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Oct 21, 13:39:09 UTC Request User: lindmik
^^^ Two hours of classics from Ferry Tayle.
Oct 21, 12:55:48 UTC Request User: lindmik
^^^ Another long set from Askew in Argentina. Is someone else on this or should I try to find some time. ;)
Oct 21, 09:11:05 UTC Shout User: Brent_
Cheers! Looking forward to hearing Nina's Essential Mix :)
Oct 21, 09:10:17 UTC Shout User: Finch
I meant a big glass of beer with that emoticon but apparently that's impossible here :D
Oct 21, 09:06:33 UTC Shout User: Finch
Cheers Oxy! (B)
Oct 21, 08:39:23 UTC Shout User: oxygen15
Sure, I will start rolling them out at some point... :)

P.S. Thanks for the donation to whoever it was from!
That'll be enough for a whole case of beers :D
Oct 20, 17:42:38 UTC Request User: Scerby
Last Global DJ Broadcast (ADE Edition), please :)
Oct 20, 17:34:51 UTC Shout User: lindmik
Take it to the requests page, please.
Oct 20, 17:13:47 UTC Shout User: Brent_
Any Friction cues coming up oxy? :)
Oct 20, 14:31:42 UTC Shout User: Lee
Nice Site!
i'm visitor for years!
Some more Max Graham - Cycles Files would be great :-)
Oct 20, 07:53:06 UTC Shout User: Scerby
Jambo: I was at Mark´s OTC 7 hrs solo set last month in Prague and it was epic party. Especially his techno part! I posted his 3,5 hrs set in request page.
Enjoy the party :)
Oct 20, 00:12:55 UTC Shout User: jambo
Got my ticket to see Mark Sherry play an open to close set in November!
Oct 19, 21:21:44 UTC Shout User: jambowned
I will legit donate money if someone cues the latest Solid Stone open to close set =P
Oct 19, 20:03:27 UTC Shout User: Finch
@oxygen15 is a hero!
Oct 18, 21:12:23 UTC Comment User: B&B LCD Sessions | Airwave - LCD Sessions 021 (2016-12-13).cue
Cheers, this is a nice set.

Updated IDs for tracks 04, 09, 14, 17, and 23!

Just 18 to go.
Oct 18, 20:35:24 UTC Comment User: B&B LCD Sessions | airwave_lcd_sessions_024.cue
Cheers for the cue! Updated track 12 ID.
Oct 18, 19:55:18 UTC Comment User: B&B Pure Trance Radio | Solarstone_presents_Pure_Trance_Radio_082.cue
Completed ID for 049 mashup.
Oct 18, 18:46:58 UTC Comment User: collecter Borderliner | Matteo Monero - Borderliner 086 October 2017.cue
Borderliner 087 ?

Thanks for this set
Oct 16, 17:44:48 UTC Comment User: collecter Resident | 336-HernanCattaneo-2017-10-14.cue
Thanks for this set
Oct 16, 08:38:58 UTC Comment User: YoDA YoDA's Mixes | Between Two Worlds 2 Part One (07-07-2010).cue
thanks, i forgot to do that
Oct 16, 00:37:46 UTC Comment User: jambo Global DJ Broadcast | GDJB_Oct_12_2017_Markus_Schulz_World_Tour_Montreal.cue
Thanks, hoping the full set comes out!
Oct 16, 00:27:59 UTC Comment User: jambo YoDA's Mixes | Between Two Worlds 2 Part One (07-07-2010).cue
FYI but I changed the FILE tags to mp3