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Previously, on CueNation:

2015-10-03 @ 17:51 UTC
lindmik (
Just let me hate in peace, mmm-kay?
2015-10-03 @ 17:43 UTC
@jevonsxi: There is a lot of "same sounding" psy that's rather boring. But you can say the same for many (most/all?) other styles. It's not just electronic music that suffers from this: I have a friend who loves rock and he complains of the same thing.

@lindmik: "It's repetitive" sounds like the sort of thing someone who doesn't like electronic music says about it, lol. ;)
2015-10-03 @ 12:04 UTC
lindmik (
I like the "psy-influenced" tech trance that is popular now. The real psy just sounds so annoyingly repetitive to me, though it is probably only as repetitive as what I like.
2015-10-03 @ 10:53 UTC
jevonsxi (
@MarQ, It may not be my thing but I do appreciate good psy/goa from time to time. 90% of psy these days is cookie-cutter Neelix style ripoffs. You can't deny that.
2015-10-03 @ 05:44 UTC
lindmik (
Maybe I should have payed more attention to documentation instead if just hacking. Weird that this didn't cause problems on the previous host.
2015-10-02 @ 22:53 UTC
frifox (
holy shit this was intense. our code generated so many session files that even core linux commands choked up trying to read the directory, leave alone manage it (ie deleting the files). had to delete the files with something more "low level" and even that took whole ~6 hours.

on the more positive side, now I know exactly where the problem is if it ever happens again :D
2015-10-02 @ 16:17 UTC
@jevonsxi: I don't agree in the slightest. Sounds like psy isn't your thing.
2015-09-30 @ 19:39 UTC
jevonsxi (
Psy is such a boring trend. The only decent psy I've heard all year is Side Winder - Darvox (Satinka remix)
2015-09-30 @ 19:21 UTC
frifox (
decided to give Sean Tyas's show another shot... since when did he start playing Psy D:
2015-09-30 @ 15:14 UTC
jambowned (
The new Dakota is actually... good
2015-09-30 @ 05:34 UTC
jambowned (
Thanks for the link, I'll have a look once my Internet rolls over tomorrow.
2015-09-28 @ 16:06 UTC
rooboy86 (

@jambowned TATW 003 - 202 in that torrent.

RUTracker have pretty well all the old shows. I have an amazing collection of trance from the site, including every Anjunabeats worldwide ep, All GDJB eps plus loads more. Shoot me an email and I'll see if I can send you a drive in the mail :)
2015-09-26 @ 17:02 UTC
lindmik (
Sorry about the problems with the site the past day. We had too many cue files on the server, choking it. :D:D:D

This kind of forces us to take action to move stuff to the database.
2015-09-26 @ 17:00 UTC
jevonsxi (
Ah, finally back online.
2015-09-25 @ 11:10 UTC
I've updated quite a few IDs for GDJB from 2014 and to present day. You are welcome to re-download your cuesheets if you must...
2015-09-25 @ 03:38 UTC
jambowned (
@dubca7: Done, but please keep requests to the Requests page.
2015-09-23 @ 19:59 UTC
Could someone add "Everyone Needs Music Radio" as a category
2015-09-23 @ 03:25 UTC
jambowned (
Please don't post links to illegal downloads of commercial releases.
2015-09-22 @ 14:28 UTC
lindmik (
Damn! Just noticed that I was influenced by Neptune Project as I built my mix from "Found A Way" which was in the TOT set that I cued. JOC sure knows how to make catchy pads!
2015-09-22 @ 10:56 UTC
YoDA (
Yep, especially Green series. Had one of this & it was broken during one year.
I bought Samsung SSD & got defective one. Now using Crucial MX200
2015-09-22 @ 06:11 UTC
lindmik (
Hmm... and I was surprised when my Samsung SSD died. Can't trust no one these days.
2015-09-22 @ 05:16 UTC
WD is also shit nowadays, as Seagate... Most reliable drives are Hitachi (or HGST) now (you can check various statistics of drive failure rates collected from thousands of drives).
2015-09-22 @ 05:03 UTC
jambowned (
Nah Seagate.

Although a WD might break too if you dropped it =P
2015-09-22 @ 05:03 UTC
lindmik (
May I ask what model HDD it was that died? Don't break my heart and say WD.
2015-09-22 @ 01:30 UTC
Make it 2 hard drives, 2 pcs and also dvds. Just to be sure. :)
2015-09-21 @ 23:31 UTC
jambowned (
I luckily have fibre, so downloading won't be an issue.

I should be covered for ASOT, got a nice email with some details on where to download.

From now on I'll need to make sure everything is on both my PC and external drive at all times!
2015-09-21 @ 18:09 UTC
Fin (
Oh no jambowned,

thatīs so bad. I really understand how devasteted you surely feel.

Get in touch via mail with me, maybe I can help.
2015-09-21 @ 13:30 UTC
lindmik (
Some of those episodes are almost impossible to find.
2015-09-21 @ 13:26 UTC
I would say just download it again but with shitey Aus interweb would take forever...
2015-09-21 @ 05:25 UTC
lindmik (
2015-09-21 @ 05:20 UTC
jambowned (
More like crowdfund my HDD recovery costs.
2015-09-20 @ 18:38 UTC
lindmik (
Crowdfund it and send copies to all donors. ;)
2015-09-20 @ 10:40 UTC
jambowned (
Maybe we should send those discs around the world, let everyone get a copy =P

Also just realised that my TATW collection that I recently completed is also gone.

Seriously considering paying for HDD recovery.
2015-09-20 @ 07:46 UTC
@jambowned: That sucks, I feel sorry for you. I would be furious when my HDD would crash. Anyway, do you know why I burnt like 35 ASOT and 20 TATW dvds? Because my entire life is based on mistrusting people and technic.^^
2015-09-20 @ 06:14 UTC
lindmik (
Damn. Don't give the drive to Whiterose, let someone else recover it.
2015-09-19 @ 23:09 UTC
jambowned (
I'm so gutted, my external HDD died and I lost a bunch of early ASOT I thought I had backed up.

Everything from 2000-2010 is gone =[
2015-09-19 @ 19:41 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, there's some stuff in the promo mixes. ;)
2015-09-19 @ 13:05 UTC
St. Jetto (
Nick Warren has two shows on the front page ... Gotta try one of those :P
2015-09-19 @ 09:09 UTC
jevonsxi (
^^^ My latest podcast. Cue is located in the promo mixes.
2015-09-19 @ 08:16 UTC
lindmik (
Made a new Going Back mix, might put it up soon if it meets my quality standards.
2015-09-18 @ 18:27 UTC
Haven't noticed how Pete Tong gained downloads recently... I'm also happy with people showing some love for non-mainstream music, like DnB Show.

Anyhow, now there are 6 out of 7 shows curated by me on the front page, yay! :)
2015-09-18 @ 18:03 UTC
lindmik (
Front page reshuffled. No big changes. Dropped some shows without recent cues.
2015-09-17 @ 08:59 UTC
Brent_ (
Yay! Drumcode!
2015-09-17 @ 01:19 UTC
jambowned (
Does anyone have the full 60 minute warm up set from ASOT 550 London?

I only have the 40 minute one, but apparnetly a full recording exists.
2015-09-16 @ 23:54 UTC
frifox (
2015-09-16 @ 23:29 UTC
frifox (
lmao... checked github commit and noticed that I accidentally spelled Category as Caategory. i'll fix it once i get home
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