Immortal Radio

with Holbrook / SkyKeeper

Download! Immortal Radio 063 (2020-05-11) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 062 (2020-04-27) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 061 (2020-04-06) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 060 (2020-03-23) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 059 (2020-03-09) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 058 (2020-02-24) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 057 (2020-02-10) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 056 (2020-01-27) (Incl. Fisherman Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 055 (2020-01-13) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 045 (2019-08-12) (Deep Edition Incl. Fuenka Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 044 (2019-07-22) (Incl. Slam Duck Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 043 (2019-07-08) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 042 (2019-06-24) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 041 (2019-06-10) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 040 (2019-05-27) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 039 (2019-05-13) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 038 (2019-04-22) (Incl. Abstract Vision Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 037 (2019-04-08) (Deep Edition Incl. David Gradwell Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 036 (2019-03-25) (Incl. Saad Ayub Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 035 (2019-03-11) (Deep Edition Incl. Andromedha Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 034 (2019-02-25) (Incl. GXD Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 033 (2019-02-11) (Deep Edition Incl. Evgeny Lebedev Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 032 (2019-01-28) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 031 (2019-01-14) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 030 (2018-12-24) (Incl. Adip Kiyoi Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 029 (2018-12-10) (Incl. Beatsole Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 028 (2018-11-26) (Deep Edition Incl. Rick Pier O'Neil Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 027 (2018-11-12) (Deep Edition Incl. 8Kays Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 026 (2018-10-22) (Incl. Artento Divini Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 025 (2018-10-08) (Deep Edition Incl. Jamie Baggotts Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 024 (2018-09-24) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 023 (2018-09-10) (Deep Edition Incl. Styller Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 022 (2018-08-28) (Incl. Dan Thompson Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 021 (2018-08-14) (Incl. Alex Rusin Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 020 (2018-07-24) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 019 (2018-07-10) (Incl. Alex Ender Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 018 (2018-06-26) (Deep Edition Incl. Andrew Benson Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 017 (2018-06-12) (Incl. Daxson Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 016 (2018-05-22) (Deep Edition Incl. Sundrowner Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 015 (2018-05-08) (Incl. Solis & Sean Truby Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 014 (2018-04-24) (Deep Edition Incl. Gordey Tsukanov Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 013 (2018-04-10) (Incl. Patrick White Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 012 (2018-03-27) (Deep Edition Incl. Dylhen Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 011 (2018-03-13) (Incl. KhoMha Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 010 (2018-02-27) (Deep Edition Incl. Basil O'Glue Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 009 (2018-02-13) (Incl. Johnny Yono Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 008 (2018-01-23) (Deep Edition Incl. Anfield Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 007 (2018-01-09) (Incl. Harry Square Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 006 (2017-12-26) (Deep Edition Incl. Forerunners Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 005 (2017-12-12) (Incl. Alex Di Stefano Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 004 (2017-11-28) (Deep Edition Incl. Hexlogic Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 003 (2017-11-14) (Incl. Anske Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 002 (2017-10-24) (Deep Edition) [MM] (SBD)
Download! Immortal Radio 001 (2017-10-10) (Incl. Davey Asprey Guestmix) [MM] (SBD)

Previously, on CueNation:

2020-05-19 @ 07:12 UTC
stev0b (
I've just updated the JOOF Sessions 008 cue if anyone is interested.
2020-05-10 @ 08:18 UTC
Brent_ (
Any new Essential Mix cues coming up? The lineup over the past few weeks was pretty awesome :)
2020-05-09 @ 10:59 UTC
Freak (
Is anyone doing a cue for Indecent Noise - Guilty Pleasure Rodeo (April 25th 2020) (on Soundcloud)
2020-05-09 @ 10:59 UTC
Freak (
Is anyone doing a cue for Indecent Noise - Guilty Pleasure Rodeo (April 25th 2020) (on Soundcloud)
2020-05-02 @ 12:09 UTC
During this weekend I will add all 3 missing GDJB sets. Sorry for delay guys. :(
2020-04-19 @ 15:42 UTC
New GDJBs today.
2020-04-18 @ 14:08 UTC
hey people! abgt 375, 376, 377 would be available any time soon? Thank you. Stay safe
2020-04-06 @ 12:02 UTC
First lockdown cue mission complete. Cued all the missing Protoculture - Gravity South episodes I have on my harddrive. Now just missing episode 51, 53 and 99 (I think). If anyone has these on a hard drive somewhere, please upload so I can complete the collection :)
2020-04-06 @ 08:09 UTC
speakafreaka (
Is there a good cue editor for Mac? I've knocked up one for skream and nocturnal sunshine but I get a time error in the log when trying to split it.

