Friction - Drum & Bass Show (2016-01-12) (Incl. Sigma Guestmix and DNB60 Mix with Joe Ford (Shogun Audio))

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Length: 180:00
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:22)
[00:21]02.Mind Vortex - Future Fold(04:43)
[05:05]03.Metrik - Terminus(03:16)
[08:21]04.Espa feat. Giggs - Swan Song (Culture Shock Remix)(04:19)
[12:40]05.Document One - Run The Block(03:38)
[16:18]06.T>I - All I Do(04:54)
[21:12]07.ST Files & Response - Wanna B 3(04:00)
[25:12]08.Ed:it - Pathways(04:16)
[29:28]09.DRS feat. LSB & Tyler Daley - The View (Calibre Remix) [Friction's Fire](05:53)
[35:21]10.High Contrast - Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive Remix)(03:54)
[39:15]11.Dawn Wall - Spears(03:22)
[42:37]12.Drum & Bass Show - Sigma in the studio (1/3)(02:59)
[45:36]13.Sigma feat. Shakka - Lost Away(03:52)
[49:28]14.Drum & Bass Show - Sigma in the studio (2/3)(05:19)
[54:47]15.Sigma - Beyond The Wall(03:50)
[58:37]16.Drum & Bass Show - Sigma in the studio (3/3)(04:08)
[62:46]17.Sigma feat. Jetta - Slow Down(04:36)
[67:22]18.DJ Nut Nut feat. Topcat - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)(00:51)
[68:12]19.Sigma feat. Doctor - Rudeboy(01:28)
[69:40]20.Jaydan - ID(00:44)
[70:23]21.Sigma feat. Majestic - Lighters(02:08)
[72:31]22.Sigma feat. Nicole Jackson - The Reason(01:27)
[73:58]23.Sigma feat. Shakka - Lost Away(03:40)
[77:37]24.Sigma feat. Ina Wroldsen - Feels Like Home (2002 Mix)(03:17)
[80:55]25.Sigma feat. Doctor - To The Stars(04:01)
[84:56]26.Sigma feat. Doctor - Gangster(01:39)
[86:35]27.Sigma feat. Rita Ora - Coming Home (Break Remix)(03:17)
[89:52]28.Sigma feat. Maverick Sabre - Broken Promises(01:56)
[91:48]29.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Thug(04:43)
[96:31]30.June Miller & Teddy Killerz - Wildlife [Murky Monday Selection](04:09)
[100:40]31.Heist - Grebe(03:39)
[104:20]32.DRS feat. Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy - Bun Ya Too (Enei Remix)(04:01)
[108:21]33.Digital - Toll Free(04:43)
[113:04]34.Total Science - Soul For Sale(04:29)
[117:33]35.Fracture - Making Hype Tracks(02:31)
[120:04]36.Mefjus & InsideInfo vs. Machine Code vs. Joe Ford - Leibniz vs. Terraforming vs. Snares(03:24)
[123:28]37.Rockwell feat. Sam Binga & Hyroglifics - ItsOk2BeHapp-e(02:14)
[125:42]38.Mefjus - Blitz(01:29)
[127:11]39.Spor - The Hole Where Your House Was(01:40)
[128:51]40.Joe Ford - All Of Us(01:52)
[130:43]41.Fourward - Elektrik(02:03)
[132:46]42.Culture Shock - Rush Connection(02:24)
[135:10]43.Mefjus - Purify(01:42)
[136:52]44.Icicle feat. Metropolis - The Edge(03:10)
[140:01]45.Takura - Sun Goes Down (Joe Ford Remix)(01:52)
[141:53]46.Misanthrop vs. Joe Ford - Deadlock vs. Time Is Limited(03:43)
[145:36]47.Rockwell - Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)(02:50)
[148:26]48.Joe Ford feat. Linguistics - Why So Serious(01:43)
[150:10]49.Joe Ford feat. Tasha Baxter - The Moment(01:29)
[151:39]50.SpectraSoul - Blindside(02:36)
[154:15]51.Joe Ford - Neon(01:52)
[156:07]52.Culture Shock - Steam Machine(01:41)
[157:47]53.Misanthrop - Big Data(02:03)
[159:50]54.Example - All The Wrong Places (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)(01:51)
[161:41]55.Sampha - Too Much (SpectraSoul Bootleg)(02:15)
[163:56]56.Emperor - Mind Games(01:52)
[165:47]57.Mefjus - Continuous(02:03)
[167:50]58.Icicle - Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix)(03:43)
[171:33]59.The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)(02:59)
[174:32]60.Joe Ford - Instrument(03:32)
[178:04]61.Rene LaVice - Hotblooded(01:55)

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