Magnetic Man - Essential Mix (2010-07-23) [TALiON]

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Length: 119:35
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Essential Mix - Intro(02:31)
[02:30]02.Magnetic Man - Karma Crazy vs. Alright What Happened, Everything Cool (Vocal)(04:30)
[07:01]03.Benga - Electro West(01:48)
[08:49]04.Magnetic Man feat. Ms Dynamite - Fire(04:31)
[13:20]05.Benga - 808(02:15)
[15:35]06.Redlight - Stupid(01:48)
[17:23]07.Zinc feat. No.Lay - Killa Sound (Skream Remix)(03:50)
[21:13]08.Nero - Welcome Reality(03:09)
[24:22]09.Magnetic Man - Ping Pong(02:42)
[27:04]10.Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up(02:15)
[29:20]11.Nero - Innocence(02:42)
[32:02]12.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Fu Man Chu (Dubstep Mix) (01:47)
[33:49]13.Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite - What You Talkin' About(00:55)
[34:44]14.Magnetic Man - Certified Banger(02:42)
[37:27]15.Benga - Monsters(02:42)
[40:09]16.Magnetic Man - K Dance(02:14)
[42:23]17.Joker & TC - It Ain't Got A Name(03:11)
[45:34]18.Kito & Reija Lee - Sweet Talk(02:42)
[48:16]19.Magnetic Man - The Bug(03:23)
[51:39]20.Skream - Rollin' Kicks VIP(02:52)
[54:31]21.Magnetic Man feat. Angela Hunte - I Need Air(04:03)
[58:34]22.Magnetic Man - Mad(01:35)
[60:09]23.Skream - Raw Dogz(02:16)
[62:25]24.Trolley Snatcha & Doctor P - March Of The Mellards(01:20)
[63:46]25.Skream - Wonk(01:21)
[65:07]26.Skream - Wibbler(01:48)
[66:55]27.Crissy Criss - Kick Snare VIP(01:21)
[68:16]28.Sub Focus - Last Jungle(02:42)
[70:58]29.Skream - Stand Up(00:27)
[71:25]30.Redlight feat. Ms Bratz - Selecta!(01:18)
[72:43]31.Heist - I'm A Killer (140 BPM Edit)(02:18)
[75:02]32.P Money - Left The Room (Skreamix)(02:42)
[77:44]33.James Blake - CMYK(01:35)
[79:19]34.Estelle - Freak (TC Remix)(02:02)
[81:20]35.Benga feat. Youngman - Slaughter(02:42)
[84:03]36.Trolley Snatcha - Pass Me By(02:15)
[86:18]37.TC & Jakes - Real Talk VIP(03:37)
[89:54]38.Benga feat. Youngman - One And Only(00:54)
[90:48]39.Skream - CTO(01:35)
[92:23]40.Benga feat. Youngman - Ho!(03:23)
[95:46]41.Benga - Mini Motor Cross(00:54)
[96:40]42.Benga - Don't Wanna(02:15)
[98:55]43.Skream - Ice Cream Jelly Roll(02:14)
[101:09]44.Toddla T feat. Wayne Marshall - Sky Surfing (Benga Remix)(01:50)
[102:59]45.Subscape - Just Because(01:48)
[104:47]46.Benga - Who Remembers? VIP(04:30)
[109:17]47.Skream feat. Sam Frank - Where You Should Be(05:28)
[114:45]48.Magnetic Man feat. Katy B - Perfect Stranger(04:49)

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2011-03-30 @ 02:38 UTC
Saturate (
a friend through soundcloud recently brought to my attention that the song that goes from 45:34 is called "Sweet talk" by kito.
2010-08-11 @ 07:44 UTC
your website uses the http referer to prevent hotlinking which is silly at best as it does nothing but annoy people. consider generating random and unique IDs for a session embedded in the dowload link then verify it that way. the referer can be spoofed so easily with a redirect from a remote site it's not even funny.
2010-07-27 @ 18:40 UTC
oxygen15 (
P.S. little update, please re-download cue, this it more accurate
2010-07-27 @ 18:39 UTC
oxygen15 (
LOL, I'm too... just doing another EM :D
However, I like some tunes which most of dubstepers would concern as 'total pop bullshit'.. some were in this mix tho :D
2010-07-27 @ 16:20 UTC
I'm not into Dubstep yet.... but I'm trying! Maybe this will do it. Thanks!
2010-07-26 @ 20:07 UTC
oxygen15 (
So far so good... There are no official tracklist for this broadcast yet. This tracklist was partly recognized by me, partly with people from dubstep forums. I'll update this one with proper song list ASAP .
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