Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 500.2 (2011-03-27) (Live @ Ultra Music Festival in Miami, USA) [ Streamrip]

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Length: 720:32
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[00:00]01.A State of Trance - Intro (Marcus Schössow)(02:50)
[02:50]02.Marcus Schössow & Thomas Sagstad - Dome(05:27)
[08:17]03.A State of Trance - Talk(03:01)
[11:19]04.Marcus Schössow - Swedish Nights(02:35)
[13:54]05.Marcus Schössow - Alright(04:37)
[18:31]06.BT - The Emergency (Marcus Schössow Remix)(07:27)
[25:58]07.Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Marcus Schössow Remix)(05:40)
[31:39]08.Marcus Schössow & Leon Bolier - 2099(05:49)
[37:28]09.Yep & Lang - Nevertheless (Nifra Remix)(05:13)
[42:41]10.Conjure One feat. Jaren - Like Ice (Marcus Schössow Remix)(05:34)
[48:15]11.Judge Jules - The Greater Good (Marcus Schössow Remix)(06:13)
[54:28]12.Leon Bolier & Marcus Schössow - Ost Kaas (Mozarella Mix)(04:14)
[58:42]13.ID - ID(01:25)
[60:08]14.A State of Trance - Intro (Alex M.O.R.P.H)(00:50)
[60:58]15.Star Wars - Imperial March (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Intro Edit)(02:07)
[63:05]16.Sylvia Tosun & Bellatrax - Worlds Keep Turning (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Club Mix)(08:05)
[71:10]17.ID - ID(06:43)
[77:53]18.Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(06:11)
[84:05]19.A State of Trance - Talk(03:02)
[87:06]20.Deep Voices feat. Alexander Klaus - Autumn Leaves (Beltek Remix)(05:06)
[92:13]21.ID - ID(05:38)
[97:50]22.ID - ID(03:30)
[101:20]23.Dada Life - White Noise / Red Meat(03:55)
[105:15]24.Protonica - Northern Storm(08:19)
[113:34]25.Skytech - Rocket Science(04:45)
[118:19]26.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Ana Criado - Sunset Boulevard(04:56)
[123:15]27.A State of Trance - Talk(00:40)
[123:55]28.ID - ID(05:47)
[129:42]29.Triple A - Winter Stayed (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(06:29)
[136:11]30.Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(05:49)
[142:00]31.A State of Trance - Talk(03:59)
[145:59]32.Glenn Morrison feat. Christian Burns - Tokyo Cries (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(03:38)
[149:37]33.ID - ID(01:31)
[151:08]34.A State of Trance - Intro (Cosmic Gate)(00:46)
[151:54]35.Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (Arty Remix)(08:53)
[160:47]36.Cressida feat Roxanne Barton - Heart On My Sleeve (Kyau & Albert Remix)(04:55)
[165:42]37.Mat Zo - Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)(06:17)
[171:59]38.Moguai - We Want Your Soul (Thomas Gold Remix)(04:19)
[176:18]39.Dune - Heiress Of Valentina (Alesso Remix)(04:54)
[181:13]40.Cosmic Gate - Barra(05:23)
[186:36]41.Ferry Corsten - Punk (Cosmic Gate Essential Rework)(05:14)
[191:50]42.A State of Trance - Talk(02:10)
[194:00]43.Nadia Ali - Rapture (Tristan Garner Elevation Remix)(03:49)
[197:49]44.Randy Katana - In Silence (Setrise Remix)(03:49)
[201:38]45.Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston - Raging (Alexander Popov Dub)(06:26)
[208:04]46.Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Back To The Future Mix)(07:13)
[215:17]47.Store N'Forward vs. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Donut Tracking Treasure Down (Store N'Forward Mashup)(05:43)
[221:00]48.Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Back To The Future Mix)(05:00)
[226:00]49.A State of Trance - Talk(03:19)
[229:18]50.Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix)(03:54)
[233:12]51.John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix)(07:13)
