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2014-09-18 @ 05:48 UTC
lindmik (
Removed all mixes older than 2 years.

There are a lot of weird buggy files in the cue file directories. Might make a script that cleans it up, and maybe see why they are created, if I find some time.
2014-09-18 @ 02:03 UTC
jambowned (
I'm still rocking my Beyerdynamic DT990s.

Also, can anyone recommend a similar mix or album to JOOF Editions.

DJ Jon Cockle's Ashdown Trance was a good one, but as always, I need more.
2014-09-18 @ 01:50 UTC
frifox (
Just bought another set of headphones, ath-m50x in addition to the ath-m50s that I already have. Gotta say, one of the best headphones just got even better
2014-09-16 @ 21:16 UTC
lindmik (
But, in the mean time, I'll see about purging old cue version backups also.
2014-09-16 @ 21:15 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, I can clean it up. I want to check if I have all my mixes backed up first. Then maybe start planning a migration to database backed cues.
2014-09-16 @ 20:28 UTC
frifox (
So our host, not very happy with our 38GB of data and over 190 thousand files. x.x

I think for starters lets clean up those mp3 files? Many of the sets are just sitting there without actually being downloaded...
2014-09-16 @ 19:30 UTC
lindmik (
Damn, new "Innocente" remix on KEARNAGE brings back memories... :)
2014-09-16 @ 11:57 UTC
jambowned (
No super long sets for Crystal Clouds 11th Birthday =[
2014-09-14 @ 20:31 UTC
frifox (
I'll take care of patterns tonight. I probably should just do them regularly but since it's aired 8am my time, always forget to do it XD
2014-09-14 @ 14:56 UTC
^^^ Patterns 093 (Draft)
I can't....(
2014-09-13 @ 16:03 UTC
hamed (
cheers! Progressive Emotions 033 is released :)
2014-09-13 @ 09:32 UTC
YooZ (
Saw John Digweed play at my 3rd world humble city of Amman yesterday. What a living legend.
2014-09-13 @ 05:23 UTC
Thanks for covering for me, Mike!
2014-09-13 @ 01:20 UTC
jambowned (
The worst thing about GDJB is the sheer number of tracks crammed in now.

It works just fine for faster shows like Mental Asylum and KEARNAGE, but I just vastly prefer 10 tracks an hour for the other stuff.
2014-09-12 @ 17:49 UTC
lindmik (
Oh gosh, GDJB has not gotten any better since I last listened. Same copy/paste sound in most tracks and quite boring mixing. And this is even the requests episode. oxygen, get well soon!
2014-09-12 @ 17:17 UTC
lindmik (
Ibiza Summer Sessions Closing Party and WAO138 episodes yesterday? Yahtzee!
2014-09-12 @ 17:09 UTC
lindmik (
Oh, yeah, guest commenting is probably still engaged. Well... I'll let it slide then.
2014-09-12 @ 17:08 UTC
lindmik (
A big F.U. to all people downloading oxy's GDJB cues every week without leaving a comment. :p
2014-09-12 @ 17:06 UTC
lindmik (
No sweat with GDJB, I'm on it!
2014-09-12 @ 15:02 UTC
Sorry, I feel sick and can't listen to any music right now. This means GDJB, Residency and other BBC R1 shows gonna be postponed a little.
2014-09-12 @ 03:20 UTC
jambowned (
Looks like Vi11ian was doing it, but he's gone a tad quiet lately.

Also Tom Yelland >_>
2014-09-12 @ 03:08 UTC
frifox (
Wasn't someone already on it? He does play stuff I like so if needed I can take it
2014-09-12 @ 03:00 UTC
jambowned (
@frifox: would you have any interest in cueing Christopher Lawrence's show, Rush Hour?
2014-09-11 @ 07:26 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah it looks like the first 60-90 minutes are the good bit ;)
2014-09-11 @ 03:07 UTC
@jambowned heard the 1st 30mins of Armins 7 hour set :w00t: :w00t it's really good!!!
2014-09-09 @ 23:52 UTC
jambowned (
And this 7 hour Armin set might be worth a listen.

The first couple of hours at least.
2014-09-09 @ 23:47 UTC
jambowned (
A good week.

