Rockwell - Drum & Bass Show (2016-06-14) (Incl. BCee Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Jaguar Skills (Viper Recordings))

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Length: 180:00
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:15)
[00:15]02.Technimatic - Side Hustle(04:47)
[05:02]03.Arctic Lake - Heal Me (SpectraSoul Remix)(02:35)
[07:36]04.Alix Perez & Skeptical - Room 667(03:16)
[10:52]05.Was A Be - Code Red(01:53)
[12:45]06.Sam Binga feat. Redders - Tek Nuh Chat (Moresounds Remix)(02:12)
[14:58]07.Richie Brains - Tantrum(01:06)
[16:04]08.Firefox - Buck Rogers (Bladerunner Remix)(01:50)
[17:54]09.Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack(04:35)
[22:29]10.Rockwell - Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)(05:46)
[28:15]11.Richie Brains - Heartbreaker(01:33)
[29:48]12.Dexplicit feat. Gemma Fox - Might Be (Rockwell Version)(03:02)
[32:50]13.Phace - So Excited [Friction's Fire](04:37)
[37:27]14.Ruffhouse & Clarity - Aphasia (Sam Binga & Redders Edit)(02:23)
[39:50]15.Machinedrum feat. Kevin Hussein - Dos Puerta(01:50)
[41:40]16.Shield - Horrormovie (Dirty VIP)(02:52)
[44:32]17.Redders x Sam Binga feat. DRS - Vintage (GREAZUS Remix)(01:09)
[45:41]18.Ivy Lab - Berlusconi(02:57)
[48:38]19.DJ Krust - Kloaking Device (Fracture Remix)(02:10)
[50:48]20.Noisia & Mono/Poly - The Nomad(02:17)
[53:05]21.Posij - Rattle, Rattle(01:00)
[54:05]22.Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - Stop It(01:06)
[55:11]23.Shield - My Flava(03:00)
[58:11]24.Drum & Bass Show - BCee on the phone(04:05)
[62:16]25.BCee feat. Philippa Hanna - Morning Star (Break Remix)(02:37)
[64:53]26.The Vanguard Project - Rhode House(01:28)
[66:21]27.Mutated Forms - Outgrown(01:28)
[67:50]28.The Vanguard Project - From Inside(01:50)
[69:40]29.Hugh Hardie - Light It Up(01:17)
[70:57]30.Riya feat. Fox, GQ & Total Science - Don't You Know (The Vanguard Project Remix)(01:48)
[72:45]31.FD feat. Roisin Brophy - Heart Of Gold(02:25)
[75:10]32.Dexcell - Take Control(01:30)
[76:39]33.The Vanguard Project - Karma(03:19)
[79:58]34.The Vanguard Project - Want U Back(01:28)
[81:26]35.Dawn Wall - Spears(03:41)
[85:07]36.Submotion Orchestra - All Yours (S.P.Y Remix)(01:50)
[86:57]37.Break - Unification(01:28)
[88:26]38.Dexcell feat. Pat Fulgoni - When I Think About You(01:27)
[89:53]39.InsideInfo - Conformity(03:26)
[93:19]40.Signs - Unchained(02:34)
[95:53]41.Dimension - Automatik(02:34)
[98:28]42.Noisia & Prolix - Asteroids(01:50)
[100:18]43.Icicle - Ego(02:17)
[102:35]44.Spor & Phace - Woodruff(04:22)
[106:58]45.Moving Fusion - Atlantis (Bad Company Remix) [Murky Monday Selection](06:47)
[113:44]46.Noisia - Anomaly(03:05)
[116:49]47.Loadstar - On The Wheels(01:50)
[118:39]48.The Upbeats - Elevator(03:20)
[121:59]49.Jaguar Skills - Ready To Rock(02:44)
[124:43]50.J Majik & Jonay feat. Louie Cabrera - Future Is On(01:39)
[126:22]51.Dub Elements - Metaverse(01:25)
[127:48]52.Dossa & Locuzzed vs. NC-17 - Ninja(01:21)
[129:09]53.Jaguar Skills & Mind Vortex - The Riot Squad(02:47)
[131:56]54.The Prototypes - Redose (InsideInfo Remix)(02:33)
[134:29]55.Mob Tactics - Widowmaker(02:56)
[137:25]56.TREi - Mirage(02:56)
[140:21]57.Smooth - Oxygen(04:05)
[144:27]58.Jaguar Skills feat. Milli Major - Reload That(04:42)
[149:08]59.The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off (UZ Remix)(01:33)
[150:42]60.The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)(01:51)
[152:32]61.Smooth - True Grit(01:28)
[154:01]62.The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off VIP(01:04)
[155:04]63.Smooth - Let It Roll(01:53)
[156:57]64.TREi & The Upbeats - Shangri-La(01:50)
[158:48]65.Divine Elements - Midnight Express(02:34)
[161:22]66.TREi & The Upbeats - Tonto(02:01)
[163:23]67.The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Jag's House Version)(00:45)
[164:08]68.Jaguar Skills - Known & Fabulous(00:59)
[165:07]69.Smooth - Eraser(03:11)
[168:18]70.The Prototypes feat. Donae'O - Fallen (The Prototypes & Teddy Killerz Remix)(00:45)
[169:03]71.Smooth - Tinnitus(01:28)
[170:31]72.Matrix & Futurebound - Scatterbrain(02:58)
[173:28]73.The Prototypes feat. Laconic - Is It Love (Trumpdisco Remix)(02:17)
[175:46]74.InsideInfo - Up2U (Jag's House Version)(01:28)
[177:14]75.InsideInfo - Up2U(00:44)
[177:57]76.The Prototypes feat. Laconic - Is It Love (Club Mix)(01:28)
[179:25]77.ID - ID(00:34)

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2016-06-29 @ 22:12 UTC
Brent_ (
Yay! :D
2016-06-29 @ 17:23 UTC
I have scene rips for next two shows which are yet to be cued, soon-ish... :)
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