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2015-03-02 @ 11:30 UTC
jambowned (
No download link on Momentum 24 =[
2015-03-02 @ 06:06 UTC
YoDA (
Finally! Yes!
2015-03-02 @ 02:39 UTC
jambowned (
New Momentuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!

2015-02-28 @ 16:26 UTC
Brent_ (
Huh, that's strange indeed. Hopefuly a rip will pop up. The BSE guestmix replay is a bit of a shame but the rest of the tracklisting (including that Rene LaVice dnb60) looks proper.
2015-02-28 @ 16:10 UTC
The thing is, I can't find any rips for that show... (well, I have one link from dnbarena, but haven't checked the quality yet)

Yes, Max Cooper will be uploaded tomorrow (most probably).
2015-02-28 @ 14:36 UTC
Brent_ (
Friction (or Rockwell in this case) as well I presume? Really looking forward to that Max Cooper Essential Mix as well. Tracklist is ace!
2015-02-27 @ 15:51 UTC
PSA: most of my cues for regular shows from Thursday and Friday will be delayed till Sunday/Monday
2015-02-26 @ 19:56 UTC
How can I view comments on Soundcloud if I can literally see people commenting on the waveform, yet Soundcloud reports "This track has no comments"? Or is it another annoying bug?
2015-02-26 @ 17:04 UTC
The Doc
I see what you mean about the Liquid Soul set. It feels like sluggish psy.
2015-02-26 @ 12:44 UTC
btw, latest FoF 046 is significantly better that the previous one..
May be worth your while :)
2015-02-26 @ 12:36 UTC
I don't know how I missed the most decent (IMO) release on Vandit in years - "Extravagance SL - Tama"

Kinda reminds me good old Trance I used to enjoy
2015-02-25 @ 20:20 UTC
lindmik (
It's been quite a while since Glenn Morrison did something that intrigued me:
2015-02-25 @ 10:25 UTC
lindmik (
Salva Mea:
2015-02-25 @ 10:13 UTC
jambowned (
wtf is an Icedream?
2015-02-25 @ 09:25 UTC
Click my nick for a list of ASOT700 Utrecht track-listings people are compiling, if anyone is interesting in making cues.
2015-02-25 @ 06:41 UTC
lindmik (
So, YAO138?! ;)
2015-02-25 @ 05:48 UTC
jambowned (
Liquid Soul is a tad disappointing as all of the tracks are at 138, so some feel too slow.
2015-02-25 @ 02:43 UTC
jambowned (
@The Doc: I did actually download his set and also Coming Soon!!! and Liquid Soul.

I might get Rodg done soonish.
2015-02-24 @ 23:12 UTC
The Doc
@jambowned I think you'd like Rodg's set at ASoTFest700. Although shameless self-promotion, it's quite proggy.
2015-02-24 @ 20:19 UTC
An awesome Magnus promo mix just uploaded. Well worth checking out.
2015-02-24 @ 19:22 UTC
lindmik (
Can we have the simple "I'm a human" thing? Don't understand how it works, but I hate those "type these blurry characters". Not that I would have to use it...
2015-02-24 @ 19:14 UTC
frifox (
Guest commenting is disabled. Will turn it back on after we implement reCAPTCHA.
2015-02-24 @ 18:32 UTC
jevonsxi (
CLR Podcast fans, the podcast will be ending on episode 315. Chris Liebing just announced. :(
2015-02-24 @ 14:58 UTC
lindmik (
Nice to get comments on my cues once in a while. Too bad it's from a spambot. :D
2015-02-24 @ 12:32 UTC
lindmik (
Apparently. I wasn't informed... :(
2015-02-24 @ 11:20 UTC
jambowned (
We won?

2015-02-24 @ 03:46 UTC
UKqkZl6vh (
I love your card, and team did an outstanding job, I think evnyeore just rocked the challenge! OMG, I am so excited to have won!! TU so much, I am thrilled! I'll be playin' when I have a sec! xxooGF
2015-02-24 @ 02:31 UTC
Yeah, Andrew Bayer made some really good tunes in the past, "Rift" Remix is great. But his recent releases I didn't like. Two quotes that sum it up very well. "From 1:55 to 3:05 sounds like the Bayer I know and love. The rest sounds like it got hijacked by some shitty bedroom producer. Really hope the new album isn't like this." (from "England") and "omg if i had a penny for every song released nowadays with big room house chords. id be a billionaire. Bayer can do much better." Yeah, the tracks still have some nice breaks but the rest sounds either too bigroomish or is bigroom crap (Bullet Catch), "District", is kinda nice, but still could be better. "Mirth Mobile", yeah, that is the problem. That doesn't sound good in my ears. Andrew is a good producer, but his new sound direction is problematic at least.
2015-02-24 @ 01:17 UTC
MrVrhgyiB (
Agreed. Except, I don't like the music Andrew Bayer doing in the last couple of years. Overhyped imo.
2015-02-24 @ 01:03 UTC
jambowned (
Best sets will be