[240:25]52.A State of Trance - Intro (Gareth Emery)(00:36)
[241:01]53.Gareth Emery Feat. Brute Force - Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Intro Remix)(03:43)
[244:45]54.Yves-V vs. Fred Baker - Start Again(03:09)
[247:54]55.Gareth Emery feat. Mark Frisch - Into The Light (ID Remix)(04:29)
[252:22]56.Steve Angello & Faithless - Knas Insomnia (East & Young Mashup)(04:46)
[257:09]57.Pendulum vs. Rank 1 vs. Nic Chagall vs. Wippenberg - The 100 Islands (Triarchy Mashup)(04:57)
[262:06]58.Above & Beyond feat. Richard Belfort - Sun & Moon (Club Mix)(04:52)
[266:58]59.Gareth Emery & Jerome Isma-Ae - Stars (Hardwell Remix)(03:29)
[270:28]60.Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery - Too Dark Tonight (John O'Callaghan Remix)(04:04)
[274:32]61.Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Chris Kaeser Bootleg)(03:21)
[277:53]62.Gareth Emery feat. Emma Hewitt - I Will Be The Same (Dennis Sheperd Remix)(04:18)
[282:11]63.A State of Trance - Talk (MEM vs. Myon & Shane 54 - Forza Vampire)(05:17)
[287:29]64.Gareth Emery - Global (Jordan Suckley Remix)(04:02)
[291:31]65.Tiesto vs. Lange, Andy Moor & Komytea - Lethal Stadium Four (Gareth Emery Mashup)(03:34)
[295:05]66.Gareth Emery vs. Markus Schulz feat. Jennifer Rene - Not The Same Citadel (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(05:14)
[300:19]67.Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary(06:29)
[306:48]68.Gareth Emery vs. Motorcycle vs. Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper vs. Myon & Shane 54 - As The So Exposure Comes (Gareth Emery Mashup)(05:06)
[311:54]69.Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Fight The Sunrise (Daniel Kandi Remix)(05:09)
[317:03]70.Marc Simz vs. Dustin Zahn vs. Len Faki - Forbidden City vs. Stranger To Stability (Gareth Emery Mashup)(03:23)
[320:26]71.Delerium vs. Gareth Emery - This Is Silence (Myon Mashup)(06:34)
[327:00]72.A State of Trance - Talk(00:36)
[327:36]73.Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Extended Mix)(03:04)
[330:40]74.A State of Trance - Intro (Ferry Corsten)(00:46)
[331:26]75.Kyau & Albert - On The Way(05:32)
[336:58]76.Steve Hill & Gaz West - Can U Feel It(05:23)
[342:21]77.Cliff Coenraad - Oh!Mega (Bootyshakin' Mix)(05:08)
[347:29]78.Tellur - What You Think(04:14)
[351:43]79.Klauss Goulart - Maximum(05:48)
[357:31]80.ID - ID(06:00)
[363:31]81.Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin - Made Of Love(07:21)
[370:52]82.Ferry Corsten - Beautiful(07:00)
[377:52]83.Dogzilla - Without You (Rafael Frost Remix)(06:24)
[384:16]84.Coldplay - The Scientist (Maarten De Jong Bootleg)(06:17)
[390:33]85.Jacob van Hage - Spotfire(03:48)
[394:20]86.ID - ID(06:43)
[401:03]87.Ferry Corsten - Brainbox(06:58)
[408:01]88.A State of Trance - Talk(01:34)
[409:34]89.Ferry Corsten - Punk (MarLo Remix)(06:05)
[415:39]90.System F feat. Armin van Buuren - Exhale(06:47)
[422:26]91.A State of Trance - Intro (Armin van Buuren)(00:44)
[423:10]92.Armin van Buuren vs. Ferry Corsten - Minack (Extended Version)(07:14)
[430:24]93.Marcel Woods - BPM (Kristof van Den Berghe Remix)(05:56)
[436:19]94.Orjan Nilsen - Between The Rays(04:16)
[440:35]95.Orjan Nilsen - Go Fast(05:13)
[445:48]96.Armin van Buuren feat. BT - These Silent Hearts (Ralphie B Remix)(08:04)
[453:52]97.Bjorn Akesson - Painting Pyramids(04:59)
[458:50]98.Shogun - Skyfire(06:06)
[464:56]99.Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound(05:13)
[470:09]100.Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon(05:45)
[475:54]101.ID - ID(04:34)
