Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 896 (2018-12-27) (Year Mix 2018) [IYPP] (SBD)

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Length: 120:18
Release group: IYPP
Broadcast source: SBD

[00:00]01.Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018 Intro: License To DJ(02:17)
[02:17]02.Omnia - Cyberpunk(01:02)
[03:19]03.Andrew Bayer Feat. Alison May - Immortal Lover (In My Next Life Mix)(00:45)
[04:04]04.Audien Feat. Cecilia - Higher(01:14)
[05:18]05.Armin van Buuren vs. Shapov - The Last Dancer(00:44)
[06:02]06.Super8 & Tab - Blockchain(00:44)
[06:46]07.Simon Lee & Alvin with Susie Ledge - Why I Came Here(01:29)
[08:15]08.Mark Sixma - Sinfonia(00:44)
[08:59]09.Signum Feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge Remix)(00:31)
[09:30]10.Jeremy Vancaulart Feat. Danyka Nadeau - Hurt(01:40)
[11:10]11.Super8 & Tab Feat. Envy Monroe - True Love(01:00)
[12:09]12.Omnia Feat. Danyka Nadeau - For You(01:58)
[14:08]13.Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross - Awaken(00:45)
[14:52]14.HALIENE - Dream In Color (Ruben de Ronde Remix)(01:15)
[16:07]15.Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford - Happiness Amplified (Above & Beyond Club Mix)(01:30)
[17:37]16.Loud Luxury Feat. brando - Body (ōrjan Nilsen Remix)(00:52)
[18:29]17.Purple Haze - Bergen(00:38)
[19:07]18.Armin van Buuren Feat. Sam Martin - Wild Wild Son (Club Mix)(01:20)
[20:27]19.Estiva - Bloom(01:00)
[21:28]20.Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Raito Remix)(00:43)
[22:10]21.ilan Bluestone with Maor Levi Feat. EL Waves - Will We Remain(01:16)
[23:26]22.Ferry Corsten & DIM3NSION - Safe With Me(01:28)
[24:54]23.ARTY - Tim(00:59)
[25:53]24.Fatum - Violet(00:44)
[26:37]25.ōrjan Nilsen - Savour This Moment(00:44)
[27:21]26.KhoMha - Tierra(01:14)
[28:35]27.MaRLo Feat. Emma Chatt - Here We Are(01:14)
[29:49]28.MaRLo Feat. Roxanne Emery - A Thousand Seas(01:41)
[31:30]29.Denis Kenzo & Sveta B. - Sweet Lie(01:14)
[32:44]30.Markus Schulz Feat. Nikki Flores - We Are The Light(01:26)
[34:10]31.Ben Gold & Sivan - Stay(01:23)
[35:33]32.Gareth Emery Feat. Evan Henzi - Call To Arms (Cosmic Gate Remix)(02:01)
[37:34]33.Armin van Buuren Feat. James Newman - Therapy (Super8 & Tab Remix)(01:27)
[39:01]34.Maor Levi - Light Years(01:13)
[40:14]35.Andrew Rayel & David Gravell - Trance Reborn (FYH100 Anthem / Mark Sixma Remix)(00:58)
[41:12]36.NWYR - Wormhole(00:44)
[41:56]37.Eric Senn - Inkunzi(00:36)
[42:32]38.NWYR - Dragon(00:59)
[43:31]39.KhoMha - White Swan(01:00)
[44:31]40.Gabriel & Dresden Feat. Sub Teal - Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)(00:44)
[45:15]41.Denis Kenzo, Fahjah & Kate Miles - Who I Am(01:15)
[46:30]42.Seven Lions Feat. Rico & Miella - Without You My Love (Myon Definitive Mix)(00:51)
[47:21]43.Above & Beyond Feat. ZoŽ Johnston - Always (Above & Beyond Club Mix)(01:12)
[48:33]44.ARTY - Perfect Strangers(00:44)
[49:17]45.ALPHA 9 - Sleepwalker(01:12)
[50:30]46.Above & Beyond - Red Rocks(00:31)
[51:00]47.Andrew Rayel Feat. HALIENE - In The Dark(01:43)
[52:43]48.Armin van Buuren vs. Shapov - Our Origin(01:11)
[53:54]49.Darude & Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Foux - Surrender(00:59)
[54:53]50.Alex Kunnari - Sundown(00:43)
[55:36]51.Beatsole - Pearl(00:59)
[56:35]52.Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold - A Slice Of Heaven(01:04)
[57:40]53.Venetica - Patterns Of The Soul (Davey Asprey Remix)(01:04)
[58:43]54.Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Running For Peace (Club Mix)(01:53)
[60:36]55.DJ T.H. & Nadi Sunrise Feat. Michele C - See You Again(00:56)
