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with Ben Gold

4H Community's Mixes
with 4H Community


A State of Sundays
with Armin van Buuren

A State of Trance
with Armin van Buuren

A State of Trance Invasion
with Armin van Buuren

A State of Trance Official Podcast
with Armin van Buuren

A Trance Eclipse
with Simon Rasho

Abora World
Absolute Darkness
with Angry Man

Accelerate Session
with Nitrous Oxide

The Adam Ellis Podcast
with Adam Ellis

Addicted To Trance
with Talla 2XLC

with Aeron Aether

After Dark Sessions
with Andy Duguid

Afterdark Sessions
with Andy Duguid

with Arctic Moon

AH.FM (uncategorized sets)
AH.FM 10 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 2 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 3 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 4 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 5 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 6 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 7 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 8 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
AH.FM 9 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration
Air Up There
with Tritonal

Airport Sessions
with Talla 2XLC

with Will Rees

Alter Ego Trance
with Abbott & Chambers / David & Carr

Always Alive
with Daniel Kandi

with Chris Liebing

Amsterdam Dance Event
AnbroK Sessions
with AnbroK

Andrew Rayel Podcast
with Andrew Rayel

Anjunabeats Worldwide
with Various Artists

The Anjunadeep Edition
Aoki's House
with Steve Aoki

The Arnej Podcast
with Arnej

Arrival Showcase
with Aeron Aether

Artelized Visions
with Artelized

Artist of the Week
Ashley Wallbridge Podcast
with Ashley Wallbridge

with Vlad Vix

with Vlad Vix

Aurea Mediocritas
with OlliS

with Greg Benz


Back From The Dead
with Lazarus

Basic Beats
with James Cosgrove

BBC Radio 1 Shows
BBC Radio 1's Residency
Be Progressed
with Nifra

Beat Service Radio
with Beat Service

Beautiful Voices
with MDB

Behind The Iron Curtain
with UMEK

The Ben Gold Podcast
with Ben Gold

The Benny Benassi Show
with Benny Benassi

Beyond Belief Sessions
with Amos & Riot Night

Beyond The Atmosphere
with Sunless & A-Mase

Beyond The Black Radio
with Ben Lost

Beyond The Stars
with tranzLift

Beyond This World
with tranzLift

The Bjorn Akesson Podcast
with Bjorn Akesson

Blank & Jones And Friends
with Blank & Jones

Blank Point
with Sebastian Brandt

Blended Beats
with Mikey C

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast
with Blu Mar Ten

Blue Soho Sessions
with OzzyXPM

Boiler Room
Boom Jinx Podcast
with Boom Jinx

Borderline Sessions
with Activa

with Matteo Monero

with Dean Rigbey

BPM Remix Weekend
Brija Dot Com Sessions
Buenos Aires Beats
with Heatbeat


d-phrag's Mixes
with d-phrag

Da Flash
with Flash Brothers

Damaged Radio
with Jordan Suckley

The Daniel Skyver Show
with Daniel Skyver

Dapple Apple's Mixes
with Dapple Apple

The Dark Room
with John Dopping

Decibels Radio
with Craig Connelly

Deep And Disco Selection
with Potehin

Deep Delivery
with Solid Sky

Deep Dish Mixes
with Deep Dish / Dubfire / Sharam

Deep Dive
with Sasha Alx

Deep Flashbacks
with Bernard Marjaba

Deep in Vocal Euphoria
with Elucidate

Deep Progressive
with Bernard Marjaba

Deep Space House
with Matt Van Ax / Mark Space

Deep Thought
with JoDo

with Defcon Audio

Degenerate Radio
with Sean Tyas

Delta Sessions
with Nick Warren

Dennis G's Mixes
with Dennis G 15-Year Anniversary Progressive Special
Digital Emotions
with Vladimir Fonarev

Digital Obsession
with Dan Stone

Digital Showdown
with Simon Patterson

Digital Society 5th Birthday
Digital Society 7th Birthday
Digital Society Podcast
Digital Society Summer Event
Digital Trance World
with Veselin Tasev

