Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2015-11-10) (Incl. Ivy Lab Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Royalston (Hospital Records)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:02
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:23)
[00:23]02.Martin Solveig feat. Sam White - +1 (Delta Heavy Remix)(04:02)
[04:24]03.Dimension - Dark Lights(03:39)
[08:04]04.BMotion - Arabia(03:39)
[11:43]05.Calyx & TeeBee - Cloud 9(03:20)
[15:03]06.Culture Shock - Steam Machine(04:04)
[19:07]07.Jacob Plant feat. Example - Reflections (Fourward Remix)(03:53)
[23:00]08.Memtrix - Frontiers(03:40)
[26:40]09.Brookes Brothers feat. Danny Byrd - Climb High(04:37)
[31:17]10.Decimal Bass - Work For Nothing [Friction's Fire](04:50)
[36:07]11.DJ Guv - Novation(04:05)
[40:12]12.Heist - No Escape(04:02)
[44:14]13.Ray Keith - Deeper Love (Bladerunner Remix)(05:09)
[49:24]14.Omni Trio - Soul Promenade (Crissy Criss Remix)(04:01)
[53:25]15.Liz-E - Love 4 You(04:05)
[57:30]16.Drum & Bass Show - Stray (Ivy Lab) on the phone(03:38)
[61:08]17.Sabre - Yoga (Alix Perez Remix)(01:50)
[62:58]18.Diplo feat. Angger Dimas & Travis Porter - Biggie Bounce (Losco Remix)(02:34)
[65:33]19.Ivy Lab - Cherokee(01:06)
[66:39]20.Neuropol feat. Om Unit - The Rise(02:12)
[68:51]21.Ivy Lab feat. Havelock - Badbwoysound(01:28)
[70:19]22.Soul Defiance feat. D'TCH - It's Calling Me(01:06)
[71:25]23.Ivy Lab - No Answer(01:19)
[72:44]24.Ivy Lab feat. Havelock - Hiya(01:50)
[74:34]25.Sinistarr & Greezus - Skankface(01:28)
[76:03]26.Kiril Dzajkovski - Alfa 21(01:04)
[77:06]27.Ivy Lab - Shamrock(02:15)
[79:21]28.Ivy Lab - Slipped(01:28)
[80:50]29.Ivy Lab - Planebeats(01:28)
[82:18]30.Shield - Horrormovie(01:05)
[83:23]31.Ivy Lab - Woodland Princess(01:27)
[84:50]32.Ivy Lab - Third World Cop(02:48)
[87:38]33.HP.Ritch X Re:Draft - Tell Them(01:23)
[89:01]34.Ivy Lab - Rorschach(02:26)
[91:26]35.Neuropol feat. Om Unit - The Rise(05:23)
[96:50]36.Fourward feat. Grimm - Memories Of You(04:23)
[101:13]37.TIEKS feat. Dan Harkna - Sunshine (Nu:Tone Remix)(04:45)
[105:58]38.Skeptical - Loophole(04:20)
[110:18]39.Rockwell feat. Phace - Rave Cult(07:22)
[117:40]40.Brain Crisis, Segment & Concept Vision - Defender [Murky Monday Selection](03:44)
[121:23]41.Royalston - Sundae(01:46)
[123:09]42.Need For Mirrors - Ethos(01:38)
[124:47]43.Everything Everything - No Reptiles (Royalston Bootleg)(01:52)
[126:39]44.Breakage feat. Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)(00:44)
[127:22]45.Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force(01:03)
[128:25]46.Royalston - The Wrath Of Mr. Sparkles(02:04)
[130:29]47.Mefjus & InsideInfo - Leibniz(01:28)
[131:57]48.Royalston feat. LyfLyk - Sunburnt In Malaysia(01:28)
[133:24]49.InsideInfo & Mefjus - Pulsation(01:50)
[135:14]50.Royalston - The Bearer(01:06)
[136:20]51.Royalston feat. Pearse Hawkins - Lucien(02:33)
[138:54]52.Warlockz feat. Simpleton - Walk With Your Friends(01:50)
[140:43]53.Gesaffelstein - Pursuit (Royalston Bootleg)(02:23)
[143:06]54.Digital - Deadline (Dub Phizix Remix)(00:36)
[143:42]55.Mad Zach feat. G Jones - Roughin It(00:55)
[144:36]56.Royalston feat. Victoria - Undone(02:50)
[147:26]57.Royalston - Scalps(02:34)
[150:00]58.Big Ilge - Something's Eddie(02:55)
[152:55]59.Royalston - XOR(03:06)
[156:01]60.Crypticz - Bubblegum(00:44)
[156:44]61.Royalston - Ask Me(02:12)
[158:56]62.Royalston vs. State Of Mind & Nymfo - Blight Mamba vs. Put It On(02:28)
[161:24]63.L 33 vs. DJ Die - Melt vs. Jitterbug(02:31)
[163:55]64.Royalston feat. Hannah Joy - Give Me The Word(03:07)
[167:02]65.Loadstar - Be There(01:28)
[168:30]66.MTWN - Four(00:44)
[169:13]67.Royalston - The Depths(02:56)
[172:09]68.Total Science - Jungle Jungle (Royalston Bootleg)(00:59)
[173:08]69.Royalston feat. Pearse Hawkins & Emily Harkness - Don't Give Me Up(02:26)
[175:33]70.Royalston - Hidden From The Light(02:12)
[177:45]71.Sunchase feat. Blu Mar Ten - Kolo(00:49)
[178:34]72.Sunchase feat. Electrosoul System - Thing(00:22)
[178:57]73.Royalston feat. Hannah Joy - People On The Ground(01:05)

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2015-11-11 @ 11:21 UTC
According to TL, there should also be "Kove - Airlock" somewhere in Royalston's mix, but can't find in now...
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