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2016-06-25 @ 18:34 UTC
Very Hard in the Pants
Yo, could someone add marcus schossow - inspiration category. that would be fucking nice! here we go!
2016-06-25 @ 10:52 UTC
Brent_ (
Ah that explains. Don't mind cues for non-scene releases either :) Looking forward to Audio's DNB60!
2016-06-24 @ 17:40 UTC
Tomorrow, probably..
I still don't a proper scene rip for either shows. :(
2016-06-24 @ 09:52 UTC
matyey (
Milllionnnnn thanks to Vi11ian for Patterns Cues! Fantastic work! :) Have a good summer and positive vibes to everyone! ;)
2016-06-24 @ 09:07 UTC
Brent_ (
Any Rockwell/Friction to kick off the weekend soon? :)
2016-06-23 @ 23:28 UTC
jambowned (
There are always pesky DJs who don't want their sets uploaded, but it sucks that there are dupes =
2016-06-23 @ 19:03 UTC
lindmik (
Here's the 10YAMC set number spreadsheet:

Some sets seem to be missing from AH.FM still, and some where duplicated on multiple days. Sloppy, sloppy...
2016-06-23 @ 12:38 UTC
jambowned (
I just realised that in that HDD crash a few months ago I lost half the Coldharbour Day sets.

2009-2011 and 2013

Anyone have them?
2016-06-23 @ 11:56 UTC
jambowned (
Would be pretty easy to copy the list in to Excel and then just number the column next to it.
2016-06-23 @ 11:09 UTC
lindmik (
Of course they didn't number the 10YAMC sets. Now we have to do them chronologically, or count the numbers. :(
2016-06-21 @ 16:37 UTC
@jambowned: coming soon another 5 hours set ;-)
2016-06-20 @ 01:47 UTC
jambowned (
Downloads are finally up for 10YAMC!
2016-06-17 @ 17:11 UTC
lindmik (
Updated some Kearney cues now that HP Source - Maverick was finally ID'd.
2016-06-14 @ 07:25 UTC
legran88 (
10 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration - Time Up
2016-06-14 @ 06:50 UTC
@Vi11ian: Thanks for the TrancEye cues! Keep 'em coming :)
2016-06-11 @ 09:14 UTC
Brent_ (
Hmm yeah it was quite similar from the DNB60 he did last year as well
2016-06-10 @ 18:27 UTC
Typical jump-up selection from Playaz camp, nothing extraordinary...
2016-06-10 @ 17:50 UTC
Brent_ (
Excited about the Sub Zero DNB60 for Friction :D
2016-06-09 @ 20:27 UTC
lindmik (
Nobody left any comments on the last cues, so probably it wasn't appreciated?
2016-06-09 @ 20:26 UTC
lindmik (
Other than that they don't exist and no one is requesting them? Nope.
2016-06-09 @ 19:30 UTC
raanst (
Hello everyone, so anybody know something about new cue files for "Open Up"?
2016-06-09 @ 08:36 UTC
@jambowned: Sunless & A-Mase - Beyond the Atmosphere and Anton Veter - Infinite Universe. Some Infinite Universe episodes are progressive house, but most of them are breaks. I highly recommend IU ep. 13 - Plu-Ton's guest mix is awesome.

Anton Veter also has done a number of other personal mixes (which there are cues for), so do a search for him.
2016-06-09 @ 01:32 UTC
jambowned (
Can anyone recommend me some good Progressive and Atmospheric Breaks releases or radioshows/mixes?
2016-06-08 @ 15:05 UTC
I don't understand these guys not crediting the original tracks. Perhaps they pay a licence fee so they don't have to, but that's still lame.

Another one is Gai Barone - Love Stimulation (sounds great, but why not label it a remix?).
2016-06-05 @ 23:33 UTC
jambowned (
There seems to have been a big trend with that recently.

The earliest one I can remember is Markus Schulz - Perception.
2016-06-03 @ 19:46 UTC
lindmik (
Soo... "Rank 1 - Superstring". First pissing over the original artist Cygnus X by putting their own name on it, then making a worse version than their own remix from 2000. Yes, the production quality is good, but the song is completely dead inside. The main melody sounds forced on the utterly boring background beat. A remaster of the remix would have been much, much better IMO.
2016-06-03 @ 18:15 UTC
lindmik (
Not my fault that some dumbass has either misnamed or miscategorized the episodes. Actually I think that dumbass is called Armin.

And shame on you for still listening to ASOT. Don't you know that it's not cool anymore? It's cool to talk shit about ASOT nowadays. Fo shizzles my trancenizzles.
2016-06-03 @ 14:28 UTC
Angry Boi
Please move "A State of Trance Festival" down. I have to scroll down every week, do you know how much calories that cost me?
2016-06-03 @ 03:14 UTC
jambowned (
There's a new Bonzai In The Mix release out and they got an Aussie to do it (Audio Noir)!

Anyone else get it and make a cue? =P
2016-05-31 @ 13:24 UTC
lindmik (

Spot on!
2016-05-30 @ 06:16 UTC
lindmik (
Groovy! Guess I have to update the link on the top of the page from EOYC to YAMC soon.
2016-05-30 @ 06:07 UTC
jambowned (
10YAMC kicks off in 3 hours!
2016-05-28 @ 11:12 UTC
@lindmik: just listen the mix
2016-05-28 @ 11:06 UTC
lindmik (
So, you basically made the cue for the set already. You could just have uploaded it... :(
2016-05-28 @ 11:05 UTC
lindmik (
^^^ Also, the 10YAMC flier is up!
2016-05-28 @ 11:03 UTC
lindmik (
I know about that, but I prefer the SC link for consistency's sake.
2016-05-28 @ 11:01 UTC
^^^ :-)
2016-05-28 @ 10:45 UTC
lindmik (
Wonder when the SoundCloud link will be up when IN is in Australia...
2016-05-28 @ 10:41 UTC
lindmik (
Sure, I'll do my best and you can fill in the rest. :)
2016-05-28 @ 10:38 UTC
@lindmik: can i help you with tl for Eddie Bitar takeover of MA? :-)
2016-05-27 @ 09:23 UTC
lindmik (
Wow! Listening to Extrema 451 and the track James Kelly - Time Flies, now this is my kind of old-school trance! Not often that a track hits me like this. :D
2016-05-26 @ 14:15 UTC
If you like The Thrillseekers productions, check out that homage mix of over 60 tracks.
2016-05-25 @ 12:01 UTC
jambowned (
That app will have to be awesome to have me switch over from PowerAmp.

Native support for 99+ cue sheet playback is pretty great.
2016-05-25 @ 08:17 UTC
I see the official Foobar2000 android app has been released on google play (see link above). No native cue sheet support though :(

I hope they implement that along with playcount syncing with main app and the ability to use titleformatting to customise your phone music library.
2016-05-24 @ 23:04 UTC
jambowned (
AH.FM 10YAMC confirmed for the 30th, but still no flyer.

Sounds like some big sets from long lasting residents.
2016-05-24 @ 02:40 UTC
The Doc
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