Dimension & Perception
with Fon.Leman

with Eddie Bitar

Discoteca Radio
with Tom Morgan

Discover Records
with John Askew

Disorder Radio
with ReOrder

Distant World
with Sneijder

DJ Mix
with David Guetta

DJ Sebast!an's Mixes
with DJ Sebast!an

Drag N Drop Sessions
with Helen K

with Fernando Ferreyra

Dreamflight Into Trance
with Rob Evans

Drum & Bass Show
with Friction

Drumcode Radio
with Adam Beyer


Edge Sessions
with Photographer

Electric Daisy Carnival
Electric For Life
with Gareth Emery

Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo 2013
The Electronic Connection
with Probity

Electronic Elements
with Perry O'Neil

Electronic Explorations
Electronic Groove Podcast
Electronic Sessions
with John Newall

Electronic Vibes
with Anton Chernikov

Eletrik Radio Show
with Riccocha

Ellicit Radio
with Adam Ellis

Endless Summer
with Sunday Lovers

Energy Podcast
with TrancEye

Energy Transmissions
with DJ Resonate

Enhanced Day
Enhanced Sessions
with Tritonal / Will Holland

Entrance To Soul
with 9Axis

Epic Radio
with Eric Prydz

with Phaedra

Essential Mix
with Pete Tong

with Aurosonic

Etyology Sessions
with Aurosonic

Euphonic Presents
with Cressida & Dennis Sheperd

Euphonic Sessions
with Various Artists

Even Deeper
with Tucandeo

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Music But Were Afraid To Ask
with Add2Basket

with Markus Schulz

with Sebastian Brandt

Excelsior Sessions
with Mohamed Ragab

Exposure Festival 2003
Exposure Festival 2004
Extraordinary Show
with Manuel Le Saux

