Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 695 (2014-12-25) (Yearmix 2014) [MM] (SBD)

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Length: 123:06
Release group: MM
Broadcast source: SBD

[00:00]01.A State of Trance - Intro(01:58)
[01:57]02.Intro - Look What I Found!(01:33)
[03:31]03.Omnia - Tomorrow People(01:00)
[04:31]04.Parker & Hanson - Gravity(00:29)
[05:00]05.Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox - Touch Me (Mike Koglin 2.0 Radio Edit)(01:15)
[06:16]06.Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - One In A Million(01:28)
[07:43]07.Mark Sixma - Shadow (W&W Radio Edit)(00:30)
[08:13]08.Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy - The Way Back Home (Monoverse Remix)(01:00)
[09:13]09.Alexander Popov - Eternal Flame(01:13)
[10:26]10.Andrew Rayel - Followed By Darkness(00:59)
[11:25]11.Shogun - Zanarkand(00:44)
[12:10]12.Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audiocells feat. Shannon Hurley - I Am Your Shadow (Heatbeat Remix)(00:59)
[13:08]13.Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B. - Deep In My Heart(00:45)
[13:53]14.Andy Moor & Lange feat. Fenja - Top Of The World(01:12)
[15:05]15.Ost & Meyer vs. Ronski Speed feat. Cate Kanell - Fortress(00:50)
[15:55]16.Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery - On Fire(01:02)
[16:57]17.Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian(00:44)
[17:41]18.David Gravell - Timebomb(00:45)
[18:26]19.Hazem Beltagui & Aneym - Remember Me(00:59)
[19:25]20.Tommy Johnson feat. Nanje Nowack - Burn The Sun(00:59)
[20:24]21.Driftmoon & Andy Blueman feat. Dsharp - Leviticus(00:45)
[21:08]22.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - My Heaven(01:19)
[22:28]23.Veracocha - Carte Blanche (David Gravell Remix)(00:45)
[23:13]24.Andy Moor - Fade To Light(00:29)
[23:42]25.Mark Sixma - Adagio For Strings(00:40)
[24:22]26.Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli - All Or Nothing(01:07)
[25:29]27.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - The Reason(00:59)
[26:28]28.Armin van Buuren feat. Cindy Alma - Don’t Want To Fight Love Away(00:59)
[27:27]29.Above & Beyond - Hello(01:27)
[28:54]30.Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere - Falling Back(00:52)
[29:46]31.Myon & Shane 54 feat. Kyler England - Summer Of Love(01:01)
[30:47]32.Monoverse - Fraction(01:26)
[32:13]33.Genix - Lux(00:14)
[32:27]34.Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - EIFORYA(00:59)
[33:26]35.Andrew Rayel feat. Alexandra Badoi - Goodbye(00:56)
[34:22]36.Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells - Dissolve(01:01)
[35:23]37.Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli - Back To You (Wach Remix)(01:26)
[36:49]38.Bogdan Vix & Renee Stahl - Forever(01:04)
[37:53]39.MaRLo feat. Jano - Haunted(01:13)
[39:06]40.Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce - U (Club Mix)(01:20)
[40:26]41.Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone (Thomas Newson Remix)(01:12)
[41:39]42.Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic feat. Collin McLoughlin - Here Tonight(01:13)
[42:52]43.Mark Sixma & Jerome Isma-Ae - Refused(00:36)
[43:27]44.Mino Safy - Around The Garden(00:43)
[44:10]45.Paul Oakenfold - Toca Me(01:12)
[45:23]46.Bobina - Winter(01:25)
[46:48]47.Andrew Rayel - Power Of Elements(00:57)
[47:45]48.Orjan Nilsen - The Late Anthem (Way Too Late)(00:57)
[48:42]49.W&W - Bigfoot(01:15)
[49:57]50.Arno Cost & Norman Doray - Apocalypse 2014 (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)(01:13)
[51:10]51.Heatbeat - Bloody Moon(00:30)
[51:40]52.Cosmic Gate & Orjan Nilsen - Fair Game(01:13)
[52:54]53.Alexander Popov - Quantum(00:44)
[53:38]54.Dan Thompson - Propaganda(01:00)
[54:38]55.Maarten De Jong - Red And White(00:59)
[55:37]56.Max Graham & Maarten De Jong - Lekker(00:59)
