Indecent Noise - AH.FM EOYC 2017 (2017-12-26) (Part 151) (Top 50 in 2017)

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Length: 180:03
Broadcast source: AH.FM

[00:00]01.Nick Grater - Oblivion(03:56)
[03:56]02.Arkham Knights - Phantom(03:56)
[07:52]03.Stoneface & Terminal - Beast In The Machine(03:20)
[11:12]04.Tempo Giusto - Past x Future(04:23)
[15:35]05.Megamind - Taub (Mark Sherry Remix)(03:04)
[18:39]06.Stoneface & Terminal - So What(02:46)
[21:25]07.Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb - Follow Me (Alex Di Stefano Remix)(03:03)
[24:28]08.The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Tasso Remix)(03:32)
[27:59]09.David Forbes - Wormhole(03:30)
[31:30]10.Talla 2XLC & Indecent Noise meet Hypetraxx - The Darkside(04:00)
[35:30]11.Mark Norman - Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)(02:50)
[38:20]12.Sneijder - Outsider (Lostly Remix)(02:33)
[40:53]13.Indecent Noise - Tech Noir(03:01)
[43:54]14.Factor B & The Noble Six - Origins(05:06)
[49:00]15.Eco with Driftmoon - Trust In The Wind (Driftmoon Rework)(04:09)
[53:09]16.Maximal - From The Past(03:30)
[56:39]17.Ana Criado - Still There's You (A.R.D.I. Remix)(03:26)
[60:05]18.DT8 Project feat. Roxanne Wilde - Destination (James Dymond Remix)(04:21)
[64:25]19.Max Graham & Neev Kennedy - Guiding Light (James Dymond Remix)(03:05)
[67:30]20.Solarstone & Meredith Call - I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(04:48)
[72:18]21.Cold Blue - Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix)(03:26)
[75:44]22.Arctic Moon - Cyberpunk(03:57)
[79:41]23.Lostly - Nothing Left(03:12)
[82:53]24.Derb - Derbus (RAM's Refurbished Fusion Remix)(03:00)
[85:53]25.James Kiedis - The Kraken(02:17)
[88:10]26.Indecent Noise pres. Raw Tech Audio - Here We Go(03:29)
[91:39]27.Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves (Lostly Remix)(03:12)
[94:51]28.Heatbeat - Total Ownage(04:07)
[98:58]29.Ratty - Sunrise (Indecent Noise's Dreamstate Remix)(04:27)
[103:25]30.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Lumina(03:46)
[107:11]31.Cold Blue - Speed Of Life(03:53)
[111:05]32.Talla 2XLC - Arcadia(02:53)
[113:58]33.Solarstone & Indecent Noise - Querencia (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(04:41)
[118:39]34.Bjorn Akesson - Extra Life(03:38)
[122:17]35.Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - The Potion(02:47)
[125:04]36.Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun (Timelapse by Marco V Remix)(02:52)
[127:56]37.Simon Patterson - Spike (Vertical Mode Remix)(05:00)
[132:55]38.Shadow Chronicles - Love & Light(04:32)
[137:28]39.Somnia - We Are The Future(02:23)
[139:51]40.Chris Schweizer - Atom(03:55)
[143:45]41.Indecent Noise - Dolores(03:04)
[146:49]42.Indecent Noise - War Cry(04:09)
[150:58]43.Indecent Noise feat. Jasmine Chloe - Alive Tonight(04:26)
[155:23]44.Indecent Noise - Paint It In Black(03:28)
[158:51]45.RAM - Melbourne (Fusion Mix)(03:23)
[162:13]46.Will Atkinson - Leave A Message(03:11)
[165:24]47.DJ Ton T.B. - Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix)(03:38)
[169:02]48.Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence - How Can I (James Dymond Remix)(04:32)
[173:34]49.Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley - The Code(02:16)
[175:51]50.Commander Tom - Eye Bee M (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:12)

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emul0us (
Hey guys; newly registered member here. Yesterday, I uploaded UCast's 100th Injection episode (yearmix 2017), but the tracklist nor the title of it are showing. I uploaded a txt file containing the tracklist as a cuesheet, thinking the tracklist would auto-populate in that section, but it did not. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

2018-01-02 @ 18:37 UTC
Looks tasty indeed, thanks!
2017-12-28 @ 11:27 UTC
lindmik (
You're all very welcome!
2017-12-28 @ 10:29 UTC
St. Jetto (
Wooohhhoooooo, thanks, mate :D
2017-12-27 @ 22:42 UTC
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Thanks, heard good things about this set
2017-12-27 @ 17:35 UTC
Thank you lindmik! :)
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