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2014-07-10 @ 19:32 UTC
lindmik (
Yup, sounds just like what I would expect a ASOT TOTW to sound like. Disappointed with Alex...
2014-07-10 @ 19:04 UTC
Mag1k (
Alexander Popov - Eternal Flame [Tune of The Week] YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEah!!
2014-07-10 @ 18:52 UTC
lindmik (
Oh WuMo...
2014-07-10 @ 18:48 UTC
Mag1k (
2014-07-10 @ 15:56 UTC
@jambowned: what about Sean Tyas liveset ;-)
2014-07-10 @ 01:50 UTC
jambowned (
Holy shit that Outsiders guest mix on GTG is insane!
2014-07-09 @ 16:42 UTC
@collecter: what happened to AWW podcast on mixcloud. where are last sets?
2014-07-09 @ 16:19 UTC
@frifox: upd GTG 136
2014-07-09 @ 16:10 UTC
lindmik (
Try. I dare you. ;)
2014-07-09 @ 15:54 UTC
Mediographyby (
Ohhh gotcha. Well that shouldn't be too hard for GTG to be in the big three then. All it takes is for somebody to just keep pushing the download button. :P
2014-07-09 @ 13:43 UTC
Cool. The old one was a little rough around the edges :P Nice to contribute something to the site since I haven't uploaded a cue in ages.
2014-07-09 @ 12:40 UTC
frifox (
That would be helpful. Quite a lot of good tracks I'd love to get ID's of.
2014-07-09 @ 12:38 UTC
lindmik (
Vi11ian, I think you might be able to help out with the Outsiders guest mix of the latest GTG.
2014-07-09 @ 12:35 UTC
lindmik (
I tried to update it, but failed. The image "resolution" mechanism seems to have some bugs in it. :p

Ah, crap just realized that it was hard configured in the database... Carry on then.
2014-07-09 @ 12:22 UTC
frifox (

I like that banner, made it the default.
2014-07-09 @ 10:26 UTC
lindmik (
@Mediographyby: The "big three" is not someone's selection, it's the three shows with most downloaded cues. The categories on the front page are sorted in that order, so it's quite clear which shows are the top ones.
2014-07-09 @ 10:03 UTC
frifox (
Damn this month's GTG guestmix is awesome. Trying to make a cue but keep dozing off... haha
2014-07-09 @ 09:53 UTC
Mediographyby (
That's what I thought somebody was gonna say here, although I really think it should be CL instead of GT.
2014-07-09 @ 07:31 UTC
jambowned (
The Big Three are

Group Therapy
2014-07-09 @ 07:15 UTC
That's the price you pay when you sign on to be Armada's slave..
2014-07-09 @ 07:14 UTC
Mediographyby (
Just out of curiosity, what are the "Big Three"? To me, they are ASOT, CL & GTG because those are the only ones I listen to. :P
2014-07-09 @ 07:02 UTC
jambowned (
My transformation is nearly complete frifox.

I've moved almost entirely away from ASOT, GDJB and TATW, listening instead to Progrez, Global Trance Grooves, Mental Asylum Radio and KEARNAGE.

The old eps are still good (2001-05) but most of the new stuff is shite. Schulz had fucking Andrew Rayel on last week.

2014-07-09 @ 07:00 UTC
lindmik (
It almost passed FSOE. Maybe next update. ;)
2014-07-09 @ 06:40 UTC
frifox (
good to see patterns moving up, love that show.

hmm, i wonder when GTG will finally beat at least one of the "big 3" :D
2014-07-08 @ 18:00 UTC
lindmik (
Updated front page categories again. No bigger changes, some shows were moved a bit up or down, some unpopular shows were removed and a few popular ones were added:
- The Anjunadeep Edition
- Epic Radio
- Mellomania Deluxe
- Edge Sessions
- Find Your Harmony Radioshow
- Patterns
2014-07-08 @ 17:18 UTC
lindmik (
The reason why he always covers his face is so you wouldn't know that. :p

At least we know who he isn't by seeing who else have been photoed together with him. ;)
2014-07-08 @ 17:13 UTC
what does Angry Man look like? where is his photo?
2014-07-08 @ 16:23 UTC
^^^ @jambo: enjoy! ;-)
2014-07-08 @ 12:12 UTC
jambowned (
Ooh I like that new logo
2014-07-08 @ 10:18 UTC
I see J00F posted some new artwork for the GTG show. I slapped together a new banner using that as a source. See link in my link for those interested - not sure whether it's worth changing on here?
2014-07-08 @ 04:33 UTC
jambowned (
These Max Graham open to close sets are awesome.

Great balance of prog, house, trance and techno.

