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2020-02-21 @ 02:03 UTC
Jetto (
No love for the ASOT 950?
2020-02-17 @ 11:43 UTC
Guys, Hi . can somene cut asot 950 ? from armin and Alexander Popov?
2020-02-17 @ 11:42 UTC
Guys, Hi . can somene cut asot 950 ? from armin and Alexander Popov?
2020-02-12 @ 09:42 UTC
Perhaps Global Trance Grooves should be replaced with J00F Radio on the homepage
2020-02-06 @ 23:32 UTC
I will add all missing GDJBs during this weekend. Sorry for delay, guys.. :(
2020-02-04 @ 08:10 UTC
jambo (
So there's going to be a JOOF stage at Luminosity this year.

Hopefully all the sets are released
2020-01-22 @ 09:46 UTC
lindmik (
Nah, too difficult to do it. :D
2020-01-22 @ 07:41 UTC
Probably a good time to unsticky the EOYC 2018 page 8-)
2020-01-16 @ 20:01 UTC
Next GDJB this friday/weekend.
2020-01-15 @ 13:13 UTC
jambo (
Not bad.

Had a nice couple of weeks off over christmas and new years.

Listened to a lot of The Digital Blonde's Neon 2.

Bloody album is 4 hours long!
2020-01-14 @ 03:02 UTC
Hey, guys. How's it going?
2020-01-08 @ 09:44 UTC
shm2oo9 (
Hello! Happy New Year!
Tell me how to add cue Fatum - All In Radio from
2020-01-03 @ 15:33 UTC
Thanks for all the EM cues! :)
2020-01-03 @ 12:40 UTC
oxygen15 (
EMs are mostly done for the 2019.

Only elusive Andy C livemix is still waiting for it's turn.. :D
2019-12-31 @ 22:51 UTC
Thank you all for creating CUEs and support this site, keep up the good work and increase the pace of publishing new ones, because music for us is not only a CUE-file, it is what helps us to move away from reality, gain strength and plunge into another dimension.

Special thanks to lindmik & frifox for free support of the site.

Happy New 2020 Year to all you guys!
2019-12-26 @ 23:58 UTC
I'm working on GDJB Classics Showcase. I'll try to add it here on Friday.
2019-12-25 @ 18:56 UTC
New GDJB soon..
2019-12-24 @ 07:44 UTC
speakafreaka (
Thanks Brent_ & Oxygen15
2019-12-19 @ 21:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Cool will see what I can do during the holidays. Still running behind a bit with the drum & bass show cues too.

Looking forward to some new EM cues :)
2019-12-19 @ 17:02 UTC
oxygen15 (
I have 32+ hours of EMs to cue.. :D
Hopefully there won't be any new mixes, as there is still a show with nominees and the Mix of the Year itself..

If you want to help - you can do whichever episode you want. I will re-listen each one missing anyway and adjust if needed to my liking. :)
2019-12-13 @ 23:52 UTC
Sterzik, thank you so much for your help. I will add new GDJB's this weekend.
2019-12-13 @ 10:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Oxygen15, you need any help with the Essential Mix cues?
2019-12-08 @ 13:58 UTC
jambo (
2019-12-07 @ 13:17 UTC

I have done the first 3 cues for the missing GDJBs in order to help out Scerby.
2019-12-01 @ 13:08 UTC
Sorry guys for the missing GDJB's. I will try to add them during next week. I am very busy at the moment...
2019-12-01 @ 09:16 UTC
Anyone with the latest 5 GDJB?
2019-11-14 @ 21:27 UTC
FC (i)
Protocol Radio 379 please)
2019-11-09 @ 18:15 UTC
I've just updated some IDs in GDJB sets from new ISOS compilation.
2019-11-01 @ 08:54 UTC
New GDJB this weekend, sorry for delay.
2019-11-01 @ 08:33 UTC
Brent_ (
Any fresh Essential Mix cues soon? :)
2019-10-17 @ 00:44 UTC
jambo (
I had a look on mixriot, themixingbowl, tribalmixes, livesets and I found some of them.

Some sites like alldj that upload to zippyshare and the like had listings, but the links were mostly dead from copyright or age.

If anyone could chuck them up on a DropBox or Google Drive it'd be great!

I think I just need 198-215
2019-10-16 @ 21:24 UTC
tobi (
I think there are scene releases for that show. I've found some torrents on tribalmixes
2019-10-15 @ 10:12 UTC
Brent_ (
Would be the best solution to just make the soundcloud ones downloadable I guess... Also, if someone figures out which ID's are "Collabs - Promo" (I think there are two different ones). Let me know.
2019-10-15 @ 10:10 UTC
Brent_ (
I found scenereleases of them on soulseek, except for the sometimes last +1hr episodes of a set, those scenereleases have been cut to an hour instead of the full episode on soulseek. Chris mentioned on the show that the server crashed and they lost all the data and they're working a new website. But that was mentioned in one of the shows earlier this year so this might take a while...
2019-10-15 @ 05:00 UTC
jambo (
If anyone knows where to get high quality downloads of am/fm episodes, let me know.

I might need to resort to ripping the 128k SC versions =S
2019-10-13 @ 09:31 UTC
dewmaster (
@CSD go ahead! If you see abandoned radioshow - feel free to start cue it.
2019-10-06 @ 20:10 UTC
Who Cut now mental asylum radio? If it is not problem I try do It...
2019-10-03 @ 10:30 UTC
Sad to see that Thomas Datt's Chronicles show has come to an end. ;(
2019-10-01 @ 19:25 UTC
Brent_ (
Cheers for the new cues oxy. Are you still planning on cue’ing that Andy C essential mix from last june by any chance? :)
2019-09-25 @ 14:09 UTC
nitramakloh (
jambo: Oh, what a great surprise. Thanks for the info. Ep 274 is now upped. :-)
2019-09-20 @ 00:04 UTC
jambo (
@nitramakloh: there is a Redux Sessions category now FYI
2019-09-09 @ 11:23 UTC
Brent_ (
Eagerly awaiting the triumphant return of the oxygen15 cue's :)
2019-09-08 @ 11:57 UTC
careface (
Indecent Noise - Ultimate Hard Trance Classics (Mental Asylum Radio 200.. Somebody? :)
2019-08-27 @ 01:18 UTC
Jaku (
Hey, wrong file attached for Birdhouse 204
2019-08-23 @ 21:47 UTC
Can someone remove my recently added Coldharbour day 2009 set (uploaded instead 2019) and move 2019 set to Coldharbour day 2019 category, please?
Thank you.
2019-08-12 @ 06:50 UTC
jambo (
I've made a new Tomorrowland catch all category, so put any live sets or special mixes in there.
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