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2015-09-04 @ 12:58 UTC
lindmik (
Say you copy a bunch of EOYC or YAMC or similar sets and cues to your phone, how do you nicely get them to show up by artist? Making a folder with the artist name for each set would be horrid...
2015-09-04 @ 12:25 UTC
jambowned (
I use the folder view in Poweramp, didn't realise that issue existed.
2015-09-04 @ 09:00 UTC
lindmik (
PowerAMP is unfortunately listing the cues by the wrong artist, instead of using the performer of the cue, it uses the one from the last track of the cue. Also, it doesn't show embedded cover art for cues.

Maybe I should file a few improvement suggestions for them.
2015-09-04 @ 08:57 UTC
jambowned (
Poweramp on Android is great for cue support.
2015-09-04 @ 06:48 UTC
aphis (
@St. Jetto No, sorry, I'm only iOS dev. Android version is not even planned.
2015-09-04 @ 01:11 UTC
St. Jetto (
No android version?
2015-09-03 @ 17:41 UTC
aphis (
Hi guys! I am a developer of Choon – iOS audio player with cue sheet support. I'm not sure but as I know it's the only working cue player for iOS nowadays. If you are iphone user, you can grab it here:

Promo codes for free install:

I will appreciate any feedback :)
2015-09-03 @ 15:46 UTC
frifox (
so, what are the current go-to sources for radio show releases?
2015-09-03 @ 07:26 UTC
lindmik (
Hahaha, I made the cue for KEARNAGE 086 this morning, but forgot to upload it. #dumbass

Will up it tonight! Probably with new Cause & Effect cue. :p
2015-09-02 @ 23:31 UTC
jambowned (
Every now and then I still get cues uploaded with the first line ARTIST field deleted.
2015-09-02 @ 19:01 UTC
lindmik (
Too late for me to debug anything. :p

E.g. the Kearney "RTÉ" cue stored as ANSI became "RT?".

I'll hit you up the next time it happens!
2015-09-02 @ 18:57 UTC
frifox (
email me a file that causes that. I uploaded one of my own, and it worked no problems.

btw, easier to go skype for dev talk? my nick is 'frifox' there, online there 24/7 due to work
2015-09-02 @ 18:54 UTC
lindmik (
Any idea what breaks the uploads? It replaces all non-ascii chars with "?". Editing the cue works fine.
2015-09-02 @ 17:59 UTC
frifox (
actually i think i know why i had that line. foobar didn't render utf8 chars correctly so that line forced all cues down to ansii. the site however reads that ansii file and presents it as utf8 which obviously caused the broken chars.
2015-09-02 @ 17:56 UTC
frifox (
in my cue parser:
mb_convert_encoding($out, 'ISO-8859-1');

was necessary for old host, this host... commenting it out did the trick. let me know if it breaks anything
2015-09-02 @ 16:08 UTC
frifox (
that's easier to debug, i'll check it out
2015-09-02 @ 16:05 UTC
lindmik (
Noticed yesterday that the cue shifter messes up the encoding, almost like uploading cues does, but it can be converted back to latin, which uploads cannot be.
2015-09-02 @ 16:01 UTC
frifox (
updated both nginx & hhvm on the server... hope nothing breaks.
2015-08-31 @ 15:37 UTC
are you ready for another Menno Solo set :-P
2015-08-31 @ 14:14 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, I also had problems uploading mixes, so they do have some checks. And I sometimes notice that some artists that I follow try to upload previews of their own tracks 2-3 times before giving up, based on the e-mail notifications that I get.
2015-08-31 @ 13:59 UTC
frifox (
I think they did. I can't even upload my mashup because it contains Orjan Nilsen samples...
2015-08-31 @ 13:56 UTC
jambowned (
I don't think they care about the official artist pages.

Apparently they've been asking SC for 5 YEARS to crack down on random users who upload copyrighted material.

SC chose to ignore the requests for the entire 5 years.
2015-08-31 @ 11:20 UTC
lindmik (
Nope, and that's why I hate Mixcloud. Good for nothing (for me).

So what's the deal with SoundCloud now? Someone got their panties in a twist because users are uploading copyrighted material? Does this include most DJ sets?
2015-08-31 @ 11:04 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah but so many other download services require a premium account to get non shit speeds.

Does Mixcloud even offer a download option?
2015-08-31 @ 05:52 UTC
lindmik (
Frankly, I only saw SoundClound as a high-speed download for sets, mostly featuring a tracklist. There are gazillion services that can replace that.
2015-08-31 @ 05:18 UTC
Well, MIX-Cloud is for mixes, right?.. Soundcloud was always like a promo platform for producers, not bedroom DJs..
2015-08-31 @ 02:22 UTC
jambowned (
So SoundCloud is in trouble

I've already seen heaps of producers on Twitter and Facebook talking about moving to MixCloud or deleting their SC accounts.
2015-08-30 @ 20:24 UTC
After several fabulous years it's time to say goodbye to Solaris International and say hello to the latest incarnation of my long-running radio platform: Solarstone presents Pure Trance Radio....
Rest information is on FB oficial page.
2015-08-30 @ 19:05 UTC
YoDA (
Probably changing name
2015-08-30 @ 18:54 UTC
jambowned (
Is Solaris changing name or is this a new show from Solarstone?
2015-08-30 @ 16:32 UTC
YoDA (
Another new name for Solarstone's radioshow - Pure Trance Radio
2015-08-29 @ 09:17 UTC
Does anyone know why background tabs in Firefox 40.x kinda keeps reloading from time to time? Although, the content itself seems to stay 'out-of-date' really.

Is that is some kind of useful feature? And how to disable it? It's looking annoying IMO.
2015-08-28 @ 06:56 UTC
lindmik (
Some of the Windows XP sounds were allegedly created with pirated software that left metadata in the .wavs that revealed this fact. It took many years for anyone to notice this.

The Win95 startup sound is very nice!
2015-08-28 @ 06:29 UTC
jambowned (
Brian Eno made the Windows 95 start-up music.

He made it on a Mac =P
2015-08-27 @ 15:03 UTC
frifox (
dat flashback... win 95/98 and NT from around the same time have the same trancy vibe to them. whoever made those must have been a trance head XD

it all went downhill with XP and after :(
2015-08-27 @ 11:29 UTC
jevonsxi (
^^ Proper ambient chillout music!
2015-08-26 @ 05:32 UTC
jambowned (
Holy shit the new Momentum episode

2015-08-26 @ 04:24 UTC
jambowned (
5 hour Argentina set coming soon from Indecent Noise!
2015-08-25 @ 16:07 UTC
@jambo: coming soon new Momentum ;-)
2015-08-25 @ 14:59 UTC
Had a quick flick through the track, got quite an ambient vibe to it. Maybe Carbon Based Lifeforms or Solar Fields are worth checking out if that floats your boat?
2015-08-25 @ 13:38 UTC
lindmik (
Matt Lange is going full BT:

Any podcast playing stuff like this?
2015-08-21 @ 10:49 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers, oxygen15! Great Residency shift this week as well.
2015-08-21 @ 00:31 UTC
jambowned (
Only 3 IDs left on the Menno solo set.

And a few ID remixes.
2015-08-20 @ 16:29 UTC
here ya go (I googled instead of waiting for my regular sources :D )
2015-08-20 @ 16:27 UTC
Brent_ (
No worries, thanks :)
2015-08-20 @ 14:55 UTC
No, I was doing annual maintenance of my uploads and spotted that have extra release, which I've missed.
And there's no scene release for the latest show yet...

I'm downloading non-TALiON rips now, hopefully will finish everything tomorrow!
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