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Previously, on CueNation:

2014-04-17 @ 14:12 UTC
lindmik (
Ah, rats! I have a bug in my URL parser/smiley parser. :D:D:D
2014-04-17 @ 14:11 UTC
lindmik (
Seaching for "2014-04" on
revealed the following weekly shows:
- A State of Trance []
- Drum & Bass Show [TALiON]
- The Essential Selection [TALiON]
- BBC Radio 1's Residency [TALiON]
- Essential Mix [TALiON]
- Global DJ Broadcast []
- Tone Diary [] & [Podcast]

ASOT & GDJB usually are done by others also, so maybe not that critical.
2014-04-17 @ 12:21 UTC
BoyMuzik (
Oxygen, which shows? I would love the chance to do them for ya :)
2014-04-12 @ 08:25 UTC
Going on vacation for the next week or so..

So, next weekend's shows usually cued by me will come pretty late, unless someone will back me up :)
2014-04-11 @ 16:09 UTC
YooZ (
Last GTG is the tits
2014-04-11 @ 14:26 UTC
lindmik (
Prelistening new 2h On Cue episode. Should be up this weekend. :)
2014-04-10 @ 23:04 UTC
Trance ... sometime I see that Armin, Arney and many artis they forgot what is ... SOUND OF real TRANCE...So, ASOT (for me) die about episode 400 ...
2014-04-10 @ 21:00 UTC
blade999 (
Is there anyone still hearing ASOT, and claims that he/she hears trance? The show that tries to kill the genre week by week? C'mon...
2014-04-10 @ 20:22 UTC
jevonsxi (
ASOT is dead, just sayin'.
2014-04-10 @ 19:45 UTC
MrVrhgyiB (
ASOT 658 is pretty decent. Just sayin'.
2014-04-10 @ 06:38 UTC
frifox (
oh snap, i better get on it. downloaded and cue'ing in a sec
2014-04-10 @ 06:13 UTC
Ach (
New GTG turbo mix is off the charts! J00f's new tune Healing is sick.
2014-04-08 @ 02:47 UTC
jambowned (
Indecent Noise is coming back to Adelaide again!!!

Hopefully he is playing a #NOI5E set.
2014-04-07 @ 05:17 UTC
hamed (
CUE of "Hernan Cattaneo - Resident" is running in "" too!
2014-04-07 @ 04:59 UTC
jambowned (
Markus Schulz just posted the first behind the scenes video from the Scream 2 Bus Tour, and the first couple of minutes are him having a tantrum about the audio and video not being set up properly...
2014-04-06 @ 22:42 UTC
MrVrhgyiB (
the 2hr radio show was fantastic.
2014-04-06 @ 21:55 UTC
jambowned (
5 hour final Bosh =O
2014-04-05 @ 16:58 UTC
club life 365 will be added tomorrow :-)
2014-04-04 @ 10:25 UTC
Thanks! Working perfectly here.
2014-04-04 @ 07:30 UTC
lindmik (
I like the CSS columns thing, wonder I it could be used for the front page categories too. Problem is that it fills one column top to bottom first, so the second column would have from category N/2 forward. I guess flex-box would make more sense, but that was only implemented in the latest Firefox release, and doesn't work in IE.
2014-04-04 @ 07:27 UTC
lindmik (
I kinda anticipated that request, so I kept the old code and ported it to the new page now. ;)
2014-04-04 @ 06:16 UTC
Looking pretty slick. Any chance we can get the alphabetised shortcut bar thingy back at the top though? Too lazy to scroll :P
2014-04-04 @ 04:07 UTC
jambowned (
I like it a lot, removing the slow loading pictures definitely helps.
2014-04-03 @ 21:14 UTC
MrVrhgyiB (
Same opinion here.
2014-04-03 @ 20:50 UTC
stev0b (
Looks very neat to me.
2014-04-03 @ 19:49 UTC
lindmik (
Revamped the "Categories" page. Removed the slow loading banners and grouped the categories by first letter more clearly. Not 100% satisfied, but works better IMO. Comments are welcome!
2014-04-02 @ 19:14 UTC
gregov (
Anyone knows what happened to Headfuck Radio and why Recoverworld stopped adding their podcasts on website?
2014-04-01 @ 15:35 UTC
:D lool.
2014-04-01 @ 10:59 UTC
lindmik (
OK, we're registering, but for now the name is changed on the old URL.

Prepare to update your bookmarks!
2014-04-01 @ 10:54 UTC
Meh. Probably wouldn't have bothered with any sort of April Fool's thing really...
2014-04-01 @ 10:07 UTC
CueNation is renaming to TrouceNation.

No more Indecent Noise or Bryan Kearney sets will be cued from now on.
2014-04-01 @ 09:39 UTC
lindmik (
Successful troll is successful?

