Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2016-03-08) (Incl. Black Sun Empire Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Prolix (Shogun Audio)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:15
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:22)
[00:21]02.Sigala feat. Imani & DJ Fresh - Say You Do (Kove Remix)(04:09)
[04:30]03.Tantrum Desire - Think About You(03:48)
[08:18]04.Kove - Dust(03:37)
[11:55]05.Andy C - New Era VIP(03:37)
[15:31]06.Delta Heavy - Cut Me(03:09)
[18:41]07.Brookes Brothers feat. Majesty - Good To Me (BMotion Remix) [Friction's Fire](04:08)
[22:49]08.Bensley - Tiptoe(05:04)
[27:52]09.1991 - Sprites(03:15)
[31:08]10.Technimatic - Transference(03:56)
[35:04]11.SpectraSoul - From The Jaws(03:40)
[38:44]12.Etherwood & S.P.Y - We're Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab Remix)(04:01)
[42:46]13.Calibre & DJ Marky - Amen Tune(04:42)
[47:28]14.Phaction - Stratos (Total Science Remix)(04:14)
[51:42]15.Logistics feat. Holly Drummond - Still Life(04:01)
[55:43]16.Melinki - Its A Shame(02:57)
[58:40]17.Drum & Bass Show - Black Sun Empire on the phone(03:28)
[62:08]18.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Pull The Trigger(02:14)
[64:22]19.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind feat. Tiki - Skin Crawler(01:27)
[65:49]20.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind vs. Misanthrop - Ego vs. Attack(02:36)
[68:25]21.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Thug(02:12)
[70:37]22.Konichi - Contraband(01:28)
[72:05]23.Telekinesis - Shut Up(01:07)
[73:12]24.Icicle feat. Metropolis - The Edge (Black Sun Empire Remix)(02:12)
[75:24]25.Telekinesis vs. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind feat. Codebreaker MC - Break vs. Long Time Dead(01:07)
[76:30]26.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Kill That Noise(01:50)
[78:21]27.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - The Cleaner(01:50)
[80:11]28.Neonlight - Microbots(01:50)
[82:01]29.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Twisted Up(01:50)
[83:52]30.Pythius - Executor(02:11)
[86:03]31.Mefjus - Suicide Bassline VIP(01:39)
[87:42]32.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Until The World Ends(02:03)
[89:45]33.Neonlight vs. Black Sun Empire feat. Foreign Beggars - Triple B vs. Dawn Of A Dark Day(01:50)
[91:35]34.Richie Brains feat. Fox - Splatter(03:04)
[94:39]35.Dub Phizix feat. DRS - Do One(04:46)
[99:25]36.Friction vs. Fourward feat. Jakes - Battle Scars (Alix Perez Remix)(02:56)
[102:20]37.Current Value - Jump (Enei Remix) [Murky Monday Selection](04:01)
[106:21]38.Bad Company UK - Equilibrium(03:22)
[109:43]39.Posij - Hunger(03:39)
[113:22]40.Fourward - Mashed(03:41)
[117:04]41.Delta Heavy - Pathways(00:47)
[117:50]42.Prolix vs. Noisia & The Upbeats - Nature Of Reality vs. Dead Limit(02:15)
[120:06]43.Malux - Fonk(01:28)
[121:34]44.Fourward feat. Linguistics vs. Prolix & Rido - The Storm vs. Exploration (Neonlight Remix)(01:50)
[123:24]45.L 33 - Clublife(00:45)
[124:08]46.Mob Tactics - Get Dirty(00:43)
[124:51]47.Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes Bootleg Remix)(00:46)
[125:37]48.Friction & Skream feat. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan vs. Rockwell & Phace vs. Jonny L - Kingpin vs. Rave Cult vs. See Red(01:28)
[127:05]49.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cobra(01:28)
[128:33]50.Bad Company UK - The Pulse (The Prototypes Remix)(01:28)
[130:01]51.The Clamps - Eternal Hunger(01:06)
[131:08]52.Proxima - Here We Go(01:27)
[132:35]53.Gridlok & Prolix - Metalbrane (Membrane VIP)(01:30)
[134:04]54.Posij - Hunger(02:12)
[136:16]55.Gydra - Nailsbucket(01:07)
[137:23]56.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Twisted Up(01:28)
[138:51]57.Bad Company UK - Mass Hysteria (Hive VIP)(00:44)
[139:35]58.Prolix - Sycophant(02:23)
[141:59]59.Neonlight - Microbots(01:28)
[143:27]60.TeeBee - Human Reptile (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)(01:28)
[144:55]61.Prolix & Substance - Patriot(01:50)
[146:46]62.The Clamps vs. The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Nerves vs. Pop It Off VIP(01:28)
[148:14]63.June Miller & Teddy Killerz - Wildlife(01:50)
[150:04]64.Fourward - Spike VIP(01:45)
[151:49]65.Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)(01:34)
[153:23]66.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - The Cleaner(00:44)
[154:07]67.Malux - Turbine(00:44)
[154:51]68.Bad Company UK - Oxygen (Prolix Remix)(01:06)
[155:57]69.Silent Witness - High Flyer(00:44)
[156:41]70.Substance feat. MC Gusto - Halflife(02:12)
[158:54]71.Crissy Criss, Erb N Dub & Malux - Krokodil(01:28)
[160:22]72.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind feat. Codebreaker MC - Long Time Dead (Maztek Remix)(00:44)
[161:06]73.Mind Vortex - Future Fold(01:06)
[162:12]74.Moody Good feat. Knytro - Hotplate (Prolix Remix)(01:06)
[163:19]75.Disprove - FRQNCS(00:44)
[164:03]76.L 33 - Rei(00:44)
[164:47]77.Gridlok & Prolix - Revenge(02:01)
[166:48]78.Icicle feat. Metropolis vs. The Clamps - The Edge vs. Social Disorder(01:17)
[168:06]79.Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion - Void (Impak Remix)(01:50)
[169:56]80.Joe Ford - All Of Us(00:22)
[170:18]81.Phobia & Jubei - Guillotine(01:06)
[171:24]82.Prolix & Misanthrop - Transcendent(02:12)
[173:37]83.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth(01:51)
[175:27]84.Dom & Roland - Paradrenasite (Parasite & Adrenalin Remixed by Hive)(04:47)

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