[480:28]102.Gareth Emery vs. Alex Speaker - Exposure (Ben Nicky Mashup)(03:51)
[484:19]103.Tom Colontonio - Reflections (Heatbeat Remix)(04:23)
[488:42]104.Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Sinners(03:05)
[491:47]105.Leon Bolier - Capetown(04:52)
[496:39]106.Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia - Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Anthem)(07:35)
[504:14]107.Armin van Buuren feat. Winter Kills - Take A Moment (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(05:56)
[510:09]108.Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight(06:24)
[516:33]109.Signum - Beyond This Earth(05:27)
[522:00]110.Push - Universal Nation (Dash Berlin Bootleg)(02:51)
[524:51]111.Jorn van Deynhoven & Manuel Le Saux - Nardo (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix)(05:41)
[530:32]112.Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (Richard Durand Rework)(05:20)
[535:52]113.Armin van Buuren - Communication Part 3(04:40)
[540:32]114.A State of Trance - Intro (ATB)(00:41)
[541:13]115.ATB - Ecstasy (Special US Intro Mix)(06:13)
[547:26]116.First State feat. Sarah Howells - Reverie (Pounding Club Mix)(06:54)
[554:21]117.Estiva - Festival(05:15)
[559:36]118.Jaco - Excuses(05:44)
[565:20]119.ID - ID(06:35)
[571:55]120.A State of Trance - Talk(02:52)
[574:46]121.Rammstein - Du Hast (Gerayd Remix)(01:30)
[576:16]122.Ultra DJ's - Me & You (Ernesto vs. Bastian Remix)(06:07)
[582:23]123.ATB feat. Melissa Loretta - ID(06:47)
[589:10]124.MuseArtic - Last Saturday(05:20)
[594:30]125.ID - ID(06:46)
[601:17]126.Anton Firtich pres. AF Project - Something Wrong(07:19)
[608:35]127.ID - ID(07:39)
[616:14]128.A State of Trance - Talk(02:51)
[619:05]129.ATB - LA Nights(04:41)
[623:46]130.ATB - What About Us(04:14)
[628:00]131.A State of Trance - Talk(01:08)
[629:09]132.ATB - What About Us(01:11)
[630:20]133.A State of Trance - Intro (Sander van Doorn)(00:44)
[631:04]134.Sander van Doorn - I Can Haz Noise (Intro Mix)(01:05)
[632:09]135.ID - ID(01:12)
[633:20]136.Taylor & Close - Come With Us(02:08)
[635:28]137.Sander van Doorn feat. Carol Lee - Love Is Darkness (Original vs. Ummet Ozcan Remix)(05:23)
[640:51]138.Sander van Doorn - Koko(04:04)
[644:56]139.Green Velvet - Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)(02:24)
[647:19]140.Erick Strong - The Monster(00:43)
[648:03]141.A State of Trance - Talk(03:52)
[651:54]142.Radion 6 - Streets Of NY(01:55)
[653:49]143.Stefan Gruenwald - Anytime Is Housetime (ID Remix)(02:38)
[656:27]144.Jacob van Hage - Spotfire(03:36)
[660:03]145.Tiesto vs. Marcel Woods - Don't Ditch(03:00)
[663:03]146.Sander van Doorn - ID(05:34)
[668:37]147.Sander van Doorn vs. Zombie Nation - Renegade vs. Kernkraft 400 (Setrise Remix)(02:38)
[671:15]148.Ummet Ozcan - Transcend(03:10)
[674:25]149.Ummet Ozcan - ID(04:08)
[678:33]150.The Killers - When You Were Young (Jonas Stenberg Remix)(03:21)
[681:54]151.Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - Morph (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)(04:37)
[686:31]152.Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze - Hymn 2.0(04:33)
[691:04]153.Sander van Doorn - Daisy(05:04)
[696:08]154.ID - ID(02:24)
[698:31]155.ID - ID(02:50)
[701:21]156.Sander van Doorn - Daddyrock(03:03)
[704:24]157.Paul Ercossa - Ercogen(03:38)
[708:02]158.W&W - Alpha(02:58)
[711:01]159.Evol Waves - Everything In Its Right Place(03:27)
[714:28]160.A State of Trance - Talk(01:04)
[715:32]161.S.O. Project vs. Macro V - Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix) vs. Godd(03:15)
[718:47]162.A State of Trance - Outro(01:44)

