Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2015-09-08) (Incl. Mob Tactics Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Legion & Logam (RAM Records)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:02
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:23)
[00:23]02.Wilkinson feat. Shannon Saunders - Breathe(03:43)
[04:06]03.Friction feat. Josh Barry - Freak(04:01)
[08:06]04.Ekko & Sidetrack feat. Samara Eames - Alone Without You(04:11)
[12:17]05.Firefox - Keep It Raw(04:24)
[16:41]06.Karma - Saturation Point(03:57)
[20:38]07.Denney - Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)(03:41)
[24:19]08.Drum & Bass Show - Audio on the phone(03:24)
[27:43]09.Audio - Shatterdome [Friction's Fire](04:39)
[32:22]10.Dub Motion - Exodus(03:41)
[36:03]11.Ed:it - Centre Suite(05:25)
[41:28]12.Calibre - Believe It(04:27)
[45:56]13.Krakota feat. Lifford - In The Area(04:22)
[50:17]14.Ficci feat. LaMeduza - Wish (S.I.N. Remix)(03:19)
[53:36]15.Alix Perez - Losing You(04:02)
[57:39]16.Drum & Bass Show - Mob Tactics on the phone(02:42)
[60:21]17.Ekko & Sidetrack - AM PM(01:28)
[61:48]18.Mob Tactics - Get Dirty(02:10)
[63:59]19.Calyx & TeeBee - Sawn Off(01:21)
[65:20]20.Mob Tactics - Return Of The Snitch(01:32)
[66:52]21.Delta Heavy - Ghost(01:27)
[68:19]22.Tantrum Desire - The Sacrifice(02:10)
[70:29]23.Enter Shikari - The Last Garrison (S.P.Y Remix)(01:49)
[72:18]24.Mob Tactics feat. Joell Fender - Neon God(01:05)
[73:23]25.Noisia & The Upbeats - Inverse(01:27)
[74:50]26.InsideInfo & Mefjus - Pulsation(01:48)
[76:38]27.Insomniax & Mob Tactics feat. Miss Trouble - Apocalypse(01:05)
[77:43]28.Mindscape - Bloodhound(01:49)
[79:31]29.Mob Tactics - Jaw Breaker(00:43)
[80:15]30.Fierce & Cause 4 Concern - Carrier(01:27)
[81:42]31.Taxman - Creepshow(02:10)
[83:52]32.Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit(01:48)
[85:40]33.Mob Tactics - Zodiac(02:10)
[87:51]34.BMotion - Arabia(01:27)
[89:17]35.The Prototypes - Edge Of Tomorrow (DnB Mix)(01:04)
[90:21]36.Mob Tactics - Tuff Guy(03:33)
[93:54]37.Calyx & TeeBee - Ghost Writer(03:44)
[97:39]38.Gradual - The Reaper(03:48)
[101:27]39.Current Value - Get Down To It [Murky Monday Selection](03:45)
[105:12]40.Digital & Spirit - Heaven(06:11)
[111:23]41.Ryme Tyme & Trace - Move VIP (Audio Update)(04:03)
[115:26]42.Break - Brand New(04:33)
[119:59]43.Etherwood - You'll Always Be A Part Of Me(02:14)
[122:12]44.Legion & Logam vs. Legion & Logam feat. Adam Wright - Afterthought vs. Hurt(01:51)
[124:03]45.Wilkinson feat. Thabo - Hopelessly Coping(02:23)
[126:26]46.Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)(01:06)
[127:33]47.Cyantific feat. Benji vs. Legion & Logam feat. Micah Freeman - Colour In The Shadows (Instrumental) vs. Holding On (Acapella)(01:51)
[129:23]48.Quadrant - Definition(02:34)
[131:57]49.Symptom - Giardia(01:50)
[133:48]50.Grum - Straight To Your Heart (Legion & Logam Remix)(01:28)
[135:16]51.Dr Meaker feat. Sian Evans - Right Back (Break Remix)(01:25)
[136:41]52.Agressor Bunx - Muck(01:31)
[138:13]53.Tantrum Desire - Pump(01:50)
[140:03]54.Calyx & TeeBee - Wipeout(01:06)
[141:09]55.Logam & Mayhem feat. Armanni Reign - We Will(01:50)
[143:00]56.Legion & Logam - Blackout VIP(01:49)
[144:49]57.Agressor Bunx - Terror Force(03:31)
[148:20]58.Metrik vs. Legion & Logam feat. Adam Wright - Believe vs. House Of Cards (Acapella)(01:28)
[149:48]59.Audio - Ultron(00:22)
[150:10]60.Ram Trilogy - No Reality (Noisia 2007 Remix)(00:22)
[150:32]61.Mind Vortex vs. Chase & Status feat. Takura vs. Sigma - Overture vs. No Problem vs. Front To Back(02:56)
[153:28]62.Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley vs. Concept Vision & Segment - Dirty Love vs. Mindshaker(01:06)
[154:35]63.Metrik feat. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love(00:44)
[155:19]64.Doctrine - Airlock(01:06)
[156:24]65.Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack(00:45)
[157:09]66.Legion & Logam vs. Ulterior Motive - Warehouse vs. You Must See(01:50)
[159:00]67.Signal vs. Current Value - No Warning vs. Twilight State(01:50)
[160:50]68.Stanton Warriors feat. Laura Steel - The One (Danny Byrd Remix)(02:12)
[163:02]69.Grades - King (Culture Shock Remix)(01:50)
[164:52]70.Ekko & Sidetrack vs. Audio - AM PM vs. Foodchain(00:55)
[165:48]71.Calyx & TeeBee feat. Doctor - Where We Go(00:44)
[166:32]72.Ed Rush & Optical - Chub Rub(00:44)
[167:16]73.Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit(01:50)
[169:06]74.Optiv & BTK - Let It Loose (Emperor Remix)(00:43)
[169:49]75.Etherwood feat. Eva Lazarus - Light My Way Home(01:29)
[171:19]76.Wilkinson feat. Shannon Saunders - Breathe(03:46)
[175:04]77.Legion & Logam feat. Micah Freeman - Holding On(04:57)

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