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Download! Seta Label - Podcast 28 (2019-01-15) (Mixed by Tomin Tomovic)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 26 (2018-11-20) (Mixed by Timofey)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 25 (2018-10-25) (Mixed by Gregore Konstantine)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 24 (2018-09-17) (Mixed by Jonathan Calvo)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 23 (2018-08-15) (Mixed by Ki.Mi.)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 22 (2018-07-17) (Mixed by Anastasia Zems)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 21 (2018-06-14) (Mixed by Alexander Matchak)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 20 (2018-05-14) (Mixed by Toni Young)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 19 (2018-04-15) (Mixed by Mateo Balarezo)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 18 (2018-03-17) (Mixed by Deepologic)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 17 (2018-02-13)(Mixed by DP-6)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 16 (2018-01-16) (Mixed by Y-rich)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 15 (2017-12-03) (Mixed by Paul Sparkes)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 14 (2017-11-17) (Mixed by Daniel Meister)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 13 (2017-10-02) (Mixed by Roman Rai)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 12 (2017-09-04) (Mixed by Milos)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 11 (2017-08-05) (Mixed by Leo Dzi)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 10 (2017-06-28) (Mixed by Benco)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 09 (2017-06-05) (Mixed by Richard Scholtz)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 08 (2017-04-30) (Mixed by Robert Mash Tomcik)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 07 (2017-04-03) (Mixed by Gily aka Frings)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 06 (2017-03-03) (Mixed by Sonny Human)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 05 (2017-02-02) (Mixed by LazySofa)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 04 (2017-01-02) (mixed by DJ Tlama (Biomin H))
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 03 (2016-12-04) (Mixed by by Tomin Tomovic)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 02 (2016-02-11) (Mixed by Benco)
Download! Seta Label - Podcast 01 (2016-10-06) (Mixed by Sensoreal)

Previously, on CueNation:

2019-01-20 @ 21:18 UTC
I will not "cut" podcasts of Hernan Cattaneo - Resident because I do not have time to search and complete the correct tracklist of Woodstock 69.
So, I will complete overdue in time PSY-Nation Radio. SETA LABEL, sorry but with Set no.27 is something wrong, because I hear there 13 tracks not 10. Still waiting from Mike Jaguar info about correct tracklist. Today I "cut" and put fresh Seta Label podcast No.28.
Best Regards 4 All.
2019-01-16 @ 16:44 UTC
Victoria Da Silva had a very good classics trance set from Ah.FM EOYC.
2019-01-14 @ 19:04 UTC
I have SOME of the EOYC on my mixcloud but I am not going to cue, sorry.
I did record almost ALL sets so if anyone wants a particular one they can't find anywhere else, let me know and I'll UL it. Or PAY to use on-demand AH :D
2019-01-14 @ 19:04 UTC
I have SOME of the EOYC on my mixcloud but I am not going to cue, sorry.
I did record almost ALL sets so if anyone wants a particular one they can't find anywhere else, let me know and I'll UL it. Or PAY to use on-demand AH :D
2019-01-12 @ 02:38 UTC
jambo (
Is this "ANNA is ghost produced" based on reality or is it just a "women can't make good music" thing?
2019-01-11 @ 13:48 UTC
Brent_ (
No one I guess, she's been around for a minute but I guess it takes a while to finally find the right sound and vibe. Escapism, Razor and Portable Paradise were pretty tight releases.
2019-01-11 @ 13:38 UTC
Yeah, good marketing behind Anna. I still wonder who's behind ghost producing for her, she has some really well made tracks.
2019-01-11 @ 13:18 UTC
Brent_ (
Looking forward to tonight's Essential Mix from ANNA. Definitely my favorite "breakthrough artist" from last year.
2019-01-10 @ 07:29 UTC
Doc (
Hi all!
Please help find Heldeep Radio 221+
Thank you all
2018-12-31 @ 09:32 UTC
oxygen15 (

thanks for the tip!
2018-12-30 @ 11:21 UTC
Brent_ (
@oxy; this should help with the Chase & Status IDís :)
2018-12-30 @ 11:21 UTC
Brent_ (
Still 3 IDís after all those years, lol
2018-12-30 @ 08:21 UTC
jambo (
Awesome, been looking forward to listening to the 1995 set
2018-12-30 @ 02:14 UTC
Brent_ (
... and thereís more :-)
2018-12-29 @ 11:26 UTC
jambo (

