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Jan 23, 10:17:40 UTC Comment User: jpinoniemi Various Sets | Massive Tribute Mix To Anjunabeats Records (Massive 4 Hours Tribute Mix).cue
Good stuff, thanks for the cue B&B and thanks for bringing DJ Nico to our attention. I wonder how he can keep those sets on SC without copyright violations? I've had some songs removed.
Jan 22, 13:53:40 UTC Shout User: jambowned
Apparently Schulz has a new Dakota album coming in the next few months.

Might be called The Nine Skies.
Jan 22, 13:08:33 UTC Request User: gregov
Mental Asylum Radio 096-098 :)
Jan 22, 06:30:53 UTC Shout User: frifox
... :D

no idea why it wouldn't recognize it the 1st time I tried
Jan 22, 06:29:43 UTC Comment User: lindmik Global DJ Broadcast | Global DJ Broadcast (2017-01-19) - co-hosts Cosmic Gate.cue
Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella

Eh, no? Tenshi is by Ferry and Tijs.
Jan 22, 06:27:08 UTC Shout User: lindmik
Shazam could. ;) Good old B&MD.
Jan 22, 05:34:58 UTC Shout User: frifox
can someone ID a track on this cue, #12:
Jan 22, 05:33:08 UTC Shout User: frifox
@Vi11ian: Not sure, I test commented as a guest on my own cue and notification came. Check spam box? If not, shoot me an email and I'll dig and find out why
Jan 22, 05:29:54 UTC Comment User: frifox Various Sets | 0peGruScfHev.128.cue
use to download the set
Jan 22, 03:57:58 UTC Shout User: Mag1k
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down

Info 100%
Jan 22, 03:40:51 UTC Shout User: Vi11ian
Why am I not receiving comment notifications? :-(
Jan 21, 17:10:31 UTC Request User: Vi11ian
coming soon Schulz's EOYC set :-)
Jan 21, 12:40:05 UTC Shout User: Brent_
Can anyone add a Andy C - Beats 1 Radio Residency category? Just finished the cue file for the first episode.
Jan 21, 08:04:41 UTC Comment User: EOYC sets AH.FM EOYC 2016 | shoutbox.cue
I have signum and c-systems EOYC16 sets on my mixcloud.

Jan 20, 21:01:19 UTC Request User: Finch
Yotto - Winter Mix 2017 (downloadable for free via SC)
Jan 20, 12:12:01 UTC Shout User: Finch
Pretty please :)
Yotto - Winter Mix 2017
Jan 20, 10:58:27 UTC Comment User: ForVanAngel Various Sets | Massive Tribute Mix To Anjunabeats Records (Massive 4 Hours Tribute Mix).cue
So many. The internet is going to explode. Thanks. I found out that I had listened to their M.I.K.E. Push Tribute Mix some time ago. Great! :)
Jan 20, 07:10:04 UTC Shout User: jambowned
@frifox: yeah, pretty sure he played it at the solo set I saw.

Also, new Digital Blonde album is awesome!
Jan 20, 06:07:32 UTC Comment User: x-cident Group Therapy | Group Therapy 212 (2016-16-12) (Incl. Icarus).cue
which was the source mp3 from which this cue has been generated from?? :-(
Jan 19, 20:21:56 UTC Shout User: B&B
Cheers frifox. :)
Jan 19, 18:47:02 UTC Shout User: frifox
@jambowned: that ID sounds very familiar, I'm sure I've heard it on one of the shows here...
Jan 19, 18:21:04 UTC Shout User: frifox
Ok, seems to work now. Was a combination of google for some reason "securing" my sending account for no reason and the site not using SMTP directly.
Jan 19, 18:13:04 UTC Shout User: frifoxy
> testing email notifications
Jan 19, 17:41:24 UTC Shout User: frifox
I'll check it out
Jan 19, 13:07:07 UTC Shout User: B&B
I think e-mail notifications might be broken.
Jan 19, 01:11:59 UTC Shout User: jambowned
Anyone know this ID?
Jan 18, 22:50:07 UTC Request User: jambowned

A tonne of great tribute mixes on this SC
Jan 18, 22:49:54 UTC Comment User: jambowned Various Sets | Massive Tribute Mix To Anjunabeats Records (Massive 4 Hours Tribute Mix).cue
Man, this person has a tonne of tribute mixes on their SoundCloud!
Jan 18, 22:46:17 UTC Comment User: jambowned Various Sets | A Magical Trip Into Classic Trance.cue
Thanks, just found this on SoundCloud
Jan 18, 15:26:21 UTC Comment User: lindmik Various Sets | Greg Downey Radio Live Unix Fest 2017 KL Final.cue
Looks good, I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
Jan 18, 15:24:38 UTC Comment User: lindmik Degenerate Radio | Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 105.cue

Could you maybe add the DL link to the cues also so I don't have to? ;)
Jan 18, 15:23:04 UTC Shout User: lindmik
In four years we have to update the titles of all ASOT cues to have four digits to make it consistent. :D
Jan 18, 14:19:23 UTC Comment User: jambowned Resident | 294-HernanCattaneo-2016-12-24.cue
Thanks, finally decided to check this show out and he uploads a huge set!
Jan 18, 14:14:53 UTC Shout User: jambowned
So crazy to think that ASOT is about to hit 800 episodes.

I can still remember most of Armin's 500 Sydney set and that was 6 years ago.

I think I started listening each week in about 2008 and then dropped off in 2013.

Only followed his warm up mixes after that ;)
Jan 17, 22:56:59 UTC Comment User: rub1no Group Therapy | Above & Beyond - Group Therapy 213 (with Eleven.Five) - 06-JAN-2017.cue
frido82, r u going to make cue for 214? thank you in advance
Jan 17, 16:27:43 UTC Shout User: oxygen15
Not me.. :D
Jan 17, 08:48:55 UTC Shout User: ge
Jan 17, 02:15:38 UTC Shout User: jambowned
Added another chunk of 2004 GDJB cues.
Jan 16, 19:54:05 UTC Comment User: B&B Momentum | Basil O'Glue - Momentum 029.cue
Cheers. Added ID for track 24.