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2017-09-25 @ 01:25 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I somehow missed new Momentum by 2 whole days.
2017-09-17 @ 16:47 UTC
mythvee (mythvee@gmail.com)
Thanks to all for the messages.
2017-09-17 @ 15:36 UTC
mega or gtfo :D
2017-09-17 @ 10:05 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
RapidShare, the hot new file sharing service.
2017-09-17 @ 00:22 UTC
jpinoniemi (jpinoniemi@gmail.com)
2017-09-16 @ 20:06 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
2017-09-16 @ 20:05 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
at your service
2017-09-16 @ 20:04 UTC
mythvee (mythvee@gmail.com)
Try using Fairblocker or give me better alternatives for sharing...
2017-09-16 @ 18:25 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
that's because he links to openload. I should start blacklisting people who uses that piece of crap...
2017-09-16 @ 17:48 UTC
jpinoniemi (jpinoniemi@gmail.com)
Mirexmusic - your download links on your website are trash. It opened hundreds of tabs in my browser with fake malware warnings. Beware
2017-09-15 @ 04:38 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Great. Now the link got broken. :P
2017-09-15 @ 03:09 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@Xirious: Thanks for the info, I totally forgot to make a category for it.

Added one now.
2017-09-14 @ 19:31 UTC

Thanks for the link. I usually check at the http://cuenation.com/?page=categories and saw no CLHR Day 2017 so I assumed no one had done it yet. Thanks again!
2017-09-13 @ 10:32 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Are you (k)sirious, Xirious?

The cue is here: http://cuenation.com/?page=tracklist&folder=ahfm&filename=Markus_Schulz_-_4_Hour_Set_for_Coldharbour_Day_2017.cue
2017-09-13 @ 10:14 UTC
Hey all,

Does anyone have Markus's CLHRDay 2017 cue'd? I've found a track I really like but the 1001 tracklists don't give times from the start so I can't really tell what song it is (for reference the song starts at around 1:33:30).
2017-09-13 @ 06:22 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
So I didn't realise that Tim Penner had his own label and radioshow and holy shiiiiiit

2017-09-11 @ 23:54 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
2017-09-09 @ 18:39 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Cheers :D
2017-09-08 @ 08:54 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Any new Friction (&Metrik) cue's coming up oxy? :)
2017-09-07 @ 16:02 UTC
walterfregolotti (walterfregolotti@yahoo.it)
Oh look, someone finally made a cuesheet for that Armin set :)

Thanks for sharing it, btw. I've found it really good.
2017-09-03 @ 13:38 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
TQD Essential Mix is awesome :)
2017-09-01 @ 08:56 UTC
Thank you jambowned!
2017-09-01 @ 03:00 UTC
Thank you jambowned!
2017-08-31 @ 22:42 UTC
gsinovsky (gsinovsky@gmail.com)
I'm just going to leave this here
2017-08-30 @ 21:19 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I found a download for that Armin live set with the Deep House beginning, will post in Request.
2017-08-30 @ 08:41 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
What's with the amount of shouts recently? Have we gotten popular? :D
2017-08-30 @ 08:05 UTC
Alba Sound
Incredible site! THANKS!!!!!!!
2017-08-30 @ 07:14 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Would love to hear that Armin set, always loved his warm up selections.
2017-08-29 @ 18:56 UTC
Crazy good deep mix playing on the di.fm trance channel right now. Amin Van Buuren recorded Live at H Ibiza (2 August 2017) Part 1, Deep Mix.
2017-08-25 @ 10:13 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
2017-08-24 @ 11:19 UTC
silv3r (silviu.double.S@gmail.com)
Hello! :-)
2017-08-20 @ 11:48 UTC
jevonsxi (davidmnealon@gmail.com)
AM/FM will be coming up. Slam Radio will take a lot longer I'm afraid. Very little free time at the moment.
2017-08-19 @ 09:34 UTC
GDJB.. moar noize than muzic :|
Markuz should do moar sunrize setz!
2017-08-18 @ 17:09 UTC
Hello there!
jambowned one moment please :-)
2017-08-16 @ 11:03 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeah

2017-08-14 @ 08:06 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I think I'm about to go through another Perry O'Neil phase.

These mixes are just sublime
2017-08-13 @ 14:20 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Any new AM/FM and/or Slam cues soon? :)
2017-08-12 @ 18:21 UTC
erikthredd (ericmelvin1974@yahoo.com)
@jambowned For some reason its not working for me after trying 6 different random sets. They all come up 404 Not Found and c/p the stream URL didn't work either. Thanks for replying though.
2017-08-12 @ 05:26 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
This one still works for me erikthredd

2017-08-11 @ 14:54 UTC
erikthredd (ericmelvin1974@yahoo.com)
does anyone know of a working site where i can convert Mixcloud sets to mp3/mp4? Mixcloud-downloader,Offliberty,Streampocket,Anything2mp3 and clouddownload are all blocked by Mixcloud it seems.
2017-08-11 @ 13:13 UTC
So Wine and a base install of fb2k v1.3.16 seem to be going just fine! Unfortunately the foo_audioscrobbler plugin isn't connecting though... :(
2017-08-10 @ 06:22 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I'm a bit annoyed I didn't record CLHRDay this year, most of the sets are only available in 128k =
2017-08-08 @ 15:22 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
I've tried A LOT and all players have their fault. So far my fav player is VOX:


If only I could get foobar2k on a mac. Running it with wine is too unstable for me :(
2017-08-08 @ 15:18 UTC
Right so what is the preferred music player for Mac users on here? Using Clementine but it just isn't consistent when playing towards the end of cues... Is there anything better?
2017-08-07 @ 09:18 UTC
thank you oxygen15 for bbc ibiza!!!
2017-08-05 @ 10:48 UTC
Thanks for the BBC and Gai Barone cues, HEROES!
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