Awesome work on the am/fm cues, I've really gotten in to the show lately thanks to them!
2018-12-28 @ 11:40 UTC
Brent_ (
This nine part AM/FM was quite a tough one to crack so there might be some mistakes in there. Let me know if anyone finds some of the mistakes (or ID's) and I'll edit the cue.
2018-12-23 @ 13:20 UTC
I am working on cue for Schulz's Ah.FM EYOC 2018 set ;)
2018-12-18 @ 19:15 UTC
What's wrong with Magic Island podcast? It is 320kbps, but it sounds almost like 64kbps...
2018-12-15 @ 17:43 UTC
rankispace (
please, need cue for Friction - Essential Mix 2018/11/10
2018-12-12 @ 22:21 UTC
jambo (
:D :D :D
2018-12-12 @ 16:34 UTC
New GDJBs soon.
2018-12-06 @ 14:04 UTC
Paul Oakenfold (
Any cuefile or links for Full on Fluoro 091 and earlier? Also struggling to find a tracklist. Many Thanks!
2018-12-06 @ 14:01 UTC
Paul Oakenfold (
Any cuefile or links for Full on Fluoro 091 and earlier?
2018-12-05 @ 23:01 UTC
jambo (
DI.FM Prog Special is tomorrow Dec 7th
2018-12-05 @ 12:15 UTC
jambo (
I have 118 Edgefactor mixes, but no Evolution ones, so looking forward to those.
2018-12-05 @ 07:27 UTC
dewmaster (
by the way. I'm thinking about uploading cues for Markus Schulz's radioshow Evolution but I don't have episodes 41 and 42, probably somebody have it? If yes feel free to contact with me via email.
2018-12-04 @ 22:53 UTC
Brent, I know!, it's all so good -- we're greedy like that Xd

Thx oxygen15 for all you do [!]
2018-12-04 @ 18:19 UTC
dewmaster (
Thank you so much man! It means a lot for me!!!!
2018-12-04 @ 17:31 UTC
NastyBeats (
wetransferring the avalon set right now
2018-12-02 @ 15:06 UTC
dewmaster (
Hello everyone! Is anybody have 6 hour Sander van Doorn set from Avalon from 2010? from his own Dusk Till Doorn event. I see cue for this one right here but can't find this set in a whole network. If you have this feel free to contact with me via email it would be great honour. Have a great day everyone, cheers!
2018-11-27 @ 21:35 UTC
Brent_ (
Feel free to help out with the last Liebing IDís. Some tracks in there that are definitely known but, probably due to the effects, not shazamable.
2018-11-25 @ 19:13 UTC
deManuX (
Whats up with Tiestoīs Club Life u still waiting for the sbd release ?
2018-11-24 @ 14:20 UTC
Loving the recent posts, especially the EMs! Thanks! :)
2018-11-24 @ 11:14 UTC
Brent_ (
Started cue'ing a few older am/fm shows. Feel free to help me out though, there are some blanks and Liebing's mixing is sometimes a bit tough to cue. But still one of my favorite techno shows so wanted to keep up a bit :)
2018-11-24 @ 00:28 UTC
Brent_ (
The Essential Mixes are way more interesting imo. Very strong year for them this year. Not too many "obvious" choices, but a lot of newcomers, more underground kinda stuff and also a surprising amount of (very good) female producers/djs. I'm digging their new direction for sure.

Just uploaded a cool Critical special from Rene LaVice by the way. Enjoy!
2018-11-23 @ 22:55 UTC

He also will do his show globally in studio from London, Los Angeles, Miami, Ibiza, etc.

We appreciate your efforts!
2018-11-23 @ 22:53 UTC
Even though his broadcast is titled toward the mainstream of the underground, he is a tastemaker and influences what is or will become.
2018-11-23 @ 22:52 UTC
See Shoutbox September 2nd, September 16th, October 30th? And I guarantee many more who feel the same who have yet to leave a message.
2018-11-23 @ 22:51 UTC
Nooooo oxygen15 don't drop Pete Tong! [laughs]

Perhaps continue with BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection and let Essential Mix with Pete Tong fade away as a compromise?
2018-11-22 @ 15:06 UTC
Bunch of new 'Events' sets rolling in from Trance Sanctuary on the weekend, the Kearney set was ace!
2018-11-22 @ 11:52 UTC
Brent_ (
Welcome back! And cheers for these EM cues :)
2018-11-20 @ 19:42 UTC
oxygen15 (
Nothing - I'm still around!
Just had really busy weeks.. also got a little lazy when I finally had some free time! :D

Anyway, business as usual from now on - will be rolling out those past EMs.

Also I think I'll be dropping Tong's show, starting with September '18 - I just have much less spare free time than I used to. Still got few episodes from August to do.
Maybe I'll reconsider and finish the year if I have more time down the line.
2018-11-15 @ 18:54 UTC
Brent_ (
Same :)
2018-11-15 @ 17:30 UTC
What's needed to bring back oxygen15? Missing his cues here! Hope to see him back soon!
2018-11-12 @ 12:38 UTC
wososh (
Please, add this.
2018-11-11 @ 13:44 UTC
lindmik (
lol, ok. :D
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