Im just using textedit to create them.
2020-04-03 @ 10:32 UTC
Brent_ (
Four hour(!) Essential Mix tonight with Amelie Lens :)
2020-03-30 @ 10:22 UTC
speakafreaka (
Anyone going to do the Nocturnal Sunshine essential mix? Great one if you like a bit of dub
2020-03-28 @ 20:23 UTC
YoDA (
Guys, who wants some good classics, welcome to my soundcloud page -
2020-03-28 @ 01:09 UTC
jambo (
JOOF ended up playing for 3 hours on his FB, sound quality was great so he should upload it to Soundcloud at some point.
2020-03-21 @ 15:31 UTC
stev0b (
@fixer: there'll be a few more to come. Have to do something to keep me occupied whilst in isolation.
2020-03-21 @ 12:37 UTC
Thanks for cues to CJ Art's sets!
I discovered this guy on a party few months ago doing warm-up for J00F and can't stop checking all his mixes since then :)
2020-03-21 @ 03:46 UTC
jambo (
JOOF did a special 2 hour FB mix and will be doing more.
2020-03-19 @ 18:09 UTC
Jambo: 3,5 hour of this set is now on his Soundcloud page :)
2020-03-16 @ 06:29 UTC
jambo (
Would be cool to have cues for the Indecent Noise FB set.

I'll see if I can download the video easily and strip out the audio.
2020-03-15 @ 08:38 UTC
Jambo: Indecent Noise's set was amazing. This set was the reason why I added only one GDJB set instead of 2 sets as I wrote :D

PS: Thank you for your help Sterzik ;)
2020-03-15 @ 07:29 UTC
jambo (
Digweed did one as well.
2020-03-15 @ 07:28 UTC
jambo (
Indecent Noise just did a 6 hour live DJ stream on FB!
2020-03-14 @ 16:24 UTC
Today, I will add last 2 GDJB's.
2020-03-14 @ 11:06 UTC
lindmik (
I'd wish... :)
2020-03-14 @ 10:56 UTC
Brent_ (
Well, at least there's more time to make cuefiles now :p
2020-03-05 @ 06:33 UTC
lindmik (
Not that easy, it's in the source code. :D
2020-03-05 @ 06:15 UTC
jambo (
I could try and unsticky the EOYC 2018 thing

2020-02-25 @ 19:41 UTC
@redboo here you can find most of the tracks for selfcreation of that requested cue sheet:
2020-02-21 @ 02:03 UTC
Jetto (
No love for the ASOT 950?
2020-02-17 @ 11:42 UTC
Guys, Hi . can somene cut asot 950 ? from armin and Alexander Popov?
2020-02-12 @ 09:42 UTC
Perhaps Global Trance Grooves should be replaced with J00F Radio on the homepage
2020-02-06 @ 23:32 UTC
I will add all missing GDJBs during this weekend. Sorry for delay, guys.. :(
2020-02-04 @ 08:10 UTC
jambo (
So there's going to be a JOOF stage at Luminosity this year.

Hopefully all the sets are released
2020-01-22 @ 09:46 UTC
lindmik (
Nah, too difficult to do it. :D
2020-01-22 @ 07:41 UTC
Probably a good time to unsticky the EOYC 2018 page 8-)
2020-01-16 @ 20:01 UTC
Next GDJB this friday/weekend.
2020-01-15 @ 13:13 UTC
jambo (
Not bad.

Had a nice couple of weeks off over christmas and new years.

Listened to a lot of The Digital Blonde's Neon 2.

Bloody album is 4 hours long!
2020-01-14 @ 03:02 UTC
Hey, guys. How's it going?
2020-01-08 @ 09:44 UTC
shm2oo9 (
Hello! Happy New Year!
Tell me how to add cue Fatum - All In Radio from
2020-01-03 @ 15:33 UTC
Thanks for all the EM cues! :)
2020-01-03 @ 12:40 UTC
oxygen15 (
EMs are mostly done for the 2019.

Only elusive Andy C livemix is still waiting for it's turn.. :D
2019-12-31 @ 22:51 UTC
Thank you all for creating CUEs and support this site, keep up the good work and increase the pace of publishing new ones, because music for us is not only a CUE-file, it is what helps us to move away from reality, gain strength and plunge into another dimension.

Special thanks to lindmik & frifox for free support of the site.

Happy New 2020 Year to all you guys!
2019-12-26 @ 23:58 UTC
I'm working on GDJB Classics Showcase. I'll try to add it here on Friday.
2019-12-25 @ 18:56 UTC
New GDJB soon..
2019-12-24 @ 07:44 UTC
speakafreaka (
Thanks Brent_ & Oxygen15
2019-12-19 @ 21:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Cool will see what I can do during the holidays. Still running behind a bit with the drum & bass show cues too.

Looking forward to some new EM cues :)
2019-12-19 @ 17:02 UTC
oxygen15 (
I have 32+ hours of EMs to cue.. :D
Hopefully there won't be any new mixes, as there is still a show with nominees and the Mix of the Year itself..

If you want to help - you can do whichever episode you want. I will re-listen each one missing anyway and adjust if needed to my liking. :)
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