Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 550.2 (2012-03-07) (Live @ Expocenter in Moscow, Russia) [TT]

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Length: 603:25
Release group: TranceTraffic
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[00:00]01.A State of Trance - Intro (Ruben de Ronde)(03:10)
[03:10]02.ID - ID(04:38)
[07:48]03.Ruben de Ronde & Danny Chen - That One Word (Flashtech Remix)(03:25)
[11:13]04.Aelyn - Believe In Us (ID Remix)(05:03)
[16:16]05.A State of Trance - Talk(01:54)
[18:11]06.Ruben de Ronde feat. Aelyn - She's Already Gone(04:46)
[22:57]07.Above & Beyond - Filmic (Ruben de Ronde Remix)(05:32)
[28:29]08.A State of Trance - Talk(02:17)
[30:46]09.Faruk Sabanci - As Faces Fade (Alexander Popov Remix)(03:18)
[34:03]10.Ellie Lawson - A Hundred Ways (Hazem Beltagui Remix)(05:22)
[39:26]11.Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde - Marsascala (Alexander Popov Remix)(04:38)
[44:04]12.Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford vs. Ruben de Ronde - A Thing Called Timide (Ruben de Ronde Mashup)(03:45)
[47:49]13.A State of Trance - Talk(02:40)
[50:29]14.Andrew Bayer - From The Earth (Breakfast Remix)(03:35)
[54:05]15.Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Down To Love (Kyau & Albert Remix)(05:54)
[59:59]16.A State of Trance - Intro (Rank 1)(00:54)
[60:52]17.Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren with Rank 1 - Witness (Club Mix)(05:52)
[66:44]18.Rank 1 - Airwave (ID Remix)(03:40)
[70:24]19.Rank 1 & Jochen Miller feat. Sarah Bettens - Wild & Perfect Day (Extended Mix)(04:31)
[74:55]20.ID - ID(04:27)
[79:22]21.A State of Trance - Talk(02:56)
[82:18]22.York pres. Lifted Emotion - iPhonic (XGenic Remix)(04:24)
[86:42]23.Rank 1 vs. Jochen Miller - The Great Escape(04:39)
[91:22]24.A State of Trance - Talk(00:50)
[92:12]25.ID - ID(05:52)
[98:04]26.Deep Voices feat. Alexander Klaus - Because The Rain (Moonking Dub)(02:49)
[100:53]27.A State of Trance - Talk(02:08)
[103:00]28.ID - ID(05:59)
[108:59]29.Rank1 - L.E.D. There Be Light(05:33)
[114:33]30.A State of Trance - Talk(01:05)
[115:38]31.ID - ID(05:05)
[120:43]32.Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)(03:55)
[124:37]33.A State of Trance - Talk(01:57)
[126:35]34.Faruk Sabanci - As Faces Fade (Alexander Popov Remix)(03:33)
[130:07]35.ID - ID(04:36)
[134:43]36.A State of Trance - Intro (Arty)(00:54)
[135:37]37.Arty vs. Matisse & Sadko - Trio (Intro Mix)(03:14)
[138:51]38.Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren - We Come Together (Arty Remix)(04:28)
[143:19]39.A State of Trance - Talk(02:08)
[145:27]40.D-Mad vs. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - She Gave Me Sun & Moon (Arty Mashup)(02:45)
[148:13]41.Mat Zo & Arty - Mozart (Arty Edit)(03:41)
[151:54]42.Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects feat. Eric Hecht - Walking Alone (Arty Remix)(03:34)
[155:28]43.Arty feat. Tania Zygar - The Wall (Arty ReMode)(04:18)
[159:47]44.ID - ID(03:04)
[162:51]45.A State of Trance - Talk(01:45)
[164:36]46.OceanLab vs. Mat Zo & Arty - Satellite Dynamics (Mat Zo Mashup)(03:31)
[168:07]47.Arty - Around The World(05:04)
[173:11]48.Arty vs. Imogen Heap - Seek Zara (SHato & Paul Rockseek Mashup)(02:31)
[175:42]49.A State of Trance - Talk(03:16)
[178:58]50.Tiesto vs. Diplo vs. Nero - C'mon Me & You (Arty Mashup)(01:11)
[180:09]51.Reflekt feat. Delline Bass vs. Arty - Need To Feel Hope (Above & Beyond Mashup)(03:31)
[183:40]52.ID - ID(04:29)
[188:09]53.Arty & Mat Zo vs. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso - Rebound Calling (Arty Mashup)(05:35)
[193:44]54.Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? (Arty Remix)(02:53)
[196:37]55.A State of Trance - Talk(02:55)
[199:31]56.Ferry Corsten - Punk (Arty Rock-N-Rolla Remix)(01:51)
[201:22]57.Arty - Kate(04:44)