Extreme Audio
with Evil Activities


with Ferry Tayle

with Thomas Gold

Fast Distance Radio
with Fast Distance

Fear Of The Unknown
with Mat Lock

Ferry's Fix
with Ferry Corsten

The Fifth Element
with Andrew Bennett

Find Your Harmony Radioshow
with Andrew Rayel

Finity Essentials
with Jussi Soro

Fire It Up
with Eddie Halliwell

FireCast Radio
with Alex Di Stefano

First Sessions
with Misja Helsloot

with Ferry Tayle

Flightbook Vintage
with Ferry Tayle

Focus Radio
with JOOP

with James Zabiela

Fourth Chakra
with 4H Community

with Matt Bowdidge

Frequency Friday
with Sean Tyas

From Rural To Urban
with DJ Orion

with Froxic

Full On Fluoro
with Paul Oakenfold

Future Focus Day 2013
Future Sonic
with Nick Warren

Future Sound of Egypt
with Aly & Fila


Galen Behr Podcast
with Galen Behr

Gareth Emery Podcast
with Gareth Emery

The Genre Show
with Jody Wisternoff

Germany In The Mix
Get The Kicks
with Nic Chagall

with Wippenberg

Global Code
with Greg Downey

Global Dedication
with Coone

Global DJ Broadcast
with Markus Schulz

Global Sound Drift
with Tempo Giusto

Global Sound Session
with 3rd Planet

Global Soundsystem
with tyDi

Global Trance Grooves
with John '00' Fleming

Global Trance Selection
with 9Axis

Global Warmup
with Judge Jules

GO On Air
with Giuseppe Ottaviani

Go West
with David West

Goodgreef Radio
with Jordan Suckley / Liam Wilson

Grieevs Mixes
with Grieevs

Groove Radio International
GrotesQue Events
Grotesque Radioshow
with RAM

Group Therapy
with Above & Beyond

Grube & Hovsepian Radio
with Grube & Hovsepian


Hard Dance Addict
with DJ Fez

Hard With Style
with Headhunterz

Hardstyle Quantum
with The Pitcher

Hardwell On Air
with Hardwell

with Tripswitch

Headfuck Radio
with Ben Nicky

Hear The Colours
with Kobana

with Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden

Heldeep Radio
with Oliver Heldens

Helvetic Nerds Radio Show
with Dinka

Hospital Podcast
Hospital Radio
The Hot List
with Aruna

with Adam K

Hour of Kush
with Gnomes of Kush

House of Flash
with Flash Brothers

Hypnotic Experience
with Otherworld


I Need R3hab
with R3hab

Icy Trance Sessions
with Dave Cold

with Sander van Doorn

Illusionary Images
with Blugazer

with d-phrag / Plamen K

In Search Of Sunrise Radio
with Richard Durand

In Sessions
with Tucandeo

In The Air
with Morgan Page

In Trance I Believe
with ReOrder

with Michael Tsukerman

Indigo Void
with Ben Lost

Infinite Universe
with Anton Veter

Infinity Podcast
with Jon O'Bir

Infrasonic Podcast
with UCast

with Ummet Ozcan

Innotune Podcast
with Endal

Inpetto Podcast
with Inpetto

Intelligent Design
with Miika Kuisma

with Roman Rone

with Jody Wisternoff

with Lange

International Departures
with Mˇon & Shane 54 / Myon & Shane 54 / Shane 54

Intuition Podcast
with Menno de Jong

Intuition Radio Show
with Menno de Jong / Jonas Steur / Paul Moelands

Iono Music Showcase
Isaac's Hardstyle Sessions
with DJ Isaac

Italy In The Mix


with Afrojack / Bobby Burns

Japan In The Mix
Jaytech Music Podcast
with Jaytech

JBeach's Mixes
with JBeach

JoDo's Mixes
with JoDo

Jori Hulkkonen
with Jori Hulkkonen

Journeys & Destinations
with Brian Rogers


with Bryan Kearney


The Labyrinth
with Henry Saiz

Ladies Night
Laptop Symphony
with BT

LCD Sessions
with Airwave

with Avicii

Levitated Radio
with Manuel Rocca

with Ben Gold

Lindmik's Mixes
with Lindmik

Liquid Soul Essential Mix
with Liquid Soul

Live Broadcast
with Sam Kholod

Live In Motion
with M.Pravda

Lost Continents
with Kay-D

Lost World
with George Acosta

with The Prophet

Low Frequencies
with Aaron Camz

Lucid Dream
with Elucidate

Luminosity Events


Macarize Music
with EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg

Machine Intelligence
with Sly One vs. Jurrane

Magic Island - Music for Balearic People
with Roger Shah

with Will Atkinson

The Mainline Mix
with Will Atkinson

The Mainline Show
with Will Atkinson

with W&W

The Mat Zo Mix
with Mat Zo

Max River's Mixes
with Max River

Mellomania Canada
with DJ Shah / Pedro Del Mar

Mellomania Deluxe
with DJ Shah / Pedro Del Mar

Mellomania USA
with DJ Shah / Pedro Del Mar

Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems
with Pedro Del Mar

Melodik Revolution
with Mark Pledger

with Mark Pledger

Mental Asylum Day 2015
Mental Asylum Radio
with Indecent Noise

Mental Asylum Records Day
Metronome Session
with Jay Lumen

Michael Woods Podcast
with Michael Woods

Mind Over Matter
with Embliss

Mind Tricks
with Calytrix

Mistique Music
MistiqueMusic Showcase 1 Year Anniversary
MistiqueMusic Showcase 2 Year Anniversary
MistiqueMusic Showcase 3 Year Anniversary
The Mix
with Blank & Jones

