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2017-06-21 @ 18:47 UTC
It's a few years old now, but I particularly remember enjoying the energy in Magnus - Live at Burning Man 2014. It was broadcast as Full On Fluoro 042.
2017-06-21 @ 16:26 UTC
St. Jetto (
@MarQ and Jambo, Psychristmas is great :D
2017-06-21 @ 09:29 UTC
jambowned (
Also this Shane Collins guy has some great mixes
2017-06-21 @ 03:53 UTC
frifox (
good stuff!
2017-06-21 @ 02:57 UTC
jambowned (
I found some nice Psy mixes on this random Soundcloud page.
2017-06-19 @ 11:37 UTC
It's not full-on, but you could check out Thomas Datt - Psycheground pres. Psychristmas. I enjoyed it.
2017-06-19 @ 07:48 UTC
jambowned (
Going on a psy kick, can anyone recommend me some good longer mixes, preferably Full On.
2017-06-18 @ 04:48 UTC
jambowned (
Please don't post commercial releases on this site, it is forbidden.
2017-06-16 @ 08:49 UTC
Two hours going forward!
2017-06-15 @ 04:30 UTC
The Doc
So is FSOE gonna be two hours from now on or is it only for ep 500?
2017-06-15 @ 04:30 UTC
The Doc
So is FSOE gonna be two hours from now on or is it only for ep 500?
2017-06-09 @ 18:37 UTC
Brent_ (
Probably web-rip but found one here:
2017-06-09 @ 18:21 UTC
I've seen no rips at the time. I know there is one show missing. If you can hook me up with a source - I can get it done.
2017-06-09 @ 17:59 UTC
Brent_ (
Sorry I mean the week before (9-6) :)
2017-06-09 @ 17:53 UTC
Brent_ (
Looking forward to hearing the Marcus Intalex tribute by the way. Very tragic loss. Awesome producer. His Trevino stuff was great too. Rockwell from 15-5 still coming up? :)
2017-06-09 @ 17:04 UTC
Brent_ (
Not the strongest Residency rotation this season. Funny enough I find Kölsch to be the most surprising and diverse, so don't mind him for another 6 months. Metrik's show is fine too but doesn't add much to Friction's show.
2017-06-09 @ 15:52 UTC
BBC is leaving all existing DJ on Residency's rotation until the end of this year.
Which means they will probably shut it down in 2018 (just my guess).

I wanted to drop it with the next rotation, but guess I'm stuck for another 6 month then... oh well! :D
At least every DJ is tolerable for me - no EDM trash or super-mega-mash-up shows.
2017-06-06 @ 09:21 UTC
hamed (
@steve0b, I have mystic dreams-deep feelings vol 1 to 4 with tracklists, if u want to cue those let me know.
2017-06-02 @ 17:20 UTC
It does look like an epic EM!
2017-06-02 @ 10:12 UTC
Camo & Krooked - Essential Mix made my day! :D
2017-06-01 @ 21:03 UTC
Brent_ (
Fresh cue's for Major Lazer & Camo & Krooked, a day off tomorrow to chill on the balcony & weather 27 degrees expected:
2017-05-30 @ 18:08 UTC
It took me half a day to create cue files to the Lift Off Event, which is available in category "Lift Off". Enjoy the Big Room!
2017-05-30 @ 17:05 UTC
Salty ( down???
2017-05-27 @ 08:59 UTC
Brent_ (
Floorplan on the Essential Mix last night, very much looking forward to giving that one a spin out in the sun :)
2017-05-22 @ 10:00 UTC
jambowned (
Try this, it gave me the TL for episode 041!
2017-05-21 @ 11:19 UTC
Big fan of Artelized Visions here ;) Looking for tracklist for last episode (041), help anyone? THX
2017-05-20 @ 18:11 UTC
Don't panic i'm back ;-)
2017-05-19 @ 06:50 UTC
jambowned (
So judging by the date AH.FM 11YAMC should be in a week, but I haven't heard anything about dates or lineups =
2017-05-18 @ 23:57 UTC
jambowned (
Vi11ian normally does GDJB and it looks like he's only done 2 cues this month, so maybe he's just busy?
2017-05-18 @ 23:43 UTC
Mario (
2017-05-18 @ 00:28 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah the patent ran out so they are no longer licensing it.

Good thing is that programs can now include mp3 encoding for free without requiring you to find a LAME download.
2017-05-17 @ 20:09 UTC
YoDA (
@St. Jetto
It's for free now
2017-05-17 @ 12:14 UTC
lindmik (
I guess we should start packing up the site then.
2017-05-17 @ 11:30 UTC
St. Jetto (
RIP MP3 .....

Wait, really?
2017-05-14 @ 12:33 UTC
waiting for Vi11ian to post: "3000? That's cute.." :D
2017-05-13 @ 17:31 UTC
lindmik (
Wohoo, broke 3000 cues milestone yesterday! :p
2017-05-13 @ 17:16 UTC
lindmik (
People, Re:Locate never changed his artist name to ReLocate, it's been the same for 14 years! Stop writing it like that! #spellingnazi
2017-05-11 @ 15:07 UTC
jpinoniemi (
Rest in peace Robert Miles, Dreamland will always be one of my favorite CD's ever. It transitioned me from 90's euro-pop stuff to real trance.
2017-05-10 @ 14:04 UTC
St. Jetto (
Oh my God, I'm so sad .... One of the pioneers in Trance. I was a teenager when his music become worldwide hits.

Rest in peace
2017-05-10 @ 10:42 UTC
jambowned (
Robert Miles, gone too soon =[
2017-05-09 @ 19:39 UTC
Big up for Boris Brejcha!
2017-05-06 @ 18:12 UTC
lindmik (
Argh, f**kin Microsoft now forces ClearType to be applied in Notepad++ with the craptastic "Creators Update", making e.g. "2" look like a hot mess. Thanks a lot... :(
2017-05-05 @ 11:25 UTC
jambowned (
Kearny set from Melbourne in 1080P
2017-05-03 @ 14:06 UTC
Same with Eco's 'People', although it may have been uncredited Schossow's edit/remix, which I prefer over released 'original mix', lol.

Here is a cut from that show -

Also, I can mention Grimes with 'REALiTi'. Check YouTube video, that lost version is miles better than one on the album.
2017-05-03 @ 02:13 UTC
St. Jetto (
I prefer the free download version lol
2017-05-02 @ 06:53 UTC
frifox (
what's even worse, it's actually a remix, not his original as he's labeling it:

now, rants aside, actually enjoying it quite a bit atm :D
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