Camo & Krooked - Essential Mix (2017-05-06) [TALiON]

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Length: 119:49
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Essential Mix - Intro(01:24)
[01:24]02.Camo & Krooked - Broken Pieces(02:13)
[03:37]03.Camo & Krooked - Ember(01:05)
[04:42]04.Subwave - Stars Get Down VIP(00:44)
[05:26]05.Camo & Krooked - Ember (Hybrid Minds Remix)(00:44)
[06:10]06.Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound(01:06)
[07:16]07.Camo & Krooked feat. Joe Killington - If I Could (SpectraSoul Remix)(00:44)
[08:00]08.Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be(00:44)
[08:44]09.Camo & Krooked - All Night(01:28)
[10:12]10.Misanthrop vs. Dub Phizix & Chimpo - Deadlock vs. Ossibisa(00:44)
[10:55]11.Camo & Krooked - Witchdoctor(02:23)
[13:18]12.Dimension - UK (Skrillex Edit)(00:44)
[14:02]13.Urbandawn - Like What(00:39)
[14:41]14.Camo & Krooked - Ruhepuls(01:10)
[15:51]15.What So Not - Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)(00:45)
[16:36]16.Nu:Logic vs. Camo & Krooked feat. Ian Shaw - Morning Sun vs. Move Around (Acapella)(00:44)
[17:19]17.Culture Shock - Protection(01:28)
[18:47]18.SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)(00:44)
[19:31]19.Camo & Krooked feat. Jenna G & Futurebound - Lost In The Future VIP(01:06)
[20:37]20.Sneaky Sound System - Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix)(01:50)
[22:27]21.Camo & Krooked feat. Shaz Sparks - Time Is Ticking Away (Acapella)(01:05)
[23:32]22.Bop & Subwave vs. June Miller feat. Anouk Vise, T & Sugah - ID vs. Ups & Downs(02:12)
[25:44]23.Jai Paul - Jasmine (Camo & Krooked Edit)(01:06)
[26:50]24.DJ Koze - I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List(00:43)
[27:33]25.Mat Zo feat. Sinead Egan - The Enemy (Fred V & Grafix Remix)(01:56)
[29:29]26.Technimatic vs. Baron - Night Vision VIP vs. At The Drive In(01:23)
[30:52]27.Flume feat. Dave Glass Animals - Fantastic(01:37)
[32:29]28.Camo & Krooked - The Sloth(01:51)
[34:20]29.London Elektricity - Main Ingredient (Acapella)(00:22)
[34:42]30.Dawn Wall - Twin Falls(00:44)
[35:26]31.Camo & Krooked - Turn Up (The Music) VIP(02:34)
[37:59]32.Camo & Krooked - Far Away VIP vs. Faith (Acapella)(01:06)
[39:05]33.Camo & Krooked - Passion(01:28)
[40:33]34.Syy - Downgrade (TC Edit)(00:44)
[41:17]35.TC - Have You(00:44)
[42:00]36.Alix Perez - Crooklyn(01:50)
[43:50]37.RFS - Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)(01:43)
[45:33]38.DJ Fresh feat. Pendulum & Fats - Babylon Rising(01:07)
[46:40]39.Subwave - Rain Dance(01:06)
[47:46]40.London Grammar - Hey Now (Camo & Krooked Remix)(01:06)
[48:52]41.Kimyan Law - Luba(00:48)
[49:40]42.Camo & Krooked - Good Times Bad Times(01:53)
[51:33]43.Stephan Bodzin - Wir(03:41)
[55:15]44.Trentemoller vs. Nina Simone - Take Me Into Your Skin vs. Feeling Good(03:46)
[59:00]45.Camo & Krooked feat. klei - Dissolve Me(01:50)
[60:51]46.Artificial Intelligence feat. Steo - Take Me There(00:44)