Mixmash Radio
with Laidback Luke

MK8 Podcast
with Miss K8

Moment of Trance
with Tom Colontonio

with Future Antics

Moments of Energy
with Magdelayna

with Basil O'Glue

The Mondo Sessions
with Darren Tate & Dale Corderoy

with Heatbeat

Monster Tunes
with Neptune Project

The Monthly Answer
with Answer42

Moody Melodies
with Andrew Parsons

Moon Magic
with Moonbeam

Moonbeam Music
with Moonbeam

Moor Music
with Andy Moor

More Lost Than Found
with Lostly

with Skrillex

Musical Madness
with Marcel Woods

Mutual Respekt
with Spektre


Natural Selection
with Protoculture

Nature One
Neverending Story
with Ferry Tayle

The Next Level
with Ernesto vs. Bastian

Next Level Podcast
with Estiva

Night Shift Radio
with Fisherman & Hawkins

NightMusic Podcast
with The Thrillseekers

Nikki Haddi
with Niklas Harding

No Xcuses
with EDX

The Noble Gathering
with The Noble Six

with Matt Darey

Nocturnal Nouveau
with Matt Nouveau

Nocturnal Podcast
with Matt Darey

Nocturnal Sunshine
with Matt Darey

Noise Sessions
with Indecent Noise

Noisia Radio
with Noisia

Northern Exposure
with Orjan Nilsen

Nothing But Love
with Juventa

The Noys Sessions
with Mike Koglin & Arcane Science

nu-depth Recordings Day 2013


with Walsh & McAuley

Ocean Of Joy
with Deep Soul Duo

Off The Wall
with John Newall

Offshore Radio
with Speed Limits

Omikron Grooves
with LTN & Kokai

Omnia Music Podcast
with Omnia

On Cue
with Lindmik

On Cue 2007
with Lindmik

One 2 Trance
with 7 Skies

Only Silk
with Max Flyant / Shingo Nakamura

Open Up
with Simon Patterson

with Ahmed Romel

Organic Sessions
Organized Nature
with Gabriel & Dresden

Outburst Radioshow
with Mark Sherry

Outside The Box
with Eelke Kleijn


Pacha London Podcast
with Gai Barone

Perfecto On Tour
with Paul Oakenfold

Perfecto Podcast
with Paul Oakenfold

Perfecto Presents: The Paul Oakenfold Radio Mix
with Paul Oakenfold

Pharmacy Radio
with Christopher Lawrence

Phased Out Phriday
with Sean Tyas

PHW Promo Sessions
with Progressive House Worldwide

Planet Perfecto Radio
with Paul Oakenfold

Plasmatic Sessions
with Onova

with Perry'd

Playmo Radio
with Bart Claessen

The Pleasure Mix
with Blank & Jones

Point Zero Podcast
with The Blizzard

Polonia In The Mix
Pro Bono
with David West

PROFF Music Podcast
with PROFF

PROFF's Mixes
with PROFF

Prog Tech Sessions
with Danilo Ercole

ProgDay 2013
Progged Numix
with EDU & Toper

with Rick Valentine

Progressive Atmosphere
with Mystic Dreams

Progressive Emotions
with Mystic Dreams

Progressive Fibres
with 4H Community

Progressive Life
with Br@t

with Airwave

Promo Mix
with Ronski Speed

Promo Mixes
Protocol Radio
with Nicky Romero

Prototype Radio
with Protoculture

Psychiatric Sessions
with Robbie Van Doe

PsyDay 2013
PsyDay 2015
with Magnus

with Vlind

Punx Up The Volume
with Moguai

Pure Energy Sessions
with TrancEye

Pure Trance Radio
with Solarstone


Radio Bosh
with Indecent Noise

Radio Contact Shows
Radio FG Shows
Radio Rush
with Rank 1

Radio Unity
with DJ Orkidea

Reactive Senses
with Phil Metcalfe

with Andrew Parsons

Rebel Radio
with Nifra

Record Chillout
with Artem Dmitriev

with Ehren Stowers

Refresh Radio
with Solid Stone

Reloaded Radio
with Richard Durand

with Hernan Cattaneo

with Jamie Drummond

Richard Durand vs. The World Radio
with Richard Durand

with Sied van Riel

Rise Above
with Lazarus

with Max River

The Rogue Show
with Add2Basket & Luke Fair

with James Rigby

Rush Hour
with Christopher Lawrence

Russia Goes Clubbing
with Bobina

Russia Goes Clubbing Podcast
with Bobina

Russia Goes Deeper
with Bobina

Russia In The Mix


Sam Kholod's Mixes
with Sam Kholod

Saturate Audio Podcast
with Basil O'Glue / Styller

Scandinavia In The Mix
with Scot Project

Scotland In The Mix
Sensual Pieces Of Music
with Various Artists

Sephira Mixes
with Sephira

with Binary Finary

Serenade Feelings
with Angel Ace

Shining Sleep
with Solarsoul

Showtek Podcast
with Showtek

with Almond Lama & Disandat / Almond Lama / Disandat

Silk Royal Showcase
with Jacob Henry / Schodt / Zack Roth / Ad Brown / Tom Fall / Sunn Jellie / Shingo Nakamura

Silk Textures
with Blood Groove & Kikis / Lessov / Cloudive

Silk Textures Showcase
with Dapple Apple

Skink Radio
with Showtek

with BT

Skytech Podcast
with Skytech

Slam Radio
with D-Block & S-te-Fan

Slovakia In The Mix
Smash The House
with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Smile When You Kill Me Podcast
with Jerome Isma-Ae

