Rockwell - Drum & Bass Show (2015-06-30) (Incl. Phace Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Tantrum Desire (Technique Recordings)) [TALiON]

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Length: 180:02
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:15)
[00:15]02.Caribou feat. Voices - Back Home (The Upbeats Bootleg)(03:38)
[03:53]03.Break - Top Shooter(03:16)
[07:09]04.Chromatic - Strings(01:49)
[08:57]05.Faithless - Muhammad Ali (High Contrast Remix)(02:54)
[11:51]06.Jubei & dBridge - Patience(02:32)
[14:23]07.Anile feat. DRS - City Of Injustice(02:54)
[17:18]08.Lenzman feat. Martyna Baker - Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix)(03:39)
[20:57]09.Sigma feat. Ella Henderson - Glitterball (S.P.Y's Not So Glittery Remix) [Remix Of The Week](04:32)
[25:29]10.Rene LaVice - Hot Blooded(04:16)
[29:45]11.DC Breaks - If This Is Love VIP(02:35)
[32:20]12.Hybris - Transgressor(02:11)
[34:30]13.Signs - Clockout(02:18)
[36:48]14.Hypoxia - Profanity(03:33)
[40:21]15.Break feat. Kyo - Simpler Times [Friction's Fire](04:52)
[45:13]16.Voltage - Suspicious(03:38)
[48:51]17.Kasra & Enei feat. DRS - Overthinking(01:49)
[50:40]18.Jubei - Congo(01:27)
[52:07]19.Sustance feat. Sarah Carter - Lantern(04:31)
[56:39]20.Vaults - Lifespan (Spor Remix)(04:44)
[61:23]21.Phace - Exit Plan(02:30)
[63:53]22.Phace - Fraktal Total(01:07)
[65:00]23.Phace - Digital Diet(01:51)
[66:51]24.Phace - ID(01:19)
[68:10]25.Phace - Automatic(01:28)
[69:39]26.Phace - I Am(00:57)
[70:36]27.ID - ID(01:07)
[71:43]28.Phace - Bite The Edge(02:14)
[73:57]29.Phace - Shape The Random(01:29)
[75:26]30.Phace & Mefjus - The Mothership(02:25)
[77:51]31.Phace - Imbalanced(01:30)
[79:21]32.Phace - Suspense(02:13)
[81:34]33.Phace - Empty Talk(01:30)
[83:04]34.Phace - My Mind Is Modular(02:14)
[85:18]35.Phace - Flaky(02:14)
[87:31]36.Phace - Monochrome(02:57)
[90:29]37.Netsky - Rio(02:57)
[93:26]38.Rene LaVice - Bill Folderson(01:27)
[94:53]39.Konichi - Too Late(01:24)
[96:18]40.Icicle feat. Sarah Hezen - Will You Be Mine (Ulterior Motive Remix)(03:19)
[99:36]41.SpectraSoul - Sasquatch(02:09)
[101:45]42.Fracture feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy(03:31)
[105:16]43.Phace & Rawtekk - Stretch Pack [Murky Monday Selection](02:58)
[108:14]44.June Miller - Slow Down(01:48)
[110:02]45.Lakeway - Don't Stop(02:10)
[112:13]46.Lynx feat. Sense MC - Lights Out(02:00)
[114:12]47.Chimpo & Trigga - Who Run Tingz(01:27)
[115:40]48.Eprom - The Symbiote(01:16)
[116:56]49.Coleco - Awareness Now(03:32)
[120:27]50.Drum & Bass Show - Tantrum Desire on the phone(02:56)
[123:23]51.Tantrum Desire feat. Solah - Oblivion(01:53)
[125:16]52.Sub Zero - Inside The Beast(01:50)
[127:07]53.Mind Vortex - Curve Ball(02:57)
[130:03]54.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Primitive(02:34)
[132:38]55.Tantrum Desire - Nightmare(03:16)
[135:54]56.Tantrum Desire - Get With It(01:30)
[137:24]57.Decoder & Substance feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes - Red (Document One Remix)(01:29)
[138:53]58.Culture Shock - City Lights(01:28)
[140:21]59.Tantrum Desire vs. L Plus - Human Mind vs. ID(02:12)
[142:33]60.BMotion - Bear Hug(01:07)
[143:40]61.Tantrum Desire - Genesis(01:28)
[145:08]62.Dimension - Maschinen(01:07)
[146:15]63.Tantrum Desire feat. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I Need You Here(02:01)
[148:16]64.Andy C feat. Fiora - Heartbeat Loud (Andy C VIP)(00:33)
[148:49]65.Skrillex - F**k That (Priority One Remix)(01:50)
[150:39]66.Original Sin - Killer Instinct(01:05)
[151:44]67.Tantrum Desire feat. Coppa - Repeat(01:29)
[153:14]68.Cyantific - High Water Mark(01:28)
[154:42]69.Wilkinson - Take You Higher(00:22)
[155:04]70.Spectrem - Say Goodbye(01:06)
[156:10]71.Tantrum Desire - Airhead(00:44)
[156:54]72.Friction vs. Dimension - Kinetic(01:12)
[158:07]73.DJ S.K.T feat. Rae - Take Me Away (Andy C Remix)(01:06)
[159:13]74.TC - Me And My Friends(01:08)
[160:21]75.Tantrum Desire feat. Laura Bayston - Underground(01:50)
[162:11]76.Dr Kucho! & Gregor Salto feat. Ane Brun - Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High) (Cyantific Remix)(00:44)
[162:55]77.Matrix & Futurebound - Glow Worm(01:28)
[164:23]78.MUST DIE! - Hellcat (Annix Remix)(01:50)
[166:14]79.Freek - Wanna Dance(01:28)
[167:42]80.Tantrum Desire - Reach VIP(00:44)
[168:26]81.Smooth feat. Rhymestar - Cardiac Arrest(01:50)
[170:16]82.Tantrum Desire - Pump(01:06)
[171:23]83.Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Cyantific Bootleg)(01:28)
[172:51]84.Koncept - Breathe In(01:06)
[173:57]85.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Spring Heel Jack(02:12)
[176:10]86.Sub Focus - Stomp VIP(00:44)
[176:54]87.Sigma feat. Taylor Fowlis - Summer Calling (Tantrum Desire Remix)(00:44)
[177:38]88.ZHU - Faded (Delta Heavy Bootleg)(01:48)
[179:25]89.Tantrum Desire - The Sacrifice(00:36)

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