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2019-05-24 @ 21:06 UTC
Hi guys, during saturday I will try to cue all GDJB's. Sorry for delay.
2019-05-24 @ 09:35 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Haven't got much time lately. But also it's way easier to cue a shitload in a row, rather than just cue one every week. The tracklists they provide are usually not in correct order, so you gotta dive into it. But I'll cure some more soon, no worries.
2019-05-24 @ 07:58 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@Brent_: Any reason the am/fm cues stopped coming?

I've been working through some of the older episodes I missed, but I just realised that you stopped around Xmas last year.
2019-05-23 @ 17:38 UTC
Looking for cue Artelized Visions 65 with Ilai,anyone can help?
2019-05-15 @ 15:21 UTC
Was hoping you weren't referencing a set from a number of years ago in 2017 ::laugh::
2019-05-15 @ 14:26 UTC
2019-05-15 @ 14:25 UTC
Which Mister Tong is that (date) ?
His US or UK broadcast ?
As he would say, "Cheers!"
2019-05-15 @ 04:39 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Welcome to the hiatus club! :p

Good luck, and welcome back any time! :)
2019-05-14 @ 21:13 UTC
I'm taking a bit of a break from cue making, so anybody feel free to fill in for my regular shows.
2019-05-12 @ 07:12 UTC
oxygen15 (oxygen1991@gmail.com)
Wow, last week's Residency selection by Marcel Dettmann was THE BOMB!

Sorry for keeping you waiting on such great music. :D
2019-05-07 @ 13:20 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
If you like JOOF and similar labels then check out the newest Daniel Lesden live set. 5 hours!
2019-04-27 @ 08:38 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
That comment should have had a heart emoji but it doesn’t work lol
2019-04-27 @ 08:37 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Paula Temple
2019-04-25 @ 17:31 UTC
Hi guys, during the weekend I will add cues for GDJB's and Gentech set from Dreamstate.
Sorry for being late.
2019-04-22 @ 17:01 UTC
oxygen15 (oxygen1991@gmail.com)

Thanks for the great news!
2019-04-22 @ 14:41 UTC
jpinoniemi (jpinoniemi@gmail.com)
Posted on livesets.us Facebook page on 4/19/19:

hi all!
For 2 years no news from us but I can now say for sure: livesets.us / .online will be back on july 1st 2019. Currently we're developing a new site more 2019 style:). In the main while we'll try to do some updates already with the legacy system
The archived downloads (where u require login) will be back asap. If you need an account please send me a message with the desired username. I'll send you further instructions once this is ready to use.
I would to thank everyone for the lovely messages we have been receiving since the shutdown ( pause.: D). We never ever realized so many people actually like our simple site!
I'll get back to you soon with more news!
Good weekend!
Best regards,
2019-04-14 @ 01:36 UTC
please listen trance, give it a try! :)
2019-04-06 @ 07:39 UTC
dewmaster (supernaturalnik2010@yandex.ru)
Well I love early James Sound too maybe I can help you. Contact me via email for more details. Tbh It's a little bit difficult to cue his mixes because of his way of mixing!
2019-04-05 @ 14:16 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Sounds good! Loving early 00's Holden mixes.

Bit of delay on the Drum & Bass Show cues by the way. Very busy. But I'll get to it.
2019-04-05 @ 09:23 UTC
Actually, I have about 70 various mixes from James (2002-2010). Not sure how much of them I'll cue finally :)
2019-04-05 @ 09:05 UTC
dewmaster (supernaturalnik2010@yandex.ru)
I actually made and uploaded some cues from old Holden's mixes for example his Essential mix from 2002 and GDJB guestmix from 2003. Do you have something more?
2019-04-05 @ 08:36 UTC
Hey guys! Is someone interested in old James Holden stuff? I mean livesets/radioshows.
I'll probably cue some of them, but not sure which categories should I choose: Various Stes or Promos...
2019-04-03 @ 23:29 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@KEKC: Cuenode still doesn't have Vol 5 cues. I just know the minute I make them they'll upload theirs.

Schroedinger's Cue.
2019-04-03 @ 11:24 UTC
We run a tight ship here. Welcome! :)
2019-04-02 @ 17:37 UTC
KEKC (ltjbukem@tut.by)
TO ALL NEW MEMBERS: Before posting CUEs read the rules here! http://forum.cuenation.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=86
2019-04-02 @ 16:54 UTC
sin4a (sin4aa2@gmail.com)
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com) - what is wrong in formatting - extension?
2019-04-02 @ 09:56 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
sin4a, could you please clean up your cues? The formatting is all wrong.
2019-04-02 @ 09:51 UTC
big thx
2019-04-01 @ 21:37 UTC
EsMer (leschar.20@gmail.com)
2019-04-01 @ 14:23 UTC
please please
Jeffrey Sutorius @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019
please someone help with CUE
set was really GOOD
2019-03-28 @ 08:12 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
And another reminder to EsMer and others to please remove the label info from the tracklists. Just "Artist - Title (Mix)" please.
2019-03-27 @ 22:55 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Just a reminder to EsMer and everyone else:

We use the international date standard of


for cues uploaded to this site.
2019-03-25 @ 11:05 UTC
@Karol: AIMP.
2019-03-24 @ 21:30 UTC
stev0b (steve@swbrown.com)
@Karol: GoneMAD Music player works with cues.
2019-03-24 @ 17:06 UTC
Karol (carloj9@op.pl)
Thank you @frifox.
Do you know other apps?
2019-03-24 @ 16:58 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
Poweramp Music Player
2019-03-24 @ 16:57 UTC
Karol (carloj9@op.pl)
Hello, do you know any android app which support mp3 sets together with cue files (shows track names during listening ex. 2 hours set)?
2019-03-21 @ 19:59 UTC
Hi guys, sorry for delay with GDJB sets. I will cue them ASAP (during the next week). I'm very busy at the moment.
2019-03-19 @ 21:35 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Well that was a waste of an hour and a half :P
2019-03-19 @ 17:59 UTC
KEKC (ltjbukem@tut.by)
@jambo: There is a good site with CUEs for the latest commercial releases. House, trance, drum'n'bass, ambient. Updates every week. Oh. and btw, for J00F 20th Anniversary CUE were already there in january ;)

2019-03-19 @ 13:53 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I should be doing JOOF Editions Vol. 5 cues as well, when that comes out in a couple of weeks.
2019-03-19 @ 13:36 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I finished the cues for the J00F 20th Anniversary mixes.

Just email me and I can send anyone a link.
2019-03-19 @ 07:42 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@JTD121: I was planning on doing them at some point, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I might give it a crack tonight.
2019-03-17 @ 10:14 UTC
JTD121 (jtd121@gmail.com)
Hey all,

Anyone have handy cues for J00F 20th anniversary mixes from Beatport?
2019-03-14 @ 19:35 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
Didn't see this track available online in full, so I bought it.


Enjoy :)
2019-03-10 @ 02:08 UTC
fkid (fkid.inc@gmail.com)
After a billion years, I have made a return with a .cue sheet. Shlohmo's Essential Mix. Enjoy! :D
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