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2016-02-09 @ 10:39 UTC
jambowned (
Super Trance Tuesday time soon!
2016-02-07 @ 18:40 UTC
Brent_ (
Just finished Stephan Bodzin's Essential Mix. That's the first Essential Mix Of The Year contestant right there in my opinion :)
2016-02-07 @ 15:28 UTC
Brent_ (
Well in that case, it won't be the first time an Essential Mix artist surprised me with an "outside the box" mix so maybe I should give it a try ;)
2016-02-07 @ 15:12 UTC
What if they'll deliver ambient/techno mix? :D
2016-02-07 @ 11:28 UTC
Brent_ (
Finally a week off for me for Essential Mix then ;) But I'm all good with the diversity for the show.
2016-02-07 @ 09:10 UTC
lindmik (
That might be interesting. Hope they put a lot of effort into it. :)
2016-02-07 @ 08:54 UTC
Next weekend Aly & Fila are on EM duties
2016-02-05 @ 17:05 UTC
8.5 hour Thomas Datt marathon yearmix uploaded! It took me a few sittings to make. :D
2016-02-05 @ 00:09 UTC
Eprint (
Hard With Style #53 added. Have fun!
2016-02-04 @ 09:03 UTC
Hawtin isn't Hawtin if his tracklist isn't totally fucked up...
I'm halfway done, need a long break now :(
2016-02-03 @ 15:42 UTC
Cuesheet with DL links coming soon...
2016-02-03 @ 09:39 UTC
lindmik (
@Fin: Look at the links for previous Essential Mixes to check where they are posted, e.g. I found this one:
2016-02-03 @ 08:49 UTC
Is there a DL link?
2016-02-02 @ 15:32 UTC
lindmik (
Was it hawt? Tee hee hee...
2016-02-02 @ 15:29 UTC
Did you hear Hawtin's Essential Mix? Wow, lovin' it!
2016-02-02 @ 13:36 UTC
jambowned (
How did I only just find out that Solid Stone has a radio show?!
2016-02-02 @ 12:28 UTC
oh sorry, 491
2016-02-02 @ 12:26 UTC
VS 492 updated.
2016-02-01 @ 01:49 UTC
jambowned (
Just FYI, I'll only be cueing the ASOT 750 warm up sets and anything else that takes my fancy, like the Solid Stone set from Toronto.
2016-01-31 @ 23:05 UTC
hamed (
@CSD: Could u find better quality of PHW?
2016-01-31 @ 11:08 UTC
Brent_ (
True, although I'm curious what he plays nowadays :) Next week Stephan Bodzin, looking forward to that!
2016-01-31 @ 08:02 UTC
Yeah, I knew about that two weeks ago, and I hate the thought of doing it!.. >_
Will try to make it when I have nothing better to do :D After all it's just his another live mix, not like his debut or anything else important.

P.S. they are looking pretty old... ^^^
2016-01-29 @ 22:10 UTC
Brent_ (
Hawtin back on Essential Mix duties tonight, good luck cue'ing that ;)
2016-01-29 @ 18:14 UTC
They have vinyls for some new releases. Such as Anahera - Gouryella [2015] that was shown on stream. So I doubt it will be a full classic set.
2016-01-29 @ 11:09 UTC
St. Jetto (
Yeah, that's what I thought
2016-01-29 @ 09:29 UTC
YoDA (
@St. Jetto
I think it'll be classic trance vinyl set
2016-01-29 @ 09:19 UTC
St. Jetto (
Armin's ASOT vinyl set in the Netherland?
Really looking forward to that ...
They still make plats for new releases?
2016-01-29 @ 07:26 UTC
The difference between job and personal preferences. ;)
2016-01-29 @ 04:38 UTC
secretly Armin still loves at least progressive ;)
2016-01-28 @ 23:39 UTC
jambowned (
Armin is still damn good at picking out warm up tracks

Really wish he would do an episode dedicated to it, or even a mix compilation.
2016-01-28 @ 19:21 UTC
Congrats Frifox! I'm so sad that they're doing the ASOT 750 festival in Toronto. I literally just moved away :(
2016-01-28 @ 19:06 UTC
The Doc
Time for another ASOT Fest which can only mean...more warm-up sets! :D
2016-01-28 @ 16:34 UTC
@jambo: coming soon ;-)
2016-01-27 @ 12:34 UTC
Mediographyby (
@jambowned & @oxygen15: They most likely don't buy from Beatport at all. Instead, they sell stuff they downloaded for free. I know this because one site that I'm a member of (I paid like $20 a few years ago and still have about $15 left to spend) has extremely rare MP3s that aren't even available on Beatport, and the names of the MP3s are similar to those of 0day releases. ;)
2016-01-27 @ 12:17 UTC
Mediographyby (
I'm still trying to figure out if MarQ is correct regarding cues for MP3s with no CDs, because although I don't see how the labels will win if they sue, they'll probably sue anyway. :P
2016-01-27 @ 00:06 UTC
jambowned (
Proud in silence?

I take it you've never met an Aussie =P
2016-01-26 @ 07:35 UTC
lindmik (
That's like saying "Happy Birthday" on your birthday. You're supposed to feel proud in silence like we do in Finland. Or go out and break some shop windows to protest against, umm... against... Hell, just break some windows!
2016-01-26 @ 07:14 UTC
jambowned (
Happy Australia Day!
2016-01-25 @ 23:43 UTC
frifox (
google images for:
"2013 lexus gs350 obsidian"
2016-01-25 @ 22:52 UTC
Frifox, what car did you buy?
2016-01-25 @ 19:20 UTC
YoDA (
2016-01-25 @ 13:15 UTC
jambowned (
New episode of Momentum!
2016-01-25 @ 13:01 UTC
jambowned (
I'm such an idiot, I was thinking that they would need to buy the song for each sale they had x_x
2016-01-25 @ 08:17 UTC
They buy one for 2 USD and sell 10+ for 0,50 USD...
Also there are people (rippers) who share unchanged Beatport releases for free, so they don't always have to pay.
2016-01-25 @ 06:34 UTC
jambowned (
Didn't know that ASOT was Trance

2016-01-25 @ 02:38 UTC
frifox (
bought a new car, browsing the stations, tune to the Electronic section... ASOT 749

didn't know "trance" is now THAT mainstream... XD
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