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May 18, 20:52:00 UTC Request User: bouchedag
i'll check them out. thanks!
May 18, 13:28:46 UTC Comment User: Scerby Outburst Radioshow | 320marksherryoutburstradioshow600.cue
Also the new Mark's album is out now :)
May 18, 11:47:50 UTC Request User: dewmaster
it's OUTBURST radioshow no Outcast. You may try to listen radioshows like Damaged Radioshow by Jordan Suckley or Reflected Broadcast by Stoneface & Terminal.
May 18, 10:55:31 UTC Comment User: dewmaster Outburst Radioshow | 320marksherryoutburstradioshow600.cue
You're welcome my dear friend!
May 18, 10:28:42 UTC Comment User: Scerby Outburst Radioshow | 320marksherryoutburstradioshow600.cue
Thank you so much dewmaster! :)
May 16, 23:13:09 UTC Request User: bouchedag
i love mark sherry's outcast radioshow (spektre?! hello!). are there any other tech-trance shows similar to his?
May 15, 15:21:01 UTC Shout User: Eivissa/Ibiza
Was hoping you weren't referencing a set from a number of years ago in 2017 ::laugh::
May 15, 14:26:37 UTC Shout User: Eivissa/Ibiza
May 15, 14:25:59 UTC Shout User: Eivissa/Ibiza
Which Mister Tong is that (date) ?
His US or UK broadcast ?
As he would say, "Cheers!"
May 15, 07:32:30 UTC Comment User: seppo-kalevi Aurea Mediocritas | OlliS - Aurea Mediocritas 100 - 2019-04-18.torrtxt
One hundred episodes! One of my favorite shows.
May 15, 04:39:14 UTC Shout User: lindmik
Welcome to the hiatus club! :p

Good luck, and welcome back any time! :)
May 14, 21:13:57 UTC Shout User: B&B
I'm taking a bit of a break from cue making, so anybody feel free to fill in for my regular shows.