Spor - Essential Mix (2015-03-14) [TALiON]

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Length: 119:44
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Essential Mix - Intro(02:05)
[02:04]02.Spor - Your Murmuring Chasms(03:29)
[05:34]03.Spor - Arms House(02:00)
[07:34]04.Phace - Imbalanced(01:43)
[09:17]05.The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)(01:29)
[10:46]06.Spor - Always Right Never Left(01:40)
[12:27]07.Spor - Silver Spaceman(02:14)
[14:40]08.Apex - Same Old Blues(01:35)
[16:15]09.Spor - Kaori(03:43)
[19:58]10.Spor feat. Tasha Baxter - As I Need You(02:14)
[22:13]11.Spor - Coconut(01:51)
[24:03]12.DLR & Break - Human Error(01:08)
[25:11]13.Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria(01:29)
[26:40]14.Spor - Strange Heart(03:04)
[29:45]15.Ulterior Motive - Sideways(01:40)
[31:25]16.Commix - Be True(02:03)
[33:28]17.Spor - Some Other Funk(01:15)
[34:43]18.Capone - Tudor Rose(00:42)
[35:25]19.Spor - Stoppit(01:52)
[37:17]20.Neonlight & Wintermute - Guinea Pig(03:08)
[40:24]21.Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris - Reptilians(02:05)
[42:29]22.Rene LaVice feat. Ivy Mairi - The Calling(02:37)
[45:06]23.Spor - Full Colour(02:36)
[47:42]24.Spor - Blueroom(01:07)
[48:49]25.Noisia feat. Foreign Beggars - Soul Purge(01:29)
[50:18]26.Spor & Phace - Woodruff(02:10)
[52:29]27.Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix)(01:32)
[54:01]28.Spor - 1up(01:30)
[55:31]29.Spor - ID(02:03)
[57:33]30.Document One - Jazz Club(01:29)
[59:03]31.Spor - If You Cry Blueroom(05:13)
[64:15]32.Calyx & TeeBee - Make Your Choice (Spor Remix)(01:52)
[66:07]33.Spor - Kingdom(02:36)
[68:43]34.Noisia - Block Control VIP(00:23)
[69:06]35.The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix VIP)(04:05)
[73:11]36.Spor feat. James Hadouken! - Empire(04:17)
[77:28]37.Misanthrop - Rock'n'Roll(01:07)
[78:35]38.The Upbeats - Diffused(01:52)
[80:26]39.D*Minds feat. Strikez - Blacker VIP(02:36)
[83:03]40.Pedestrian & Jasperdrum - Kalakuta (Alix Perez Remix)(01:07)
[84:10]41.Icicle feat. Skittles - Problem(02:36)
[86:46]42.Seventh Stitch - Woken Up(03:44)
[90:30]43.Seventh Stitch - Lower My Eyes(01:06)
[91:36]44.Hans Zimmer - Day One (Interstellar OST)(01:20)
[92:56]45.Spor - Pacifica(01:37)
[94:33]46.Kito - Cold(00:40)
[95:14]47.Spor - Push Me, Pull You(02:46)
[97:59]48.Seventh Stitch - Heart Beats For(02:55)
[100:54]49.Seventh Stitch - Draft(02:34)
[103:28]50.Seventh Stitch - Tin Pear(06:53)
[110:21]51.Tsuruda x Huxley Anne - Puff(03:20)
[113:40]52.Spor - The Hole Where Your House Was(02:59)
[116:39]53.Phil Cirocco - Nova 2(03:04)

Cuesheet made by oxygen15

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2015-03-23 @ 06:35 UTC
Thanks oxygen15, listened to the first hour this morning and was certainly a good way to kickstart a Monday!

Amazing work on doing these EM cues btw. I can't imagine cueing up all these different genres each week. I can barely cue "normal" trance shows these days.
2015-03-16 @ 14:53 UTC
Spor definitely has it's own style, but yes, the mix does have the same pre-2010 vibe.. :)

It is pretty much the raw DnB which have that rock/metal music feeling, if you can compare two genres, not this modern bleepy commercial DnB.
2015-03-16 @ 14:40 UTC
If I don't listen to much dnb but enjoyed the Sub Focus EM from back in the day, should I bother downloading this?
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