Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2015-06-09) (Incl. SpectraSoul Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Sub Zero (Playaz)) [TALiON]

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Length: 179:59
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:23)
[00:23]02.David Zowie - House Every Weekend (Loadstar Bootleg)(03:46)
[04:09]03.Dimension feat. Raphaella - Pull Me Under(04:02)
[08:11]04.Mampi Swift & Dapz feat. Dynamite MC - Big Tune(04:26)
[12:37]05.Dimension - Maschinen(06:52)
[19:29]06.Fono - Real Joy (TC Bootleg)(05:23)
[24:52]07.Decimal Bass - Battle Station VIP(04:48)
[29:40]08.Tantrum Desire - The Sacrifice [Friction's Fire](04:05)
[33:45]09.The Prisoners Of Technology - Feeeeeeeel (Serum Remix)(05:14)
[38:59]10.SpectraSoul feat. Dan Moss - The Mistress(04:18)
[43:17]11.Ulterior Motive - Music City(03:20)
[46:36]12.A-Sides & Makoto feat. Robert Manos - Jupiter(04:52)
[51:28]13.Electrosoul System - Past-Time Cruiser(04:41)
[56:10]14.Jamie Lidell - Believe In Me (Klax Refix)(04:02)
[60:12]15.Drum & Bass Show - SpectraSoul on the phone(03:24)
[63:36]16.SpectraSoul - Blindside(04:07)
[67:43]17.SpectraSoul feat. Lily McKenzie - Shelter VIP(02:15)
[69:58]18.SpectraSoul - Choices(01:27)
[71:25]19.SpectraSoul feat. Tamara - More To Give(01:41)
[73:06]20.SpectraSoul - Sasquatch(02:56)
[76:03]21.SpectraSoul - Always(03:23)
[79:26]22.Sampha - Too Much (SpectraSoul Bootleg)(03:21)
[82:47]23.SpectraSoul - Ben(02:59)
[85:46]24.SpectraSoul feat. Dan Moss - The Mistress(04:00)
[89:46]25.SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)(03:51)
[93:36]26.Stray - Paradise(04:07)
[97:43]27.Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)(03:59)
[101:42]28.Jubei - Congo(02:56)
[104:38]29.Hive - Repentance(05:06)
[109:44]30.Icicle - Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) [Murky Monday Selection](04:03)
[113:46]31.Kasra & Enei feat. DRS - Overthinking(03:18)
[117:04]32.Vaults - Lifespan (Spor Remix)(02:55)
[119:59]33.Sub Zero - Intro(00:43)
[120:42]34.Sub Zero vs. The Prototypes - Inside The Beast vs. City Of Gold(01:04)
[121:46]35.Majistrate - Here It Comes(00:43)
[122:29]36.Original Sin - Killer Instinct(00:43)
[123:12]37.Spawn & Dan Blackout - Lunatic(00:43)
[123:55]38.Sub Zero - Backyard Skank(01:26)
[125:21]39.Sub Zero & Majistrate - Get Mad VIP(00:43)
[126:04]40.Konichi - Konected(00:43)
[126:47]41.DJ Guv vs. Sub Focus vs. Dimension - Warning vs. Time Warp vs. Whip Slap(01:05)
[127:52]42.Rido & Mefjus - Optimum Trajectory(00:43)
[128:35]43.Sub Zero - Mind Power(00:43)
[129:18]44.Decimal Bass - England(00:21)
[129:39]45.Sub Zero & Majistrate - Badman Riddim(00:43)
[130:22]46.DJ Limited - Bounce(00:40)
[131:03]47.Sub Zero - K Motion(00:46)
[131:49]48.Dimension - Maschinen(00:43)
[132:32]49.Sub Zero - Something For The Weekend(00:43)
[133:15]50.Annix - Scavengers(00:43)
[133:58]51.Taxman - Creep Show(00:42)
[134:40]52.Majistrate - Toxic(00:44)
[135:24]53.The Prototypes - Neurons(00:42)
[136:06]54.Sub Zero - Your Flex(00:44)