Reminds me of Schulz about 5-6 years ago, but without as much Coldharbour.
2014-07-07 @ 16:29 UTC
^^^ @jambowned: another 6H liveset ;-)
2014-07-07 @ 15:33 UTC
The Doc
Anyone know what's going on with Uncontrolled Environment? Is it still airing?
2014-07-07 @ 10:48 UTC
lindmik (
Well, I'd be happy to see that piece of garbage gone. Just use Mega or something like that. ;)
2014-07-07 @ 09:00 UTC
Hmm so with this whole Soundcloud + Universal windup seems a few DJs are removing their sets from Soundcloud altogether... Jaytech's Podcast has been removed... know of any others?
2014-07-06 @ 13:36 UTC
jambowned (
Guys, check out that Max Graham @ Slake set.

6.5 hour monster and in the first couple of hours he's warming up for himself with some great prog and deep house.
2014-07-05 @ 19:40 UTC
Essential Mix will come tomorrow (probably)...

Haven't heard the mixes yet, but judging by the names - it's gonna be a pain in the ass!

By the way, why do they like putting MINUS DJs on the decks so often? I believe I haven't done a single Hawtin's mix properly...
2014-07-04 @ 15:24 UTC
@Mag1k: Russia here :-D
2014-07-03 @ 18:52 UTC
Mag1k (
Hi all :)
2014-07-02 @ 20:14 UTC
Hover your mouse pointer over desired position and then additional buttons should pop up on the right side of that layout. You need to pick "pencil" shaped button.

I attached screenshot of how it looks when I want to edit my TL.

If this panel is absent - try to contact the staff, maybe they forgot to assign you rights..
2014-07-02 @ 17:29 UTC
lindmik (
Pumplifting Beats 10 has only 10 downloads so far... Previous had 45 and the one before that 64. Seems the whoring I used to do on the top of the page did have some effect. :P
2014-07-02 @ 17:13 UTC
lindmik (
Does anyone know how to EDIT your own tracklists on I've looked everywhere, but come up empty! Edit. Edit! EDIT!!!

All I can do is send myself "suggestions". Gee, thanks!
2014-07-02 @ 08:47 UTC
lindmik (
Thank! I did get the AH.FM "warning" yesterday, but forgot about it today. :p
2014-07-02 @ 08:45 UTC
jambowned (
New KEARNAGE is up btw

Soundcloud is still broken, I only saw it because Bryan shared it on Twitter.
2014-06-30 @ 11:53 UTC
chudy5d (
Thanks guys.
2014-06-30 @ 02:29 UTC
jambowned (
Thanks stev0b!
2014-06-29 @ 16:14 UTC
lindmik (
Which means that "Drop" comes from this track, not from "Dropkick". I can't at least hear it in there. But what does the "Passenger" refer to? "Chris & Matt Kidd - Passenger (Tech Mix)" sounds similar, but I can't hear it either.
2014-06-29 @ 15:58 UTC
lindmik (
Well, actually it's played almost throughout the mashup, but the vocal sample can be heard in the beginning.
2014-06-29 @ 15:56 UTC
lindmik (
Yup, the sample that can be heard in the beginning is "Danny Oliveira - Drop It, Your Love (John O'Callaghan Remix)".
2014-06-29 @ 15:44 UTC
@chudy5d: Danny Oliveira - Drop It Your Love ?
2014-06-29 @ 15:28 UTC
chudy5d (
Somebody knows the track which was used in Passenger Dropped Your Transmission (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up)? I know Activa - Transmission and I think, that another track is John Newall - Dropkick. But I don't know third track.
2014-06-29 @ 14:47 UTC
Ok, those are changed.. but I don't see any option to rename the rest to strictly match the category they supposed to be in.
2014-06-29 @ 11:55 UTC
lindmik (
Dafuq... The titles are just so wrong for being in those categories. All essential mix sets should be "Essential Mix...".

Oh, why do I even give a flying fuck? :p
2014-06-29 @ 10:25 UTC
lindmik, those Glastonbury livesets from June 27th should be under BBC R1 shows category - because they were broadcasted instead of regular Annie Mac/Pete Tong shows. This happens every year with Glastonbury, Creamfields, Ibiza and other special live broadcasts.

And sets from June 28th goes to Essential mix, they even have EM jingles through the sets!
2014-06-29 @ 08:59 UTC
stev0b (
@jambowned: Progrez links updated up to Ep. 70.
2014-06-28 @ 23:56 UTC
The Doc
USA for now. Canada in the near future.
2014-06-28 @ 18:16 UTC
Mag1k (
2014-06-28 @ 17:14 UTC
m1nt (
USA baby
2014-06-28 @ 02:44 UTC
St. Jetto (
Indonesia's here also :)
2014-06-27 @ 15:19 UTC
Brunus (
Brazil here o/
2014-06-27 @ 09:17 UTC
Australia also represent! Though an Aussie ex-pat, rather than a Euro one.
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