The Sneijder Podcast
with Sneijder

Solar Power Sessions
with Suzy Solar

Solaris International
with Solarstone / Agnelli & Nelson

Solarsoul's Mixes
with Solarsoul

Solid Beats
with Solid Sky

Solid Sky's Mixes
with Solid Sky

Somewhat Classy, Somewhat Trashy
with Kris O'Neil

Sound Garden
with Nick Warren

The Sound of Holland
with Ruben de Ronde

The Sound of Scandinavia
The Sound of You(th)
with Eco / DJ Eco

with Photographer

with MaRLo

with Paul van Dyk

Sounds of Elysium
with Sunny Lax

Soundscape Sessions
with DJ Kenji

Sparkless Mixes
with Sparkless

with CJ Art & Marcooz

Spinnin' In The Mix
Spiral Sessions
with Robert Nickson

Spiritual Moment
with Aly & Fila

with Jorn van Deynhoven

Stay Connected
with Jochen Miller

Step Into My World
with Amir Hussain

Stereo Productions Podcast
with Chus & Ceballos

Stonevalley Stories
with Stonevalley

The Store N Forward Podcast Show
with Store N Forward

with Leon Bolier

with John O'Callaghan

Subculture Sundays
with John O'Callaghan

Subsidence Sounds
with Dale Middleton

Substance Session
with Styller

Summer Sessions
with Mat Lock

Sunday Session
with Add2Basket

Sunday Soundscapes
with Mat Lock / Adam White

Sunset Melodies
with Alex H

with Ex-Driver

SupersoniQ Radio
with Quintino

SuperTab Radio
with Super8 & Tab

with Spartaque

with Matt Bukovski

with Sophie Sugar

with ATB

Synthetic Elements
with Activa

with Akira Kayosa


Take It Deepcast
with Tom Real

Terminal One
with Temple One

with Bjorn Akesson

Ticket To The Moon
with Moonbeam

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta
with OlliS

Tiltin Sessions
with Full Tilt

Time Differences
Timo's Mixes
with Timo

with Tocadisco

Together We Are
with Arty

Tone Diary
with Marcus SchŲssow

Top Ten Mix
with Marco V

Top Twenty Tunes
with Manuel Le Saux

TrackPoint Podcast
Trance Academy
with Lemon & Einar K

Trance Around the World
with Above & Beyond

Trance Classics 10K Celebration Day
Trance Classics Live
with Darren Simpson & Mark Winstanley

Trance Dance Show Radio
with Paul Vinitsky

The Trance Empire
with Team 140

Trance Energy
Trance Experience
with Adam Nickey

Trance Fixation Podcast
with Danny Chen

Trance For Nations
with Astrix

Trance in France
Trance In Motion
with E.S.

Trance Philosophy
with Inspiron

Trance Sanctuary
The Trance Selection
with Phynn

Trance Together pres. The Energy Box
Trance Vibes
with Nate McCloud

with Ivan Ice-Berg

with Ronny K.

Trancecoda Podcast
with Jordan Sweeney

Trancecoda Radioshow
with Paul Brice

with JoDo

TranceFormation Russian Trance Sessions
with Abstract Vision & DSI

Trancefusion Events
with DJ Feel

with Airwave

TrancePodium 10th Anniversary Celebration
TrancePodium 5th Anniversary Celebration
TrancePodium 6th Anniversary Celebration
TrancePodium 9th Anniversary Celebration
with Lucas Zielaskiewicz SUPREME
with Ruku

with Apsara

with John Digweed

Tribe of Frog Events
with Two&One

with Tritonal

True to Trance
with Ronski Speed / Stoneface & Terminal / Tim Worth

Truly Deep Sessions
with Secret Garden

with Jase Thirlwall

Tytanium Sessions
with Sean Tyas


with U.M.E

UK In The Mix
with TranceLuvers

The Ultraviolet Podcast
with Paul Thomas

Uncontrolled Environment
with James Dymond

The Underverse
with Raneem

Unite The World
with Xabi Only

United Energy
with Rene Ablaze

with Mike Nichol

Unity Mixtape
with DJ Orkidea

Universal Nation
with Alex M.O.R.P.H.