[61:32]56.Craig Connelly Feat. Roxanne Emery - This Life(01:23)
[62:55]57.Bryan Kearney & Deirdre McLaughlin - Open My Mind(02:25)
[65:20]58.Roman Messer Feat. Christina Novelli - Fireflies (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)(01:10)
[66:30]59.Aly & Fila with Emma Hewitt - You & I (Aly & Fila Club Mix)(00:28)
[66:58]60.Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher - There Will Be Angels(00:28)
[67:26]61.Simon Patterson Feat. Lucy Pullin - Fall For You(01:11)
[68:37]62.Scot Project - D (Don't Go)(00:34)
[69:11]63.Ran-D - Zombie(00:58)
[70:10]64.Ben Gold & Allen Watts - Strike As One(00:56)
[71:06]65.RAM & Susana - Northern Star(00:57)
[72:02]66.Craig Connelly Feat. Kat Marsh - Light The Way (Bryan Kearney Remix)(00:42)
[72:44]67.Gareth Emery - Long Way Home (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)(00:56)
[73:40]68.Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt - Missing (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)(00:54)
[74:34]69.A.R.D.I. - Army Of Angels(00:57)
[75:31]70.MaRLo - Enough Echo(00:42)
[76:13]71.Dash Berlin Feat. Bo Bruce - Coming Home (STANDERWICK Remix)(01:38)
[77:50]72.Armin van Buuren x Vini Vici x Alok Feat. Zafrir - United(00:55)
[78:45]73.Armin van Buuren vs. Alexander Popov - Popcorn(00:57)
[79:42]74.Exis Feat. Enya Angel - Free(00:55)
[80:37]75.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise(01:22)
[82:00]76.CRW - I Feel Love (Omar Sherif Remix)(00:47)
[82:47]77.Heatbeat - Stadium Arcadium(00:49)
[83:36]78.Armin van Buuren - Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem / Allen Watts Remix)(01:01)
[84:37]79.Allen Watts - Midnight(01:23)
[86:00]80.Paul van Dyk Feat. Plumb - Music Rescues Me(02:20)
[88:20]81.Aly & Fila - Rebirth (Ahmed Romel Remix)(01:09)
[89:29]82.Will Atkinson - Seventh Heaven(01:10)
[90:40]83.Ferry Corsten Feat. HALIENE - Wherever You Are (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)(01:15)
[91:55]84.Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt - Safe From Harm (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(01:53)
[93:48]85.Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star Feat. Fiora - Just As You Are(01:54)
[95:42]86.Roger Shah & RAM Feat. Natalie Gioia - For The One You Love(00:59)
[96:41]87.Davey Asprey - Alone In The Wilderness(01:24)
[98:05]88.Oliver Cattley with Kiyoi & Eky - Zubr(01:08)
[99:13]89.Darren Porter - Whiplash(00:15)
[99:28]90.Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - The Air I Breathe [TUNE OF THE YEAR 2018](02:05)
[101:33]91.Avao - Activate(00:56)
[102:28]92.Ayla - Ayla (Ben Nicky & Luke Bond Remix)(01:25)
[103:54]93.Armin van Buuren - Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem)(01:23)
[105:17]94.Protoculture - Thirty Three South(00:57)
[106:14]95.STANDERWICK - I've Been Thinking About You(00:43)
[106:56]96.Militia - Take Me There(01:08)
[108:05]97.Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah(00:55)
[109:00]98.Luke Bond - U(00:45)
[109:45]99.Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif - A World Beyond (FSOE550 Anthem)(01:23)
[111:08]100.Billy Gillies - Disturbance(01:36)
[112:43]101.Chris Schweizer - The Wolf(01:21)
[114:04]102.Ultra Shock - The Sound Of E (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)(00:43)
[114:47]103.W&W x Armin van Buuren - Ready To Rave(01:57)
[116:44]104.Splinta - Shock Therapy (Rising Altitude Mix)(02:17)
[119:01]105.Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018 Outro: The Verdict(01:17)

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