Always Alive

with Daniel Kandi

Download! Always Alive 105 (2013-12-11)
Download! Always Alive 102 (2013-09-25)
Download! Always Alive 101 (2013-08-28)
Download! Always Alive 100 (2013-08-14)
Download! Always Alive 099 (2013-07-24)
Download! Always Alive 094 (2013-05-08)
Download! Always Alive 093 (2013-04-10)
Download! Always Alive 092 (2013-03-27)
Download! Always Alive 091 (2013-03-13)
Download! Always Alive 085 (2012-11-28)
Download! Always Alive 084 (2012-09-21)
Download! Always Alive 083 (2012-08-17)
Download! Always Alive 081 (2012-05-18) (including DJ Sasj Guestmix)
Download! Always Alive 079 (2012-03-16)
Download! Always Alive 077 (2011-11-22)
Download! Always Alive 073 (2011-07-15)
Download! Always Alive 071 (2011-06-17) [URTZ]
Download! Always Alive 070 (2011-05-20)
Download! Phillip Alpha - Always Alive 069 (2011-03-18)
Download! Always Alive 068 (2011-02-18)
Download! Always Alive 067 (2011-01-21) [PM]
Download! Always Alive 066 (2010-12-17)
Download! Always Alive 065 (2010-11-19)
Download! Always Alive 064 (2010-10-15) [URTZ]
Download! Always Alive 063 (2010-09-17)
Download! Always Alive 062 (2010-08-20) [URTZ]
Download! Always Alive 061 (2010-07-16) (including Phillip Alpha Guestmix) [URTZ]
Download! Always Alive 060 (2010-06-18)
Download! Always Alive 059 (2010-05-21)
Download! Always Alive 058 (2010-03-19)
Download! Always Alive 057 (2010-02-19)
Download! Always Alive 056 (2010-01-15)
Download! Always Alive 055 (2009-12-18) [CC]
Download! Always Alive 054 (2009-11-20)
Download! Always Alive 053 (2009-10-16) (No Speak More Music-Week)
Download! Phillip Alpha - Always Alive 052 (2009-10-18)
Download! Always Alive 051 (2009-08-21)
Download! Always Alive 050 (2009-07-17)
Download! Always Alive 049 (2009-06-19)
Download! Always Alive 048 (2009-05-15) [PS]
Download! Always Alive 041 (2008-12-08) (Live @ Aurus in Mumbai, India) (2008-11-21)
Download! Always Alive 037 (2008-09-22) (The Revealing!)
Download! Always Alive 036 (2008-09-08) (The Shitty Vocal Episode)
Download! Always Alive 035 (2008-08-25) (Mega-Ch00n Edition)
Download! Always Alive 033 (2008-07-28) (Luminosity Edition)
Download! Always Alive 032 (2008-07-14) (SummerCh00n Edition)
Download! Always Alive 031 (2008-06-23)
Download! Always Alive 030 (2008-06-09) (Mark Andrez & Sebastian Brandt Guestmixes)
Download! Always Alive 029 (2008-05-26) (including Mike Shiver Guestmix) (On AH.FM)
Download! Always Alive 028 (2008-05-12) (including Super8 & Tab guestmix)
Download! Always Alive 027 (2008-04-28) (On AH.FM)
Download! Always Alive 026 (2008-04-14)
Download! Always Alive 025 (2008-03-10)
Download! Always Alive 024 (2008-02-11) (including Luke Grande Guestmix) [PS]
Download! Always Alive 020 (2007-11-12) (Mega Show) [PS]
Download! Always Alive 019 (2007-10-09) [PS]
Download! Always Alive 015 (2007-08-14) (with Mark Andrez Guesthost) (On AH.FM)
Download! Always Alive 014 (2007-07-24)
Download! Always Alive 010 (2007-06-12)
Download! Always Alive 009 (2007-05-22)
Download! Always Alive 008 (2007-05-08)
Download! Always Alive 007 (2007-04-24) (including Michael Splint Guestmix)
Download! Always Alive 006 (2007-10-04)
Download! Always Alive 005 (2007-03-28)
Download! Always Alive 004 (2007-03-13)
Download! Always Alive 003 (2007-03-08)
Download! Always Alive 002 (2007-02-22)
Download! Always Alive 001 (08-02-2007)