[206:05]58.Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life(03:19)
[209:25]59.Armin van Buuren - The Cheerleader(01:15)
[210:39]60.A State of Trance - Intro (ATB)(00:57)
[211:36]61.Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux - Eagles(04:48)
[216:24]62.Norin & Rad vs. Audien - Triumph(05:38)
[222:02]63.Antillas feat. Fiora - Damaged (Main Mix)(06:28)
[228:30]64.LTN - Ordinary People (D-Mad Remix)(05:31)
[234:01]65.A State of Trance - Talk(01:18)
[235:19]66.ATB feat. JanSoon - Move On (Club Mix)(06:45)
[242:05]67.Zedd - Shave It(05:09)
[247:14]68.Tiesto - Traffic (Tristan Garner Remix)(03:38)
[250:52]69.ATB feat. Sean Ryan - All I Need Is You (Club Mix)(04:52)
[255:44]70.A State of Trance - Talk(01:40)
[257:24]71.Mike Saint-Jules pres. Saint X feat. Sandel - Summerlives(05:45)
[263:09]72.ATB feat. Tiff Lacey - Ecstasy (Club Mix)(04:36)
[267:44]73.ATB feat. Sean Ryan - Killing Me Inside (Josh Gallahan Remix)(06:26)
[274:10]74.A State of Trance - Talk(01:35)
[275:45]75.Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Mike Shinoda Remix)(05:09)
[280:54]76.ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come) (ID Remix)(07:06)
[288:00]77.A State of Trance - Intro (Armin van Buuren)(01:25)
[289:25]78.Omnia & IRA - The Fusion (Armin van Buuren Intro Mix)(05:26)
[294:51]79.Alexander Popov - Attractive Force(04:07)
[298:58]80.Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Suddenly Summer(06:44)
[305:42]81.Leon Bolier - 29 Bigroom(04:20)
[310:02]82.W&W - Invasion(03:15)
[313:17]83.Gaia - Tuvan(05:30)
[318:47]84.Orjan Nilsen - Legions(04:32)
[323:19]85.Beat Service - Fortuna(03:49)
[327:08]86.Andrew Rayel - 550 Senta (Aether Mix)(05:19)
[332:27]87.Gaia - J'ai Envie De Toi(05:53)
[338:20]88.Wiegel Meirmans Snitker - Nova Zembla (Armin van Buuren Remix)(05:03)
[343:22]89.Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Back To The Future Mix)(05:17)
[348:39]90.Ferry Corsten vs. Armin van Buuren - Brute(06:35)
[355:15]91.Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan Remix)(05:06)
[360:21]92.Armin van Buuren & Orjan Nilsen - Belter(05:11)
[365:32]93.Armin van Buuren - Sail(06:12)
[371:44]94.John O'Callaghan vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon del Adel - In & Out Of Raw Deal (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(04:50)
[376:34]95.A State of Trance - Intro (Dash Berlin)(01:26)
[378:00]96.TiŽsto - Maximal Crazy(00:29)
[378:28]97.tyDi feat. Sarah Howells - Acting Crazy (Tom Fall Remix)(02:26)
[380:55]98.Ost & Meyer - Safari(02:42)
[383:37]99.Kyau & Albert vs. John Dahlback feat. Erik Hassle - One Last Love (Dash Berlin Mashup)(02:53)
[386:30]100.Dash Berlin & ATB vs. Niki & The Dove - DJ Ease My Apollo Road (Dash Berlin Mashup)(04:47)
[391:17]101.Zombie Nation & Chris Schweizer vs. Nero - Kernkraft 400 vs. Promises (Dash Berlin Mashup)(03:34)
[394:52]102.Norin & Rad vs. Recurve vs. Olive & Cosmic Gate - The You Are Not Alone Gift Theme (Dash Berlin Mashup)(04:49)
[399:41]103.Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - World Falls Apart (Club Mix)(04:01)
[403:42]104.Dash Berlin feat. Sarah Howells - Go It Alone (Club Mix)(03:18)
[407:00]105.Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren vs. Shogun - Man On The Skyfire (Dash Berlin Mashup)(00:58)
[407:58]106.A State of Trance - Talk(01:02)
[409:00]107.Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren vs. Shogun - Man On The Skyfire (Dash Berlin Mashup)(03:18)
[412:19]108.Victor Dinaire & Bissen feat. Peter Finley - 2nite U R Perfect (Steve Brian Remix)(04:56)
[417:15]109.Dash Berlin feat. Band Of Horses - The Funeral(05:35)
[422:50]110.Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Club Mix)(04:20)
[427:11]111.A State of Trance - Talk(01:44)
[428:54]112.Dash Berlin vs. Coldplay - Ticking Clocks (Dash Berlin's Essential Warmplay Rework)(03:39)
