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Jul 20, 05:38:54 UTC Shout User: Scerby
jambo: yes, 30th July (Monday)w
Jul 20, 03:15:42 UTC Shout User: jambo
Totally forgot about the Sunrise set!

Any news on Coldharbour Day 2018?
Jul 20, 00:32:21 UTC Comment User: jambo Global DJ Broadcast | 02.07.08 - GDJB - Markus Schulz.cue
09. kinda sounds like a remix of Rogue Traders vs. INXS - One Of My Kind.
Jul 19, 22:42:02 UTC Shout User: Scerby
I will add cues for GDJB - WT Prague and Sunrise Set till the friday night.
Jul 19, 11:53:16 UTC Shout User: tobi
check or for scene releases
Is this the one you were looking for?
Jul 19, 09:33:19 UTC Shout User: Brent_
Is there a place to check if TALiON (or scene releases in general) have been released? Can't find the 10-07 broadcast from Rene La Vice anywhere through my regular download sites. Just want to make sure there's no TALiON release before I start cue'ing another webrip.
Jul 18, 00:35:42 UTC Comment User: jambo Global DJ Broadcast | 2004-08-23.cue
ID for #24

Bakony Scamp - It Sounds Like This
Jul 17, 19:10:29 UTC Comment User: collecter Resident | 375-HernanCattaneo-2018-07-14.cue
Thanks for this set
Jul 17, 16:19:11 UTC Comment User: mak017 Global DJ Broadcast | 2004-08-23.cue
Yeah, really good guestmix by Perry. I especially enjoyed the first track of his guestmix - track 34 here.
Jul 17, 04:48:55 UTC Request User: jambo
@stev0b: done
Jul 17, 04:39:38 UTC Comment User: jambo Global DJ Broadcast | 2004-08-23.cue
Thanks, love some Perry O'Neil
Jul 16, 20:26:08 UTC Comment User: B&B LCD Sessions | LCD Sessions 030 (12-09-2017).cue
Cheers. Updated ID of track 12.
Jul 16, 20:23:20 UTC Comment User: B&B Various Sets | Equniox 3 hours Mp3.cue
Cheers. IDed track 23.
Jul 16, 14:11:31 UTC Comment User: hamed Psy-Nation Radio | Psy Nation Episode 6.cue
It is a great mix
Jul 15, 22:40:23 UTC Comment User: Kilo A State of Trance | Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance Episode 870 XXL (Guests Fatum).cue
Thanks for also including the guestmix! Most other cues leave out the XXL part.
Jul 15, 09:49:26 UTC Request User: stev0b
Could we please have a new category for: Jensson - Iono Music Podcast
Thanks :)