Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2017-04-04) (Incl. The Prototypes Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Hamilton (RAM Records)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:02
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:58)
[00:57]02.DC Breaks - Moving On(04:31)
[05:28]03.Dimension - Generator(04:00)
[09:28]04.Mob Tactics - Get Dirty VIP(04:26)
[13:54]05.Killer Hertz - Levitation(04:20)
[18:14]06.T-Phonic & Deadman - Reflections VIP(02:10)
[20:24]07.Malux - Time Crime(03:26)
[23:50]08.Loadstar feat. Takura - Diamonds(03:52)
[27:42]09.DC Breaks - Hustle [Friction's Fire](03:39)
[31:21]10.Taxman - Scanners(02:34)
[33:56]11.Serum - The Finger(04:01)
[37:56]12.Dawn Wall - Twin Falls(03:58)
[41:55]13.Digital & Villem - Sun Bites(03:40)
[45:35]14.Jorja Smith - Carry Me Home (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)(03:36)
[49:11]15.Pennygiles - These Feelings (Zero T Remix)(02:58)
[52:10]16.Command Strange - In Circles(04:23)
[56:33]17.Noisia - Motion Blur (DLR Remix)(02:14)
[58:47]18.Drum & Bass Show - The Prototypes on the phone(03:05)
[61:52]19.Dirtyphonics vs. Mind Vortex - Teleportation (The Prototypes Remix) vs. Against The Grain(04:48)
[66:40]20.The Prototypes vs. Metrik & TC - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) vs. The Light (A.M.C Remix)(00:44)
[67:24]21.ID - ID(00:22)
[67:46]22.L 33 - Clublife (Prolix Remix)(00:44)
[68:30]23.The Prototypes - Hypercube(00:44)
[69:13]24.Teddy Killerz - Monkey Kingdom(01:05)
[70:18]25.Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens(00:22)
[70:40]26.Loadstar - On The Wheels(00:43)
[71:24]27.Turno & North Base feat. Harry Shotta - Third Eye(00:44)
[72:08]28.Emperor - Calypso(00:44)
[72:51]29.Majistrate vs. 1991 - The Sound (Annix Remix) vs. Pornography(01:27)
[74:18]30.Sigma feat. Majestic vs. Dimension - Lighters (G Dub Remix) vs. UK(01:26)
[75:45]31.The Prototypes - Electric(01:50)
[77:35]32.Sub Focus feat. Stylo G - Lingua(00:22)
[77:57]33.Glitch City - Black Hole Skank(01:27)
[79:24]34.The Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazin'(01:27)
[80:51]35.Dimension - In Bleach(00:44)
[81:35]36.The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off VIP(01:27)
[83:02]37.Glitch City - Think Ahead(01:27)
[84:29]38.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cobra VIP(01:05)
[85:35]39.Glitch City vs. Bad Company UK - Funk Flex vs. The Pulse (The Prototypes Remix)(01:48)
[87:23]40.Sigma - Beyond The Wall (The Prototypes Remix)(01:46)
[89:09]41.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind feat. Thomas Oliver - Stronger(01:53)
[91:02]42.JAUZ x Netsky - Higher (The Prototypes Remix)(01:43)
[92:45]43.Phaction - Should Have Known(04:42)
[97:27]44.Foreign Concept feat. Fox - Skit City(03:20)
[100:47]45.Was A Be - Brainstorm(04:22)
[105:09]46.Corrupted & J. Nomad - Holdin' On(02:57)
[108:05]47.Mark System - Obnox(03:40)
[111:46]48.Goldie - Prism [Murky Monday Selection](05:45)
[117:31]49.InsideInfo - Navigator(03:59)
[121:30]50.Hamilton - Psychokiller(01:08)
[122:38]51.The Prototypes - Electric(01:48)
[124:26]52.DC Breaks - Underground(01:26)
[125:52]53.Loadstar - Guerilla(01:05)
[126:57]54.Sub Focus feat. Stylo G - Lingua(00:43)
[127:40]55.DC Breaks vs. Audio - Step Up vs. Headroom(01:48)
[129:28]56.Break - Who Got Da Funk(00:43)
[130:11]57.Benny L & Shimon - Monsters(00:33)
[130:43]58.Prolix vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Planet Smasher(01:15)
[131:59]59.Killbox - Hype Cycle(01:05)
[133:03]60.DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll(00:43)
[133:47]61.Taxman - Wonky Riddim(01:26)
[135:13]62.Dimension - UK(01:05)
[136:18]63.Hamilton - Making Noise(02:09)
[138:27]64.Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes VIP Remix)(00:43)
[139:10]65.Sub Focus - Timewarp(00:21)
[139:32]66.Dimension - Whip Slap(01:48)
[141:20]67.The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot(01:05)
[142:24]68.Hamilton - Egyptian(02:31)
[144:55]69.The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off VIP(01:45)
[146:41]70.Hamilton - Another Dimension(01:50)
[148:31]71.Prolix - We Do Our Thing(00:43)
[149:14]72.Killbox - Surge(01:16)
[150:30]73.Sub Focus - Druggy(00:11)
[150:40]74.Annix feat. Ragga Twins - Slaughtered(00:40)
[151:21]75.Hamilton - Bounce That(00:45)
[152:06]76.Glitch City - Black Hole Skank(00:40)
[152:46]77.Culture Shock - Pandemic(01:31)
[154:17]78.Killbox - Pitchfork(00:54)
[155:11]79.MUST DIE! - Hellcat (Annix Remix VIP)(00:42)
[155:53]80.Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Audio Remix)(02:52)
[158:45]81.DC Breaks - Hustle(01:05)
[159:51]82.Decimal Bass - Run From The Gun(01:36)
[161:27]83.Prolix - Danger(01:27)
[162:54]84.Sub Focus - Follow The Light(02:53)
[165:47]85.DC Breaks - Organism(02:31)
[168:17]86.Gentlemen's Club feat. Watson - U Don't Know (Annix Remix)(01:27)
[169:44]87.Cyantific - Back Off(02:08)
[171:52]88.Hamilton - Burn It Again(01:46)
[173:38]89.Sub Focus - Nobody Knows(01:29)
[175:07]90.The Renegade feat. Ray Keith - Terrorist(00:35)
[175:42]91.LAXX - Step Three (Hamilton Remix)(01:48)
[177:30]92.Konichi - Together(00:54)
[178:24]93.Brookes Brothers feat. Chrom3 - Carry Me On(00:42)
[179:07]94.Jaguar Skills & Chords feat. Matti Roots - Lust (Break Remix)(00:20)
[179:26]95.Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out(00:35)

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