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2016-07-29 @ 17:06 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Unless you're making 10 cues now you can use Various until I can be arsed to spend 2 minutes to add the category.
2016-07-29 @ 16:18 UTC
jevonsxi (davidmnealon@gmail.com)
Could somebody approve my request? Need to start cueing a new show.
2016-07-28 @ 21:15 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Another 3h killer set by #KingKearney cued!
2016-07-28 @ 18:42 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
* EpicFail & T.S.B - Unshakable (John B Remix)
2016-07-28 @ 00:04 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)

any idea when it comes out? that "sneak peak" was aired 4 months ago.... :(
2016-07-27 @ 23:46 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I actually thought it was a mashup at first, can't believe it was an officially sanctioned remix =S
2016-07-27 @ 17:58 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Out of key, completely out of sync, and does not fit the vocals in any way, like a very bad mashup. :D
2016-07-27 @ 17:50 UTC
Markooze Shoolz
what? don't you like cheeze?
2016-07-27 @ 12:37 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Listened to Markus's CLHRDay set and while I think it was awesome, a step up from last year, one particular track really put me off for a few minutes.

Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me (Dave Neven Remix)

The music sounds out of key with the vocals.
2016-07-27 @ 11:38 UTC
jevonsxi (davidmnealon@gmail.com)
Think I might do Slam Radio cues when episode 200 hits.
2016-07-25 @ 13:47 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Lovers of JOOF and Airwave should check out the extended set from Christopher Lawrence.
2016-07-25 @ 05:34 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
No new sets on rave_on's Soundcloud page since the 8th of June =

Hope nothing happened to him.
2016-07-24 @ 18:35 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
No worries. Only one missing now if I'm correct: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07h69kv
2016-07-24 @ 13:25 UTC
Well, I'm gonna be on a business trip for the whole week again...
2016-07-24 @ 10:35 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Big show coming up tomorrow it seems: The Upbeats guestmix & Sam Binga DNB60 :)
2016-07-24 @ 10:25 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
& goodluck with the SaSaSaS guestmix ;-]
2016-07-24 @ 10:06 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Found a low res one on dabstep.ru. Might make one myself in the next few days :) Cheers for these three shows!
2016-07-23 @ 21:02 UTC
About that Annie's show - I can't find any rips so far...

And it was not that special or important anyway.
2016-07-23 @ 19:21 UTC
Yeah, I will try to finish all his shows that I've missed by tomorrow
2016-07-23 @ 09:33 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Any new Friction cues soon oxy? :) Cheers for the new Noisia!
2016-07-21 @ 13:42 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
GDJB Sunrise Set today and Coldharbour Day 2016 in 5 days!

Lineup: http://imgur.com/ZSdWkeo
2016-07-20 @ 14:52 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
Congrats! Lucky man
2016-07-20 @ 07:58 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Holy shit!

Mate shouted me flights, so I'm going to see John 00 Fleming play a mother fucking 9 hour set in September!!!
2016-07-19 @ 08:48 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Oxy are you also cue'ing Friction sitting in for Annie Mac yesterday?
2016-07-18 @ 17:54 UTC
jevonsxi (davidmnealon@gmail.com)
Feel free to help with any am/fm IDs, techno heads.
2016-07-18 @ 06:30 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Coldharbour Day next week!
2016-07-17 @ 13:22 UTC
Jellyfd (a.morozov@alliance-dubai.net)
I love you. Thank you for BBC R1 Shows. Glad you are back
2016-07-16 @ 20:00 UTC
Finch, Danny Howard was filling in w/ Karma Kid July 1. Check out ' T in the Park ' for Tong's latest during this time.

2016-07-16 @ 16:27 UTC
Got them, thanks oxygen15!
2016-07-16 @ 12:15 UTC
I've added links to filesharing host for each part of that show.
Also try another torrent, which contains all five parts (click on my nickname above this post)
2016-07-16 @ 10:53 UTC
Any seeders for the Weval, Jezzy/Lanza and Connie Constance residencies, please? I can't connect to peers!
2016-07-16 @ 08:06 UTC
oxygen15 back on track, life's good again! :)
2016-07-14 @ 07:26 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
So uhhh, is Perry O'Neil back?

First track on the latest Global Trance Grooves is apparently a new one from him, but I can't find any info about it.
2016-07-12 @ 18:24 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Been developing web apps with Java/C# + AngularJS for the last few years, so the PHP world is so unfamiliar now, making it difficult to help out. Could take a stab at skinning it, though.
2016-07-12 @ 18:17 UTC
Oh, I am very anxious for the new site (-:
2016-07-12 @ 18:01 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
I'm taking a five week vacation right now, so I have ample time to procrastinate. ;)
2016-07-12 @ 15:25 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
New site is done, just need to put a skin on it. And on that I've procrastinated for few months now, heh
2016-07-12 @ 15:23 UTC
New? Site? That's the 2020 vision though right?
2016-07-12 @ 14:54 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Wohoo am/fm's :D
2016-07-12 @ 14:09 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Not with the current site. On the new site for sure!
2016-07-12 @ 14:07 UTC
Could we even go as far as having the front page update automagically for the popular shows??! blueskyrequirements
2016-07-12 @ 13:48 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Who the flying fuck is Linmik?
2016-07-12 @ 13:17 UTC
hamed (f.sohrabpoor@gmail.com)
Dear Linmik, youre guess was completely true and I became convinced :)
2016-07-12 @ 09:57 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
I guess you're trying to say: Please review the categories on the front page, e.g. Magic Island seems to be more popular than many other shows currently on the front page.

When I last updated the front page the situation was different.

I'll make a mental note (and digital one right here) to update the front page soon.
2016-07-12 @ 09:49 UTC
hamed (f.sohrabpoor@gmail.com)
Magic Island has more recod of cue than many shows that are shown in home webpage
2016-07-12 @ 04:52 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@frifox: The fact that he always plays new tracks makes the 1-2 month wait on Momentum with it.

Especially with ask the 3 hour episodes
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