Universal Selection
with Mr. Pit

with Digital Punk

Uplifting Life
with Br@t

Uplifting Only
with Ori Uplift


The Vanishing Point Reloaded
with Kaeno

Various Sets
The Verdict
with Eddie Bitar

VII Radio
with Freedom Fighters / John Askew / Simon Patterson / Will Atkinson / Sean Tyas / Astrix / Blazer

with Matteo Monero

with James Warren

with DJ Jerom

Viva Voce
with Audrey Gallagher

Vlad Vix' Mixes
with Vlad Vix

Vocal Sessions
with Andy Gregory

The Vocal Trance Session
with Sonnydeejay

Vocal Vibes
with Richiere

Voices Of Trance
with GT / Project C

The Void
with Adam Ellis

Vonyc Sessions
with Paul van Dyk


Wake Your Mind
with Cosmic Gate

Way Out There
with Jody Wisternoff

Ways & Means
with Jon O'Bir

Ways & Means Monthly Exclusive
with Jon O'Bir

We Live For The Music
with Showtek

WE R Hardstyle
with Brennan Heart

The Wednesday Whistle
with Sean Tyas

Weekend Warmup
with Judge Jules

When Trance Was Good
with Steve Eagle

White Noise
with Dave Clarke

Wicked Beats
with Ashley Wallbridge

Winter Music Conference
with Darren McNally

The Wonders Of Trance
with tranzLift

World of Illusions
with Tasadi

World Tour Show
with Ferry Corsten


Xanthe Sessions
with Alex van ReeVe

with Signum

Xtra Life Podcast
with Tristan Garner

with Villain


with Mat Zo

Zoom Podcast

Previously, on CueNation:

2017-02-18 @ 11:46 UTC
matyey (
10000 thanks Vi11ian, for Patterns cues! You made my days! Thanks man!
2017-02-18 @ 11:36 UTC
Brent_ (
My Nu Leng's Essential Mix is a banger :)
2017-02-17 @ 13:13 UTC
Timing of the uploads just happened to be same as when I finish work and check web-site too.
2017-02-17 @ 12:36 UTC
I check this website at least once a day for new cues, but I'm not frantically hitting the F5 button ;)
2017-02-17 @ 08:50 UTC
I think it's me always your first downloads, I am really waiting all the time for your bbc cues. :) Thank you a lot for them.

And thanks to everyone for the help with cue actually
2017-02-17 @ 06:29 UTC
lindmik (
I remember someone mentioning it at some point. But only select categories I think.
2017-02-17 @ 05:15 UTC
frifox (
I can probably look through the logs and find out.

Or, whoever is doing it can just speak up :)
2017-02-16 @ 19:01 UTC
Do we have a bot around here that auto-downloads all new cuesheets?

I usually upload in small batches and then assign DL links for each upload, and by the time I'm done with that (usually no more than one minute), each have at least 1 download.

Or is someone just anxious about getting fresh cues for BBC shows and keeps hitting "refresh" button? :D
2017-02-15 @ 09:09 UTC
jambowned (
I've never used rutracker, but I'll take a look.
2017-02-15 @ 07:43 UTC
St. Jetto (
Aren't they all stored nicely via rutracker?
2017-02-15 @ 07:09 UTC
jambowned (
Cunenation nation... I need your help.

Back when my music HDD died I lost of a bunch of ASOT, but I only just realised that that included the wonderful Warm Up sets from ASOT 500, 550 and a few from later shows.

If anyone has them, could you possibly upload them somewhere?

2017-02-14 @ 21:54 UTC
jambowned (
Trance Tuesday!
2017-02-12 @ 07:06 UTC
frifox (
just watched John Wick movie and goddamn, pretty dope soundtracks

^^ pretty badass in the theater, whole room was shaking :D
2017-02-11 @ 17:42 UTC
lindmik (
Don't cue hungry!
2017-02-11 @ 13:54 UTC
jevonsxi (
*will cue for food*
2017-02-11 @ 00:31 UTC
jambowned (
No, send them to my paypal!

Then I can upgrade my PC!!!
2017-02-10 @ 19:34 UTC
lindmik (
Alright, send some donations to fri! :Ä
2017-02-10 @ 19:17 UTC
frifox (
If you want to help, we much prefer people actually helping with content - aka making cues.

Fortunately, $$ is not an issue for me, but if you insist - send $$ to my PP and I will put it toward the hosting expenses. Currently that's about $30/mo for the hosting + db.
2017-02-10 @ 19:06 UTC
lindmik (
If we wanted money, there would be ads and shit here. Do you see ads and shit here? :D
2017-02-10 @ 18:57 UTC
I use TALiON, because it is 'scene'. I think they just use bots today to rip and upload stuff, judging by the amount of music they provide.
There are many other smaller-scale sources which I can use as a base for cuesheets, not to mention that some artists provide mixes without radio jingle and voiceovers, which is the best option as a base for cuesheet in my opinion.

