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2017-10-15 @ 09:22 UTC
oxygen15 (oxygen1991@gmail.com)

You can donate via PayPal to the address seen above, if you wish to ;)
2017-10-15 @ 07:22 UTC
speakafreaka (speakafreaka@gmail.com)

Any way I can buy you a beer for your hard work? Really appreciate you splitting the essential mixes.
2017-10-14 @ 08:41 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Nooooooooo :(
2017-10-13 @ 14:13 UTC

Good... I will have the time to catch up with my cues then :D
I'll be stepping down as well from this radio show here with Friction.
2017-10-12 @ 03:12 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I've started listening to Roger Shah's Magic Island show again.

I had no idea the 2nd hours were so damn good. I remember them being ok, but listening to the last 10 or so eps and it's all gold.

I skip the 1st hour normally.
2017-10-11 @ 20:53 UTC
Mucha (muchagta@gmail.com)
Please CUE for
Richiere - Vocal Vibes 60 (With Guest Sandero)
2017-10-11 @ 12:23 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
I would have guessed Metrik or Rockwell would be taking over actually :)
2017-10-11 @ 12:13 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Friction is calling it quits on the Drum & Bass Show in November, but Rene LaVice will be taking over. Loved Friction's shows but I'm curious about Rene LaVice as well. His productions are sick. https://ukf.com/news/friction-announces-departure-from-radio-1-1xtra-rene-lavice-to-takeover-from-november/20518
2017-10-09 @ 23:54 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)

oh my
2017-10-09 @ 06:38 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Stoked to see that Basil is finally putting an artist album out!
2017-10-03 @ 23:06 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Just a heads up for people putting cues up, podbean.com is a great site for downloading radio shows.

A tonne of podcast ones are on there in high quality and with no ads or limits on downloads.
2017-10-03 @ 20:25 UTC
Mk5 (turturro@gmail.com)
catbird77 thank you so much :)
2017-10-02 @ 20:28 UTC
MK5 (turturro@gmail.com)
anyone can help with the latest four GDJB episodes?
2017-09-27 @ 21:37 UTC
enth (fgrgfy@gmail.com)
thank you for pete oxygen15!!
2017-09-25 @ 01:25 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I somehow missed new Momentum by 2 whole days.
2017-09-17 @ 16:47 UTC
mythvee (mythvee@gmail.com)
Thanks to all for the messages.
2017-09-17 @ 15:36 UTC
mega or gtfo :D
2017-09-17 @ 10:05 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
RapidShare, the hot new file sharing service.
2017-09-17 @ 00:22 UTC
jpinoniemi (jpinoniemi@gmail.com)
2017-09-16 @ 20:06 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
2017-09-16 @ 20:05 UTC
YoDA (yoda690@gmail.com)
at your service
2017-09-16 @ 20:04 UTC
mythvee (mythvee@gmail.com)
Try using Fairblocker or give me better alternatives for sharing...
2017-09-16 @ 18:25 UTC
frifox (frifox@gmail.com)
that's because he links to openload. I should start blacklisting people who uses that piece of crap...
2017-09-16 @ 17:48 UTC
jpinoniemi (jpinoniemi@gmail.com)
Mirexmusic - your download links on your website are trash. It opened hundreds of tabs in my browser with fake malware warnings. Beware
2017-09-15 @ 04:38 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Great. Now the link got broken. :P
2017-09-15 @ 03:09 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
@Xirious: Thanks for the info, I totally forgot to make a category for it.

Added one now.
2017-09-14 @ 19:31 UTC

Thanks for the link. I usually check at the http://cuenation.com/?page=categories and saw no CLHR Day 2017 so I assumed no one had done it yet. Thanks again!
2017-09-13 @ 10:32 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
Are you (k)sirious, Xirious?

The cue is here: http://cuenation.com/?page=tracklist&folder=ahfm&filename=Markus_Schulz_-_4_Hour_Set_for_Coldharbour_Day_2017.cue
2017-09-13 @ 10:14 UTC
Hey all,

Does anyone have Markus's CLHRDay 2017 cue'd? I've found a track I really like but the 1001 tracklists don't give times from the start so I can't really tell what song it is (for reference the song starts at around 1:33:30).
2017-09-13 @ 06:22 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
So I didn't realise that Tim Penner had his own label and radioshow and holy shiiiiiit

2017-09-11 @ 23:54 UTC
jambo (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
2017-09-09 @ 18:39 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Cheers :D
2017-09-08 @ 08:54 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
Any new Friction (&Metrik) cue's coming up oxy? :)
2017-09-07 @ 16:02 UTC
walterfregolotti (walterfregolotti@yahoo.it)
Oh look, someone finally made a cuesheet for that Armin set :)

Thanks for sharing it, btw. I've found it really good.
2017-09-03 @ 13:38 UTC
Brent_ (djaxis009@gmail.com)
TQD Essential Mix is awesome :)
2017-09-01 @ 08:56 UTC
Thank you jambowned!
2017-09-01 @ 03:00 UTC
Thank you jambowned!
2017-08-31 @ 22:42 UTC
gsinovsky (gsinovsky@gmail.com)
I'm just going to leave this here
2017-08-30 @ 21:19 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I found a download for that Armin live set with the Deep House beginning, will post in Request.
2017-08-30 @ 08:41 UTC
lindmik (lindmik@gmail.com)
What's with the amount of shouts recently? Have we gotten popular? :D
2017-08-30 @ 08:05 UTC
Alba Sound
Incredible site! THANKS!!!!!!!
2017-08-30 @ 07:14 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Would love to hear that Armin set, always loved his warm up selections.
2017-08-29 @ 18:56 UTC
Crazy good deep mix playing on the di.fm trance channel right now. Amin Van Buuren recorded Live at H Ibiza (2 August 2017) Part 1, Deep Mix.
2017-08-25 @ 10:13 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
2017-08-24 @ 11:19 UTC
silv3r (silviu.double.S@gmail.com)
Hello! :-)
2017-08-20 @ 11:48 UTC
jevonsxi (davidmnealon@gmail.com)
AM/FM will be coming up. Slam Radio will take a lot longer I'm afraid. Very little free time at the moment.
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