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2019-05-15 @ 15:21 UTC
Was hoping you weren't referencing a set from a number of years ago in 2017 ::laugh::
2019-05-15 @ 14:26 UTC
2019-05-15 @ 14:25 UTC
Which Mister Tong is that (date) ?
His US or UK broadcast ?
As he would say, "Cheers!"
2019-05-15 @ 04:39 UTC
lindmik (
Welcome to the hiatus club! :p

Good luck, and welcome back any time! :)
2019-05-14 @ 21:13 UTC
I'm taking a bit of a break from cue making, so anybody feel free to fill in for my regular shows.
2019-05-12 @ 07:12 UTC
oxygen15 (
Wow, last week's Residency selection by Marcel Dettmann was THE BOMB!

Sorry for keeping you waiting on such great music. :D
2019-05-07 @ 13:20 UTC
jambo (
If you like JOOF and similar labels then check out the newest Daniel Lesden live set. 5 hours!
2019-04-27 @ 08:38 UTC
Brent_ (
That comment should have had a heart emoji but it doesn’t work lol
2019-04-27 @ 08:37 UTC
Brent_ (
Paula Temple
2019-04-25 @ 17:31 UTC
Hi guys, during the weekend I will add cues for GDJB's and Gentech set from Dreamstate.
Sorry for being late.
2019-04-22 @ 17:01 UTC
oxygen15 (

Thanks for the great news!
2019-04-22 @ 14:41 UTC
jpinoniemi (
Posted on Facebook page on 4/19/19:

hi all!
For 2 years no news from us but I can now say for sure: / .online will be back on july 1st 2019. Currently we're developing a new site more 2019 style:). In the main while we'll try to do some updates already with the legacy system
The archived downloads (where u require login) will be back asap. If you need an account please send me a message with the desired username. I'll send you further instructions once this is ready to use.
I would to thank everyone for the lovely messages we have been receiving since the shutdown ( pause.: D). We never ever realized so many people actually like our simple site!
I'll get back to you soon with more news!
Good weekend!
Best regards,
2019-04-14 @ 01:36 UTC
please listen trance, give it a try! :)
2019-04-06 @ 07:39 UTC
dewmaster (
Well I love early James Sound too maybe I can help you. Contact me via email for more details. Tbh It's a little bit difficult to cue his mixes because of his way of mixing!
2019-04-05 @ 14:16 UTC
Brent_ (
Sounds good! Loving early 00's Holden mixes.

Bit of delay on the Drum & Bass Show cues by the way. Very busy. But I'll get to it.
2019-04-05 @ 09:23 UTC
Actually, I have about 70 various mixes from James (2002-2010). Not sure how much of them I'll cue finally :)
2019-04-05 @ 09:05 UTC
dewmaster (
I actually made and uploaded some cues from old Holden's mixes for example his Essential mix from 2002 and GDJB guestmix from 2003. Do you have something more?
2019-04-05 @ 08:36 UTC
Hey guys! Is someone interested in old James Holden stuff? I mean livesets/radioshows.
I'll probably cue some of them, but not sure which categories should I choose: Various Stes or Promos...
2019-04-03 @ 23:29 UTC
jambo (
@KEKC: Cuenode still doesn't have Vol 5 cues. I just know the minute I make them they'll upload theirs.

Schroedinger's Cue.
2019-04-03 @ 11:24 UTC
We run a tight ship here. Welcome! :)
2019-04-02 @ 17:37 UTC
TO ALL NEW MEMBERS: Before posting CUEs read the rules here!
2019-04-02 @ 16:54 UTC
sin4a (
lindmik ( - what is wrong in formatting - extension?
2019-04-02 @ 09:56 UTC
lindmik (
sin4a, could you please clean up your cues? The formatting is all wrong.
2019-04-02 @ 09:51 UTC
big thx
2019-04-01 @ 21:37 UTC
EsMer (
2019-04-01 @ 14:23 UTC
please please
Jeffrey Sutorius @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019
please someone help with CUE
set was really GOOD
2019-03-28 @ 08:12 UTC
lindmik (
And another reminder to EsMer and others to please remove the label info from the tracklists. Just "Artist - Title (Mix)" please.
2019-03-27 @ 22:55 UTC
jambo (
Just a reminder to EsMer and everyone else:

We use the international date standard of


for cues uploaded to this site.
2019-03-25 @ 11:05 UTC
@Karol: AIMP.
2019-03-24 @ 21:30 UTC
stev0b (
@Karol: GoneMAD Music player works with cues.
2019-03-24 @ 17:06 UTC
Karol (
Thank you @frifox.
Do you know other apps?
2019-03-24 @ 16:58 UTC
frifox (
Poweramp Music Player
2019-03-24 @ 16:57 UTC
Karol (
Hello, do you know any android app which support mp3 sets together with cue files (shows track names during listening ex. 2 hours set)?
2019-03-21 @ 19:59 UTC
Hi guys, sorry for delay with GDJB sets. I will cue them ASAP (during the next week). I'm very busy at the moment.
2019-03-19 @ 21:35 UTC
jambo (
Well that was a waste of an hour and a half :P
2019-03-19 @ 17:59 UTC
@jambo: There is a good site with CUEs for the latest commercial releases. House, trance, drum'n'bass, ambient. Updates every week. Oh. and btw, for J00F 20th Anniversary CUE were already there in january ;)
2019-03-19 @ 13:53 UTC
jambo (
I should be doing JOOF Editions Vol. 5 cues as well, when that comes out in a couple of weeks.
2019-03-19 @ 13:36 UTC
jambo (
I finished the cues for the J00F 20th Anniversary mixes.

Just email me and I can send anyone a link.
2019-03-19 @ 07:42 UTC
jambo (
@JTD121: I was planning on doing them at some point, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I might give it a crack tonight.
2019-03-17 @ 10:14 UTC
JTD121 (
Hey all,

Anyone have handy cues for J00F 20th anniversary mixes from Beatport?
2019-03-14 @ 19:35 UTC
frifox (
Didn't see this track available online in full, so I bought it.!droEmQID!gRww_y1Q3ndt8_lTQVUt8-D087m_nYsvSXn9bSQGVdE

Enjoy :)
2019-03-10 @ 02:08 UTC
fkid (
After a billion years, I have made a return with a .cue sheet. Shlohmo's Essential Mix. Enjoy! :D
2019-03-09 @ 08:57 UTC
silv3r (
Hello, people! :)
2019-03-06 @ 15:38 UTC
@oxygen15 Thanks for your answer! I'll listen to the shows then :)
2019-03-06 @ 08:37 UTC
jshah21 (
Any chance of getting the cues for ASOT 900 utrecht mainstage and WAO138 stage
2019-03-02 @ 09:15 UTC
oxygen15 (

Hi mostly plays unreleased edits, bootlegs and white labels of disco/funk tunes on his Residency shows. And often does not know a name of tune (because it's just untagged white vinyl, again).
So there will be LOTS of IDs..

If you like his comments and stories - just listen to the shows :)
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