Indecent Noise - Magic at Niceto in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011-03-08) (Reconstructed)

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Length: 252:13

[00:00]01.Industrialyzer - Plastik Gun (IN's Buenoise Aires Intro Edit)(01:07)
[01:07]02.The Advent vs. Industrialyzer - T1(01:27)
[02:34]03.David Moleon - Porprobar(03:21)
[05:55]04.Daisychain - Mamasei(01:47)
[07:43]05.Omega Drive - Simfonija(01:47)
[09:30]06.Bryan Kearney & Peppelino - Argentina(03:48)
[13:18]07.David Moleon vs. Kay D Smith & Marc Tall - Ogre Resistance (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up)(02:14)
[15:33]08.John Askew vs. JOC vs. SHM - Onedalism (Bryan Kearney's Straight To Hell Smash-Up)(01:34)
[17:07]09.Scot Project - G (Ghost) (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:15)
[20:21]10.BK - Pressure Down (Fabio Stein's Downrise Instrumental Remix)(03:25)
[23:46]11.Indecent Noise - Civitanova (Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson Dark Sessions Remix)(04:55)
[28:41]12.Indecent Noise - Razor(04:02)
[32:43]13.Marcel Woods - Advanced (Colin James & Alan Ruddik Rework) (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:08)
[35:51]14.Mark Leanings - Dropshot(03:35)
[39:26]15.Matt Skyer - Throwing Sword (Indecent Noise Edit)(04:02)
[43:28]16.Matt Skyer - Locust(04:22)
[47:49]17.Mojado - Kaktus (John O'Callaghan Twilight Bootleg Mix)(03:21)
[51:11]18.Simon Patterson - Whiplash(03:48)
[54:59]19.Thr3shold & Austin V - The Caveman(03:35)
[58:34]20.Too Many Artists - Passenger Dropped Your Transmission (Indecent Noise Dark Sessions Bosh-Up)(03:21)
[61:55]21.Connell & JOC vs. Prodigy - Warrior's Frizzbomb (Indecent Noise Mashup) (Warsaw Edit)(02:55)
[64:50]22.Simon Patterson - Mood Swing(04:02)
[68:52]23.Max Graham feat. Ana Criado - Nothing Else Matters (Aly & Fila Remix)(03:08)
[72:00]24.John Askew vs. Lange - Vandalism In The Sky (Indecent Noise Mashup)(03:08)
[75:07]25.Dogzilla - Without You (Simon's Dead Dog Remix)(06:18)
[81:25]26.Mark Sherry feat. Sharone - I Will Find You (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:49)
[86:14]27.Thr3shold - H.A.A.R.P(03:08)
[89:22]28.Simon Patterson - F16 (Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson Remix)(06:28)
[95:49]29.Indecent Noise - Warsaw (Tech Edit)(03:50)
[99:39]30.Indecent Noise - Aerospark (Gary Maguire Remix)(01:49)
[101:28]31.Greg Downey - Global Code (Scot Project Remix)(03:48)
[105:17]32.Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix)(02:00)
[107:17]33.Neelix & Potter - Good Evening(02:08)
[109:25]34.Timmy & Tommy vs. Cirez D - On Tilt (Ummet Ozcan Edit)(01:21)
[110:46]35.John O'Callaghan & Timmy & Tommy - Talk To Me (rjan Nilsen Trance Mix)(04:02)
[114:47]36.Organ Donors - Bodyshock(04:29)
[119:16]37.Fred Baker - Total Blackout (Instrumental Mix)(02:56)
[122:12]38.Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up(04:08)
[126:20]39.John Askew - The Witch(04:29)
[130:49]40.JOC & Kearney vs. Ali & Emery vs. Petter B - BitchBroken Rapture (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up)(04:29)
[135:18]41.Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Remix) (Heatbeat Rework)(04:29)
[139:46]42.Bryan Kearney - Ridiculous (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix)(03:08)
[142:54]43.Too Many Artists - Get Exact Blackout (Indecent Noise Dark Sessions Bosh-Up)(03:25)
[146:19]44.Dark Matter - Absolut (BK Remix)(01:47)
[148:06]45.JamX & De Leon - Can U Dig It (Paul Webster Remix)(02:48)
[150:54]46.Marco V - Indicator (JOC Disruption)(03:55)
[154:49]47.Cosmic Gate feat. Tiff Lacey - Should've Known (Wippenberg Remix) (JOC Shkkk Rework)(02:14)
[157:03]48.Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Indecent Noise Rework)(03:48)
[160:52]49.Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Platinum (Ben Gold Remix)(02:34)
[163:26]50.Mark Sherry vs. Dr Willis - Here Come The Drums(04:15)
[167:41]51.John Askew - Battery Acid (Bryan Kearney's For The Neighbours Remix)(04:02)
[171:43]52.Mark Young & Damo Kay - Counter Meassures (IN's Buenoise Aires Edit)(04:49)
[176:31]53.Paul van Dyk vs. Activa feat. Simon Patterson - The Other Thumpin Transmission (Neptune Project Mashup)(03:35)
[180:06]54.Orla Feeney - Lesson Learned (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (Orla's Edit)(03:23)
[183:29]55.U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name (John O'Callaghan Remix)(03:21)
[186:51]56.Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Indecent Noise's 4 Elements Mix)(04:49)
[191:39]57.RAM - RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)(04:29)
[196:08]58.Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson - For The Most Part(03:35)
[199:43]59.Dallas Superstars - Higher (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:28)
[203:11]60.Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank 1 Deep Dub)(04:07)
[207:18]61.Bryan Kearney - Goosebumps(04:29)
[211:46]62.Indecent Noise - Over There(05:12)
[216:58]63.Indecent Noise - Civitanova(02:18)
[219:16]64.Public Domain - Operation Blade (DJ Choose Remix)(02:04)
[221:20]65.Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Yoji Biomehanika's Hellhouse Remix)(03:03)
[224:23]66.Blank & Jones - DJ Culture (KayCee Remix)(03:00)
[227:23]67.Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(03:52)
[231:14]68.Paul van Dyk - Tell Me Why (Askew Remix)(04:29)
[235:43]69.Agnelli & Nelson feat. Aureas - Holding On To Nothing (Paul van Dyk Remix)(06:16)
[241:59]70.Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (Activa Remix)(04:02)
[246:00]71.Simon Patterson vs. Coldplay - Missing Scientist (Mark Sherry Mashup)(06:12)

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2012-08-22 @ 22:13 UTC
jambowned (
Awesome man, thanks!
2012-08-22 @ 19:31 UTC
lindmik (
2012-08-21 @ 13:30 UTC
jambowned (
Can anyone re-upload this set?

Thanks in advance!
2011-03-31 @ 06:11 UTC
St. Jetto (
Ehm, CMIIW, but i think there's a few incorrect timing/tracklist starting track 44, mate :)
2011-03-25 @ 21:44 UTC
2011-03-24 @ 18:25 UTC
Holy sh... 4 hours of Indecent Noise with megaupload link. Big thanks for you, lindmik
2011-03-24 @ 18:08 UTC
lindmik (
Phew! :)

I had to edit the mp3 with mp3DirectCut to get it to show correct length in foobar2000. It showed 2:08:54, but that's incorrect. Cue won't work beyond that point either.
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