[56:35]57.Adam Szabo & Willem De Roo - Medusa(00:58)
[57:34]58.Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - No Frontiers(01:28)
[59:02]59.Stoneface & Terminal feat. Ellie Lawson - For You(00:59)
[60:00]60.Shogun feat. Adara - Dragon(01:14)
[61:14]61.Armin van Buuren - Save My Night(01:06)
[62:21]62.Willem De Roo - Inception(00:52)
[63:13]63.Yves De Lacroix feat. Marell - Destroyves(00:29)
[63:42]64.Armin van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen - Sound Of The Drums (Bobina Remix)(01:57)
[65:39]65.Heatbeat - Aerys(00:59)
[66:38]66.MaRLo - Visions(01:26)
[68:04]67.Arisen Flame - Explorer(00:49)
[68:53]68.Jorn Van Deynhoven - New Horizons(01:15)
[70:07]69.KhoMha - Asylum(00:28)
[70:35]70.Markus Schulz - Remember This (Mark Sherry Remix)(00:49)
[71:25]71.Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia - Empire Of Hearts(01:12)
[72:37]72.Fisherman & Hawkins - Underworld(00:43)
[73:20]73.Armin van Buuren - Hystereo(01:25)
[74:45]74.Aly & Fila feat. Jaren - For All Time(01:35)
[76:20]75.Aly & Fila vs. Ferry Tayle - Nubia(00:56)
[77:16]76.ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. SkyPatrol - Sailing Airwaves (In Memory Of Matt Trigle)(01:10)
[78:26]77.John O’Callaghan feat. Jennifer Rene - Games (Ian Standerwick Remix)(00:58)
[79:25]78.Driftmoon - Howl At The Moon (Solarstone Retouch)(01:24)
[80:49]79.Aly & Fila vs. Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun - Eye 2 Eye(01:24)
[82:13]80.Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Frozen (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(01:40)
[83:53]81.Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine - In Spite Of Everything(01:44)
[85:37]82.Inge Bergmann - Oblivion(00:56)
[86:33]83.Neptune Project - Lost All My Tears(00:58)
[87:31]84.Driftmoon - Bittersweet (Temple One Remix)(00:55)
[88:27]85.Dash Berlin feat. Roxanne Emery - Shelter (Photographer Remix)(01:53)
[90:20]86.Flynn & Denton feat. Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(02:03)
[92:23]87.Aly & Fila vs. Skypatrol feat. Sue Mclaren - Running(01:40)
[94:03]88.Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef - Laily (Photographer Remix)(01:47)
[95:50]89.Dennis Pedersen & A.R.D.I. - Remember(01:51)
[97:41]90.RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore(00:56)
[98:37]91.Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight feat. Katty Heath - Stole The Sun (Allen & Envy Remix)(02:07)
[100:44]92.Will Atkinson - Victims(01:03)
[101:47]93.Philippe El Sisi & Abstract Vision feat. Jilliana Danise - This Time (Wach Remix)(02:05)
[103:52]94.Simon O’Shine & Adam Navel - Marathon (Simon O’Shine Remix)(01:23)
[105:16]95.Standerwick - Valyrian(01:11)
[106:27]96.Orkidea - Purity (Sneijder Remix)(01:45)
[108:12]97.John O’callaghan - One Special Particle(01:01)
[109:13]98.Armin van Buuren feat. Aruna - Won’t Let You Go (Ian Standerwick Remix)(02:34)
[111:47]99.Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran - Rescue Me (Allen & Envy Remix)(01:38)
[113:25]100.Allen Watts - Kepler(00:58)
[114:24]101.Ucast - LAX(01:03)
[115:26]102.Darren Porter - Terraforming(00:56)
[116:22]103.Allen Watts - Blackout(01:24)
[117:46]104.Sneijder & Bryan Kearney - Next Level(01:10)
[118:56]105.Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong(02:13)
[121:09]106.Outro - The Moral Of The Story(00:54)
[122:03]107.A State of Trance - Outro(01:02)

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2015-01-14 @ 08:38 UTC
vinz (
@Mag1k: hi, where is A State of Trance 697 [MM] (SBD) cue? and 696, I'm waiting for that, please, thanks you.
2015-01-04 @ 21:33 UTC
2014-12-28 @ 16:28 UTC
@Mag1k: LoL, fixed
2014-12-28 @ 16:11 UTC
jambowned (
Kinda weird that he didn't use the winning remix of U =
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