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Mar 19, 21:35:49 UTC Shout User: jambo
Well that was a waste of an hour and a half :P
Mar 19, 17:59:10 UTC Shout User: KEKC
@jambo: There is a good site with CUEs for the latest commercial releases. House, trance, drum'n'bass, ambient. Updates every week. Oh. and btw, for J00F 20th Anniversary CUE were already there in january ;)
Mar 19, 13:53:21 UTC Shout User: jambo
I should be doing JOOF Editions Vol. 5 cues as well, when that comes out in a couple of weeks.
Mar 19, 13:36:42 UTC Shout User: jambo
I finished the cues for the J00F 20th Anniversary mixes.

Just email me and I can send anyone a link.
Mar 19, 08:53:24 UTC Comment User: B&B A State of Trance | Magnus@ASOT_900.cue
Updated ID for track 02.
Mar 19, 07:42:08 UTC Shout User: jambo
@JTD121: I was planning on doing them at some point, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I might give it a crack tonight.
Mar 18, 13:03:43 UTC Request User: jjfa77
Pure Trance Radio 179 (Expanded)
Mar 18, 06:52:25 UTC Comment User: collecter Resident | 410-HernanCattaneo-2019-03-16.cue
Thank you for this set
Mar 17, 21:27:56 UTC Comment User: stev0b Dark Light Sessions | Fedde Le Grand - Darklight Sessions 342 (09-03-2019).cue
Hey EsMer, could you please try and keep to our standard date format (yyyy-mm-dd) in your cue titles? Keeps everything tidy. Thanks.
Mar 17, 19:08:50 UTC Request User: Poddy
Cue for Ilan Bluestone - Live @ Transmission, The Awakening (Sydney, Australia) - 16-MAR-2019


Mar 17, 10:14:19 UTC Shout User: JTD121
Hey all,

Anyone have handy cues for J00F 20th anniversary mixes from Beatport?
Mar 14, 19:35:50 UTC Shout User: frifox
Didn't see this track available online in full, so I bought it.!droEmQID!gRww_y1Q3ndt8_lTQVUt8-D087m_nYsvSXn9bSQGVdE

Enjoy :)
Mar 14, 10:18:57 UTC Comment User: Ruku The Anjunadeep Edition | shoutbox.cue
Welcome back fkid! ...says the guy who hasn't uploaded for a while either.
Mar 14, 09:26:11 UTC Comment User: 769ybab A State of Trance | Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 904 (SBD) baby967.cue
I agree with you Lantovenice & :) Huzzah!!!
Mar 14, 05:58:50 UTC Comment User: Lantovenice A State of Trance | Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 904 (SBD) baby967.cue
@769ybab : Yeah, always. ASOT is the best place to update trending in TRANCE :)
Mar 14, 03:28:11 UTC Request User: Petr U
Cue for "Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 903 (2019-02-28) [IYPP] (SBD)" - without INTRO...(((
Mar 13, 07:45:23 UTC Request User: lindmik
I'm probably the only one updating those categories. I'll try to do it... soon. :)
Mar 13, 07:31:45 UTC Request User: dewmaster
@jambo I have one more request to you regarding main page. I offer to replace Planet Perfecto Radio that have no updates since 2015 to Damaged Radio by Jordan Suckley. And also replace Hardwell On Air that's also have no updates to Open Up with Simon Patterson. That would be better in my opinion.
Mar 13, 05:53:40 UTC Request User: lindmik
On paternity leave. :p