Cue with name Yves V - V Sessions 211 (2019-07-07).cue does not exist in Various Sets!

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2019-10-15 @ 10:12 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Would be the best solution to just make the soundcloud ones downloadable I guess... Also, if someone figures out which ID's are "Collabs - Promo" (I think there are two different ones). Let me know.
2019-10-15 @ 10:10 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
I found scenereleases of them on soulseek, except for the sometimes last +1hr episodes of a set, those scenereleases have been cut to an hour instead of the full episode on soulseek. Chris mentioned on the show that the server crashed and they lost all the data and they're working a new website. But that was mentioned in one of the shows earlier this year so this might take a while...
2019-10-15 @ 05:00 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
If anyone knows where to get high quality downloads of am/fm episodes, let me know.

I might need to resort to ripping the 128k SC versions =S
2019-10-13 @ 09:31 UTC
dewmaster (supernaturalnik2010@yandex.ru)
@CSD go ahead! If you see abandoned radioshow - feel free to start cue it.
2019-10-06 @ 20:10 UTC
Who Cut now mental asylum radio? If it is not problem I try do It...
2019-10-03 @ 10:30 UTC
Sad to see that Thomas Datt's Chronicles show has come to an end. ;(
2019-10-01 @ 19:25 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Cheers for the new cues oxy. Are you still planning on cue’ing that Andy C essential mix from last june by any chance? :)
2019-09-25 @ 14:09 UTC
nitramakloh (psymh@live.de)
jambo: Oh, what a great surprise. Thanks for the info. Ep 274 is now upped. :-)
2019-09-20 @ 00:04 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@nitramakloh: there is a Redux Sessions category now FYI
2019-09-09 @ 11:23 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Eagerly awaiting the triumphant return of the oxygen15 cue's :)
2019-09-08 @ 11:57 UTC
careface (martin.simiskar@gmail.com)
Indecent Noise - Ultimate Hard Trance Classics (Mental Asylum Radio 200.. Somebody? :)
2019-08-27 @ 01:18 UTC
Jaku (ttfeji@gmail.com)
Hey, wrong file attached for Birdhouse 204
2019-08-23 @ 21:47 UTC
Can someone remove my recently added Coldharbour day 2009 set (uploaded instead 2019) and move 2019 set to Coldharbour day 2019 category, please?
Thank you.
2019-08-12 @ 06:50 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I've made a new Tomorrowland catch all category, so put any live sets or special mixes in there.
2019-08-02 @ 14:25 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
So Coldharbour Day happened, but there wasn't a pre-announcement, so I missed it.
2019-07-21 @ 10:59 UTC
I really recommend to listen GDJB - Sunrise Set :)
2019-07-12 @ 14:43 UTC
bmarjaba (marjababernard@gmail.com)
thanks for your efforts buddy.
2019-07-11 @ 19:20 UTC
tobi (janeca71@hotmail.com)
@bmarjaba I was hoping to have time this weekend for the Basil O' Glue one.
2019-07-10 @ 14:54 UTC
bmarjaba (marjababernard@gmail.com)
Anybody working on Basil O'Glue's and Guy J's cues?
2019-06-26 @ 03:31 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
2019-06-26 @ 00:46 UTC
your face (bryancz1@hotmail.com)
thank you frifox and lindmik. this site is one of a kind
2019-06-25 @ 05:15 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
I think the crowd wants a Facebook page for Cuenation. :D
2019-06-25 @ 01:17 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
Assumption is that it's always going to be up. If it's not, email me and I'll make sure it's back up.
2019-06-25 @ 01:16 UTC
your face (bryancz1@hotmail.com)
if this site is down in the future, where can one look at the status or get any kind of update?
2019-06-22 @ 11:59 UTC
HADI (hadi.maghouli@gmail.com)
2019-06-21 @ 15:48 UTC
Missing GDJB's will be added during weekend. Sorry for delay guys.
2019-06-20 @ 23:57 UTC
AchilleA TulA (xev2@nau.edu)
Thank you MarQ
2019-06-19 @ 08:33 UTC
AchilleA TulA: check out the Requests page. See the button in the menu above.

Glad to see the site back up. I was also wondering what happened!
2019-06-18 @ 15:06 UTC
AchilleA TulA (xev2@nau.edu)
frifox, where do i go for a request of a radio show? I'm looking for Steve Anderson Same Radio?
2019-06-18 @ 14:58 UTC
Huzzah, thanks for fixing. Please update the cuepacks stat for archive purposes!
2019-06-18 @ 07:15 UTC
Rena (asrf@gmail.com)
I was worried so much. I happy you are back!!!
2019-06-17 @ 23:30 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
if something is broken or down, email me asap. Either directly or via admin@cuenation.com
2019-06-17 @ 23:29 UTC
WTF? Site doesn't work within one week?
2019-06-17 @ 23:10 UTC
Markopg (mpaypay@gmail.com)
never leave
2019-06-17 @ 22:05 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
as long as people make cues for shows (especially ones I follow haha), I'll keep this site up and running forever :D
2019-06-17 @ 22:01 UTC
Jamie (jamie@example.com)
was almost afraid that cuenation wouldn't return! ha
2019-06-17 @ 20:23 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
Aww, it's nice to see cuenation back to life!
2019-06-17 @ 20:13 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
can probably set up a cron to run the command on schedule, @lindmik?
2019-06-17 @ 20:12 UTC
KEKC (ltjbukem@tut.by)
Is it a real to make automatic update "All Cues" archive once per month?
2019-06-17 @ 18:32 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
The aws container got turned off somehow, and I wasn't notified about that. Just had to turn it back on... :/
2019-06-17 @ 18:30 UTC
AchilleA TulA (xev2@nau.edu)
what happen? why was the site down? thank you guys for bringing it back. i was a little worried there.
2019-06-17 @ 16:06 UTC
Welcome back :)
2019-06-17 @ 14:24 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Sorry for the downtime! Seems the server had turned off for an unknown reason.
2019-06-09 @ 23:14 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Some new am/fm cues! Please help me out with the ID's if you can. Or with tunes squeezed in between I might have missed. Liebing's mixing style is still pretty hard to cue, and the tracklistings they publish never match haha
2019-06-04 @ 12:49 UTC
oxygen15 (oxygen1991@gmail.com)
Residency's uploaded, EM is next shortly.

Btw, regular listeners - help identify few missing tracks from Marcel Dettmann's show. He says names of the tracks, I just couldn't understand some because of his accent.
2019-05-24 @ 21:06 UTC
Hi guys, during saturday I will try to cue all GDJB's. Sorry for delay.
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