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2017-04-27 @ 09:24 UTC
jevonsxi (
Not sure what the format is for improvised hardware/analog sets, so forgive me if the latest cue is unusually short because it's 100% improvised.

(i.e. Tinfoil)
2017-04-26 @ 18:28 UTC
thx for the foobar2k 100+ tracks hack.. works on v1.3.15
2017-04-24 @ 11:29 UTC
St. Jetto (
Deepest thoughts and prayers to Ferry ....
2017-04-24 @ 10:16 UTC
jambowned (
Ferry Tayle has a spinal chord tumor.

Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds =[
2017-04-19 @ 07:43 UTC
lindmik (
Whoa! Someone cued it?!? :D
2017-04-19 @ 05:50 UTC
jambowned (
I think we'll need some help ID'ing some of the tracks from Askew's 10 hour live set!
2017-04-17 @ 15:22 UTC
Tom Swoon changed the name of his radioshow from Lift Off Radio to Tape Me Radio.
What a amazing change!
2017-04-17 @ 14:14 UTC
rodion (
Finally I finished CUE for John Askew - Boxxed Warehouse Birmingham 2017, Its hard word, I'll post soon
2017-04-14 @ 14:17 UTC
and '.----' translates to '1' in morse code. The rest of the nice pink album cover reads 'Solarstone', funny that. I'm loving the album! Listened through about 4 times already...
2017-04-14 @ 11:54 UTC
What a name for an album... I thought you didn't know what its actual name is, lol.
2017-04-14 @ 11:04 UTC
jpinoniemi (
The new Solarstone release on Black Hole named .---- is amazing. It's only 8 tracks long but a beautiful album and a must get.
2017-04-13 @ 10:21 UTC
lindmik (
I actually preferred better the Radio Bosh show with 21 tracks in an hour than the Mental Asylum Radio with 15 tracks, but with hard trance it works better than with uplifting.

Old GDJBs were the bomb, before all Coldharbour tracks started to have the same generic sound.
2017-04-13 @ 10:16 UTC
jevonsxi (
It's hard to properly judge a track in 90 second snippets, this is what ruined ASOT for me years ago. Completely disrupts the flow of a mix, in other genres numbers of tracks can be overlapped because there's more headroom and not compressed to the gills. That's what differs trance music from a lot of other genres.
2017-04-13 @ 10:10 UTC
I also like more tracks, but today one can listen to the tracks on youtube or somewhere else. And there are more tracks today than back in the days. Times change.
2017-04-13 @ 05:11 UTC
30 seconds of each asot-track is enough for anyone B-)
2017-04-12 @ 20:47 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah ASOT and GDJB are just so packed full of tracks these days.
2017-04-12 @ 13:27 UTC
Ach (
Man those old GDJB cue's take me back. Back to a day where the goal wasn't to fit as many tracks into 2 hours as possible.

2005 - 19 tracks
2017 - 32 tracks

2017-04-09 @ 23:29 UTC
jambowned (,48421.25.html
2017-04-09 @ 21:53 UTC
Brent_ (
How did you fix that? :)
2017-04-09 @ 10:35 UTC
jambowned (
My hacked Foobar can handle 100+ cues

2017-04-09 @ 09:57 UTC
Brent_ (
Oh dear. Foobar can't handle haha
2017-04-09 @ 09:52 UTC
They both look bulky - around 100+ tracks each.. :(
2017-04-09 @ 09:52 UTC
Yeah, either next or after I finish 04-04-2017 show
2017-04-09 @ 09:39 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers for the new Friction oxy! There's an older one missing by the way: 28-02 (with Spectrasoul & L Plus mixes). Still coming up? :)
2017-04-07 @ 15:11 UTC
lindmik (
We should have a skip recents list button.
2017-04-07 @ 14:26 UTC
jambowned (
holy shit mak017, this is immense!
2017-04-06 @ 20:01 UTC
Thanks, frifox, for your answer :)

I'll start upload them right away.
2017-04-06 @ 19:56 UTC
frifox (
within a second is acceptable. you can upload all and then update each as you adjust precision on the timings
2017-04-06 @ 19:54 UTC
Basically, most of timings (95%) are correct or almost correct within a second or two.
Also I forgot to mention that most of 2002 cues are without tracklists. So there are lots of IDs.
2017-04-06 @ 19:44 UTC
frifox (
how imprecise? generally speaking, quality is preferred.

or, check if someone on here can join and help you out with the tweaking
2017-04-06 @ 19:41 UTC
Hi everyone.

I have a bunch of old 2002-2006 GDJB cues with unprecise timings. I could do more proper timings, but I'm too busy with my work and other activities now and it may take years for me do it alone (I'm not kidding).

So would it be better to upload all of the cues as it is or should I improve cues but with really long delay? In other words, what is preferable - quality of cues or time?
2017-04-06 @ 13:55 UTC
St. Jetto (

Goddamn :P
2017-04-05 @ 20:04 UTC
Brent_ (
Yeah seems a bit expensive but damn what a lineup!
2017-04-05 @ 16:34 UTC
Looks like she also will be playing kinda nearby me in the summer, alongside some other big names (link @ my nickname).
But ticket price is the killer.. :(
2017-04-05 @ 08:35 UTC
Brent_ (
Still have to check out her Essential Mix but I saw Helena Hauff live last weekend and she absolutely smashed it. So many proper (oldschool) electro/techno tracks. One of the best sets I've seen in a while.
2017-03-30 @ 07:27 UTC
lindmik (
If you've been missing your Kearney dose lately, here's a video of him playing a bunch of (yet) unknown tracks:
2017-03-29 @ 13:30 UTC
Brent_ (
Big Residency show coming up:
2017-03-27 @ 06:52 UTC
vitos (
ups sorry)
2017-03-27 @ 06:34 UTC
lindmik (
Could you idiots stop requesting stuff here and do it on the requests page?

Oops, this was basically a request. :D
2017-03-25 @ 17:53 UTC
He grow old.
2017-03-24 @ 18:39 UTC
lindmik (
@KEKC: Bryan said at some point that he's focusing on live shows instead of studio, but that was long ago. I guess he just got tired of doing the podcast. If I had time I would cue his livesets...
2017-03-23 @ 20:48 UTC
lindmik (
Hey! When a week has past you may start bitching, not one day. Patience, man, patience!
2017-03-23 @ 20:12 UTC
Did i something miss? What happened with KEARNAGE? Last episode was 08-11-2016
2017-03-23 @ 19:20 UTC
Hey, can someone add new category? I ask on Request, but I see that no one look there :P
2017-03-23 @ 13:34 UTC
frifox (
wow, this new Momentum ep is quite good, better than usual. love it!
2017-03-23 @ 10:54 UTC
jevonsxi (
Chris Liebing on Slam Radio, a match made in heaven.
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