Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast (2007-01-04) (including James Zabiela Guestmix) [TT]

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Length: 117:52
Release group: TT

[00:00]01.Filter Cutz - X(03:09)
[03:09]02.Sander van Doorn - Grass-Hopper(05:54)
[09:03]03.Steve May - Gameplan(06:09)
[15:13]04.Sied van Riel - My Dreams (Miika Kuisma's Lost Method Mix)(06:19)
[21:32]05.Sebastian Sand - Strange Bends (Kyau & Albert Remix)(05:10)
[26:42]06.John Deere - Cassanova(06:09)
[32:51]07.Renov8 pres. Tricker - Essence Of Life(06:55)
[39:47]08.Airwave - People Just Don't Care(07:47)
[47:34]09.Kasa - Stay (Mat Zo Remix)(06:09)
[53:43]10.James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Mike EFEX Remix) [Classic Of The Week](06:16)
[60:00]11.ID - ID(05:11)
[65:11]12.Charlie May vs. Sasha - Seal Clubbing (James Zabiela's Seal Squeal Remix)(08:32)
[73:43]13.ID - ID(05:31)
[79:14]14.Jon Gurd & Dave Robertson - Our Execution(05:31)
[84:46]15.James Talk - Pass The Suntan Lotion(06:15)
[91:01]16.Sascha Krohn vs. Electroliners - Hello It's Me vs. Loose Caboose (Electroliners Ghetto Train Remix)(12:07)
[103:08]17.Refunk - Rhytmical(05:58)
[109:06]18.Greg Churchill - Shock Rocker(05:24)
[114:31]19.Liberto - Analog-Log-Catalog Pt 2 (James Zabiela Extended Edit)(03:21)

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09-01-2007 @ 05:09
Filter Cutz OWNS !
06-01-2007 @ 07:44
fkid (
Yeah, I know about the change in the mashup and I actually think myself that it's 2 different tracks. What's weird though is that all tracklists of that GDJB episode list only 19 tracks (and 9 for zabiela). Thus, I assumed that had to be considered a mashup for some reaosn, possibly because Markus or Zabiela told someone else there was only 19 tracks (and/or 9 in zabiela's set). Anyway, you can fix that if you want in the .cue.
05-01-2007 @ 19:49
thx! :D
05-01-2007 @ 12:22
lindmik (
Eh, like 5:23 into the "mashup" the track completely changes. :D
05-01-2007 @ 10:51
fkid (
Oh and two other things you can fix Lindmik are: the date format should be (04-01-2007) and the first track's artist should be Filter Cutz with a space in between.
05-01-2007 @ 08:34
fkid (
Track #16 is over 12 minutes long and because of that and the way everything is structured and sounds, I put a note in the parenthesis for this to be a possible mashup by james zabiela. You may or may not agree with me, but you can't deny that Zabiela uses tons of cool dj tricks while mixing and mashing stuff together is always something he could do. It's possible. That aside, enjoy!
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