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2016-02-12 @ 05:59 UTC
lindmik (
Same goes for my posts, but it's beyond jokes, as usually I'm the only one who understands them.
2016-02-12 @ 03:00 UTC
jambowned (
It's ok, I was just joking.

Thus the =P

Actually just take all of my posts as jokes.
2016-02-12 @ 00:41 UTC
Mediographyby (
@jambowned, not unless somebody catches it early (which I might in the near future).
2016-02-11 @ 13:16 UTC
Brent_ (
Alright no problem! Cheers for the cue's, I was eagerly waiting for these :)
2016-02-10 @ 20:57 UTC
jevonsxi (
@Brent, I'm just compiling the TLs of previous episodes so most of them will be up soon enough. Bit tricky to find the transitions but I can handle it.
2016-02-10 @ 09:35 UTC
Brent_ (
Liebing cue's o/ I actually started to make a few one myself (am/fm 027 and onwards). They can be a bit rough but I can upload them if you like.
2016-02-10 @ 06:59 UTC
jambowned (
If it was posted early shouldn't it get cue'd early?

2016-02-09 @ 22:09 UTC
Mediographyby (
The Doc, he did the same thing with episode 010. Who knows why...
2016-02-09 @ 17:16 UTC
The Doc
So he just posted episode 011 really early. lol
2016-02-09 @ 16:14 UTC
frifox (
Nah, every 2nd Tuesday of the month, right before GTG.
2016-02-09 @ 16:12 UTC
The Doc
Does LCD Sessions usually air on Mondays?
2016-02-09 @ 10:39 UTC
jambowned (
Super Trance Tuesday time soon!
2016-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
Brent_ (
Just finished Stephan Bodzin's Essential Mix. That's the first Essential Mix Of The Year contestant right there in my opinion :)
2016-02-07 @ 15:28 UTC
Brent_ (
Well in that case, it won't be the first time an Essential Mix artist surprised me with an "outside the box" mix so maybe I should give it a try ;)
2016-02-07 @ 15:12 UTC
What if they'll deliver ambient/techno mix? :D
2016-02-07 @ 11:28 UTC
Brent_ (
Finally a week off for me for Essential Mix then ;) But I'm all good with the diversity for the show.
2016-02-07 @ 09:10 UTC
lindmik (
That might be interesting. Hope they put a lot of effort into it. :)
2016-02-07 @ 08:54 UTC
Next weekend Aly & Fila are on EM duties
2016-02-05 @ 17:05 UTC
8.5 hour Thomas Datt marathon yearmix uploaded! It took me a few sittings to make. :D
2016-02-05 @ 00:09 UTC
Eprint (
Hard With Style #53 added. Have fun!
2016-02-04 @ 09:03 UTC
Hawtin isn't Hawtin if his tracklist isn't totally fucked up...
I'm halfway done, need a long break now :(
2016-02-03 @ 15:42 UTC
Cuesheet with DL links coming soon...
2016-02-03 @ 09:39 UTC
lindmik (
@Fin: Look at the links for previous Essential Mixes to check where they are posted, e.g. I found this one:
2016-02-03 @ 08:49 UTC
Is there a DL link?
2016-02-02 @ 15:32 UTC
lindmik (
Was it hawt? Tee hee hee...
2016-02-02 @ 15:29 UTC
Did you hear Hawtin's Essential Mix? Wow, lovin' it!
2016-02-02 @ 13:36 UTC
jambowned (
How did I only just find out that Solid Stone has a radio show?!
2016-02-02 @ 12:28 UTC
oh sorry, 491
2016-02-02 @ 12:26 UTC
VS 492 updated.
2016-02-01 @ 01:49 UTC
jambowned (
Just FYI, I'll only be cueing the ASOT 750 warm up sets and anything else that takes my fancy, like the Solid Stone set from Toronto.
2016-01-31 @ 23:05 UTC
hamed (
@CSD: Could u find better quality of PHW?
2016-01-31 @ 11:08 UTC
Brent_ (
True, although I'm curious what he plays nowadays :) Next week Stephan Bodzin, looking forward to that!
2016-01-31 @ 08:02 UTC
Yeah, I knew about that two weeks ago, and I hate the thought of doing it!.. >_
Will try to make it when I have nothing better to do :D After all it's just his another live mix, not like his debut or anything else important.

P.S. they are looking pretty old... ^^^
2016-01-29 @ 22:10 UTC
Brent_ (
Hawtin back on Essential Mix duties tonight, good luck cue'ing that ;)
2016-01-29 @ 18:14 UTC
They have vinyls for some new releases. Such as Anahera - Gouryella [2015] that was shown on stream. So I doubt it will be a full classic set.
2016-01-29 @ 11:09 UTC
St. Jetto (
Yeah, that's what I thought
2016-01-29 @ 09:29 UTC
YoDA (
@St. Jetto
I think it'll be classic trance vinyl set
2016-01-29 @ 09:19 UTC
St. Jetto (
Armin's ASOT vinyl set in the Netherland?
Really looking forward to that ...
They still make plats for new releases?
2016-01-29 @ 07:26 UTC
The difference between job and personal preferences. ;)
2016-01-29 @ 04:38 UTC
secretly Armin still loves at least progressive ;)
2016-01-28 @ 23:39 UTC
jambowned (
Armin is still damn good at picking out warm up tracks

Really wish he would do an episode dedicated to it, or even a mix compilation.
2016-01-28 @ 19:21 UTC
Congrats Frifox! I'm so sad that they're doing the ASOT 750 festival in Toronto. I literally just moved away :(
2016-01-28 @ 19:06 UTC
The Doc
Time for another ASOT Fest which can only mean...more warm-up sets! :D
2016-01-28 @ 16:34 UTC
@jambo: coming soon ;-)
2016-01-27 @ 12:34 UTC
Mediographyby (
@jambowned & @oxygen15: They most likely don't buy from Beatport at all. Instead, they sell stuff they downloaded for free. I know this because one site that I'm a member of (I paid like $20 a few years ago and still have about $15 left to spend) has extremely rare MP3s that aren't even available on Beatport, and the names of the MP3s are similar to those of 0day releases. ;)
2016-01-27 @ 12:17 UTC
Mediographyby (
I'm still trying to figure out if MarQ is correct regarding cues for MP3s with no CDs, because although I don't see how the labels will win if they sue, they'll probably sue anyway. :P
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