Previously, on CueNation:

2017-08-19 @ 09:34 UTC
GDJB.. moar noize than muzic :|
Markuz should do moar sunrize setz!
2017-08-18 @ 17:09 UTC
Hello there!
jambowned one moment please :-)
2017-08-16 @ 11:03 UTC
jambowned (
Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeah
2017-08-14 @ 08:06 UTC
jambowned (
I think I'm about to go through another Perry O'Neil phase.

These mixes are just sublime
2017-08-13 @ 14:20 UTC
Brent_ (
Any new AM/FM and/or Slam cues soon? :)
2017-08-12 @ 18:21 UTC
erikthredd (
@jambowned For some reason its not working for me after trying 6 different random sets. They all come up 404 Not Found and c/p the stream URL didn't work either. Thanks for replying though.
2017-08-12 @ 05:26 UTC
jambowned (
This one still works for me erikthredd
2017-08-11 @ 14:54 UTC
erikthredd (
does anyone know of a working site where i can convert Mixcloud sets to mp3/mp4? Mixcloud-downloader,Offliberty,Streampocket,Anything2mp3 and clouddownload are all blocked by Mixcloud it seems.
2017-08-11 @ 13:13 UTC
So Wine and a base install of fb2k v1.3.16 seem to be going just fine! Unfortunately the foo_audioscrobbler plugin isn't connecting though... :(
2017-08-10 @ 06:22 UTC
jambowned (
I'm a bit annoyed I didn't record CLHRDay this year, most of the sets are only available in 128k =
2017-08-08 @ 15:22 UTC
frifox (
I've tried A LOT and all players have their fault. So far my fav player is VOX:

If only I could get foobar2k on a mac. Running it with wine is too unstable for me :(
2017-08-08 @ 15:18 UTC
Right so what is the preferred music player for Mac users on here? Using Clementine but it just isn't consistent when playing towards the end of cues... Is there anything better?
2017-08-07 @ 09:18 UTC
thank you oxygen15 for bbc ibiza!!!
2017-08-05 @ 10:48 UTC
Thanks for the BBC and Gai Barone cues, HEROES!
2017-08-05 @ 07:27 UTC
big thanks for pete, didn't listed to these 2 yet :)
2017-08-04 @ 17:15 UTC
Pete and Friction are coming tomorrow..
2017-08-04 @ 16:36 UTC
oxygen15, thanks for bbc cues :)
2017-08-02 @ 13:30 UTC
@frifox Good job! Thanks very much. :)
2017-08-01 @ 16:26 UTC
YoDA (
Thank you, mate!
2017-07-31 @ 19:45 UTC
frifox (
There. All caught up on Patterns cues :)
2017-07-31 @ 19:31 UTC
jambowned: Possibly, sent you a quick email.
2017-07-31 @ 05:27 UTC
jambowned (
Oh wow, Coldharbour Day totally snuck up on me!!!

On right now
2017-07-31 @ 03:31 UTC
jambowned (
Any idea if ASOT Tomorrowland had a warm-up set?
2017-07-30 @ 10:32 UTC
CD copies go for a small fortune on discogs. Was really impressed with myself when I managed to find Forbidden Paradise 4 & 6 in bargain bins locally.
2017-07-29 @ 14:27 UTC
YoDA (
I have written to your mail
2017-07-29 @ 06:34 UTC
jambowned (
I've been going through my old Tiesto stuff, and after looking it up online I realised that I don't have the Forbidden Paradise or Lost Treasures mixes.

