Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2016-01-05) (Incl. DNB60 Mix with Nu:Tone (Hospital Records)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:01
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:23)
[00:23]02.Netsky feat. Digital Farm Animals - Rio(03:43)
[04:05]03.Wilkinson feat. Thabo - Hopelessly Coping(03:37)
[07:42]04.Sigma feat. Ella Henderson - Glitterball (S.P.Y's Not So Glittery Remix)(03:15)
[10:57]05.Culture Shock feat. Bryn Christopher - City Lights(03:15)
[14:12]06.Etherwood feat. Eva Lazarus - Light My Way Home(03:53)
[18:05]07.Apres - Chicago (Technimatic Remix)(05:14)
[23:19]08.Matrix & Futurebound - Glow Worm(03:46)
[27:05]09.The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off(00:46)
[27:50]10.Noisia & The Upbeats vs. Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dead Limit vs. Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)(02:35)
[30:25]11.Dimension - Whip Slap(01:06)
[31:31]12.Phace & Mefjus - Bang Bang(02:34)
[34:06]13.Demo & Cease - Ladies Night (Drumsound & Bassline Smith VIP)(01:50)
[35:56]14.The Prototypes - Hypercube(01:06)
[37:02]15.Friction vs. Dimension - Kinetic(01:50)
[38:53]16.Culture Shock - Rush Connection(01:50)
[40:43]17.Dimension feat. Raphaella - Pull Me Under(01:50)
[42:33]18.Rockwell - Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)(01:34)
[44:07]19.Dimension - Panzer(01:05)
[45:12]20.Decimal Bass - Work For Nothing(00:45)
[45:57]21.Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)(01:23)
[47:20]22.Calyx & TeeBee feat. Doctor vs. Tantrum Desire - Where We Go vs. Pump(02:51)
[50:11]23.Culture Shock - Steam Machine(01:50)
[52:02]24.Enei feat. Charli Brix - Homeworld(01:28)
[53:30]25.Break feat. Singing Fats - Free Your Mind(04:59)
[58:29]26.Logistics feat. Inja - Ammunition(05:18)
[63:47]27.Fixate - Throwback Therapy(05:00)
[68:47]28.TIEKS feat. Dan Harkna - Sunshine (Nu:Tone Remix)(05:04)
[73:50]29.DRS feat. LSB & Tyler Daley - The View(04:42)
[78:32]30.Breakage feat. Madi Lane - Future (Calibre Remix)(04:46)
[83:18]31.Artificial Intelligence - Is This Real(05:05)
[88:23]32.Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions(04:34)
[92:57]33.SpectraSoul - Always(03:38)
[96:35]34.DRS feat. Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy - Bun Ya Too(03:18)
[99:53]35.Mark System - Optix(03:39)
[103:33]36.Skeptical feat. Collette Warren - Desire(02:56)
[106:28]37.Krakota feat. Lifford - In The Area(04:32)
[111:00]38.The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)(05:07)
[116:07]39.Friction feat. Josh Barry - Freak VIP(03:52)
[119:59]40.High Contrast - Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive Remix)(03:00)
[122:59]41.Logistics - Your Time(01:26)
[124:25]42.Doctrine - Airlock(01:28)
[125:53]43.Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)(02:10)
[128:03]44.Ownglow - All Black(00:50)
[128:52]45.Quadrant & Iris feat. Cease - Wirecutter(02:12)
[131:05]46.Subwave - Tell Me(01:50)
[132:55]47.LSB feat. Sophia Wardman - If You're Here (Luke's Tangerine Dreaming VIP)(02:56)
[135:52]48.Anile - Stay With Me(01:50)
[137:41]49.Alix Perez & EPROM - The Serpent(02:46)
[140:28]50.Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit(01:06)
[141:34]51.Dimension feat. Raphaella - Pull Me Under(01:50)
[143:24]52.S.P.Y - Doppelganger(01:28)
[144:52]53.Pennygiles & Sevin - I'm Sorry(02:12)
[147:05]54.LSB - Remedy(01:50)
[148:55]55.Calibre - Posh Boy(01:29)
[150:23]56.Ulterior Motive - Oddness(01:28)
[151:51]57.Urbandawn - Neon Nights (Reso Remix)(01:51)
[153:42]58.Basement Jaxx - Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix)(02:01)
[155:43]59.Halogenix - Shank(02:34)
[158:18]60.Technimatic - Remember You(01:50)
[160:08]61.High Contrast - Calling My Name(02:35)
[162:42]62.Etherwood feat. Eva Lazarus - Light My Way Home (Logistics Remix)(01:28)
[164:11]63.London Elektricity - Drop Ship(01:56)
[166:07]64.Break feat. Kyo - Gave Too Much(01:45)
[167:51]65.Jaydan - Brock It Up(01:50)
[169:42]66.Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz Tickles(00:44)
[170:26]67.Benny L - Lava(01:06)
[171:32]68.Hugh Hardie feat. Pola & Bryson - Lifted(01:51)
[173:22]69.FD feat. Soukie - Get It Right(01:50)
[175:13]70.Nu:Logic - Watercolours(04:48)

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A lot of exclusives in the last part of the show, from the upcoming Hospitality 2016 compilation
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