[136:50]55.Decimal Bass - Have A Party(00:46)
[137:36]56.DJ S.K.T feat. Rae - Take Me Away (Andy C Remix)(00:48)
[138:23]57.Upgrade - More VIP(00:43)
[139:06]58.Marcus Intalex & ST Files pres. M.I.S.T. - Outerspace(00:43)
[139:49]59.Noisia - Shaking Hands(01:05)
[140:54]60.FuntCase - Keep On Rocking(00:43)
[141:37]61.Original Sin - No Limit(00:43)
[142:20]62.DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll(00:43)
[143:03]63.Mind Vortex feat. Evil B - Bigger Than That(00:43)
[143:46]64.Heist - Spies(00:43)
[144:29]65.Andy C feat. Fiora vs. Sub Zero - Heartbeat Loud vs. Spin Doc (2012 Remix)(01:26)
[145:55]66.Jaydan & Sub Zero - Fear(00:42)
[146:37]67.Freek - Dope Addict(00:44)
[147:21]68.Sub Zero & Dub Motion - Oh Girl(01:26)
[148:47]69.Sub Zero feat. Lucy Kitchen - Hearts On Fire(01:04)
[149:51]70.Mefjus & Rido - Correlation(00:43)
[150:34]71.Konichi - One Of Those Days(01:04)
[151:39]72.Tantrum Desire - The Sacrifice(00:43)
[152:22]73.Tyke - Little Universe(00:43)
[153:05]74.Supreme Being - Ya Fassy Yout(00:42)
[153:47]75.The McMash Clan Feat. Kate Mullins - Requiem (FuntCase Remix)(00:42)
[154:29]76.Turno - Roald Dahl(00:44)
[155:13]77.Prestige - The Nature Of Space(00:44)
[155:57]78.Sub Zero - Poon (Limited Remix)(01:02)
[156:59]79.Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Cyantific Remix)(00:35)
[157:34]80.G. Dub - Back In Business(00:54)
[158:28]81.DJ Guv - Power Moves (Original Sin Remix)(00:43)
[159:11]82.Sub Zero - Straight In(00:43)
[159:54]83.FuntCase - Hail(00:43)
[160:37]84.Modestep & Teddy Killerz - Make You Mine (Sub Zero Remix)(00:43)
[161:20]85.Decimal Bass - Betrayal VIP(00:43)
[162:03]86.Joe Ford & Icicle - Crossbreed(00:43)
[162:46]87.Hedex - Lunchtime(00:43)
[163:29]88.Nu:Elementz - Bowzer(00:42)
[164:11]89.DJ Limited - Shuttle Skank (Konichi Remix)(00:42)
[164:53]90.Sub Zero & DJ Limited - Time Traveller(00:46)
[165:39]91.Blonde feat. Alex Newell - All Cried Out (Dexcell Remix)(00:43)
[166:22]92.Sub Zero - It's(00:43)
[167:05]93.The Prototypes feat. Ayah Marar - Kill The Silence(00:43)
[167:48]94.DJ Pleasure - Popcorn (Majistrate Remix)(00:43)
[168:31]95.Original Sin - Warp Speed(00:43)
[169:14]96.TC - April Fools(00:43)
[169:57]97.DJ Pleasure - Torn(00:43)
[170:40]98.Calyx & TeeBee - Sawn Off(00:43)
[171:24]99.Sub Zero & Supreme Being - Marching Powder VIP(01:04)
[172:28]100.Majistrate - Inspector Morse(00:20)
[172:48]101.Konichi - Too Late(00:44)
[173:33]102.Eptic - Dimension 7 (Sub Zero Remix)(00:43)
[174:16]103.DJ Limited - Screw Up(01:03)
[175:18]104.Hedex & Upgrade - Kill 'Em(00:44)
[176:02]105.Turno - Don Gargon(00:41)
[176:43]106.Nu:Elementz & DJ Limited - Darkness Falls(00:43)
[177:27]107.Modestep - Rainbow (Original Sin Remix)(00:24)
[177:51]108.Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes Bootleg Remix)(01:03)
[178:54]109.DJ Hazard - 0121 VIP(00:44)
[179:38]110.DC Breaks - Swag (Audio Remix)(00:13)
[179:52]111.DJ Hazard & D Minds - Mr. Happy(00:07)

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