Oh, was I supposed to have some silly announcement today? Ah, well...
2014-04-01 @ 06:14 UTC
boymuzik (
Snake? He was effing horrible! People are raving about it? Not only did his set not have any flow, or originality, his mixing ability even sucked. I mean anyone can screw up and train wreck. But he did so many times I almost wondered if his cross fader was fucked up. And how did he end his set? With 4 minutes of the original ALBUM ballad of Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You. Da fuq???
2014-04-01 @ 03:25 UTC
jambowned (
I quickly googled DJ Snake at Ultra and everyone is raving about his set...

Although I suppose they could be the type of people who think Dave Guetta is a great DJ... or even a DJ at all.
2014-04-01 @ 00:54 UTC
m1nt (
best - Armin, Hardwell
worst - "DJ" Snake (after that I seriously question the first part of his alias)
2014-03-31 @ 22:32 UTC
BoyMuzik (
So who was the "best" at UMF in everyone's opinion. I watched almost the entire thing all 3 days. What was streamed on youtube anyhow. Myon & Shane 54, Alesso, Zedd, Steve Angello, and Hardwell were my faves. I think the best set was from Angello though. He blew me away, actually. Which he has NEVER done before. Who knew?
2014-03-31 @ 01:21 UTC
jambowned (
Armin & Benno are killing it at Ultra.
2014-03-31 @ 00:42 UTC
jambowned (
CueNation didn't come up, but it was mentioned that his 2 hour set from the gig was recorded and he said he'd give it a listen and hopefully put it out.

He finished with Alquimia at 140 bpm haha
2014-03-30 @ 20:10 UTC
Something funny:

Trance meets Schlager. :D
2014-03-30 @ 16:28 UTC
lindmik (
Hope you hyped CueNation to him. ;)
2014-03-30 @ 15:51 UTC
AciDSuN (
Did you used protection ?
2014-03-30 @ 15:07 UTC
jambowned (
Amazing night, ended up going to dinner with John Askew after the gig, had a great time. The man's hilarious.
2014-03-30 @ 13:08 UTC
jambowned (
Hanging out with John Askew.

Back at his hotel getting some food and drinks.
2014-03-30 @ 02:46 UTC
jambowned (
Seeing John Askew live today!

Kinda disappointed as he's only playing a 2 hour set and they have about 5 local DJs playing, but whatever. Still better than nothing.
2014-03-26 @ 13:11 UTC
lindmik (
Hello, hello!

Returning, or just visiting?
2014-03-26 @ 12:02 UTC
silv3r (
Hi, guys! :)
2014-03-25 @ 06:19 UTC
jambowned (
Indecent Noise Australian tour announced.

I could see a #NOI5E show live...

2014-03-24 @ 14:11 UTC
lindmik (
Yes, I broke the combo. Bwahaha...
2014-03-24 @ 13:59 UTC
c-c-c-combo breaker!
2014-03-22 @ 13:07 UTC
Sorry, man... You should have mentioned that your work is in progress - I wouldn't started mine.
2014-03-22 @ 07:19 UTC
BoyMuzik (
yes, very good mix. about half way through, it was just rolling through like a freight train and had that distinct Deep Dish sound that I haven't heard in probably 5-6 years. Very nice. :)
2014-03-22 @ 07:18 UTC
BoyMuzik (
OMG... I JUST finished cueing it up.. Arrrgh.
2014-03-22 @ 06:55 UTC
Got some spare time in the morning, so EM is covered eventually...

Good mix btw :)
2014-03-22 @ 06:15 UTC
BoyMuzik (
I will do it.
2014-03-21 @ 22:03 UTC
I'll be late with my regular shows tomorrow, so if anyone wants to cue Essential Mix with Deep Dish - you are welcome!
2014-03-20 @ 10:02 UTC
In this case though the track would have a limited lifetime of availability to listen if it was even on the BBC Radio 1 website at all, pretty sure those shows don't get officially uploaded onto Soundcloud etc.
2014-03-19 @ 20:52 UTC
Discographyby (
Hmmm. Links to liveset torrent files, now that's a tough one since more and more artists themselves are having their own livesets downloadable on SoundCloud...
2014-03-19 @ 20:43 UTC
frifox (
I clarified and it seems the complaint was about the external link, not the cue sheet.
2014-03-19 @ 20:40 UTC
Discographyby (
So a track title is copyrighted? That's baloney if you ask me.

Google it and you'll get 50k+ results. What's he gonna do? Go after all of them? WTF.
2014-03-19 @ 04:49 UTC
lindmik (
What's the legal claim? It's hearsay. Literally.
2014-03-18 @ 22:16 UTC
jambowned (
So it turns out that when KEARNAGE went from monthly to fortnightly, it also went from 2 hours back to 1 hour =
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