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Jun 25, 20:03:41 UTC Shout User: MarQ
Marcus: are you the presenter of Global PJ Broadcast, the "radio show guaranteed to put you to sleep"(TM)? Perhaps the person working on the cue keeps falling asleep.
Jun 24, 22:46:29 UTC Shout User: Marcus Schulz
Whats up everybody? and welcome to my where the hell is the cue for my latest episode?
Jun 23, 21:59:52 UTC Comment User: B&B Various Sets | Erik de Koning - Six Senses dj mix .cue
Added the rest. :D

Jun 23, 21:00:07 UTC Comment User: B&B Rush Hour | Christopher_Lawrence_Rush_Hour_081.cue
The other cue on this site is for some random release and doesn't appear to be very accurate.
Jun 21, 18:47:54 UTC Shout User: B&B
It's a few years old now, but I particularly remember enjoying the energy in Magnus - Live at Burning Man 2014. It was broadcast as Full On Fluoro 042.
Jun 21, 17:59:55 UTC Comment User: B&B Jaytech Music Podcast | Jaytech Music Podcast 112.cue
Updated ID for track 05.
Jun 21, 16:26:03 UTC Shout User: St. Jetto
@MarQ and Jambo, Psychristmas is great :D