse - Absolute Reality (Arty Remix)(05:33)
[186:15]41.Ron Hagen & Al Exander - Last Minute(04:49)
[191:04]42.Andrew Bennett feat. Sir Adrian - Run Till You Shine (Cosmic Gate Remix)(05:03)
[196:07]43.Faithless - Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix)(06:53)
[203:01]44.Evol Wavez - Name Is The Answer(05:10)
[208:11]45.Gaia - Aisha(04:54)
[213:05]46.Leon Bolier - Lunar Diamond(04:35)
[217:40]47.Armin van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix)(04:46)
[222:26]48.Paul van Dyk with Starkillers & Austin Leeds feat. Ashley Tomberlin - New York City (Super & Tab Remix)(06:53)
[229:19]49.Ben Preston feat. Susie - Remember Me (Daniel Kandi's Flashy Tribute Mix)(05:11)
[234:29]50.Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren vs. RAM - Man On The RAMsteram (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(06:19)
[240:48]51.Sophie Sugar vs. Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(05:51)
[246:40]52.Simon Patterson - Miss You(05:36)
[252:16]53.George Acosta feat. Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (DNS Project Remix)(06:19)
[258:35]54.Andy Tau - Static (Sonic Element Remix)(05:36)
[264:11]55.W&W - D.N.A.(04:26)
[268:36]56.Sebastian Brandt - 450(06:45)
[275:21]57.Cirez D vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - On Off Love (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(06:30)
[281:52]58.Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix)(05:21)
[287:13]59.Ummet Ozcan - Shamballa(05:09)
[292:22]60.Solarstone - Seven Cities (Remix)(06:09)
[298:31]61.A State of Trance - Intro (John O'Callaghan)(00:39)
[299:09]62.Heatbeat & Exit - Go (Joint Operations Centre Intro Remix) [Skips](04:12)
[303:21]63.Ummet Ozcan - Trinity(04:23)
[307:45]64.Jon O'Bir feat. Fisher - Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)(06:17)
[314:01]65.Tom Colontonio - Induction (Acid Mix)(04:26)
[318:27]66.Tim Besamusa vs. John O'Callaghan - Find Sanctum (John O'Callaghan Mashup)(00:20)
[318:47]67.A State of Trance - Armin's Talking & Interview with Betsie Larkin(03:57)
[322:44]68.Nick Sentience - Nocturnal(05:19)
[328:03]69.John O'Callaghan - Desert Orchid(05:46)
[333:49]70.Matt Everson - Heist Manoeuvre (Nick Sentience Remix)(05:25)
[339:15]71.A State of Trance - Armin's Talking & Interview with Filo & Peri(02:01)
[341:16]72.Tom Colontonio - Nighthawk(03:31)
[344:47]73.John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher vs. Paul Webster vs. Sean Tyas - Big Time (John O'Callaghan Mashup)(06:03)
[350:49]74.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Faith - Angel (Night Mix)(06:25)
[357:14]75.A State of Trance - Intro (Filo & Peri)(00:37)
[357:51]76.U2 - City Of Blinding Lights (Filo & Peri Intro Bootleg)(05:14)
[363:05]77.Chris Lake & Michael Woods - Domino's(05:36)
[368:41]78.Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher - You Are The One(04:53)
[373:34]79.Ashley Wallbridge - Chimera(04:03)
[377:37]80.Darren Tate & Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (Filo & Peri Remix)(04:17)
[381:53]81.A State of Trance 450 - Armin's Talking & Interview with Alex M.O.R.P.H.(04:34)
[386:27]82.Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Soul & The Sun (Filo & Peri's Big Room Mix)(01:30)
[387:57]83.Rank 1 & Jochen Miller - The Great Escape(05:13)
[393:09]84.Filo & Peri feat. Aruna - Ashley (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)(07:04)
[400:13]85.Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - The Anthem (John O'Callaghan Remix)(05:20)
[405:33]86.Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (Filo & Peri Remix)(03:42)
[409:15]87.Filo & Peri - Drops Of Jupiter(05:04)
[414:19]88.Filo & Peri feat. Mike Saint-Jules - Far From Reach(03:29)
[417:48]89.A State of Trance - Intro (Alex M.O.R.P.H.)(00:29)
[418:18]90.ID - ID(09:12)
[427:30]91.OceanLab vs. Mike Shiver - If I Could Fly On The Surface (Daniel Kandi Mashup)(05:29)
[432:58]92.ID - ID(03:37)
[436:36]93.Mat Zo - The Found(05:34)
[442:09]94.Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen - Broken Tonight (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(07:20)
[449:29]95.Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(08:28)
[457:58]96.D:Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Temple One Remix)(02:51)
[460:48]97.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Ana Criado - Sunset Boulevard (ID remix)(06:24)
[467:12]98.Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah & Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex MORPH B2B Woody van Eyden Remix)(06:01)
[473:14]99.Chicane - Hiding All The Stars(03:36)

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2010-05-01 @ 22:11 UTC
bill (
What would be the error be in Line 91 for this armin live @roseland ballroom? Havin issues here. Thanks for the cues!
2010-04-24 @ 10:49 UTC
thx Ruku
2010-04-13 @ 14:24 UTC
2010-04-12 @ 15:54 UTC
fkid (
Thanks very much again Ruku. Good work.
2010-04-12 @ 12:56 UTC
Ruku (
Left out repeating tracks around interviews, and Armin's last little ramble to keep it to 99 tracks again... ;)
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