Mental Asylum, GTG, Rush Hour, as well as the usual Patterns.
2014-09-08 @ 22:14 UTC
frifox (
Gai Barone tops it again this week, quality set!
2014-09-07 @ 15:27 UTC
Brent_ (
Bigup cueing the Friction show every week though, oxygen15. Enjoying it every week!
2014-09-06 @ 08:41 UTC
Damn, now almost every BBC R1 show I listen to was "upgraded" to 3 hours...
2014-09-04 @ 09:21 UTC
Loads of easy IDs to be done in the True To Trance cues I've uploaded in the last couple weeks for those who enjoy that sort of thing ;)

Otherwise if I ever get around to cueing the respective Euphonic Sessions sets I'll try and go back to update the respective TTT tracklists as well....
2014-09-03 @ 19:07 UTC
lindmik (
Darren Porter has once again produced almost the same track with "The Oracle". Doesn't bother me, as I love "that track" anyway. :D
2014-09-03 @ 19:05 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, well, a little public shaming can do wonders also. :p
2014-09-03 @ 18:56 UTC
frifox (
Only if there was an easy way to make cues require approval, until you make at least 10 cues...
2014-09-03 @ 18:54 UTC
lindmik (
Fixed princeigor's cues. This time...
2014-09-03 @ 06:50 UTC
lindmik (
Aaaah! My eyes!

Why is princeigor uploading randomly formatted cues?

We have a standard format here, people, follow it! (If you don't know what the standard is, look around, there are tens of thousands of examples available!)
2014-09-02 @ 13:21 UTC
jambowned (
Askew has uploaded his 2011 Niceto set in one big lump on SoundCloud.

Might be a good replacement for the current 4 parter.
2014-09-01 @ 21:25 UTC
jambowned (
When it was live they weren't broadcast. Didn't realise the download links had gone up.
2014-09-01 @ 17:20 UTC
:-D fail
2014-09-01 @ 12:28 UTC
lindmik (
Not broadcast? What's this then:
2014-09-01 @ 11:03 UTC
jambowned (
Too bad that Indecent Noise's set wasn't broadcast.
2014-08-31 @ 21:39 UTC
The Doc
Some familiar names did some guest sets for the 50th episode of Rongcast.
2014-08-31 @ 11:45 UTC
Anyway, thanks for help :-)
2014-08-31 @ 10:55 UTC
^^^ @KEKC: :-)
2014-08-31 @ 10:55 UTC
Abort mission. I think i know the reason of errors.
2014-08-30 @ 17:44 UTC
Good. Can you upload for me your version of mp3 to any file hosting, zippyshare for example?
2014-08-30 @ 17:06 UTC
0 files failed
1 file passed
2014-08-30 @ 15:34 UTC
Hi guys.
Maybe someone can help me? I want to ask to download mp3 file and check it for errors with program. Because I don't know is this a problem in my internet connection or in the source.
I get the following error LOST SYNC @ END OF FILE.
2014-08-29 @ 14:11 UTC
hamed (
Wow "Yomi Singh - Progressing To Progressions" is amazing!
2014-08-28 @ 06:54 UTC
stev0b (
Have added all the Dreamflight Into Trance episodes I've got (I'm missing some of the later ones). Got a few more of his vocal trance sets to go.
2014-08-28 @ 04:23 UTC
jambowned (
I couldn't work out when Progez 115 was supposed to be on. Airwave just said "8pm" with no timezone and I couldn't find it on the DI calendar.

Apparently it was this morning, so I missed recording it
2014-08-27 @ 15:00 UTC
stev0b def is my #1 souce for good old trance shows of all time. Maybe next year I can start the dreamflight series. ;) Thanks and keep them coming.
2014-08-27 @ 11:14 UTC
jpinoniemi (
I'm loving the Rob Evans Dreamflight series - thank you Steve0b
2014-08-27 @ 10:36 UTC
I for one am fine with guerrilla marketing...
2014-08-26 @ 19:19 UTC
lindmik (
Alright, we're guerilla marketed, not famous. Damn! So wanted to be famous...
2014-08-26 @ 18:44 UTC
^^^ ok, perhaps from me :-D
2014-08-26 @ 16:30 UTC
lindmik (
Eeh... it's not really the same if you spam them with links. This means that Gai heard about us from somewhere else, which means "shit, we're famous"! Your examples just mean "look at me! look at me!". :p
2014-08-26 @ 15:17 UTC
and ^^^ :-)
2014-08-26 @ 15:07 UTC
^^^ another one :-D
2014-08-26 @ 13:43 UTC
jambowned (
Shit, we're famous.
2014-08-26 @ 13:39 UTC
lindmik (
Wow, nice!

Welcome to our community, Gai! :)
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