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2017-05-27 @ 08:59 UTC
Brent_ (
Floorplan on the Essential Mix last night, very much looking forward to giving that one a spin out in the sun :)
2017-05-22 @ 10:00 UTC
jambowned (
Try this, it gave me the TL for episode 041!
2017-05-21 @ 11:19 UTC
Big fan of Artelized Visions here ;) Looking for tracklist for last episode (041), help anyone? THX
2017-05-20 @ 18:11 UTC
Don't panic i'm back ;-)
2017-05-19 @ 06:50 UTC
jambowned (
So judging by the date AH.FM 11YAMC should be in a week, but I haven't heard anything about dates or lineups =
2017-05-18 @ 23:57 UTC
jambowned (
Vi11ian normally does GDJB and it looks like he's only done 2 cues this month, so maybe he's just busy?
2017-05-18 @ 23:43 UTC
Mario (
2017-05-18 @ 00:28 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah the patent ran out so they are no longer licensing it.

Good thing is that programs can now include mp3 encoding for free without requiring you to find a LAME download.
2017-05-17 @ 20:09 UTC
YoDA (
@St. Jetto
It's for free now
2017-05-17 @ 12:14 UTC
lindmik (
I guess we should start packing up the site then.
2017-05-17 @ 11:30 UTC
St. Jetto (
RIP MP3 .....

Wait, really?
2017-05-14 @ 12:33 UTC
waiting for Vi11ian to post: "3000? That's cute.." :D
2017-05-13 @ 17:31 UTC
lindmik (
Wohoo, broke 3000 cues milestone yesterday! :p
2017-05-13 @ 17:16 UTC
lindmik (
People, Re:Locate never changed his artist name to ReLocate, it's been the same for 14 years! Stop writing it like that! #spellingnazi
2017-05-11 @ 15:07 UTC
jpinoniemi (
Rest in peace Robert Miles, Dreamland will always be one of my favorite CD's ever. It transitioned me from 90's euro-pop stuff to real trance.
2017-05-10 @ 14:04 UTC
St. Jetto (
Oh my God, I'm so sad .... One of the pioneers in Trance. I was a teenager when his music become worldwide hits.

Rest in peace
2017-05-10 @ 10:42 UTC
jambowned (
Robert Miles, gone too soon =[
2017-05-09 @ 19:39 UTC
Big up for Boris Brejcha!
2017-05-06 @ 18:12 UTC
lindmik (
Argh, f**kin Microsoft now forces ClearType to be applied in Notepad++ with the craptastic "Creators Update", making e.g. "2" look like a hot mess. Thanks a lot... :(
2017-05-05 @ 11:25 UTC
jambowned (
Kearny set from Melbourne in 1080P
2017-05-03 @ 14:06 UTC
Same with Eco's 'People', although it may have been uncredited Schossow's edit/remix, which I prefer over released 'original mix', lol.

Here is a cut from that show -

Also, I can mention Grimes with 'REALiTi'. Check YouTube video, that lost version is miles better than one on the album.
2017-05-03 @ 02:13 UTC
St. Jetto (
I prefer the free download version lol
2017-05-02 @ 06:53 UTC
frifox (
what's even worse, it's actually a remix, not his original as he's labeling it:

now, rants aside, actually enjoying it quite a bit atm :D
2017-05-02 @ 06:50 UTC
frifox (
was waiting for this track for a year, and it turns out his WIP version sounded better than the final release...


2017-04-29 @ 16:06 UTC
lindmik (
Whoops, yes. Don't know where I copied that from.
2017-04-29 @ 14:37 UTC
Soundcloud link seems wrong..
2017-04-29 @ 13:40 UTC
lindmik (
Help with IDs for the Sherry set appreciated!
2017-04-27 @ 09:24 UTC
jevonsxi (
Not sure what the format is for improvised hardware/analog sets, so forgive me if the latest cue is unusually short because it's 100% improvised.

(i.e. Tinfoil)
2017-04-26 @ 18:28 UTC
thx for the foobar2k 100+ tracks hack.. works on v1.3.15
2017-04-24 @ 11:29 UTC
St. Jetto (
Deepest thoughts and prayers to Ferry ....
2017-04-24 @ 10:16 UTC
jambowned (
Ferry Tayle has a spinal chord tumor.

Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds =[
2017-04-19 @ 07:43 UTC
lindmik (
Whoa! Someone cued it?!? :D
2017-04-19 @ 05:50 UTC
jambowned (
I think we'll need some help ID'ing some of the tracks from Askew's 10 hour live set!
2017-04-17 @ 15:22 UTC
Tom Swoon changed the name of his radioshow from Lift Off Radio to Tape Me Radio.
What a amazing change!
2017-04-17 @ 14:14 UTC
rodion (
Finally I finished CUE for John Askew - Boxxed Warehouse Birmingham 2017, Its hard word, I'll post soon
2017-04-14 @ 14:17 UTC
and '.----' translates to '1' in morse code. The rest of the nice pink album cover reads 'Solarstone', funny that. I'm loving the album! Listened through about 4 times already...
2017-04-14 @ 11:54 UTC
What a name for an album... I thought you didn't know what its actual name is, lol.
2017-04-14 @ 11:04 UTC
jpinoniemi (
The new Solarstone release on Black Hole named .---- is amazing. It's only 8 tracks long but a beautiful album and a must get.
2017-04-13 @ 10:21 UTC
lindmik (
I actually preferred better the Radio Bosh show with 21 tracks in an hour than the Mental Asylum Radio with 15 tracks, but with hard trance it works better than with uplifting.

Old GDJBs were the bomb, before all Coldharbour tracks started to have the same generic sound.
2017-04-13 @ 10:16 UTC
jevonsxi (
It's hard to properly judge a track in 90 second snippets, this is what ruined ASOT for me years ago. Completely disrupts the flow of a mix, in other genres numbers of tracks can be overlapped because there's more headroom and not compressed to the gills. That's what differs trance music from a lot of other genres.
2017-04-13 @ 10:10 UTC
I also like more tracks, but today one can listen to the tracks on youtube or somewhere else. And there are more tracks today than back in the days. Times change.
2017-04-13 @ 05:11 UTC
30 seconds of each asot-track is enough for anyone B-)
2017-04-12 @ 20:47 UTC
jambowned (
Yeah ASOT and GDJB are just so packed full of tracks these days.
2017-04-12 @ 13:27 UTC
Ach (
Man those old GDJB cue's take me back. Back to a day where the goal wasn't to fit as many tracks into 2 hours as possible.

2005 - 19 tracks
2017 - 32 tracks

2017-04-09 @ 23:29 UTC
jambowned (,48421.25.html
2017-04-09 @ 21:53 UTC
Brent_ (
How did you fix that? :)
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