So rewarding TALiON is not the correct approach.

If you use our site as your source for music, then you should be thanking us. Because we put much more effort and time to listen, split by tracks and correctly ID everything we hear at the given show. Hell, you don't need to go anywhere else - we even provide direct DL links for the mp3 files.

Contact an author of cuesheets which you use the most, or the administration, the help keeping this site running. :)
2017-02-10 @ 15:09 UTC
No idea, how many people are posting cues here? Actually I mainly listen to the BBC mixes, so TALiON would be the one to thank mostly, but that's also a group of people right?
2017-02-10 @ 14:37 UTC
jevonsxi (
Lol, how are we going to split it all? ;)
2017-02-10 @ 14:26 UTC
Question, is there any way to thank you guys in a financial way? I am willing to give something back for all the countless cues I've downloaded here :)
2017-02-10 @ 14:26 UTC
Interesting tracklist on Will Atkinson's VII Radio, thanks for cueing!
2017-02-07 @ 21:54 UTC
jambowned (
Wow, huge work!
2017-02-07 @ 19:27 UTC
raanst (
Thank You so much!!!
2017-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
frifox (
2017-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
Complete Open Up pack ;-)
2017-01-31 @ 13:34 UTC
jambowned (
New Dakota album from Markus only has 9 tracks...

2017-01-30 @ 18:19 UTC
Downloads were low, also I had no idea it airs every week for the whole year when I picked it up.. I hoped they will take a break for few month, especially after they announced new album, new liveshow and a tour.
So I dropped it, for now.

It really is just a podcast - a showcase of new or forgotten tracks which they like. 99% of the time there are no mixing involved whatsoever, and they post complete TLs alongside the links with downloads - so there should be no problem to figure out a track ID, if you really need one.
2017-01-29 @ 23:54 UTC
jambowned (
2.5 hours of new Momentum out of no where!
2017-01-29 @ 21:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Really enjoyed that Simian mix and looking forward to hear Pan-Pot's mix! Any new Noisia's soon by the way? :)
2017-01-29 @ 18:27 UTC
Okay, techno-heads!..

Pan-Pot's mix is sounding pretty sexy, also Simian's mix from few weeks earlier was a must, if you somehow skipped that!

Have a nice day! :D
2017-01-27 @ 11:09 UTC
lindmik (
There were a shit-ton of horrible remakes of pop songs last year, and now I see "Sander van Doorn & LVNDSCAPE Ė Need To Feel Loved" in tracklists and start to feel sick, but listening to it I'm actually quite happy, as it's true to the original, but unnecessary nonetheless.
2017-01-27 @ 11:05 UTC
lindmik (
With 750 the live shows were 750.1, 750.2, etc. and the episodes were 750 (Part 1), 750 (Part 2), so let's go with that again?
2017-01-27 @ 11:04 UTC
lindmik (
What the hell is XXL-Part 1? :D
2017-01-27 @ 10:49 UTC
jpinoniemi (
It looks like on the ASOT website he uses "Part X". The cue creators have always used XXX.X in the filenames here.

I'd say keep the XXX.X format, but I'm not the boss.
2017-01-27 @ 07:38 UTC
lindmik (
Anyone know how the ASOT 800 episodes should be named?

How many "800" radio episodes, how many "800" events? Which are the .1 .2 .3, the radio or event ones?
2017-01-26 @ 19:10 UTC
lindmik (
What about... no?

There's that nice phallic shape there that I couldn't remove.
2017-01-26 @ 19:02 UTC
hamed (
I u are not changing the theme at least change the upper pic to another thing!
2017-01-26 @ 15:02 UTC
St. Jetto (
@hamed, I think it's worth a shot
2017-01-25 @ 07:01 UTC
lindmik (
Is rain heavier than show?
2017-01-25 @ 04:35 UTC
jambowned (
Anyone want a Tribal Mixes invite?
2017-01-24 @ 22:04 UTC
hamed (
Ferry corsten coming to the town, is it deserve 22 euros ticket?
2017-01-22 @ 14:05 UTC
jambowned (
Apparently Schulz has a new Dakota album coming in the next few months.

Might be called The Nine Skies.
2017-01-22 @ 06:42 UTC
frifox (
... :D

no idea why it wouldn't recognize it the 1st time I tried
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