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2016-12-07 @ 10:17 UTC
jpinoniemi (
Anjunadeep 8 releases on 12-9, hell yeah
2016-12-07 @ 01:15 UTC
walterfregolotti (
@raanst I used to make them, eventually got tired of hunting down obscure track IDs everytime as they don't bother publishing the tracklist. I lost interest in their increasingly-hipster music anyway.

That said, how long before Anjunadeep 08? :)
2016-12-06 @ 23:03 UTC
Brent_ (
Bit sad to see George Fitzgerald go, but the new Residency line-up is pretty cool:
2016-12-06 @ 20:44 UTC
raanst (
Hello everyone. Anybody knows something about cue files to Anjunadeep Edition?
2016-12-05 @ 04:18 UTC
jambowned (
I done did a cue!
2016-12-02 @ 19:15 UTC
Applescal!! Awesome :)
2016-12-02 @ 10:26 UTC
lindmik (
Not currently that I know of.

Well, there's, but it's practically dead.
2016-12-02 @ 10:05 UTC
Brent_ (
Are there any other cue websites besides cuenation? I wasn't familiar with Transition cues.
2016-12-01 @ 21:27 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah Transition Cues disappeared a while ago. Sucked because it was right as I got into John Digweed
2016-12-01 @ 15:47 UTC
frifox (
Yeah, tosk sent me a zip of all his cues. Need to load them here sometime
2016-12-01 @ 14:30 UTC
Hmm. I don't think does cuesheets anymore.
2016-12-01 @ 11:42 UTC
blade999 (
@jevonsxi I highly doubt someone will cue a Speedy J involved set 100% successfully :P Btw they "forgot" the next two ADE parts online :P Officially there are 90 episodes, but there are 92 in the server :)
2016-11-30 @ 08:16 UTC
Brent_ (
Excited to hear that set though. Just waiting until all episodes are aired/cued so I can listen to the whole thing in a row :)
2016-11-29 @ 21:32 UTC
jevonsxi (
If there's one thing harder than my life, it's cueing this Collabs sets. :P
2016-11-29 @ 20:24 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, but I so seldom use SSH nowadays that it always takes some overhead to do simple things. And making commits related to content is asinine.
2016-11-29 @ 17:55 UTC
frifox (
if it's a quick hack I usually just edit it on the server and then commin+push from the server
2016-11-29 @ 11:20 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, it was so easy before when it was just hacking it in there. Now it requires creating a Git commit and pushing it to GitHub and pulling the changes to the server.

Or making it a non-version controlled include. Whichever is easier (in the short run).
2016-11-29 @ 10:57 UTC
jambowned (
AH.FM EOYC 2016 is soon, need to change the top category link =P
2016-11-28 @ 06:31 UTC
Seems that this week I cannot upload any cue - problem with polish site known all around the world, in which I have all the uploads. Cannot open my own account.
2016-11-23 @ 16:05 UTC
frifox (
Download links are optional, cuenation is a database of cue files, not database of listen links.

I'd suggest keeping the cue file as is, unless it's a duplicate or broken in which case I can nuke it.
2016-11-23 @ 16:04 UTC
raanst (
Hello, how can I remove a my cue files without listen links?
2016-11-19 @ 18:17 UTC
radix2011 (
Super !!!
2016-11-19 @ 14:38 UTC
You mean Fabric Live series?
It's a commercial release, so that's a big "NO, NO"
2016-11-19 @ 10:33 UTC
Any chances of getting some Fabric mixes cued? ^^
2016-11-18 @ 20:58 UTC
lindmik (
First time I heard about it was when frifox blew the whistle on this very shoutbox that set off the raid that ultimate took the site down. :D ;) :p
2016-11-18 @ 20:55 UTC
frifox (
"The hugely popular private music torrent tracker What.CD has shut down. After a reported raid on several of its servers in France, The tracker says it has destroyed all site and user data."

November 17, 2016
2016-11-18 @ 10:40 UTC
Nooooo goodbye what :( Enjoyed the forums on there moreso than actually getting any music.
2016-11-18 @ 07:39 UTC
Ach (

Was both my favourite and most used tracker.

Dark times.
2016-11-18 @ 06:08 UTC
lindmik (
Oink goes the weasel.
2016-11-17 @ 23:09 UTC
jambowned (
So much for getting a What.CD invite =P
2016-11-16 @ 20:04 UTC
frifox (
anyone here on looks interesting and looking for invite, too lazy to go through the process to get in without one...
2016-11-16 @ 07:37 UTC
No, there is a problem with uploading and publishing.
2016-11-16 @ 04:55 UTC
jambowned (
Did they block your account or something?
2016-11-15 @ 09:52 UTC
Well, now I cannot upload tracks to hulkshare servers. It's important to upload any cues from me, so in this week you won't have any. I'm so sorry about this, but it's not my fault :-)
2016-11-13 @ 11:45 UTC
Yes, pretty soon, I hope..

Right now I only have 2 shows (tINI and this DNB ep.) left on my TO-DO list, so maybe I can do it even today.
2016-11-13 @ 11:19 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers for the new Friction oxy! Can we expect the 25/10 show (with LSB and Dom & Roland) any time soon as well? :)
2016-11-10 @ 10:45 UTC
coming soon new Airwave :-)
2016-11-08 @ 20:04 UTC
gregov (
Thanks, but I think I'll try to find mp3 version of this set and adjust timings if needed.
2016-11-08 @ 13:07 UTC
jambowned (
Not sure about splitting m4a files, but can't you embed cue files in them?

Might help.
2016-11-06 @ 18:26 UTC
gregov (
Which cue splitter supports m4a files?
2016-11-03 @ 09:27 UTC
Brent_ (
Nice batch :) Is am/fm 067-070 still coming up as well? Those are the only ones missing now I think
2016-11-02 @ 21:49 UTC
jevonsxi (
Working on the Collabs (Chris Liebing B2B Speedy J) sets, an absolute nightmare to cue and ID so they'll need a bit more time.
2016-10-29 @ 19:50 UTC
Brent_ (
Nice one :) Looking forward to that
2016-10-29 @ 13:04 UTC
jevonsxi (
Finally can get some cues done this weekend, busy at work. Expect some AM/FM and Slam Radio cues up shortly.
2016-10-28 @ 22:33 UTC
jambowned (
Full TL is out for Markus OTC at (((Stereo))) 2016!
2016-10-28 @ 11:49 UTC
lindmik (
Yes, thank you very much!

I moved the Live @ Beatport to the "Various" category.
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