[61:35]47.Camo & Krooked feat. Mefjus - Mandala(01:50)
[63:24]48.Camo & Krooked - Afterlife (BCee Remix)(00:44)
[64:08]49.Mutt feat. Kevin King - Conversations(01:22)
[65:30]50.D. Kay - How Much Does It Take?(00:33)
[66:03]51.Mura Masa - Are U There?(01:33)
[67:37]52.Camo & Krooked - Last Of The Tribe(01:06)
[68:42]53.Noisia - The Entangled (Camo & Krooked Extended Intro Mix)(02:23)
[71:05]54.Tapolsky & VovKING - 88(01:12)
[72:17]55.Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?(00:05)
[72:22]56.Camo & Krooked - Climax(01:06)
[73:28]57.BMotion vs. Dossa & Locuzzed - Love Blind(00:44)
[74:12]58.Daughter - Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)(00:41)
[74:53]59.Breakage feat. Madi Lane vs. Moderat - Future (Calibre Remix) vs. Bad Kingdom (Acapella)(01:09)
[76:01]60.Calibre & High Contrast vs. Break feat. Celestine - Mr. Majestic vs. Hope(01:17)
[77:18]61.Camo & Krooked - Heat Of The Moment(01:55)
[79:13]62.High Contrast - Make It Tonight(00:39)
[79:52]63.Darkside vs. Diana Ross & The Supremes - Golden Arrow vs. I'll Try Something New (Acapella)(01:33)
[81:25]64.Moby - Wait For Me (Adriatique Remix)(00:28)
[81:52]65.The Doors - Break On Through (Camo & Krooked Remix)(01:28)
[83:20]66.RY X - Salt (Mohican Sun Remix)(01:06)
[84:26]67.Commix feat. Steve Spacek - How You Gonna Feel(01:28)
[85:54]68.Culture Shock - Rework(00:55)
[86:49]69.D. Kay - Serenade(00:33)
[87:21]70.Donny Hathaway - Giving Up (Camo & Krooked Edit)(01:36)
[88:58]71.Rival Consoles - Recovery(01:03)
[90:01]72.Lana Del Rey - West Coast (Camo & Krooked Remix)(00:53)
[90:54]73.Joe Ford - Transpose(01:06)
[92:00]74.Dan Dakota - Yot Klub(01:06)
[93:06]75.Calyx & TeeBee - Loose Ends(00:22)
[93:28]76.Upgrade & T>I - Shot Down(01:06)
[94:33]77.Break - Enigma(01:06)
[95:39]78.Eric Prydz - Generate (Dimension Edit)(01:06)
[96:45]79.High Contrast - Return Of Forever(01:02)
[97:47]80.Redeyes feat. GLXY & Tyler Daley - Keep On(00:48)
[98:35]81.Calibre - Second Sun(00:49)
[99:24]82.Wandl - Vienna(00:33)
[99:57]83.D. Kay feat. Stamina MC - Barcelona (High Contrast Remix) (Acapella Edit)(01:05)
[101:03]84.S.P.Y - By Your Side(01:39)
[102:42]85.Moderat - Intruder(01:05)
[103:47]86.Mefjus & Kasra - Conversions(00:23)
[104:10]87.Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile(00:47)
[104:56]88.Thomas Oliver - Shine Like The Sun (Nu:Logic Remix)(01:03)
[105:59]89.Dossa & Locuzzed & Dorian - Synthesizer(01:06)
[107:05]90.Camo & Krooked - Honesty(01:28)
[108:33]91.Camo & Krooked - Tagtraum(01:37)
[110:10]92.HVOB - Always Like This (andhim Remix)(01:21)
[111:30]93.Stimming feat. Urzula Amen - From One Cell(02:22)
[113:52]94.Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Camo & Krooked Moog Edit)(02:45)
[116:37]95.Camo & Krooked feat. Tasha Baxter - Black Or White (Signal Remix)(02:38)
[119:15]96.Hybrid Minds feat. Charlotte Haining - Brighter Days (Alibi Remix)(00:34)

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