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2015-06-03 @ 07:14 UTC
jambowned (
Can't seem to find a TL for Schulz's 9YAMC set anywhere.

Hopefully the official forums will yield results.
2015-06-01 @ 12:28 UTC
lol. We talk about whatever anyone posts... well that's the theory :P Guess it all depends on how active it gets/remains.
2015-06-01 @ 12:19 UTC
jambowned (
So you talk about house too?

2015-06-01 @ 12:17 UTC
I'm not sure if anyone here has nay interest, but the replacement forum to the old has now returned:

We had a nice little community before the original replacement went down but maybe we can gather some more momentum and get something good going again?

The music discussions deal with much more than trance, so don't let that put you off :p
2015-05-31 @ 12:32 UTC
jambowned (
IN 9YAMC set was amazing and Mark Sherry's looks great.

I hope Markus can live up to his best. He's put some phenomenal mixes together for AH.FM in the past.
2015-05-29 @ 16:58 UTC
lindmik (
Not yet 9PM, but let's turn up the Bass, Beats & Melody!
2015-05-29 @ 09:06 UTC
Yes, another near-100-tracks episode :D
2015-05-29 @ 01:10 UTC
jambowned (
IN set from 9YAMC looks awesome.
2015-05-28 @ 17:33 UTC
lindmik (
The XiJaro and Bi... Pitch tracklist looks okayish. Did someone catch it? Last EOYC set was horrible beyond belief.
2015-05-28 @ 12:25 UTC
jambowned (
I didn't mention it >_>
2015-05-28 @ 12:05 UTC
lindmik (
I wonder if they know about our cues. :D
2015-05-28 @ 11:49 UTC
jambowned (

"thanks bro! 6hr set to come from Atlanta this weekend. Taking a more prog journey starting at 132."
2015-05-28 @ 10:51 UTC
Brent_ (
Biiiiiiiiiigggggg Drum & Bass Show this week. Don't mind Rockwell filling in for Friction from time to time.
2015-05-27 @ 20:27 UTC
lindmik (
Yeah, it's no Tenshi. Not even a Ligaya. Yoji remix, please?
2015-05-27 @ 18:27 UTC
lindmik (
New Gouryella track on Corsten's Countdown today (fo realz this time)! Can't be arsed to listen to the show though... :p

On YouTube tomorrow. ;)
2015-05-27 @ 08:08 UTC
jambowned (
New Leftfield in just over a week!
2015-05-26 @ 13:46 UTC
jambowned ( beta looks nice, the site has needed a redesign for years now.
2015-05-26 @ 01:54 UTC
Mediographyby (
Jambowned, you can also download directly from me:
2015-05-25 @ 23:18 UTC
jambowned (
@YoDA: Thanks, downloading the missing episodes at home as we speak
2015-05-25 @ 21:06 UTC
YoDA (
2015-05-25 @ 15:50 UTC
jambowned (
Trying to fill a gap in my Global Trance Grooves collection.

Anyone know where I can find 2007-2011 downloads?

There are packs for 2003-2006 and SoundCloud for late 2011 onwards, but there's a nice big chunk of missing episodes for those 4 years.
2015-05-25 @ 07:26 UTC
jambowned (
He's been posting on Twitter about his mix, apparently it's a crazy classics thing with some crazy transitions and track choices.
2015-05-25 @ 06:03 UTC
lindmik (
Wooo, that's starts 7 in the morning for me on Saturday, just perfect! :D

And good old 2 hour Indecent Noise mix on Thursday, just the way it should be!
2015-05-25 @ 05:59 UTC
jambowned (
Mental Asylum live from Ruby Skye should be great.

IN, Mark Sherry and James Dymond for 6 hours.
2015-05-25 @ 03:58 UTC
jambowned (
9YAMC flyer is up
2015-05-25 @ 03:43 UTC
jambowned (
Saw IN a few years ago and he was fantastic, played a gig with Arctic Moon and some local DJs.

Missed him recently when he toured Australia, already had plans for the night of the gig.
2015-05-23 @ 16:02 UTC
I saw Indecent Noise & Will Atkinson last night, highly recomended
2015-05-23 @ 01:21 UTC
jambowned (
YAMC djs doing a special 2 hour set!!

Indecent Noise
Bryan Kearney

Djs doing a special 3 hour set each!!!

Manuel Le Saux
Mark Sherry
Markus Schulz
2015-05-22 @ 16:00 UTC
lindmik (
9 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration on AH.FM 28-05-2015

More info real soon...

2015-05-22 @ 08:30 UTC
Brent_ (
Ah damn, was waiting for that one. But tracklisting looks like a mess indeed, hopefully they'll fix it.
2015-05-21 @ 19:37 UTC
I'm skipping last weeks FlyLo show, because it's weird as ** and TL is totally messed up, I will spend my whole day trying to figure out tunes and only ~10 people will download the cuesheet...
So -> not worth it!
2015-05-19 @ 10:55 UTC
lindmik (
Nono, the reason why I forgot Scooter is that I just enjoyed the music and forgot to concentrate while it was playing.

And it was Jigga Jigga, which rips off three trance tracks. :D
2015-05-19 @ 10:32 UTC
jambowned (
You forgot Scooter?

I am shocked and outraged!
2015-05-19 @ 08:59 UTC
lindmik (
Well, 13-16 depending on how you count, I just pulled the number 14 out of my head. :D
2015-05-19 @ 08:58 UTC
lindmik (
The prize is right. Sorry...

Muse, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis/Solarstone, Adele, Nickleback, Adele, Snap vs. Veracocha, Madonna/Paul Oakenfold, Rammstein, Juno Reactor, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Avril Lavigne.

I forgot Scooter and Robert Miles, would have been 16...
2015-05-19 @ 08:48 UTC
But did you actually get 14? (And 'Prize' btw...)
2015-05-19 @ 01:26 UTC
St. Jetto (
Way to go, Lindmik
2015-05-18 @ 18:23 UTC
frifox (
should have whipped them a cuesheet too, haha.

btw, this morning we got our first spammer that actually tried to REGISTER, lmao
2015-05-18 @ 17:28 UTC
lindmik (
Just came from a 2 hour maraton indoor cycling class (yes, same as spinning) and the instructor said that the person who can ID 3 artists of the set get a price. Then afterwards when they started to ask how many people have - 3, 4, 5 - and he asked me I said: 14. Of course there was some laughter, but then I started tallying with remixes and mashups and, well, I got the price. :p
2015-05-16 @ 23:43 UTC
jambowned (
I went through and downloaded a bunch of their recent sets I some how missed.

So many 3-5 hour sets!
2015-05-16 @ 20:28 UTC
lindmik (
^^^ New 5h Neppie set brim-filled with classics cued up!
2015-05-16 @ 19:21 UTC
Sorry on the delay with my regular shows, I will catch up pretty soon!
2015-05-16 @ 07:00 UTC
New track from Schulz - "Mumbai" is actually pretty damn good, especially in comparison with his other recent shitty (music wise) productions.
2015-05-13 @ 09:34 UTC
Bumse (
Jep sorry,
I'm @work and didn't see my entry -.-
Thx for adding
2015-05-13 @ 09:28 UTC
jambowned (
Please keep requests to the request page.
2015-05-13 @ 07:41 UTC
Bumse (
Need an "Aoki's House" Category, pls
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