[432:33]113.Luke Bond feat. Mark Frisch - The Other Side (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)(04:36)
[437:09]114.Above & Beyond vs. Gareth Emery & Dash Berlin feat. Solid Sessions - I'll Be Waiting In Janeiro On A Good Metropolis Day (Dash Berlin Mashup)(05:24)
[442:33]115.Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt vs. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Waiting To Disarm Your Sun & Moon (Dash Berlin Mashup)(07:40)
[450:13]116.A State of Trance - Intro (W&W)(00:37)
[450:50]117.W&W - Impact (MaRLo Remix)(02:10)
[453:01]118.ID - ID(04:11)
[457:11]119.Ferry Corsten - Feel it (W&W Rework)(03:13)
[460:24]120.Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiesto Remix) (W&W & Jonas Stenberg Rework)(03:31)
[463:55]121.ID - ID(02:43)
[466:38]122.A State of Trance - Talk(03:01)
[469:39]123.ID - ID(02:05)
[471:44]124.W&W - Invasion(03:47)
[475:32]125.ID - ID(04:00)
[479:32]126.ID - ID(03:49)
[483:21]127.W&W feat. Bree - Nowhere To Go (Shogun Remix)(06:15)
[489:35]128.ID - ID(03:55)
[493:30]129.A State of Trance - Talk(01:10)
[494:41]130.W&W - AK-47(02:04)
[496:44]131.ID - ID(04:00)
[500:44]132.ID - ID(03:38)
[504:22]133.W&W vs. Noisecontrollers - Gimme Alpha (W&W Maushup)(00:21)
[504:44]134.A State of Trance - Talk(01:32)
[506:16]135.W&W vs. Noisecontrollers - Gimme Alpha (W&W Maushup)(01:38)
[507:53]136.RafaŽl Frost - Channel 4(03:38)
[511:31]137.Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life (ID Remix)(04:25)
[515:57]138.Wezz Devall - Kill Of The Year(03:55)
[519:51]139.Ashley Wallbridge - Mumbai Traffic(03:09)
[523:01]140.W&W & Leon Bolier - Treasure Chest(02:37)
[525:37]141.A State of Trance - Intro (Alex M.O.R.P.H)(00:45)
[526:22]142.Star Wars - Imperial March (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Intro Edit)(02:54)
[529:16]143.ID - ID(06:56)
[536:12]144.Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture - Waking Up The Stars(06:10)
[542:22]145.ID - ID(03:46)
[546:08]146.Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)(02:51)
[548:58]147.Cirez D - Mokba(03:37)
[552:35]148.ID - ID(07:04)
[559:40]149.ID - ID(05:33)
[565:13]150.Roma Pafos - One Shot (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(06:02)
[571:15]151.Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(05:21)
[576:36]152.A State of Trance - Talk(01:04)
[577:40]153.Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(01:23)
[579:03]154.ID - ID(05:07)
[584:10]155.Hanna vs. ID - Falling Away (Protoculture Remix) vs. ID(04:45)
[588:55]156.Mat Zo - Yoyo Ma(05:37)
[594:32]157.A State of Trance - Talk(01:51)
[596:24]158.ID - ID(01:18)
[597:42]159.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun - An Angels Love (Vocal Mix)(04:44)
[602:26]160.A State of Trance - Outro(00:59)

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2012-03-08 @ 17:40 UTC
Can anybody set up a torrent once they've got the MP3 downloaded? Rapidshare limits its free users speed to around 50Kb/s, meaning it'll take a day (more or less) to download it.

I'll gladly re-upload the file to Mediafire split in several .rar parts once I get a hold of it.

Either way, thanks a lot for the cue frifox, you're the man :)
2012-03-08 @ 13:49 UTC
Sanath (
Frifox u r a legend...tht was so fast.respect!!
2012-03-08 @ 11:28 UTC
Thanks for the cue & links!

PunkRocker, that seems to be normal free dl speed for Rapidshare nowadays.. :(
2012-03-08 @ 11:26 UTC
silv3r (
Thank you, buddy! :)
2012-03-08 @ 10:46 UTC
PunkRocker904 (
will do! thanks from South Africa! Our internet is so slow I'm downloading at 52.3 kb/s :'(
2012-03-08 @ 10:40 UTC
frifox (
Rapidshare doesnt allow ()'s in filename so you'll have to rename the downloaded mp3 to match cue's filename.
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