John '00' Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 119 (2013-03-12) (including Cid Inc Guestmix) [Podcast]

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Length: 120:00
Broadcast source: Podcast

[00:00]01.Global Trance Grooves - Intro(01:08)
[01:07]02.Marcus Decay - Shadows & Mirrors(07:29)
[08:36]03.Vinayak^A - You May Sit And Wonder (Luke Porter Remix)(05:45)
[14:21]04.Stanisha - Behind The Leaves (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)(08:00)
[22:21]05.Neftali Blasko - Onwards (Dark Soul Project After Hours Remix)(03:15)
[25:36]06.Tegma - The Gods [The Teaser](04:17)
[29:52]07.Manifesto - I'm Here(08:56)
[38:48]08.Facepalm - Brainwash(05:00)
[43:48]09.John 00 Flemming & Lyctum - Colliding Galaxies(04:44)
[48:32]10.Lyctum - Hologram (Fire Starter Remix)(07:02)
[55:34]11.Astral Projection - One [Track Of The Month](06:15)
[61:49]12.Junior Chavez - True Sound (Cid Inc Remix)(07:17)
[69:06]13.Quivver - Fog (Cid Inc Remix)(05:26)
[74:32]14.Cid Inc - Indigene(05:41)
[80:12]15.Verche - Grey Scale (Cid Inc Remix)(05:32)
[85:45]16.Cid Inc - Clandestine(06:10)
[91:55]17.Luis Bondio & Santiago Garcia - Bottomless (Cid Inc Remix)(06:09)
[98:04]18.Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Cid Inc Remix)(03:20)
[101:24]19.Mike Griego - Asteroids (Cid Inc Remix)(05:38)
[107:02]20.Cid Inc - Questions(06:54)
[113:56]21.Cid Inc - Past Years(05:18)
[119:14]22.Global Trance Grooves - Outro(00:45)

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Das Vorwort oder ?Dürfen Sie dieses Buch überhaupt lesen? ist kongenial.
2013-03-26 @ 19:56 UTC
JTD121 (
Anyone else think Mr Fleming should start labelling his MP3s according to the number of the show, rather than the month? Listed alphabetically it's slightly annoying to find the latest, once I've downloaded it.....
2013-03-20 @ 15:54 UTC
asd (asdasd@asd.asd)
Junior Chavez - True Sound (Cid Inc Remix) - System Recordings
Quivver - Fog (Cid Inc Remix)
Cid Inc - Indigene - DAR
Verche - Grey Scale (Cid Inc Remix) - System Recordings
Cid Inc - Clandestine - Mooseekaa
Luis Bondio & Santiago Garcia - Bottomless (Cid Inc Remix) - Mesmeric
Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Cid Inc Remix) - Replug
Mike Griego - Asteroids (Cid Inc Remix) - Soundteller
Cid Inc - Questions - Mooseekaa
Cid Inc - Past Years
2013-03-17 @ 19:12 UTC
...and IDed #21.
2013-03-17 @ 17:29 UTC
Cheers for the cue. (Also fixed typo in track 11.)
2013-03-15 @ 11:16 UTC
stev0b (
Got some of them...
15. Verche - Grey Scale (Cid Inc. Remix)
16. Cid Inc. - Clandestine
17. Luis Bondio & Santiago Garcia - Bottomless (Cid Inc. Remix)
18. Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Cid Inc. Remix)
19. Mike Griego - Asteroids (Cid Inc. Remix)
20. Cid Inc. - Questions
2013-03-15 @ 02:43 UTC
Ach (
2013-03-14 @ 21:33 UTC
stev0b (
Thanks fri. I'll see if I can do something with those ID's.
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