Technikal - Live @ Magic at Niceto in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012-08-18)

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Length: 240:20

[00:00]01.Technikal - Wanna Be Free(07:24)
[07:24]02.Elude - Purgatory (Ian Betts Remix)(04:56)
[12:20]03.Ferry Corsten - Galaxia (Technikal Re-Edit)(05:21)
[17:42]04.Technikal feat. Stace - Northern Lights (Solar Scape Remix)(04:54)
[22:36]05.Breeze vs. Lost Witness - Rise Again (Technikal Remix)(05:48)
[28:24]06.Ralph Novell - Wrong Love (Alphazone Remix)(06:01)
[34:25]07.Blank & Jones - A Forest (Ron van den Beuken Remix)(06:05)
[40:29]08.Flutlicht - The Fall(06:16)
[46:45]09.Technikal - Airmyth(05:22)
[52:07]10.DJ Antoine - This Time (Technikal Re-Edit)(03:59)
[56:06]11.Technikal - Traktion(03:58)
[60:04]12.Atmosphere - Storm (Alphazone Remix)(04:10)
[64:14]13.Steve Hill, Technikal & Costa Pantazis - Gamemaster (Pt 1)(05:22)
[69:36]14.Technikal feat. Nathalie - Drifting Away(06:20)
[75:56]15.Technikal - Heaven's Touch(05:15)
[81:10]16.Technikal - Terminal Velocity(05:13)
[86:23]17.Technikal - Song For You (Technikal's All Tekked Out Remix)(05:17)
[91:40]18.Steve Hill, Technikal & JT Stanhope - Silence(05:30)
[97:11]19.Technikal & FL! P - System Overload(05:32)
[102:43]20.Flutlicht - Icarus (Technikal Re-Edit)(04:37)
[107:19]21.Technikal & Phil York - The Antivirus(05:03)
[112:22]22.Zedd - Slam The Door(02:23)
[114:45]23.Paradise - See The Light (Rocket Pimp's 150 Remix)(04:16)
[119:01]24.Carl Nicholson & K Complex - Outta Here 2008(06:47)
[125:48]25.Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Free At Last (Matt Gardner Remix)(04:55)
[130:43]26.Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Weekend (Party Time) 2010(05:37)
[136:20]27.Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak - Reach Out (Technikal's Weekender X Remix)(05:27)
[141:47]28.Technikal & Marc French - Mad & Confused (Guyver Remix) (w / Coming On Strong Acapella)(06:06)
[147:53]29.Technikal - Teardrops(04:15)
[152:08]30.Lisa Lashes - Can Not Sleep (Technikal Remix)(04:42)
[156:51]31.Tony De Vit - Give Me A Reason (Guyver Remix)(05:03)
[161:54]32.Stu Allan - A Feeling (Steve Hill vs. Technikal 2012 Remix)(05:26)
[167:20]33.Technikal pres. Carl Nicholson - System Shock(03:52)
[171:11]34.Technikal & Nathalie - Big Sky(05:31)
[176:43]35.Masif DJs - Everyday (Steve Hill vs. Technikal Remix)(04:53)
[181:36]36.System F - Cry (Matt Lee Remix)(03:38)
[185:14]37.Technikal - Back 2 The Old Skool(04:13)
[189:27]38.Cally Gage & Gammer - Breakneck Bastard(05:04)
[194:31]39.Technikal - Diablo(01:40)
[196:11]40.Zedd - Shotgun(02:11)
[198:22]41.Technikal vs. MDA & Spherical - Supersonic(04:18)
[202:40]42.Technikal pres. Cut-Up - Scrapyard(04:11)
[206:51]43.Technikal & Andy Whitby - Now!(04:19)
[211:10]44.Kym Ayres feat. Technikal - More & More(04:13)
[215:24]45.Technikal pres. Pierre Pienaar - Global Panic(06:08)
[221:32]46.Technikal - Summassault(03:59)
[225:31]47.Darren Styles - Getting Better (Technikal Remix)(05:14)
[230:45]48.Styles & Breeze - You're My Angel (Technikal Remix)(03:47)
[234:31]49.Masif DJs - One More Airwave (Steve Hill vs. Technikal 2012 Mix)(05:48)

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2013-09-06 @ 18:19 UTC
Raveman (
Thanks soooo much for this!! GREAT set.
2013-08-15 @ 06:22 UTC
lindmik (
Just started on the set, but it seems awesome! I've heard some stuff from Technical before, it has been hit-and-miss for me.

BTW, it's Ron van den Beuken, not Ron Van Bueken. Check out "Timeless" from him, a real classic. Also remade as "Shameless", but original is better.
2013-08-14 @ 14:29 UTC
brilliant! thanks jambo :-)
2013-08-14 @ 14:02 UTC
Brunus (
I heard this set yesterday and I was amazed with this song
17. Technikal - Song For You (Technikal's All Tekked Out Remix) which good vocal. = D

And masterpiece of set.
2013-08-14 @ 11:35 UTC
jambowned (

My new favourite producer and genre!
2013-08-14 @ 11:29 UTC
Brunus (
Amazing, amazing, amazing. =D
2013-08-14 @ 06:02 UTC
jambowned (
An awesome 4 hour Hard Trance set. I think I just found my new favourite genre.

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