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2011-03-30 @ 23:02 UTC
jambowned (
Haha 192k mono torrent, good work seeder.
2011-03-30 @ 22:35 UTC
frifox (
DLink#1: 1x1.28GB - Rapidshare
DLink#2: 1x1.28GB - Megaupload
DLink#3: 1x1.28GB - Filesonic

DLink#4: 7x200MB - Rapidshare
DLink#5: 7x200MB - Megaupload
DLink#6: 7x200MB - Hotfile
DLink#7: 7x200MB - Fileserve
DLink#8: 7x200MB - Filesonic
DLink#9: 7x200MB - Duckload

need more? :P
2011-03-30 @ 20:39 UTC
Mr Punctual
143. Stefan Gruenwald - Anytime Is Housetime (ID remix)
2011-03-30 @ 08:14 UTC
Torrent is 192 kbs quality, that's why it doesn't match but cue file should work. But seriously, don't download it people... It's MONO :/ Bad joke;/
2011-03-30 @ 06:22 UTC
Thanks very much really appreciate it frifox
2011-03-30 @ 06:17 UTC
frifox (
I'll upload splits tomorrow
2011-03-30 @ 06:14 UTC
Thanks for the torrent link but the file size doesn't match the download links.

Is there anyone else who has another option? FTP? Another host that allows above 1g?

I really wanna get this downloaded before my holiday on saturday
2011-03-29 @ 14:29 UTC

it's from private Polish site and as I said, it's stuck at 72% because nobody is seeding at the moment
2011-03-29 @ 09:24 UTC
Do you have a torrent link? i cant find one?
2011-03-29 @ 05:32 UTC
I am downloading from torrent right now... but that can take some time, at the moment nobody is seeding so everybody is waiting...
2011-03-29 @ 03:12 UTC
#Fail... we need split files in 2 parts... plleeeaassee
2011-03-28 @ 23:44 UTC
jambowned (
I do ;)
2011-03-28 @ 19:58 UTC
frifox (
nobody has RS/MU/FS premium?
2011-03-28 @ 19:50 UTC
Lol no one can download the file to create a torrent
2011-03-28 @ 19:42 UTC
lindmik (
Host the torrent locally.
2011-03-28 @ 19:01 UTC
frifox (
I hate multi-part file splits. btw, link me to the torrent and i'll add in to the Download Links
2011-03-28 @ 16:14 UTC
djmindcrasher (
Both mirrors work only with premium accounts due to big size of the mp3 file :( A kingdom for torrent!
2011-03-28 @ 14:49 UTC
Thank you for the cue sheet!
2011-03-28 @ 12:48 UTC
or RAR it in 2 parts (with no compression) and posting the links :P
2011-03-28 @ 10:49 UTC
silv3r (
A seedbox would be desirable around here I think. :D
2011-03-28 @ 10:47 UTC
upload to
2011-03-28 @ 09:35 UTC
Yeah is there a torrent? I'll be happy to seed i have a dedicated seed box anyway. Sadly i dont have a membership to download of either site
2011-03-28 @ 08:57 UTC
St. Jetto (
Public torrent? :)
2011-03-28 @ 07:45 UTC
jambowned (
Also 88. is "A State of Trance - Talk"
2011-03-28 @ 07:42 UTC
silv3r (
Whoa! Nice work, buddy! :D
2011-03-28 @ 07:42 UTC
jambowned (
147. is "Sander van Doorn vs. Zombie Nation - Renegade vs. Kernkraft 400 (Setrise Remix)"
2011-03-28 @ 07:41 UTC
thanks, should've waited for this one instead of dl'ing ps-releases :)
2011-03-28 @ 07:32 UTC
Tudor (
Cool thing!Thanks for your concern mate. Was a cool show \o/
2011-03-28 @ 07:29 UTC
frifox (
i'm loading the to rapidshare/megaupload/fileserve as we speak... hopefully they'll be up sooner than later
2011-03-28 @ 07:27 UTC
Tudor (
Thx for the set.I preffer those unintrerupted and continuous . As a file host ..try FileMail is pretty good.
2011-03-28 @ 07:11 UTC
jambowned (
Love your work.
2011-03-28 @ 07:11 UTC
frifox (
oh, and if there are errors in the tracklist - let me know. don't have time to verify every single ID by myself ;)
2011-03-28 @ 07:10 UTC
frifox (
play with Foobar2000 v8.3 or older.

download mirrors will come later. kinda hard to find a host that will host 1.28GB files for us :D
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