2023-06-04 @ 08:34 UTC
Could you add a new category for Dylhen Presents Pattern Radio ?
2023-03-24 @ 13:30 UTC
So I was quickly updating the 6hr ASOT1000 set from and tried moving it into the ASOT category... but it's seemingly got lost in the ether. Any chance you can find and fix it?
2022-12-05 @ 08:47 UTC
drustan (
The Thrillseekers - Connected 58

Appreciate it, thanks
2022-09-30 @ 08:40 UTC
lion66 (
where is cuesheets of uv radio by paul thomas, arterized by cj art, joof radio??? please...
2022-07-06 @ 21:04 UTC
lion66 (
People, where is "Artelized Visions" & "Joof radio" shows cuesheets?
Please download it, if anybody can...
2022-07-02 @ 09:38 UTC
Any chance we could get the latest from Basil O'Glue's Momentum series? Missing 74-80
2022-04-26 @ 07:19 UTC
jambo (
@hamed: We can't upload cues for commercial releases. Best not to discuss it too much either, we'd rather not get in trouble for copyright issues
2022-03-01 @ 23:55 UTC
hamed (
Anyone interested to make cue of VA - John Digweed - Live in London Recorded at fabric [BEDLDNFABD]?

I have the files.
2022-01-02 @ 03:58 UTC
St. Jetto (
Guys, can someone please make cues for Indecent Noise presents Guilty Pleasure Rodeo?

Much appreciated
2021-12-23 @ 13:45 UTC
πŸ€πŸ“– Need tracklist of this set Thanks in advance fellows!
2021-12-09 @ 17:05 UTC
can you make ABGT 461.Thanks
2021-09-26 @ 18:45 UTC
Someone fix name of podcast? I dont know why I cant fix it because after EDIT CUE is still a same mistake(!)
WRONG: Apnea Podast - Episode 57 (Mixed by DJ Tom Larson)
CORRECT: Apnea Podcast - Episode 57 (2021-08-29) (Mixed by DJ Tom Larson)
2021-08-05 @ 11:29 UTC
Please could the front page listing for Global Trance Grooves be replaced with JOOF Radio.
2021-07-09 @ 21:08 UTC
Thanks Jambo! :D
2021-07-05 @ 04:44 UTC
jambo (
@Ruku: only 4.5 months late!

@B&B: Done!

@stev0b: all 3 added with art
2021-07-05 @ 04:21 UTC
jambo (
@HandsProgrez: Sorry I haven't been checking cuenation as much lately, I just added the category for The Story and moved the existing shows over to it.
2021-06-02 @ 03:42 UTC
AchilleA tuLA (
If anyone is willing to put time into Steven Anderson same radio only episodes 331 -337, I would mind making a payment for this cue episodes. Please let me know, if not it’s fine.
2021-06-02 @ 03:29 UTC
AchillEa TuLA (
Hi everyone can someone "please" work on steve anderson Same Radio Show, 331 - 337>>>?????? Thank you so much in advance.
2021-04-04 @ 08:52 UTC
Can we have a new category "The Story" by HandsProgrez?
Banner here:
2021-03-25 @ 14:27 UTC
Hey, some1! Can you fix my cue Yotto - A Very Cold DJ Set - Lapland, Finland. Cannot make it right.
Thank you
2021-03-24 @ 16:54 UTC
Yotto - A Very Cold DJ Set - Lapland, Finland

Please )))

thank you in advance
2021-03-24 @ 11:21 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have three new categories:
Various - Dubmission Records Series
Dense - Chill On
Kitsu - Frequencies Of Narcan
2021-03-14 @ 17:00 UTC
New category please for Datt Journey Sessions with Thomas Datt.


2021-02-25 @ 11:50 UTC
So `Silk Royal Showcase` --> `Silk Music Showcase` is now known as `Monstercat Silk Showcase`. Can we please update the category and change the artists to just be 'Various' please? Also bodged banner update here:
2021-02-04 @ 01:13 UTC
jambo (
I don't have the time these days, so if someone else could do these I would be eternally grateful
2021-01-30 @ 08:05 UTC
Can we get a new Ferry Corsten - Resonation Radio category please? Banner in the link above.
2021-01-24 @ 14:16 UTC
lindmik (
I hope we support four digit episode numbers!
2021-01-24 @ 13:57 UTC
Ciesto (
will there be a cue for ASOT 1000?
Thanks for providing all the cue files in the past.
2020-12-26 @ 00:06 UTC
Nigel S. (
Thanks to B&B for the Jaytech Winter Ambient 2020 file...anyone planning on having a go at Jaytech's Xmas Beats 2020? Hoping someone will, and thank you so much in advance...
2020-12-22 @ 08:28 UTC
Nigel S. (
Hi. Anyone going to be doing Jaytech's Winter Ambient 2020? Got all the other WA cue files from this site, and am hoping someone will ?
2020-12-11 @ 16:10 UTC
Fiji (
Does anyone have a tracklist/timestamps for Nick Warren's Oct 2020 Soundgarden mix?
2020-12-09 @ 13:26 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have another category: 21-Year Anniversary Progressive Special
Plus the ones I requested previously....
Many thanks
2020-11-20 @ 12:26 UTC
jambo (
@stev0b: Thanks for finishing it off!
2020-11-17 @ 19:21 UTC
stev0b (
@jambo: I've been plugging away at it for a while. Just over half way.
2020-11-17 @ 13:01 UTC
jambo (
7 years later!
2020-10-31 @ 22:27 UTC
lindmik (
Sure. :)
You should have rights now.
2020-10-31 @ 21:52 UTC
As a long time uploader and lowly link-adder, may I be entrusted with full cue editing permissions? The cuesheet standard is my bible and I sometimes spot sinful errors I'd like to fix on the fly. Thanks for considering.
2020-10-29 @ 08:08 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have three new categories:
Various - Dubmission Records Series
Dense - Chill On
Kitsu - Frequencies Of Narcan
2020-10-20 @ 12:43 UTC
jambo (
@CSD: Done. I had a listen and it sounds great!
2020-10-18 @ 21:22 UTC
Could you add a new category for Apnea Label?
2020-10-03 @ 18:31 UTC
@jambo: Thank you so much!! I appreciate the find :)

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