Rockwell - Drum & Bass Show (2015-06-02) (Incl. Lynx Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:02
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:15)
[00:14]02.Dimension feat. Raphaella - Pull Me Under(03:58)
[04:12]03.Phace - Flaky(01:07)
[05:19]04.Calyx & TeeBee - Long Gone(02:54)
[08:13]05.Calibre - Strumpet(03:38)
[11:51]06.Halogenix - Beyond The Bounds(01:53)
[13:44]07.Jubei - Congo(03:23)
[17:06]08.SpectraSoul feat. Lily McKenzie - Shelter (VIP Mix)(03:21)
[20:27]09.SpectraSoul - Sasquatch [Friction's Fire](05:00)
[25:27]10.Mefjus & Rido - Optimum Trajectory(02:21)
[27:48]11.June Miller - Chain Of Strength(02:35)
[30:23]12.Emperor - Into Black(02:43)
[33:07]13.Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)(03:27)
[36:33]14.Decimal Bass - Battle Station VIP(01:27)
[38:00]15.Loggi - Where's The Love Gone (Lynx Remix)(03:45)
[41:46]16.North Base & Stapleton - Can I Live (Signs Vocal Remix) [Remix Of The Week](02:59)
[44:44]17.Paleman - Beezeldub (Lakeway Spacedub)(02:32)
[47:17]18.Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Mix)(01:05)
[48:22]19.Eastcolors feat. MC Swift - Siberia(02:54)
[51:16]20.Lakeway - Don't Stop(00:54)
[52:11]21.Sam Binga - 8Barr(03:00)
[55:10]22.Drum & Bass Show - Lynx on the phone(02:49)
[57:59]23.Lynx - Clap Track(02:13)
[60:12]24.Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. Mě vs. Calibre - Lean On vs. Stranger(00:44)
[60:56]25.Hamilton - Track 8(00:44)
[61:40]26.Loggi - Where's The Love Gone (Lynx Remix)(01:28)
[63:07]27.Joe Ford - All Of Us(01:25)
[64:33]28.Lynx feat. Zero One - The Gift(01:27)
[66:00]29.Lynx - Satisfaction(01:31)
[67:31]30.Fixate - Throwback Therapy(01:05)
[68:36]31.Lynx feat. Master X - Drop That(00:44)
[69:20]32.Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)(01:50)
[71:10]33.Lynx & Marcus Intalex - Ghost Train(01:06)
[72:16]34.Zinc - Backup (Drum & Bass Mix)(00:44)
[73:00]35.Jack ▄ feat. Kiesza - Take ▄ There (Andy C Remix)(00:55)
[73:55]36.Lynx - Into The Light(01:17)
[75:11]37.Lynx vs. Lynx feat. Master X - Chord Time vs. Circles(01:28)
[76:39]38.Lynx - Born Games(00:44)
[77:23]39.Ulterior Motive - You're Next(01:07)
[78:30]40.BCee - Hit You Where You Live(00:53)
[79:24]41.Lynx feat. Sense MC - Lights Out(01:28)
[80:52]42.X-Tortion - Casino(00:44)
[81:35]43.Lynx feat. Malibu - Genesis(01:28)
[83:03]44.Lynx - Only She Knows(04:30)
[87:33]45.Coleco - Awareness Now(02:31)
[90:04]46.Halogenix & Hyroglifics - Hallelujah(01:30)
[91:34]47.Alix Perez - Understand(01:46)
[93:20]48.Noisia - Incessant(02:32)
[95:52]49.MUST DIE! - Hellcat (Annix Remix VIP)(01:49)
[97:41]50.SCAR - Shadows(04:44)
[102:25]51.Noisia - Bad Dreams [Murky Monday Selection](04:49)
[107:14]52.Rudimental - Never Let You Go (SpectraSoul Remix)(03:52)
[111:06]53.Stray - Queen(02:40)
[113:46]54.Jubei feat. Rumour - Paragon(03:38)
[117:24]55.Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big (2015 Remaster)(03:15)
[120:39]56.Ulterior Motive - Right Here(02:25)
[123:03]57.Mako - Candle In The Cage(01:22)
[124:25]58.Photek vs. Asylum - Age Of Empires vs. Da Base II Dark(01:41)
[126:06]59.Jubei & dBridge - Patience(01:30)
[127:36]60.Amit - Gatecrasher(02:10)
[129:46]61.Rufige Kru - Monkey Boy (Original Sin Remix)(01:28)
[131:14]62.Alix Perez & Sabre - Everglade(02:11)
[133:25]63.Ulterior Motive - INTA-National VIP(01:49)
[135:14]64.Total Science - Jungle Jungle(01:27)
[136:42]65.Ulterior Motive - Open Up(01:27)
[138:09]66.SpectraSoul feat. Kenny Knots - The Four Points(01:27)
[139:36]67.Commix - Satellite Type 2(01:43)
[141:19]68.Ulterior Motive - M.I.R. (Make It Roll)(01:11)
[142:31]69.Halogenix - Shank(01:27)
[143:58]70.Ulterior Motive - Searchers(01:27)
[145:25]71.D Kay & Lee - Wax'd VIP (D Kay Remix)(01:27)
[146:53]72.Spirit - Sign Of The Times(02:44)
[149:36]73.S.P.Y - Xenomorph(01:25)
[151:01]74.SpectraSoul - Guardian (Know You Want Me)(01:30)
[152:31]75.DatA feat. Kathy Brown - Compassion(02:11)
[154:42]76.Rido - Core(01:25)
[156:06]77.Ulterior Motive - Sideways(01:30)
[157:36]78.Mikal & Break - Just A Game(01:49)
[159:25]79.Rufige Kru - Terminator (S.P.Y VIP)(01:38)
[161:04]80.Ulterior Motive - You're Next(02:33)
[163:36]81.Mako feat. Fields - The Gap(01:49)
[165:25]82.Ulterior Motive - U Feel(01:46)
[167:12]83.Commix feat. Nextmen - Change(01:52)
[169:03]84.Alix Perez & Jubei - Untitled(01:27)
[170:31]85.Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack(02:22)
[172:53]86.Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction(02:22)
[175:14]87.Lenzman feat. Steo - My Tearz (Ulterior Motive Remix)(03:16)
[178:31]88.Ulterior Motive - Music City(01:31)

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