Above & Beyond - Trance Around the World 012 (2004-05-18) (including DJ Precision Guestmix)

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Length: 124:10
Broadcast source: MoS Radio

[00:00]01.Scintilator - The Festival(05:41)
[05:41]02.The Mystery - Fever(08:59)
[14:40]03.Usual Aspect - Mr Blue (Thrillseekers Remix)(07:22)
[22:01]04.Ferry Corsten - It's Time (Flashover Mix) [Record Of The Week](06:05)
[28:06]05.Jas van Houten - Loco Love(05:52)
[33:58]06.Progression - Purify(06:06)
[40:04]07.Menno de Jong - Guanxi (Super 8 Remix)(06:21)
[46:25]08.Pro Sonic - Ready 4 Life (Riley & Durant Mix)(06:16)
[52:41]09.Empyrial Sun - Twisted Reality(06:34)
[59:15]10.Audiofreak - Hed Noise(05:32)
[64:48]11.Stephen J. Kroos - Formalistick(05:27)
[70:15]12.Nickleson - Yin (Solid Globe Mix)(04:52)
[75:07]13.Arnej pres. 8 Wonders - The Morning After (Thrillseekers Remix)(06:43)
[81:50]14.George Hales - Autumn Falls (St John vs. Locust Remix)(06:37)
[88:28]15.Sonar Methods - Echoing Waves (Robert Nickson Remix)(07:32)
[95:59]16.Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence(06:51)
[102:50]17.Vascotia - Calibro (Sonicvibe Remix)(04:50)
[107:40]18.Trance Around The World - Talk(04:42)
[112:22]19.Ronski Speed - E.O.S (Positive Ways Mix)(04:40)
[117:02]20.Randy Katana - In Silence (Txitxarro Mix) [Web Vote Winner](07:08)

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2014-08-07 @ 04:10 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
Here the link to download - http://www26.zippyshare.com/v/9422520/file.html
2014-08-07 @ 04:05 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
Outstanding guestmix!
2013-03-17 @ 06:30 UTC
One thing I don't get: #11 is Formalistick. But it's from 2007. So why was it played 3 years before the actual release? Because A&B played it on episode 166 remix and 145 original. Why the ultra long wait?
2013-03-16 @ 02:56 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Awesome work guys!

I'm busy this weekend, but ill do some more next week!
2013-03-16 @ 01:17 UTC
google says #8 is Riley & Durrant.
2013-03-16 @ 01:01 UTC
Fantastic. Took us only 1 day to complete ID everything. :D Thanks.
2013-03-15 @ 23:32 UTC
They don't make 'em like they used to. This is good stuff.

I came here to fill in the IDs too! #15 is the Robert Nickson Remix of Sonar Methods - Echoing Waves.
2013-03-15 @ 17:26 UTC
#11 is the great and unique Stephen J. Kroos - Formalistick"
2013-03-15 @ 15:47 UTC
For #2: I thought it sounded like Ron van den Beuken and it seems to be "The Mystery with Fever".
2013-03-15 @ 15:30 UTC
:) That's super nice. "The Festival" - what an Opener. Keep them coming, great stuff, love those old TATWs.
2013-03-15 @ 07:01 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
My TATW 003-202 torrent has finished the first 50 episodes so I was listening to some today.

Episode 12 is one of the most complete early episodes so I made a cue for it!

Might do some others, or even ALL the rest...
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