Any idea where one can get them these days?
2017-07-28 @ 15:24 UTC
Hello People on Cuenation
It's August and time to go on vacation.
I'm telling everyone I'll take a break and
I will not be present on two ASOT episode 825 & 826
Be Good & take care
and I will see you soon on ASOT 827 on 17.08.2017.
With best regards
baby967 769ybab
2017-07-28 @ 01:14 UTC
The Doc
Been loving this guy's tribute mixes. This is his latest tribute to Kearnage Recordings.
2017-07-26 @ 18:56 UTC
YoDA (
Thank you! Will do more of GDJB
2017-07-26 @ 18:44 UTC
Btw. some good sets at the Trance Energy stage at Tomorrowland, really enjoyed PvD, Svenson n Gielen and Purple Haze is not bad either!
2017-07-25 @ 02:57 UTC
jambowned (
Thanks for continuing the work on old GDJB YoDA, it's amazing how much great music is in the old episodes.
2017-07-24 @ 13:56 UTC
jambowned (
Digital Blonde is going to start doing a monthly 1 hour DJ set live streamed.

2017-07-23 @ 15:51 UTC
St. Jetto (

Anyway, feel sad for her
2017-07-23 @ 13:27 UTC
lindmik (
Six hour Neptune Project set (cue) coming up! Started wondering whatever happened to Delline Bass, but I shouldn't have fed my curiosity. :(
2017-07-22 @ 09:43 UTC
lindmik (
Deffo! Unless someone beats me to it. :)
2017-07-22 @ 06:44 UTC
Hey! Is anyone thinking about doing this year's Sunrise Set?
2017-07-21 @ 10:00 UTC
Scerby: Indeed, hats down to Lindmik, jambowned, and many more for keeping this awesome site up!

Lumi was on my llist for quite a while and i am so glad that i did it, the festival is just something different. Very happy that non of the shtty 'trance' that Armin pushes these days was not played at any time in the past 4 days :) Already thinking of going next year again :)
2017-07-20 @ 15:34 UTC
Guys, lindmik, Vi11ian, Luke and others who contribute to this great page with a lot of great music, big thank you for your hard work! :)

Luke: you are lucky man that you were at Luminosity. I was watching live stream from mainstage almost all weekend and the music was fantastic. A lof of great DJs played at the same times so as I know myself, I would be sad that I miss them :D
2017-07-20 @ 10:01 UTC
Luke (
Scerby: RAM is in the queue and will populate the rest too (hopefully sometimes soon) :)

There was so many great sets! The third day was insane! Darey, Airbase, Picotto, Rank 1, Marco V and even though I though Bryan is going to play much harder, he played top set and the atmosphere was just fantastic, although I am little bit gutted that I have missed RAM, you just dont hear sets like that anymore.
2017-07-20 @ 07:31 UTC
lindmik (
It's alright. :)

I could take a stab at some of those too, at least Sherry.
2017-07-19 @ 20:11 UTC
Luke: There are some good tech-trance sets (from Mark Sherry, Paul Denton, Sam Jones, RAM) and Coldharbour rec. (from Anske, Solid Stone). Airwave sets seems good too. Thank you in advance! :)

I am still waiting for sets from Rogers Shah, Nifra, Signum, Scot Project and Grum.

PS: Lindmik, sorry that I wrote my "request" here, but I just want to respond to question.
2017-07-19 @ 19:19 UTC
Luke (
Gonna do some more Lumi 2017 cues, any preference?
2017-07-16 @ 07:26 UTC
You can start with BBC shows - Essential Mix, Essential Selection and Residency, they can give you a general idea about what's hot right now and the direction in which EDM (not that cheap radio crap genre) is headed.

But yeah, after that it's better to know which sound do you prefer - because most of the radio shows spin around particular genre, sound or label, so there won't be much variety in music across one radioshow.
2017-07-16 @ 04:43 UTC
I love listening EDM shows, a few of them are here. I recommend listening Heldeep Radio or Hardwell On Air. Also Lift Off Radio, which I cue, is very popular. Many more you can find on :-)
2017-07-15 @ 16:57 UTC
lindmik (
What artists/DJs/genres do/did you like? "EDM" is a quite broad concept.
2017-07-15 @ 12:24 UTC
Chrisss (
Hey guys, I haven't listened to EDM shows properly in a few years. Can any of you recommend me a few that you really liked in the last 2 years? Thanks
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