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2018-11-15 @ 18:54 UTC
Brent_ (
Same :)
2018-11-15 @ 17:30 UTC
What's needed to bring back oxygen15? Missing his cues here! Hope to see him back soon!
2018-11-12 @ 12:38 UTC
wososh (
Please, add this.
2018-11-11 @ 13:44 UTC
lindmik (
lol, ok. :D
2018-11-11 @ 13:36 UTC
Hi all!

There is a mistake in ASOT889:

Andrew Rayel Feat. Jano - How Don't Know (Corti Organ Remix) is wrong, the title is "How Do I Know"...

2018-11-08 @ 13:33 UTC
Brent_ (
Nothing in particular, almost all of them are great. But they barely post any tracklistings, do they?
2018-11-07 @ 07:55 UTC
stev0b (
@Brent_: I'll see what I can do. If there's any specific episodes you'd like, put them on the requests page.
2018-11-06 @ 13:12 UTC
Brent_ (
Would love to see more HATE Podcast cues :-)
2018-11-01 @ 12:39 UTC
I've just updated many GDJB's tracklists and Schulz's OTC set from Montreal and Luminosity. Check it out.
2018-10-31 @ 06:30 UTC
@frifox At least one still present
2018-10-30 @ 13:11 UTC
Thanks so much for BBC Pete Tong August!

Any chance for news on September and/or October?
2018-10-29 @ 18:50 UTC
hamed (
Guys, if u are looking for the best audio set up, don't waste ur time, I did reseach couple of months about that,

I bought jds labs(amplifier&dac) 350$+ Vmoda crossfade (headphone) 175$

I'm using these 10 hours a day, truste me, these are the best one
2018-10-20 @ 20:59 UTC
I'm sorry about waiting
We waited AvB and SBD edition because no released.
It is being processed a little patience.
Will be.
2018-10-20 @ 05:10 UTC
frifox (
2018-10-20 @ 04:54 UTC
Can anybody delete my e-mail in comments I left by mistake? Or my comments at all. Thank you.
2018-10-19 @ 20:56 UTC
What happened to 769ybab?? Normally by this time of the week the cue for the current ASOT episode is already uploaded!
2018-10-17 @ 10:55 UTC
Brent_ (
Big Essential Mix special coming in!
2018-10-15 @ 09:27 UTC
any chance for a top 100 most downloaded cues? :)
2018-10-15 @ 09:05 UTC
You're welcome!
More is yet to come ;)
2018-10-14 @ 23:52 UTC
jambo (
Thanks for all the oldGDJB episode cues mak017!!!
2018-10-14 @ 17:33 UTC
mau5head (
No love for Deadmau5 new radio show? He's 3 episodes in already.
2018-10-14 @ 11:57 UTC
Thanks, B&B!
2018-10-13 @ 09:51 UTC
lindmik is it possible to make category for Outburst Radioshow on the main page, please?
2018-10-12 @ 19:46 UTC
Zippyshare link added to Mental Asylum Radio 162.
2018-10-10 @ 18:23 UTC
Can anyone share with Mental Asylum Radio 162 mix? Because its removed on the official soundcloud page.
2018-09-30 @ 14:24 UTC
Brent_ (
I could use some ID'ing help with the Phace guestmix in the last Drum & Bass Show. BBC tracklist is incomplete and Shazam doesn't recognize the tracks unfortunately
2018-09-18 @ 15:09 UTC
TheBigEasy (
Ripped the audio for the Armin van Buuren set from youtube and added a zippyshare link to the cue so you can all listen to it using your favorite mp3 player :)
2018-09-18 @ 13:42 UTC
TheBigEasy (
Created an account just to upload a cue sheet for what I think has to be Armin van Buurens best set in a long, long time. It's his 6 hours set from H Ibiza which he played on the 1st of August. It's absolutely stunning in buildup, diversity and quality. It really shows what he is capable of when he doesn't have to squeeze his performance into a 1 or 2 hour time slot... An absolute masterpiece and must-listen-to!
2018-09-18 @ 02:14 UTC
jambo (
Tom Yelland did a 10.5 hour mix of The Digital Blonde's tracks and I enjoyed it so much I made a cue!
2018-09-16 @ 18:31 UTC
Bob (
BBC Pete .. August ... September ?
Hope we don't lose this great resource.
Be well,
2018-09-10 @ 13:48 UTC
lindmik (
I can only guess that IYPP is the short name of the release group (or ripper) of the radio show or liveset.

SBD means that the set is in the original quality that it was originally produced in, not downsampled for internet radio. Short for "SoundBoard Direct" or "Source By DJ". Whatever you prefer. :p
2018-09-10 @ 10:23 UTC
Hi. What means [IYPP] (SBD)?
2018-09-07 @ 22:01 UTC
Brent_ (
Bit delay on the Drum & Bass Show cues due to holiday and other stuff. But it's coming.
2018-09-04 @ 19:58 UTC
Guys! Thanks for the cues.. keep up good work! :)
2018-09-03 @ 16:26 UTC
oxygen15 (
It's good to know Steve Angello is playing same old tunes from 10 years ago.
Swedish Trash Mafia - FTW!
2018-09-02 @ 06:26 UTC
oxygen15 (

I'm a whole month behind - I wouldn't call that a 'good job'.. :D
2018-09-02 @ 05:35 UTC
bob (
August P.Tong. TIA.
2018-09-01 @ 18:12 UTC
Nice job oxygen15! Thanks!
2018-08-31 @ 13:38 UTC
Cues for last 2 GDJB sets today.
2018-08-14 @ 09:29 UTC
I'm back
Thanks for being so patient
2018-08-09 @ 22:39 UTC
Jerry (
Ok Thx for info
2018-08-09 @ 22:23 UTC
jambo (
@Jerry: Well 769ybab said he will be away until mid August, so unless someone else does them in the mean time you'll need to wait.
2018-08-09 @ 21:13 UTC
Jerry (
Hi, When will be ASOT 875 and 876 ?
2018-08-09 @ 17:06 UTC
Guys, I am working on cues for last 2 GDJB sets. Sorry for delay.
2018-07-30 @ 10:38 UTC
jevonsxi (
There might be at some point, I'm pretty snowed under in work. Plus I'm working on my new podcast idea. I'll post it in here if people are interested?
2018-07-28 @ 20:52 UTC
Brent_ (
Any new am/fm cues some time soon? :)
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