#1 Warm-up
#2 Paul van Dyk
#3 Eric Prydz
#4 Andrew Bayer
#5 My bowel movements
#6 The rest
2015-02-24 @ 00:44 UTC
MrVrhgyiB (
And probably he's gonna play the best set (or maybe PvD). That lineup is god awful.
2015-02-23 @ 23:03 UTC
jambowned (
Eric Prydz on the ASOT stage at Ultra this year...
2015-02-23 @ 22:43 UTC
frifox (
The spam bot attacks are going hit for past few days. Banning a brand new bot every 5 minutes or so for past few hours...
2015-02-23 @ 16:10 UTC
The comment section on Soundcloud is hyping this "Origami" track. But I don't think it's any special, doesn't touch me. It isn't in the same league as the old Gouryella tracks or the old Corsten gold. Whatever. Maybe I'm not easy impressed after listening to thousands of trance tunes, and because I see the glass as almost empty. ;)
2015-02-23 @ 13:56 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah the remixes will definitely be great.

Got a spam comment randomly from
2015-02-23 @ 11:53 UTC
lindmik (
Like I commented about a week ago:

"BTW: "Origami" - a Gouryella track or not? It does have the Ligaya intro sound. But so does "Lostly - Losing It All", so who knows? :p"

I don't like it as much as the previous Gouryellas, it sounds a bit fake. Like it tries to be old-school, but doesn't really hit the mark. Waiting for the remixes...
2015-02-23 @ 10:59 UTC
jambowned (
Something about it just makes me happy.
2015-02-23 @ 10:58 UTC
jambowned (
So that new track Origami on Flashover Recordings might be a new Gouryella track.

I love it, hoping it is.
2015-02-22 @ 20:53 UTC
jambowned (
Just saw Liquid Soul's TL, yum!
2015-02-22 @ 15:04 UTC
maniak (
Liquid soul and Aly and Fila sets were so good :)!
2015-02-22 @ 12:42 UTC
jambowned (
I finally got around to cleaning up all of the ASOT cues.
2015-02-20 @ 12:22 UTC
jambowned (
Love Parade was insane.

1.6 million people in 2008!
2015-02-20 @ 08:01 UTC
Yeah, Loveparade was the biggest one yet...

My contenders for "modern" era are Outlook+Dimension festivals in Croatia, Glastonbury and Creamfields in UK (however they may be the biggest by line-up, not by DJs count), and probably Tomorrowland in Belgium
2015-02-20 @ 07:44 UTC
lindmik (
No, Love Parade ended in 2010.

I think Google is your friend if you want to know what the biggest one is.
2015-02-20 @ 07:39 UTC
hamed (
sorry fix it lindmik,anyway in overall Germany is the best in terms of number?
2015-02-20 @ 07:28 UTC
lindmik (
Love Parade in Germany would be my guess.

BTW, wright is wrong, right is right.
2015-02-20 @ 07:26 UTC
hamed (
Just for curiosity, which country of europe have been held biggest dj festival? my guess is Holland, is it wright?
2015-02-20 @ 07:22 UTC
We have spammer again ->
google ( spamming about bitcoins :D
2015-02-20 @ 03:30 UTC
jambowned (
Even in the last couple of years when he almost completely stopped updating the file server it was still a great way to find sets in the forums.
2015-02-20 @ 03:06 UTC
m1nt (
RIP URTZ, that's where I used to get all my sets when I first started queuing, for ASOT and GDJB. Gonna miss those HTTP direct download fast speed DLs :(
2015-02-19 @ 23:17 UTC
jambowned (
"Konektiv - Kilometros" is an outstanding track
2015-02-19 @ 22:40 UTC
jambowned (
JOOF is up next to play an open to close at Esscala.

Really wish he'd put an 8 hour set up on SoundCloud every now and then.

At least we have JOOF Editions 2 in April.
2015-02-19 @ 03:38 UTC
Amen - Long Live Trance
2015-02-18 @ 22:55 UTC
jambowned (
Trance is dead.

Long live trance.
2015-02-18 @ 13:41 UTC
R.I.P. URTranceZone
2015-02-18 @ 05:32 UTC
So, trance wasn't dead after all.. ;)
2015-02-18 @ 01:59 UTC
jambowned (
That new Basil O'Glue set is gooooooooooooooooood
2015-02-17 @ 19:18 UTC
Speaking of good trance sets, I really like solarstone's latest almost 5 hour set he shared on mixcloud. It's also available on his podcast. If you want to hear a good progression of a trance set, you should check that one out.
2015-02-17 @ 12:25 UTC
lindmik (
Phew, I already cued that one! Only have to do the 5h one. :D

Yeah, calling out the commercialism of the scene in that set is great. As long as there are DJs like them we will be fine.

BTW: "Origami" - a Gouryella track or not? It does have the Ligaya intro sound. But so does "Lostly - Losing It All", so who knows? :p
2015-02-17 @ 11:24 UTC
jambowned (
URTranceZone has finally shutdown =[
2015-02-17 @ 11:21 UTC
jambowned (
Also highly recommended is their takeover of the Earthquake Sound System show, another 4 hour set.

More of a classics thing, but still great.

They say some very on point things at the beginning of the mix in regards to the scene.
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