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Sep 18, 22:18:49 UTC Comment User: walterfregolotti Various Sets | Armin van Buuren - Live @ H Ibiza 2018 (01-08-2018).cue
Last year's set was also amazing. Thanks for the cuesheet and welcome to the uploaders' club!
Sep 18, 15:09:14 UTC Shout User: TheBigEasy
Ripped the audio for the Armin van Buuren set from youtube and added a zippyshare link to the cue so you can all listen to it using your favorite mp3 player :)
Sep 18, 13:42:24 UTC Shout User: TheBigEasy
Created an account just to upload a cue sheet for what I think has to be Armin van Buurens best set in a long, long time. It's his 6 hours set from H Ibiza which he played on the 1st of August. It's absolutely stunning in buildup, diversity and quality. It really shows what he is capable of when he doesn't have to squeeze his performance into a 1 or 2 hour time slot... An absolute masterpiece and must-listen-to!
Sep 18, 11:54:31 UTC Comment User: B&B Pharmacy Radio | Christopher_Lawrence_Pharmacy_Radio_026.cue
I'm liking the Tongue & Groove mix quite a lot.
Sep 18, 08:32:10 UTC Comment User: TheBigEasy Various Sets | Armin van Buuren - Live @ H Ibiza 2018 (01-08-2018).cue
After having listened to Armin's 6 hour H Ibiza 2018 set during the weekend I decided it definitely needed a cue, it was that brilliant! The cue (my very first one uploaded here) was created based on timings provided by some tracklist sites) so it might be off in some occasions.
Sep 18, 07:40:39 UTC Request User: calca10
please can you make cue of:
Wake up your Mind by Cosmic Gate and Find your Harmony by andrew Rayel?
thanks a lot
Sep 18, 02:15:24 UTC Request User: jambo

Sep 18, 02:14:21 UTC Shout User: jambo
Tom Yelland did a 10.5 hour mix of The Digital Blonde's tracks and I enjoyed it so much I made a cue!
Sep 18, 02:13:52 UTC Comment User: jambo The Journey | Tom Yelland Presents The Digital Blonde - Into The Dark.cue
I did a really rough cue using junodownload timings and then enjoyed it so much I ended up cleaning up the whole thing.
Sep 17, 14:54:09 UTC Request User: nitramakloh
Can you please make a category for "Redux Sessions" (with Rene Ablaze)? Many thanks!
Sep 17, 05:21:42 UTC Comment User: collecter Resident | 384-HernanCattaneo-2018-09-15.cue
Thanks for this set
Sep 16, 18:31:31 UTC Shout User: Bob
BBC Pete .. August ... September ?
Hope we don't lose this great resource.
Be well,
Sep 16, 13:03:43 UTC Comment User: lindmik Mental Asylum Radio | Indecent Noise - Mental Asylum Radio 177.cue
Just look at that tracklist! You know it's a real treat. :)
Sep 16, 12:52:23 UTC Comment User: lindmik Luminosity Events | Indecent Noise LIVE @ Luminosity Beach Festival 2018 (02.09.18).cue
Thanks! Updated title and formatted tracklist and tweaked timings.
Sep 15, 15:39:50 UTC Request User: span86
Hardwell on air....please